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the boat . this is. the u.s. and russia. for. the nuclear weapons. each side blames the ending the medium range missile but both scored for restraint. deliberate slaps a new 10 percent tax on $300000000000.00 worth of chinese goods. as
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nations the 2 top economies stay to shop for the us and. will be able to go. from. the west does not want a new arms race that's the one nato secretary general started bag his comments as a nuclear weapons treaty dating back to the days of the cold war collapsed the ending of the intermediate range nuclear forces agreement or i.n.f. does a way with limits on the arsenals of both u.s. and russia started back says russia is to blame because it is developed
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a new truth. it was a tweet that announced the end of over 30 years of mutual nuclear restraint u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o squarely put the blame on russia when he declared the treaty ends today president trump had withdrawn from the agreement 6 months ago after russia deployed a new missile system that contravenes the i.m.f.'s terms according to washington and nato. but russia is adamant that the us is responsible for the treaties unraveling. which we have discussed the subject in detail many times from the very beginning we were saying that this is exclusively a u.s. initiative america brenner's 1st to shatter the sick raymond and then terminate participation and at. times the question you were to him this week i'm going to moscow has proposed a moratorium on deploying nuclear capable missiles and nato is also keen to avoid
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europe becoming a staging ground for a nuclear buildup would prefer to we will not mirror what russia does we don't want a new officers. and we have no intention to deploy the new land based nuclear me sides in europe. nato continues to aspire for a construct a relationship with russia when russia was actions make that possible. pompei used to eat at the end of a historic agreement struck between the us under soviet union presidents mikhail gorbachev and ronald reagan signed the treaty in 1987 a change of course after decades of cold war knew the attention. the root of the tension was this the soviet s s 20 missile a nuclear warhead that could strike western europe at short notice. that
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worried eastern european countries in the soviet occupied bloc they were well within the missiles reach of 5 and a half 1000 kilometers. the us deployed its own mid range missiles in europe leading to protests across the west. the i.n.f. treaty resulted from widespread popular demand for deescalation when the cold war ended so did the fear of nuclear armageddon but with the end of the ins the specter of nuclear confrontation looms again. and to talk more about the end of this i and if you have with me let's go at it. and in brussels we have a need your correspondent gary schultz standing by welcome to both of you let me start with you obviously the brink of a return to a nuclear arms race well nato says no that in german foreign minister today said that that is not going to happen but what certainly has happened through the end of the i.n.f. treaty is that the gloves are off in developing the kind of technology that would
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still live up to tension deliver nuclear warheads between the range of 502-5500 kilometers and that respectively could make europe in those thin areas that all sides always keep working out a battlefield even a nuclear battlefield in the future and that's why europe is so alarmed about this ok so tell me if europe is alarmed but what action i need to and russia likely to take but the collapse of this treaty. nato would say that russia has already taken enough action in developing this missile that allegedly breaches the limits of the i.n.f. treaty so what nato is doing now now that there won't be any limitations on intermediate range nuclear weapons is preparing a package of measures they call it that would allow more deterrence to be provided by nato that could include more surveillance they may do more military exercises
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there could be more u.s. warplanes that can carry nuclear warheads perusing in the skies over europe and you know the u.s. may reposition some of it sea based missiles just to provide more of a sense of security in case russia should go ahead and have a more aggressive stance with the nuclear weapons that we know it has michel what rules could play in this context given as you said europe is in the cold war jimmy was not the frontline states yes and germany is very much regret about this end of the i n f happened particularly after the iran nuclear deal also fell apart also because the us withdrawal from it so a weapon of us whether it's right or wrong about russia or breach this the fact is that this feels the way of the existing treaties in the world and there's nothing to replace that in fright the only one remaining would be the new start agreement
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which applies to long range missiles and that is also potentially not going to be renewed leaving the world essentially without any kind of deal with the us pressing all along that without china doesn't make sense in. kenya getting to know a mission to talk about the new start agreement more on the prospects that present really renew the new start treaty because he's described it in the past as another bad deal by the obama administration is due to run out early 2021. that's right and we have seen him make good on his word to pull out of deals that he doesn't see as good deals like the iran nuclear deal now like the i.m.f. it's really hard to say at this point whether president from will renew the new start it's seen as really a key treaty it would be the last major arms control treaty between the u.s. and russia following the demise of the i n f it limits to nuclear warheads and without that there were really be no limitations now of course it's true that china
