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beethoven fest 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. this is deja vu news live from berlin hong kong protesters defy a police band to march again and police used tear gas as a 10th weekend of anti-government demonstrations turns into a confrontation will get the latest from our correspondent also coming up. as separatists take control of yemen's temporary capital their former saudi backed allies call it a coup and launch airstrikes. and lawmakers in the u.s.
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demand answers after to space billionaire geoffrey kemp seen dice in jail before facing sex trafficking charges that could have implicated the rich and powerful. a michael oku thanks for joining us tens of thousands thousands i should say of demonstrators have gathered in hong kong for a 10th weekend of protest protesters marched in several parts of the city in defiance of a police ban calling for more democracy and greater autonomy from china the protest movement is increasingly staging so-called hit and run demonstrations to avoid a police crackdown. correspondent phoebe kong easy in hong kong hello feel me.
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what's happening where you are in elsewhere in the region. you can see there are many police vans right behind me along the main roads and there are many a riot police officers stoop guarding the crossfire right behind it right behind me because that's just all police cars here gas to disperse posthaste says food gathered here to try the food has to the police station and i'm so far * out of all of the protest this most of them have already left this area and they moved to the other the street in hong kong to continue the demonstrations but the but out of the riot police they still hear this do cutting here and try to conduct some stop and search operation was tried and some of the protests this all even all the rest of this is where arrested just now and under this operation so we can see of. both the protests this and the police officers they get a more familiar with the tactics off each other and they're reacting much faster
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than we see in a hospital with c.b.s. you know as of course protesters have also been blocking what's normally a very busy airport or they travel. but. honestly we must. see if the airport if the international airport of hong kong still remain functional so far despite despite the fact that the peaceful assemblies have what has already continued for 3 days in a row and that is one of the most you saw some place in these movements the protesters at the airport they are aiming to the assembly of the masses and the thing was to take out and to the international community especially to the tourists are around the love anselmo that is and they want to spread their message to the tourists and they want a voice to be heard to the well and so fog. all the flights we may know and all
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and that is not one of them taking they want to use something else other than the classes to. continue development in hong kong 1st thank you very much. to yemen now where a saudi led coalition says it has launched air strikes targeting southern separatists after they broke ranks and seized the presidential palace in the 2nd city aden the un says up to 40 people died in that fighting the coalition is calling the shepherd actions a coup and blaming the united arab emirates which until now has sided with saudi arabia in the for your conflict it's a development that has apparently split the 2 middle east. fighters seeking renewed independence for yemen sites take control of the presidential palace the separatists backed by the united arab emirates say they
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seized the compound without a fight since 2014 they have been part of the saudi led military coalition fighting the his the rebels now the allies appear to have turned on each other further complicating efforts for peace. but today we achieved a big victory in the state's capital 8 and untamed pro-government battalions were defeated. it follows several days of intense fighting in aden with residents often caught in the cross-fire violence escalated after dozens of separatist soldiers were killed in an attack on august 1st a week later an airstrike hits a bus on a summer school trip killing more than 50 people including 40 children matrix have warned that hospitals are stretched to the limits. yemen's war began 5 years ago and a school aged in 2015 when
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a saudi led military coalition intervened in support of the country's embattled government after heathy rebels took the capital center. tens of thousands of people have been killed in the conflict the vast majority of them civilians it's brought yemen to the brink of famine with the u.n. saying it is the world's worst humanitarian crisis. 2 that we have peace said we will resume food distribution following the festival for the 850000 people inside the city who have not received food rations from devry f.p. for the last 2 months. and this to me to 80 for shame to be given its population requires some form of protection or humanitarian assistance and millions of children are suffering from severe malnutrition a cholera outbreak back in 27000 killed thousands of people after the recent
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upsurge in heavy fighting in aden the aid agency doctors without borders has described the city as a battlefield as civilians continue to bear the brunt of this ongoing conflicts. now or at some other stories making news around the world. being investigated as and possible. the suspect. views the. muslim. police at the temple. celebrating the. 14 people. people have been killed in. flooding in india more than 1000000 people have been
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displaced or evacuated. structure the military has been deployed in the. polls. for the poor and it appears the. main candidates the central american country faces many challenges including widespread poverty and unemployment. in the u.s. are calling for answers following the death in prison. jeffrey epstein there's been widespread skepticism how he could have taken his own life in a high security federal jail just weeks after an apparent suicide attempt abstained was jailed last month on sex trafficking charges they could have implicated numerous wealthy and powerful people the f.b.i.
