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52 very personal tips on berlin's very mysterious fists. on t.w. . this is. coming up on the program. takes. over the scrapping of question the special status as. part of 3. diplomatic ties with you can speak for many striking. about where the crisis is fading. takes its wild dragon island off history and we find out why the world's biggest lizards need a break from the hold of human visitors.
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i'm british welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us indian administered kashmir it remains in a security lockdown with streets virtually empty and more than 500 people arrested communications and people's movements have been severely restricted after india provoked a constitutional flaws that gave the region powers to make its own laws since then getting any of the action from kashmiris has been very difficult but shows what some news agencies have managed to get. this is feud make history is it reaching deep back between to get a job and to speak to. the people to treat bakiyev how many signs they have broken that promise out to 70 is he would rather die than let this happen that will
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kill us didn't bomb grade would you give us that and quite. well people will vehicle in this because once they do get to know what happened with us. they have just added fuel to the kashmir conflict. yet and nobody here in kashmir will accept this bill. but i think. we would like to give a message to the people of india that never bother but if you say kashmir is yours how could i say we kashmiris would never a part of india nor will we have a big. fight for our freedom i don't know. they did governments move has prompted pakistan to downgrade diplomatic ties with india and announced the expulsion of the indian on what it has also suspended trade between the 2 emissions you know some of the heated rhetoric in all of them jumped the
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mediocre. continue to fight for freedom until they land in the graveyards of kashmiri martyrs yet will have to see how we combat these hitler naziism. how the world will fight this he says i'm not like any art is this incident has united all kashmiris. modi has any misconceptions about that i challenge him to lift the curfew genentech at all i thought they say they've taken the step for the betterment of the kashmiri people and i challenge them to remove their 900000 troops out of the total no no knock and from all the reaction from pakistan i'm joined by pakistan's science and technology minister. who is also a member of prime minister emraan khan's cabinet minister chaudhry thank you very much for being with us from islamabad now you have earlier called the indian government a phosphorus regime that into
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a minister sheikh rashid and i have both the indian move here. is that all too farfetched. how it is too farfetched just look at what is going on in kashmir one look at the atrocities that indian government is committing in bushmeat its soldiers on or on every. 8 or. meeting citizens we have one indian soldiers right now their rights of communication have been halted literally the one kashmir has practically. there the whole leadership of kashmir is behind bars even though even the leadership that has traditionally brought india that is now behind bars so the kind of atrocities india is committing is no different from the palestine or whatever happened in the past you know when does external affairs ministry or 1st of all this some calls
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it negative sentiments and it says that pakistan is using it to quote justify its cross border terrorism what do you say to that. what is just what is the cross border that it is and what is the evidence of that actually we have suffered in cross border terrorism and we have arrested serving indian off here in pakistan bush and ja the what evidence india has you know. what india is is bigoted you know the mistake india is committing is that india was occupying kashmir now it's the kashmir narrative that is local buying india how can you population a 150000000 in midis they are living in kashmir all pakistani agents so how do you do it in that directly now you just don't you know don't come to park is on the. media's opinion what of it in pakistan in london in the us everywhere you
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have the community just go and talk to them. their sentiments and you will know how what it is think about india and what are their opinion about india so if india has made this. what you clearly view as a wrong move how to spot just on downgrading diplomatic ties with india and then suspending trade as well how does that help. because we want to make it a point that we will not take it light it's a smear we have 14 boys and we have 60 five's blood and i were young boys have lived their lives in the past we have 40 votes with india we will not pondered this kind of you know if you believe that india can and next question me and the region will remain the same this is not going to happen very soon controlling them and this i think for that isn't to people on both sides of the border that eventually suffer. people do so for people are
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suffering because often involve is a look what extent will to what extent we have done to mainstream relationship with india when prime minister manmohan not they were old borders before him taking what he said if india takes one step he will give 2 steps we actually the government has gone too far in trying to it normalize relationship with india their position actually accused us of appeasement of muti we have actually done more than actually expected from our from from us pakistan has done a lot to try to normalize relationship but to the other part is not ready to believe that we are in significant and they're even born want to talk to us then what else we do if you don't want to talk to us if you think diplomacy has no no part to play then why to spend money on dumbasses on each of the just you know take
