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fairly true for a. lot. more than football. player. play. this is the day of news coming to you live from burlington bridge in long's hong kong protest in spanish mint is coming police make mass arrests after clashes with pro-democracy protesters d.w. reports strong in the midst of the street battles which has plunged the city into prices also coming up. india's move to encourage sri special status
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spots of political firestorm inside the country and north troughton sikes pepcid in neighboring pakistan which is branded the steps illegal and going to search today like the turks for a. detailed reports from el paso a city in mourning those killed in a weekend of mass shootings. i love it that she my good to have you with us. china has issued a stark warning to protest today a government spokesman in beijing won't protest sense that punishment was coming and they should not underestimate the strength of the central government hong kong police also announced that they had arrested more than 148 people the largest single day tally since demonstrations began 2 months ago ago here's some of what
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beijing spokesman had to say. we want to warn the handful of violent criminals and the meddling hands behind. that play with fire will perish but. while the punishment will only be a matter of time. they saw straight go to beijing and to our correspondent. what is strong words there is this meant to be a shock warning to those china's calling criminals and madness. yes it is meant as a warning you can imagine if you heard these words in a mafia movie you would shudder now and you would expect something to happen however this is not a mafia movie and we can also notice that this these these words did not were not
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followed by any specific means that beijing plans to implement he did not elaborate on how these people would perish in the fire that they have said as he put it so it is still giving us a hint that beijing has not made up his mind on how to react to these clashes in hong kong on how it should deal with them other than that he has said that beijing stands firm behind kerry land the chief executive and that it would be hong kong's government's task to resolve this issue so in that regard there was nothing new with this press conference but in what he did talk about punishment the beijing spokes line what kind of pressure can in china use on the protesters is china the betting to use military force do you think. the threats have been out for 2 or 3 weeks now the p.l. a the people's liberation army has they would be ready to intervene if the hong
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kong government asked them to intervene that would be the correct procedure and has also issued a video that seems to enact something like. watching a protest in a city today we have seen another video by the sean john police that's their city just across the border from hong kong on the chinese mainland which have reenacted scenes that are strikingly similar to what is happening in hong kong we have seen protesters wearing hard hats as we have seen in hong kong we have seen a lot of smoke in that case it was just smoke not tear gas in hong kong it's tear gas deployed on the protesters and these police units. beating these protesters so the the warning that paging might intervene has been out for some time there are reasons to believe that beijing wants to try all other means that they have before they would do that because it would bear considerable consequences
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on china's economy on hong kong and it's not the 1st thing that they would do if if they have other options ok let's use the phone we continue our conversation let's take a look at what's happening in hong kong our correspondent shonar charles in pain it was at the demonstrations last night and sent us this report on the john mattick developments that. that. was the scene as we arrived at the calle speakin. the good fight. where i'm going to really deliver the tough tough tough tough tough tough to follow suit her book on how the cutting down the long haul. is the take as clear as protesters slowly return. us among them dozens of local residents. many joining charles demanding
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police retreat. curious bystanders watching all stunned at the scene unfolding in this normally quiet neighborhood the police call for more backup as the mood once again tense dog. the showdown begins the was no i don't know i was told the local mark o'mara not purchased the gun i was on that front all our job now was. each side waiting for the other to make the 1st move but was threatening to tip this standoff over the edge. close to midnight the police moved in. sending people scattering.