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is now investigating his death. he had already been found injured in a cell a few weeks ago then the multi-millionaire was found dead in the new york jail where he was awaiting trial an apparent suicide. the convicted pedophile was facing up to 45 years behind bars on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. that stina high powered investor was accused of having sexually abused girls as young as 14 at parties in his palm beach villa where he reportedly passed the girls on to his guests what made the case explosive was the few notes he has connections to public figures including british royal prince andrew former u.s. president bill clinton as well as the sitting president donald trump charges were already brought against him in 2008 a controversial plea deal spared him time in prison. if i wasn't afraid to come forward so. then we be he one of the other girls i feel really guilty to list.
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a conviction for epstein could have meant the rest of his life in prison now many questions remain will the authorities further investigate the sex trafficking allegations and will possible accomplices be held to account. hundreds of women living in brazil's rain forest are making their way to the capital brasilia to join an environmental protest land clearance has increased rapidly since the election of rightwing president. in january the government at the german government is so worried that it's suspending some $35000000.00 euros in funding for projects aimed at protecting brazilian for. these indigenous women of travel to presume to sound the alarm on the forestation. they say both scenarios policies favoring development are destroying their homeland. who larry it's money that is the one that is women women women i.s.o.'s our forests is
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disappearing mother nature is asking for help and nobody is listening we need to shout as a last for the deforestation of our land we are crying for help. they have data from the brazilian government's own i n p institute shows deforestation accelerating sharply the agency says some 2250 square kilometers were cleared last month an increase of 278 percent from a year ago. the president has repeatedly clashed with green campaign is over de forest station and opening up the amazon for development and he has this novel suggestion. it's enough to eat a little less you talk about environmental pollution it's enough to poop every other day that will be better for the whole world. that's unlikely to convince these indigenous women they say the need for action to protect their forests is
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becoming ever more and. this week the u.n. issued a dire report on the need to change land use to avert a climate catastrophe it warned of the dangers of unsustainable farming and ramp it before station those are problems that have had devastating effects in indonesia where vast stretches of tropical forests have been cleared for palm oil production but one man there is taking his own steps to protect indonesia's environment from scenes like this he staging a 700 kilometer protest march across the island of java walking backwards take a look. a look at life in the rearview mirror all made of us tony this walking backwards on a 700 kilometer long journey from his village to the capital to kata unlike his walking this mission is straightforward. but nothing was walking about words
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because i want to meet president. to ask them for a tree seed which i want to turn into a symbol for our reforestation name and with us and i also want to educate the young generation to care about the forest and the environment around about. the eco campaign at once to plant that seed at the slopes of mount willis in east java province like many other regions it has been hit hard by the forestation which has made indonesia one of the world's largest emitters of greenhouse gas. many of us tony says people need to wake up call. for a stop a minute i'm not concerned about the well being of our you have. a problem to me in this era of advanced technology and most of the young people only care about gadgets or about smartphones rather than about the environment that it blocked out
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the public good thing on the one that worked yeah. that's why he wants the government to take action now the eco campaigner hasn't received any official invitation from president joke of a dodo yet but his backwoods march to jakarta is catching the attention of locals along the way many have helped him out with food water and shelter. when and unique maybe it's a way to get the president's attention so his request will be noticed is a bit i don't want to testify but i think this is crazy it's merely impossible to walk such a long distance backwards. but he has a noble mission it's good and we support him we just hope he will successfully arrive in jakarta. except that if somebody back up. many of us tony wants to reach to cotton on the 17th in the aegis independence day and while for some it might
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look like he is walking backwards for him these are the steps for what for the protection of the country's forests. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you hong kong police have used tear gas after thousands of demonstrators marched in the territory in defiance of a ban it's a tense weekend of anti-government protests calling for more democracy and greater autonomy from china are all updated on more news in 45 minutes. it was a season of high pitched star correction as it winds down the next exciting event is right around the corner. german bundesliga is heating up and as always we are there to keep you updated with the latest on kick off. putting to sleep a soccer starting other 60 on.


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