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new. saudi backed forces strike back in yemen. after separatist control of yemen's capital saudi arabia shall i call it a coup and launching airstrikes will get the latest from our correspondent. also on
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the. u.s. billionaire jeffrey epstein is found dead in his prison cell before he was set to face sex trafficking charges that could have been the rich and powerful. and a russian opposition politician is arrested and many more are detained by police as protests flare up again in moscow. welcome to the program. a saudi led coalition says it has launched air strikes targeting southern separatists in yemen after they broke ranks and seized a presidential palace in the 2nd city ada the coalition is calling that a coup and is blaming the united arab emirates which until now had sided with saudi arabia in the 4 year conflict will get the latest from the yeah yeah many capital
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sanaa in a moment but 1st a look at the development that is apparently split the 2 middle eastern alliance. fighters seeking renewed independence for yemen sites take control of the presidential palace the separatists backed by the united arab emirates say they seized the compound without a fight since 2014 they have been part of the saudi led military coalition fighting the here's the rebels now the allies appear to have turned on each other further complicating efforts for peace. of the city we achieved a big victory in the state's capital 8 and untamed pro-government battalions were defeated. it follows several days of intense fighting in aden with residents often caught in the cross-fire violence escalated after dozens of separatist soldiers were killed in an attack on august
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1st a week later an airstrike hits a bus on a summer school trip killing more than 50 people including 40 children may dicks have warned that hospitals are stretched to the limits. yemen's war began 5 years ago and a school aged in 2015 when a saudi led military coalition intervened in support of the country's embattled government after heathy rebels took the capital sana'a. tens of thousands of people have been killed in the conflict the vast majority of them civilians. it's brought yemen to the brink of famine with the u.n. saying it is the world's worst humanitarian crisis. that we have peace said we will resume food distribution following the 1st of all for the 850000 people inside the city who have not received food rations from p. for the last 2 months an estimated 80 for shame to. require some form
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of protection or humanitarian assistance and millions of children are suffering from severe malnutrition a cholera outbreak back in 2017 killed thousands of people after the recent upsurge in heavy fighting in aden the aid agency doctors without borders has described the city as a battlefield as civilians continue to bear the brunt of this ongoing conflicts. for more i am joined now from in yemen by journalist ira b. 1st of all nasa thanks so much for joining us this could be a complicated story to tell but in a nutshell what do the latest developments mean for the conflict. in fact it's. again tin your it's a game changing situation now in the south of yemen in aden in particular
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after. the civil read just move them and talk all over everything in a presidential palace and a military comes and the security comes and overreaching as they see every inch in aden this is as they said and of course that the saudi backed government called this call and. united arab emirates and saudi arabia call for can and restrain but it is not like this it's more complicated in the ground they say let me interrupt you for a moment let me let me interrupt you nasser you say it's a game changer yes tell me in one or 2 sentences why is it a game changer to people who don't know what's going on yet. thank you very much more. highly unlikely that the next step is that is
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that is the separation of the south from the north this is what that civil rate just more women have been fighting for for more than 10 years now and i think that the home end has come and the united arab emirates is supporting them $100.00 present for this because this seems to be the already. caught up in the heart of the united arab emirates because you know they. are united iraq wants to it wants to do once of this iteration of the south of yemen to be sort of a sudden of by having tipped. with saudi arabia this is this is this is that heat and the 2nd is you know my maybe oh that the best think the best thing that can be done that this is the regime is it is just seen that risk think that there is that kind of to bring the kind of government because the united arab emirates does
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not want this president because he has support and he does it being supported by rather all the enemy of the united arab emirates this is that they are i think. got it nasser i would be inside yemen thank you so much for that thank you lawmakers in the u.s. are calling for answers following the death in prison of disgraced financier jeffrey epstein there has been widespread skepticism as to how he could have taken his own life in a high security federal jail just weeks after an apparent previous suicide attempt obscene was jailed last month on sex trafficking charges that could have been implicated numerous wealthy and powerful people the f.b.i. is now investigating his death. he had already been found injured in a cell a few weeks ago then the multi-millionaire was found dead in the new york jail
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where he was awaiting trial an apparent suicide. the convicted pedophile was facing up to 45 years behind bars on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. epstein a high powered investor was accused of having sexually abused girls as young as 14 at parties in his palm beach villa where he reportedly passed the girls on to his guests what made the case explosive was the few notes he has connections to public figures including british royal prince andrew former u.s. president bill clinton as well as the sitting president donald trump charges were already brought against him in 2008 a controversial plea deal spared him time in prison. if i wasn't afraid to come forward sooner then maybe he want to let some of the girls i feel really guilty to list. a conviction for epstein could have meant the rest of his life in prison now many questions remain will the authorities further investigate the sex trafficking allegations and will possible accomplices be held to account. earlier we spoke to
