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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 11, 2019 12:00pm-12:15pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin hong kong protesters defy of police ban to march again police used tear gas as a tent weekend of anti government demonstrations turns into a confrontation to get the latest from our correspondent also coming up. as separatists take control of yemen's temporary capital their former saudi backed allies call it a coup and launch airstrikes. and lawmakers in the u.s. demanding answers saffy displaced billionaire jeffrey epstein dice in jail before
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facing sex trafficking charges could have implicated the rich and powerful. a michael thanks for joining us south of demonstrators have gathered in hong kong for a 10th weekend of protests protesters marched in several parts of the city in defiance of a police van calling for more democracy and greater autonomy from china the protest movement is increasingly staging so-called hit and run demonstrations to avoid a police crackdown. correspondent phebe kong easy in hong kong for us hello phoebe i see that you've got your gas mask on what's happening today. and just let us like all
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police and other also. we have i know where i am right now just one block away that is the police place and. hundreds of protests that say i am on the police face and . i will send to the press that is content to one thing that's how i feel the police force. one is from the police and fire to after this town so far the protests that have left this area and this is not the only of this $10000.00 police have implies there and after this last call it has either this test. and then post half of the police go through friday night when they lie recently i think is the thing that i think is fair to say the full path of both have to say when they see that they and it's hard to like them and i think both it really is with us from our fans by the pool with 000-000-0000 extension 0
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there on the money on the up families and i live and some other are not although i find them all to complain that i in hong kong. you mentioned a number of the same bullies and that includes at the airport we know that protesters have been blocking a debt particular venue what does that mean for travelers as far as you know. honestly that is one nothing loath to follow well if we have soon probably all throughout it then we. have this place in the wrong thing you know how with the family at the airport and that is if it's the only thing wrong. with my son up to the international community especially they want to strengthen our thanks to the crew for all the while and are we have. absolute proof they're found all.
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really lucky thing that. the only way that this little one and. only that will happen i am facing a. high thing from an audience if they're from the left or on the well if they want that i think. you have to know. come 1st thank you very much and of course as always stay safe to yemen now where a saudi led coalition says it has launched air strikes targeting southern separatists after they broke ranks and seized a presidential palace in the 2nd city aden the un says up to 40 people died in that fighting the coalition is calling the separatists action a coup and his blaming the united arab emirates which until now had sided with saudi arabia in the 4 year conflict it's a development that has apparently split the 2 middle eastern allies.
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fighters seeking renewed independence for yemen south take control of the presidential palace the separatists backed by the united arab emirates say they seized the compound without a fight since 2014 they have been part of the saudi led military coalition fighting the his the rebels now the allies appear to have turned on each other further complicating efforts for peace. so good today we achieved a big victory in the sates capitol 8 and untamed pro-government battalions were defeated. it follows several days of intense fighting in aden with residents often caught in the cross-fire violence escalated after dozens of separatist soldiers were killed in an attack on august 1st a week later an airstrike hit a bus on a summer school trip killing more than 50 people including 40 children medics have
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warned that hospitals are stretched to the limits. yemen's war began 5 years ago and a school aged in 2015 went to saudi led military coalition intervened in support of the country's embattled government after heathy rebels took the capital center. tens of thousands of people have been killed in the conflict the vast majority of them civilians it's brought yemen to the brink of famine with the u.n. saying it is the world's worst humanitarian crisis. of peace. they will resume food distribution following the festival for the 850000 people inside the city who have not received food rations from devry f.p. for the last 2 months. an estimated 80 for shame to yemen's population requires some form of protection or humanitarian assistance and millions of children are
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suffering from severe malnutrition a culebra outbreak back in 2017 killed thousands of people. after the recent upsurge in heavy fighting in aden the aid agency doctors without borders has described the city as a battlefield as civilians continue to bear the brunt of this ongoing conflicts. now to some of the other stories making news around the world officials say at least 154 people have been killed in severe monsoon driven flooding in india more than 1000000 people have been displaced or evacuated as waters caused severe damage to homes and infrastructure the military has been deployed in the worst hit areas. the un has condemned an attack that killed at least 3 staff members in the libyan city of benghazi a car bomb ripped through a crowded shopping center in eve warring sides in the country had agreed to