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a little bit and just in terms of talking to each other i mean u.s. president donald trump has recently to help mediate on the kashmir issue is that something that i want. well i think president trump has been very. bored to india and pakistan and specially india vitally and this is not the 1st time actually during president drum played a very positive role. played a very positive role and they are. obviously. i don't want to get into water mongering but believe me if there is a void between india and pakistan this is not going to be a usual war or of the war there will be limited to one country be the extent of this water will be in capitals from berlin to washington and from the reality this is not going to be an ordinary war so obviously the will of the world must be
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concerned about there and president trump is likely concerned about that so i think whatever he advised india is seen advice and india must be heed to that. science and technology minister joining us from just about thank you very much. and be sure to go on to double dot com forward slash for more objects on the continuing tensions between india and pakistan going on now and talk about tourism which is a huge moneymaker in southeast asia every year millions of people flock to the ancient temples of bali and cambodia the last jungles of borneo or the stunning beaches of thailand but it's coming at an ever increasing cost to the environment and some countries have begun to draw consequences thailand's maya baby remains shut indefinitely and last year the philippine government temporarily banned all tourists from bada k. saying the formally pristine holiday island had become a quote cesspool and
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a cleanup was needed to avoid an environmental disaster now indonesia is taking a similar step it's planning to shut down part of komodo national park next year to help save its famous and endangered inhabitant the mighty komodo dragon. well come to komodo island part of the komodo national park and home of the world's largest illicit the komodo dragon. welcome for now because the island could be off limits to tourists from the start of next year to get the dragon and the islands ecosystem some much needed time to recover. komodo dragons must be saved and preserved because there's only one come out a dragon in the world i always joke that even in heaven there are no komodo dragons they exist only here in komodo national park before the main principle is how can
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we preserve the komodo dragon in its natural habitat. the komodo dragon is the 1st predator it grows up to 3 metres long and can bring down a water buffalo with its strong limbs and separated teeth which deliver a venomous bite it's the perfect tourist attraction every month 10000 visitors make the long journey to this remote part of indonesia to lay their eyes on the red reptile it's the only place in the world where the komodo dragon is found in the wild. the conservationists that's too many people they say mass tourism interferes with the dragon's natural habitat and it increases the very real risk of poaching police in east java fault an attempt to smuggle 41 komodo dragons earlier this year. it's about conservation so that the habitat of the
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komodo dragon will return to water. conservation and dance is our goal because that classy komodo national park will not be closed entirely but the closure is only limited to komodo island there are still many other beautiful islands in the national park by. so i got into. the local government says the temporary closure of the island would be an opportunity to plant more trees and to give all animals a chance to recover. afterwards high entrance fees and a limited tourist pam it could become a reality angering some residents who depend on the giant elicits for their livelihood but indonesia's authorities are. coming to our island needs a break from humans. that's also very relieved and all would be already made 1st of all which has been running this week in japan it's famous for these spectacular floats could be going in for borders.
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how about taking a few brands it could even take a chance on. don't expect happy ending. the church. be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers everyone of the planet. summoning is just down the children who have always been the voice
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and those that will follow are part of a new kind of. they could be the future of. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made for mines. the word recession is doing the rounds this thursday escalating trade wars and disappointing economic fears that the world economy is heading for tougher times. japan makes the 1st concession in its export conflict with south korea but you can expect the trade uncertainty to continue and. movies and sapphires make you bridge the ship them overseas but cutting cambodia tries to put some sparkle into its domestic industry. i mean let's do business
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a global recession could be around the corner and the trade spat between the u.s. and china is only getting worse but some reprieve today on the economic front as beijing pulled this out of its hat an uptick in exports last month up 3.3 percent from a year earlier analysts had predicted a full given the trade war and all imports into china are another story where domestic consumption continues to drop off less than expected still these next numbers are the telling once chinese trade with the u.s. is taking a hit especially imports from the u.s. falling 9 percent from a year earlier china is no longer america's top trading partner falling below mexico and canada for the 1st half of the year let's talk about that and the world economy with our columnist. from the macroeconomic policy institute here in germany and.


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