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is seen as a growing threat and it is not restrained at all by any of these treaties and that's why the u.s. says it would like to create a greater of a larger framework and bring in some of these countries that have nuclear weapons but don't have any limitations on them so those talks or are hoped to get under way but certainly with no great prospects for for success so the new start treaty is going to be the next big flashpoint and nuclear arms control experts are really pushing hard for president trump to renew this treaty and even the u.s. senate has passed a measure calling on trump to have to renew this unless russia can be shown to be in breach of that treaty so we're not we're not sort of out of the woods yet when it comes to casting aside arms control agreements and everybody will be watching the new start very carefully now. to tell you shouldn't need to correspondent and. political and to thank you both very much for sharing your perspectives with us
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and have more on the i and if you see and what it's break up means with the asia region that is indeed. right after this program. turning now to the food war between the united states and china it's moved up again president trump has announced as an extra tariff on goods from china because he said the latest round of trade negotiations had made little progress in a tweet tom says an additional 10 percent tax on $300000000000.00 worth of chinese imports would take effect on the 1st of september that's in addition to terrorists . let's talk a little bit more about this story with rob what's from the business desk lincoln room 1st of all i mean is this it does this mock a huge escalation between the u.s. and china and does it come as a surprise well it's something that president trump has been threatening but it came somewhat out of the blue this tweet yesterday it is a significant development because we're going from having less than half of all of
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china's exports to the united states having tariffs on them defectively all of them having tariffs on them now these latest ones that are supposed to come in september 10 percent tariffs where is that on 2425 percent tariffs on the stuff that was already covered the $250000000000.00 worth but there is another key difference between these 2 sets of tariffs amounts that the ones that are currently in place of a mainly into street good stuff that ordinary americans won't come into contact with during their day to day lives however the new ones due to come in next month cover consumer goods so smartphones close americans might start to see the difference we have heard from china they've called this unconstructive in no way to solve a trade dispute has been rolling on for a year and a half now they've threatened countermeasures they said they express their strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition ok and so what about their markets how did
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reacted to this well wall street immediately reacted the dow jones dropped 1 point one percent on this announcement president john was asked whether he was expecting that he said yeah i was expecting it and he's not too worried about it he says meanwhile in asia markets have also taken a dive in china itself we've got shanghai index down $1.00 but in tokyo and in hong kong bigger decreases that down 2 percent during trading there's also been a knock on effects in europe the footsie $100.00 in london was down 1.6 percent the dax here in germany down 2.2 percent so it's having a worldwide effect on markets if you don't step. let me because i wanted to discuss an issue because not only the trade dispute that's escalating today japan and south korea have placed restrictions on each other's exports japan when 1st removing south korea from a white list of trading partners. now the move trying to chill test outside the japanese embassy and so south korea's president moved to insead japan was being
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reckless and threatening global supply chains that comes amid a dispute over japan's use of wartime forced labor. so i don't know what the business implications of the move by japan and how would south korea deal with this do you think so by removing them from this white list it means that japanese companies that want to export to south korea will have to get special approval to do so that just makes it that little bit harder for them to do that is want to go and it's going to mean that for big south korean firms like samsung and l.g. who rely on electric electrical components and machinery from japan just to make it a little bit harder for them to get those items now south korea have said they will sternly respond to what they called japan's unilateral and arbitrary decision they have hinted in the past that should we see an escalation in the trades tensions
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that they might reconsider their intelligence sharing with japan which would be bad news for anyone with a vested interest in what's going on in north korea so for example the united states it seems like we've just seen the high school ation right robots from the japanese business desk thank you very much. president tromso has been firing up supporters ahead of next year's presidential election at a rally in ohio a key state in next year's election he lashed out at the democrats and mocked some of their leading politicians but as did our views on his under 4 nom de push from cincinnati the president's top shouldest making anymore remarks that could be seen as racist. for diane written things are falling into place right now born and raised in cincinnati she has been a republican for decades she even met her has spent on the party events and day and read and is an ardent supporter of the president's trump she says there are plenty