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with the blockade police theorists begin. to die down don't let you out this is a residential area one woman screams people here one to be wearing face masks i don't. know what more protest is a sweatshop as the police round on the struggle is only limited. ok when he wanted it to end this way. those arrested face up to 10 years in prison if that childish with rights and it's a heavy price to pay for a night on the streets were out on the. someone just as we saw in charlotte's report a very tense situation there you yourself have been reporting on the ground during the protests in hong kong and you says not how much impact britain day's warning from beijing have on the protest as well what we've
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clearly seen during these 89 weeks that this has been going on is that deterrence doesn't work in hong kong protesters are very emotional about this thing there is this feeling that this might be the last chance to save hong kong from beijing's grip there's also this feeling that anyway people in this city would have no future so these youngsters are taking big risks to do what they think they should do to to. prevent beijing from from taking a harder grip on the city last week we have seen more than 40 people arrested brought to the courts the very next day charged with rioting which carries a very heavy sentence in hong kong 10 years what we've seen then is more people coming out protesting at the police stations attacking the police stations so i do not think that this warning will change the course of events in any way. right
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in beijing thank you very much for that update from that. tony not in the political finest kicking up as the government revokes me special constitution status the lower house of father mitt is expected to ratify a bill today that would fund the limits governing palace in the disputed region and its control on the hindu nationalist led government says the steps are long overdue critics say the move is unconstitutional is also anger in neighboring pakistan the protests are expected to fetch up today. if the finger on the streets of pakistan here nationalists supporters furious at events in kashmir call for revenge against india and its leader prime minister narendra modi was. this is all pression human rights violations have been carried out all peace loving people of the world must stand by us we demand that the pakistan government and army take
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bold steps in response on board to step in and accuse of. jubilation for hindu nationalists in delhi they say scrapping article $370.00 which gave kashmir its special status corrects the historic wrong route for the opposition and critics it sets a dangerous precedent we believe that the person should all go on article t. 70 of by them or the government is basically a constitutional cool this is an attack on the constitution and this is this amounts to bunning the bridges which elected me to the rest of india. the disputed territory is now on lockdown. authorities have ordered thousands of indian and foreign tourists to get out major roads are sealed off and a curfew is in place all communications severed. the kashmir region has long been a bone of contention between india and pakistan they have fought 2 wars over it.
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both claim the region in full but each control only part of it china also claims a section. the revoking of its special status gives delhi increased power and influence in the territory but it's feared this could be the insurgency there which has already claimed thousands of lives over 3 decades the. pakistan's government has condemned in the as move calling it illegal and vowing counter measures the united nations is urging calm we are following with concern the tense situation in the region we're also where of reports of restrictions on the indian side of kashmir and we urge all parties to exercise restraint. but it's feared prime minister modi has just reignited uncertainty in the world's most follicle nuclear flashpoint. was
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that we now join. shows it backus on a strongly condemned india's move and especially joint session has of parliament has been courting islam law what was said that. when the session started there were loud protests by opposition politicians the session then had to be adjourned there's no statement as yet the opposition politicians for protesting against the fact that the government resolution did not even mention scrapping all. $370.00 so they wanted it to be changed this session is likely to continue tomorrow and that's been expect a clear statement it shows that the indian part of kashmir isn't complete and knocked on right now and there's very little information coming from that the pakistani foreign ministry says it can exercise all possible options to block india's move to book article 370 what are its options. they're primarily talking
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about diplomatic options so one could be that they've been seek. the un security council to get involved in this it doesn't look likely the pakistani foreign minister is currently in jeddah saudi arabia where he's meeting organization of islamic countries trying to shore up support if we go by pastrana we are not expecting a very strong stance there so pakistan will try to play this up but the prime minister has already called leaders of turkey and malaysia will probably call others as well but we know for some time now that the world isn't really interested in kashmir they only care about kashmir when the 2 countries are on the brink of a nuclear war but a device is not on the on the horizon for most leaders and we also know that before doing this the indian government took into confidence major capitals of
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the world so the national security advisor of india got in touch with washington with other countries so they know that india is doing this and why pakistan may be stunned by this. kind of watching it with alarm they might make some rhetorical comments but we're not really expecting the world to get really involved in this and also accuses pakistan of supporting what it costs terrorism in kashmir what is the pakistani government's response to these allegations. it's one of those classic situations where one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and the pakistani army incidentally which has been meeting this morning they have just come out with a statement and they are saying that we formally stand by the bush midis and what they call is there just struggle and that we will go to any extent to fulfill obligations so pakistan is accused of arming the course miti struggle for many