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d.w. correspondent public fully ileus in washington we asked him about the reaction to jeffrey death among us political leaders and law enforcement officials. their reaction to the death of geoffrey epstein has been one of shock and anger here in the united states and fact the attorney general william barr said that he was a poll to learn that you have free abstain had been found dead in an apparent suicide he said that in addition to the f.b.i. investigation he had consulted with the inspector general who is opening an investigation to also senators such as the republican senator abend sasse said that he had written a letter to the attorney general in which he said the justice department had failed and epstein's coconspirators must think now that they have. gotten one last sweet deal the mayor of new york city bill de blasio and also one of the cons of a president he's
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a democrat said that some of the wealthiest people in the world committed a horrible crime and if they think for a 2nd that they've gotten away with it because jeffrey epstein is dead he said they're wrong many questions are also being raised over how this could have happened considering that just weeks ago jeffrey have. been found unresponsive in his prison cell in what was being investigated as a attempted suicide but of course the shift of focus is to jeffrey epstein. victims those who had accused him of of some very serious crimes indeed what happens now representatives for them have said that they are going to push ahead perhaps with civil action lawsuits but of course it's early days there's also a lot of spotlight now on many of the names that have been mentioned in relation to the investigation into jeffrey epstein many many well known names from
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the world of politics of business of entertainment so what exactly was their relationship with jeffrey epstein so in the days and weeks. are that are ahead of us i'm sure that we're going to be hearing more and more over where this this case against jeffrey epstein is going to go but it's definitely far from over at the spite his death from an apparent suicide in new york city. did you abuse public is there on the other stories making news around the world. the un has condemned an attack that killed at least 3 staff members in the libyan city of benghazi a car bomb ripped through a crowded shopping center on eve warring sides in the country had agreed to a cease fire ahead of the islamic festival no group has claimed responsibility for the explosion. in china at least 28 people have been killed following a landslide triggered by typhoon the kima on the country's southeastern coast heavy
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rain large waves and strong winds prompted the evacuation of 1000000 people. more than a 1000 people have taken part in a gay pride parade in the central polish city of watts under heavy police presence this comes after series of violent incidents prompted by anti gay protesters. in russia tens of thousands of opposition supporters have been staging protests in moscow and st petersburg the biggest show of opposition in russia for nearly a decade police detained up to $200.00 people including a prominent opposition figure protesters are demanding democratic local elections. riot police were out in full so even though the latest demonstration in moscow had been officially all through police arrested nearly $200.00 protesters and blocked access to the president's had cooled since among those detained was the opposition
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activists snoop of subform who's been on a hunger strike. all opposition candidates have been barred from running in next month's moscow city hall elections. but it writes it's still growing. they need to drop all of the politically motivated cases against people who hold elections because the current one isn't doing his job properly for it so why not dozens. thousands have been detained over the summer as the no just opposition movement seen in russia since 2012 gathers pace. the only thing i've come here to be counted on to show the to have the right to choose who to vote for and that's the yeah yeah yeah i mean. it's impossible to stay at home. we have to show the authorities that they can't just. nor with the people thing now though which it would when you. go to your thirty's shouldn't be able to arrest normal people for
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no reason. it's actually no listeners that unfortunately we are seeing it across the whole country much says that yeah i guess there's. all candidates whatever their views and political positions should be allowed to run in any elections which in its own way but russia's summer of discontent is far from over more mass protests are expected in the run up to the vote in moscow in early september. motor sport now and spanish writer mark marquez has broken the record for pole positions in the moto g.p. bearcats claimed the 59th poll of his career in austria that saw him overtake the previous record set by austrian make to have a legend in the sport has his dominating the motor g.p. championship this season he's going for a 6 world title. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you separatists have broken ranks
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with a saudi led coalition to take control of yemen 2nd city the coalition is calling that a coup and has watched airstrikes it's a sign of a rift between saudi arabia and the united arab emirates which backs the separatists you're watching news apply for berlin up next learn how indigenous people in brazil are fighting to protect their sacred lands that's on the dock film series the guardians of the amazon i'm michael okwu thanks for wants. her 1st day in school. her 1st economy lesson from the doors grant a moment arrives. join the ranks taking on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. an orangutan returns home d.w.
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