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of reasons for him to get reelected unemployment as an all time low employment at an all time high the stock market is high which means all of our investment accounts are all very high right now he believes in secure borders i believe in secure borders i think to have a country you have to control who comes in and out of our country in downtown cincinnati the crowds began gathering hours before the rally as they already chairwoman of the hamilton county republican party they yawn written and shut the arena through at the i.p.l. entrance i'm excited about been excited about it all day it was hard to concentrate on work this morning to get that out of the way so i could be free to enjoy the afternoon usually trump uses his release like he uses his twitter accounts to praise his accomplishments and stupor rate he so ponens last month he had checked democratic congress women of color urging them to go back to where they came from
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and do more then a year before election day the president trying to make no secret of the element of his reelection. like about because they fear he tells it like it is unlike any other oddities. democrat lawmakers care more about illegal aliens. they care about their own constituents they put forward citizens before american citizens they would love to see a guy like sleepy joe biden who has no clue what the hell he's doing. in cincinnati tromp attack prominent democrats painting them as left wing extremists but here voided remarks it could be criticise as racially charged where you believe that the word new the center of baghdad and that he didn't talk about politicians of color very very much yes i we did not want that is the cincinnati and i did not want any of that here so there was no negative about that so that was
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a big plus to diane read and was happy with the trump rally in cincinnati he was talking to his crowd here she said at least where he's people. that have not been yeah some of the stories making news around the blunt in the thai capital bangkok a total of 6 bomb blasts have left at least 4 people and the 1st explosions took place in the city center 2 other blasts reported at a government complex on the systems outskirts thailand is currently hosting the. summit with top diplomats from asia countries. suspected al qaeda militants have raided a military camp in the southern yemeni province of beyond witnesses say the assailants killed at least 20. and badly to yemeni security forces for several. the militants were eventually expelled from the camp after reinforcements arrived
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backed by the united arab emirates. it's fair to dan in north west england is on the verge of collapse a military helicopter has been dumping sand and gravel in his attempt to reinforce the dam ward which was damaged in heavy rain thousands of people have been evacuated from the area. britain's true european liberal democrats have won a by election claiming a seat in parliament from the governing conservative party it's a setback for prime minister barak johnson in his 1st electoral test since taking office last reduces johnson's working majority in parliament to just one ahead of an expected showdown with lawmakers over a possible no deal breck's it. 5 years ago the so-called islamic state started its attacks on the you see the religious minority in iraq a campaign of genocide these images show you see these fleeing the onslaught of i
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is forces in august 2014 they had to leave without food or water an estimated 200 children died of dehydration as people descended and on the slopes and months in july they here's the these ancestral home in northwest iraq for those left behind life became a nightmare i aspired to is raped the women and shot the men. the reason was liberated from the so-called islamic state in the van by 2015 but many years eve used to live in refugee camps and thousands remain unaccounted for our reporter be a good to meet some of those still searching for answers. remembers exactly when he last saw his brother it was august 3rd 2 cells 14 went together with their families they fled the approaching i-s. fighters his brother tried to find food and was caught by the terrorists along with 5 other family members for a long time bashar hoped that his brows i was still
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a life. no longer have any hope there is no more ah yes. not in syria not anywhere and only they would have been able to keep prisoners in. bashar and those left of his family currently live in a refugee camp in northern iraq like many years hedy's they are afraid to go back home afraid of their arab neighbors who they say cooperated with i have. bashar and his family provided lots samples to the authorities hoping that the remains of his brother will be found they are haunted by the memories bashar says but still. better to know what happened to my brother. in march iraqi offered his together with the u.n. finally began to exhume the 1st mass graves. 6 many g.'s e d's came to witness it. desperately seeking closure 5 years after i as killed their men and then slaved
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their women and children hundreds if not thousands of years he used a belief to be buried here the disinterment began in kojo hometown of nobel peace prize winner and the young ruler at herself and i s. victim she caught on authorities to protect the mass graves and thus the evidence of what the years he's had to end do. there is not a single yazidi family they didn't taste the bitterness of this genocide they all lost their loved ones their property and their dreams. blood samples and bones are being tested in a forensic lab in fact that. specialists are trying to identify victims through their d.n.a. and they are searching for criminal evidence. but time has taken its toll the bones have been exposed to floods fire and fighting it could take years experts say to