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a cease fire ahead of the islamic festival no group has claimed responsibility for the explosion. goes to the polls sunday to vote in a controversial presidential runoff the turnout for the 1st round was poor and it appears there is little enthusiasm for the 2 main candidates the central american country faces many challenges including widespread poverty and unemployment. lawmakers in the u.s. are calling for answers following the death in prison of disgraced financier jeffrey epstein there has been widespread skepticism as to how he could have taken his own life in a high security federal jail just weeks after an apparent previous suicide attempt epstein was jailed last month on sex trafficking charges that could have implicated numerous wealthy and powerful people the f.b.i. is now investigating his death. he had already been found injured in a cell
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a few weeks ago then the multi-millionaire was found dead in the new york jail where he was awaiting trial an apparent suicide. the convicted pedophile was facing up to 45 years behind bars on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. epstein a high powered investor was accused of having sexually abused girls as young as 14 at parties in his palm beach villa where he reportedly passed the girls on to his guests what made the case explosive was the few notes he has connections to public figures including british royal prince andrew former u.s. president bill clinton as well as the sitting president donald trump charges were already brought against him in 2008 a controversial plea deal spared him time in prison. if i wasn't afraid to come forward so then maybe he would have done it to all the girls i feel really guilty to list. a conviction for epstein could have meant the rest of his life in prison now many questions remain will the authorities further investigate the sex
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trafficking allegations and will possible accomplices be held to account. earlier we spoke to d. correspondent public fully ileus in washington we asked him about the reaction to jeffrey have scenes death among us political leaders and law enforcement officials . the reaction to the death of geoffrey epstein has been one of shock and anger here in the united states in fact the attorney general william barr said that he was a poll to learn that you have free epstein. been found dead in an apparent suicide he said in addition to the f.b.i. investigation he had consulted with the inspector general who is opening an investigation to also senators such as the republican senator ben sass said that he had written a letter to the attorney general in which he said the justice department had failed and epstein's coconspirators must think that they got one last sweet deal
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the mayor of new york city bill de blasio and also one of the candidates for president he's a democrat said that some of the wealthiest people in the world committed a horrible crime and if they think for a 2nd that they've gotten away with it because jeffrey epstein is dead he said they're dead wrong many questions are also being raised over how this could have happened considering that just weeks ago jeffrey epstein being found unresponsive in his prison cell in what was being investigated as a attempted suicide but of course the shift of focus is to jeffrey epstein. victims those who had accused him of of some very serious crimes indeed what happens now representatives for them have said that they are going to push ahead perhaps with civil action lawsuits but of course it's early days there's also a lot of spotlight now on many of the names that have been mentioned in
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relation to the investigation into jeffrey epstein many many well known names from the world of politics of business of entertainment so what exactly was their relationship with jeffrey epstein so in the days and weeks. are that are ahead of us i'm sure that we're going to be hearing. more and more over where. this case against jeffrey abstain. but. far from over at this fight his death from an apparent suicide in new york city. the 1st round of german cup matches this season is underway with 2 1st division. already knocked out by lower division opponents mines was defeated by 3rd division side clubs a slot in and out spirit was eliminated by 4th tier monday sees another 4th division team try the almost impossible when cold play at home to bundesliga
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champions by in munich should be a clear cut affair many say but already has a history of beating the bavarians. has seen better days it actually has 1st division pedigree having played 6 seasons in germany's top league between 200-2009 but then the club began to decline steadily ending up in the semi pro 4th division or regional leak as it's called in germany but hope springs eternal they say in fact the team's coach thinks this draw could have been better for his squad . as a 4th division side knowing that you're not going to go too far in this comp you hope for a draw like this by and munich will pack the fans in. no wonder byron is chock a block with stars not to mention the dizzying number of titles it's won at home and internationally the bavarians biggest problem seems to be whether they're going
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to make another big signing before the bundesliga season starts next week and they also want to make a better impression this season after losing to dortmund in the super cup. it's not about wanting a specific result but up out the way we played. not letting the rivals have the opportunity to win the game at all. given and 6 we need to dominate and control a match expected of us. the last time cutbush actually beat byron was more than 10 years ago and its current squad is full of unknowns yet it has proven to be quite resilient in recent german cups having only bowed out the last 2 seasons against 1st division sides on penalty shots. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you hong kong police have used tear gas after thousands of demonstrators marched in the territory in defiance of the
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ban it's the 10th weekend of anti-government protests calling for more democracy and greater autonomy from china. you're watching news from berlin up next to reporter which this week follows a young mexican volunteer who works in an addiction support center in germany i'm michael okwu thanks for watch. list of curious how. to make yourself at work or. for your next you tube channel. and don't miss out. closely. carefully. will soon.


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