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years it denies the charges believe that it is it is a local because this midis want to get their rights and their freedom struggle is justified so there are 2 opposing views and a lot of people believe the only way to solve it is through dialogue given what has happened in india i think that we have probably gone further away from that kind of desire. news desk thank you very much for that assessment maybe not bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the wild north korea has launched 2 mo missile its 4th test in less than 2 weeks according to a south korean military short range missile into the sea off the benenson east coast in an online statement north korea tested a joint military exercise being had by the u.s. and south korea. japan is marking 74 years since the u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on hiroshima during the 2nd world war that left an estimated
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40000 people dead prime minister shinzo attended with the hiroshima man kazumi matsui renewing japan's courts for abolishing nuclear weapons. british police have charged a 17 year old with attempted murder after a child was thrown from the 10th floor viewing platform at the tate modern art museum in london the city road was found on the 5th floor roof and is in a stable but critical condition in hospital. in the united states they've been more commemorations after a recant of mass shootings with a total death toll rising to $31.00 u.s. president donald trump has scored for bipartisan solutions to the bloodshed but he's facing sharp criticism from democrats who say he lacks the moral authority to rally the country against violence and racism trump is here to visit el paso texas
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tomorrow did i use alexander phenomena is there and sent us this report. vigil to honor the road ragers a high school student killed today in el paso only 15 years old bright polite and quick on his feet that's how his friends remember he will always be there for me. he was a really our. he was a. positive person. never negative. always happy. always trying to make you earlier. and i just said oh you don't. like the 1st 4. we have a really strong community and everybody here loves each other we're really big family. students parents teachers they came together at horizon high school just outside all possible trying to come to terms with what they see as
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a terrorist attack against hispanics all over the past so residents are reeling after 30 days horrific events and they are hoping that the mass murder a crime committed by an alleged white supremacist from outside the town does not give a pass a bad name after all they say this is a diverse and tolerant place which has consistently ranked one of the safest cities in the u.s. for many years. a border city with an 80 percent latino population el paso has suffered under presidents trams and immigrant rhetoric and his administration's 0 tolerance policy at the border residents say christina garcia works for a local organization that helps immigrants and asylum seekers she says some of her clients are now terrified they feel like every client i've had interaction with they've had to apologize for what happened this week and i've had to reassure them
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that we that we are going to be safe. but for now they mourn the dead have. today people gather at the wal-mart store where the mass shooting took place president trump is expected to visit passed on wednesday we respect him because he's a person but to be honest we don't welcome him we don't need him this was a very different city and what happened there was the worst thing that could happen 1st and i know we're a lot of people know that if we will come he's going to bring a lot of people that are really hispanic people. hate is not what should define us they say it's not what the united states is all about. that report but the alexander phenomenon federal prosecutors in switzerland have filed charges against some of the organizers of the 2006 world cup here in germany
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the success of that global event has been tarnished by alleged corruption former german football association president of wolfgang means marc and t. advancing are now face indictments as does horst schmidt the former association treasurer that she will part of the world cup organizing committees that lobbied fifa to bring the event to germany germany is against the head of that committee france beckon bow are being handled separately because of his health condition. is expected to decide today whether to take action against chairman claimants turned in this after he made comments widely condemned as racist the billionaire has led the club's board since 2001 he apologized for the comments but many consider the apology insincere and the german footballer facing increasing scrutiny on the question of race tourney is could be forced out. with less than 2 weeks to
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go until the start of the bundesliga season shall have a crisis to deal with after disk. ssion about climate change policy last week club chairman clemons tourney's suggested tax money should be spent on building power plants in africa adding quote then the africans would stop chopping down trees and stop producing kids when it gets dark those comments have received much public criticism including from the shock a fan initiative a supporters group that has worked with the club to fight against racism in football for over 25 years. and then of course the target in order to the large number of people who have contacted us share our views namely that the comment some massively racist and the apology offered is insufficient and in fact not an apology to zuzana frank must be removed from his position at the club.