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put cases together but the families want answers sooner. as a pause and. be carried out quickly and not neglected i don't want them to start to assume the graves now and then drag their feet for 2 or 3 years. if you haven't been to date only 12 out of more than 70 confirmed mass graves have been exhumed recent vibe fires in the homeland have already destroyed several grace and each day it is getting harder to identify possible victims and to secure hard evidence for islamic states crimes. saudi arabia has announced new laws allowing women to travel abroad without approval from guardian women over the age of $21.00 will be able to apply for a phosphor from the end of this month to reform signify a shift away from the country's guardianship system as things stand saudi arabia
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considers vend men to be on the same level as children and gives men almost complete control over them lives they've been several recent times to find attempts by saudi women to escape their guardians. joining me now is the. time welcome i anticipate more about this new development from saudi arabia is it do you think a direct response to a couple of high profile cases that we've seen recently where women saudi women have fled the country and sought asylum in other countries will be at the very least be read is an attempt to draw attention away from these high profile cases as you said in the past year saudi arabia has been embroiled in these very high profile cases one can even call them scandals of women running away a scaping the male guardianship system just earlier this week our very own no yulia han spoke to 2 women in turkey the sister's daughter and a little had taken advantage of being on vacation with their families in istanbul
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to escape their families they cited that they were subjected to physical abuse but also attempts of forced marriage earlier this year the world watched a very high profile case over have a commune who locked herself in a hotel room in the airport in bangkok trying to escape her family she has also succeeded and now has received asylum in canada but there are other attempts heartbreaking attempts that have have failed of some women disappearing and of us not knowing where they are at all all of these women to have to tell a very similar story of abuse of systemic exploitation by their families so this is the sweeping. announcement that comes very suddenly could be read as an attempt by the saudi authorities to maybe draw a little bit attention away from from these women over 21 to travel without a male guardian is sounds like seems like a very small one step given that saudi arabia has
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a consummate the most repressive policies against women indeed i mean this is we have to be very cautious here i think this is a potential good step while. this law and there are other there are other points now in this in this in this decree that also help women like for example being now women can become the guardians of their own children just as men this is an attempt a potential step it weakens the guardianship system but it doesn't abolish it completely. the other thing is that this it's very unclear when these royal decrees were will actually come into effect i remember 2 years ago when we were reporting on the decree that allowed women to drive there was a lot of positivity and happiness but then we discovered that actually it will take another 6 months before this law would be implemented back then women needed the permission of their male go guardian to get a driver's license for example or to go to driving school these are also top down.
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decree so it begs the question is everyone in society going to be able to let these women exercise their rights and we've seen that definitely on social media there's one tweet that we have from a user who said. this is a mail user who said i'm afraid of this decision for a woman over the age of 20 want to travel without family members or her husband when our religion says a woman should be traveling with a guardian so it remains to be seen when these laws do come into effect how how people will respond to them and what women's rights activists within saudi arabia. we know of course i mean there's been on social media a lot of jubilation and welcoming of these royal decree some women say you know this is an overdue step again it's 2019 and women are just now being allowed to get their passports but of course there's happiness and rightfully so it is like i said a potential big step but you know let's not forget that a lot of the very high profile activists female activists who are the forefront of
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the struggle for women especially getting the right to drive are now inside the prison the most famous being lieutenant have who is reportedly experienced gruesome torture at the hand of the saudi authorities so it begs the question why aren't these women out on the streets celebrating these accomplishments that they fought for. i have been in thank you very much full does insights into saudi society. here's a recap of the top story the feel the u.s. and russia have the whole ending the i.n.f. nuclear missile treaty getting back in the court for nato that secretary general against staunton bag has insisted the west has not formed a new arms race. coming up next in the news. a suspicious car accident has sparked outrage in india was that an attempt to hush up a rift allegation against a politician of the governing party. not in the coming up and did every news easier
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for me i'm touching up despite a lot of. luck.
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true fans was coming. up because more than football online. this is. coming up a major nuclear arms control treaty ends between the united states and russia but it will impact asia pacific we'll tell you how plus. a car crash or attempted murder india's public is demanding answers at a young woman platoon's a politician a great fight for her like.


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