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i consider its killings turn intolerable for clemens tourney's to continue in his role at the club which is a high profile and important role that fans in guessing cation are divided on the issue you have 10 years future at the club the consequences are shown by any consequences they should just move on it was a slip of the tongue it wasn't meant in a bad way to sort of mind indiscreet. games out of the question and intolerable in my view 10 years has to be removed and if shaka doesn't do that then i would probably quit as a member because that's not ok also does get ganesh the decision now rests with shock is on a very board. and max name from the devon sports is here has more of the story welcome max tell us more about this shall commuting which is today and that's going to take up this issue isn't it yes there's huge
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pressure on the honorary board who are meeting today in shock but. it's been a tricky one really because a lot of people have listened to the apology and said we should accept the policy if people like a sporting director you're going schneider said he should be given another chance many many others feeling differently as we saw in the report as well the fans are somewhat split but many former salcombe players with african roots of come out against turn years and said it's just not ok this is not a normal club or that amazing to say the honorary board is somewhat like an ethics commission it's made up of 2 judges vica and 2 university professors all of whom have been longstanding members of the club one of whom is actually. represented 10 years in court so could complicate things a little bit and they have sanctions available to them anything from a verbal warning to a suspension to dismissal from office i suspect they will either suspend him or perhaps ask him to resign ok so we have to wait and see but another story
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xenophobia and racism in football came to speak and it was in the east in german city of camden it's what happened there yes it's a 3rd division club and they have parted ways with their captain danya fun over his links to neo nazi groups and on saturday he was injured so he watched the game from the stands which is quite typical for a captain to do however he was sat together with leaders of the far right who can see and he's a repeat offender he's done a few of these things in the past we can take a look at him celebrating and go back in march where he collects t. shirts. printed with support your local who's. produced by the group who hooligans nazis racists he apologized back then he's had a few of these incidents come up in him and always said oh it's a misunderstanding of the club have now come out and said these apologies are fos we were wrong to trust him and of course kennett embroiled again and again with far right ties not just the club the city to last august the city saw 2 days of far right violence and the clubs clubs fan groups were seen as instrumental in
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coordinating those the question then is i mean this incident symptomatic of a larger problem in german football i would say not necessarily because i think it's a localized issue a lot of it tends to happen predominantly in the former east of germany and also the lower leagues seem to have more of a prevalent connection and the fan coaches with right wing activism in the op at least for instance the bundesliga there's a very positive fan culture and oddly enough some of it is more typically associated with the left of the political spectrum so i think it's definitely prevalent in the lower leagues german football clubs like candidates who have sent mixed signals out in the past have to send very clear messages this is a step in the right direction that we have to wait and see where that goes max mary from last fall it says thank you very much. not in a summer's 4th of downhill greasing on the blades course skate cross it's built on
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the winter sport of ice cross which has become a hit here in europe skate cross has found a home in moscow and this was the 1st race organize it a park just for this sort of event athletes on inline skates fly down the bumpy twisting course in trying to maneuver others before crashing into the padded wall at the finish not to spoil it for those value to getting a few bumps and bruises. it watching the w.'s here's a recap of the top story that we're following feel china has issued a warning to protesters in hong kong that punishment is coming to congo police also announced that the arrest of the 148 protesters on monday the largest single day tally in the city has been gripped by 2 months of pro-democracy demonstrations. and india's johansson fall and is set to ratify a bill that would for the limit look at governance in the state of john one kashmir
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the regions on the security lockdown after special status was revoked on monday 1st chance are also expected in pakistan which is long cleaned me and as it so. coming up next is a documentary for a your job in northern syria the killings between conflict and democracy a for me and with that she might have used to thank you very much for your company it was a pleasure to be with you. china
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is hunting down the bird. detention brainwashing torture huge prison like concow in the western sheen jiang reach an official called the education camps. but they're more like indoctrination prisons china
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boys the people under threat. comes up next on d.w.i. . to go off. somehow fisa was the highest scoring single bomb this millennium and amongst. them was some brains one. time for your edification once more with feeling. very fast bowlers all to see the a kickoff in 60 minutes w. o . robots are still going to devote. up in face of foot that's going to happen when they grow up will humans and machines be able to peacefully co-exist or are we on
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the verge of a robot collapse. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society ai will experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. dice or robot collapse starts aug 14th on d w. freedom. she'd almost forgotten the feeling. in fact there were times she thought she'd never experience it again.
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