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resonate within it's. the mind and the music. token 1st 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. this is the news asia coming up on the program monsoon rains hit southwest india with a fury floods and mudslides leaves schools dead and forcing hundreds of thousands of people into emergency camps always in depth hoping with a disaster we'll get an update on the rescue and relief efforts also coming up. hong kong after all canceled flights as protesters staged a lost city and against police brutality this after more just gassed and fired into the west even underground in the city's subway. and
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a martial art is born again probably come on was practiced on thailand's engine battlefields and is now making a comeback. i'm going to do welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us flooding brought about by torrential rains insult pushed india esk him some 200 people as authorities mount a major rescue and relief operation more than 100000 people have been moved to emergency shelter. transport links have been disrupted in many places emergency services have been boosted by personnel from the army navy and the air force from the worst hit states are maharastra or not to come and cadillac and i in
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fact suffered one of its worst floods in 100 years last year in which more than 200 people were killed. correspondent. has been one of the flood situation in southwestern india she explained how authorities are trying to help victims of a 24 hour helpline set up in new delhi by the national disaster response force the n d r f india does off the team is amongst the largest in the world than the 170 teams have been deployed across the country the military has also gotten involved and has been involved in dropping food packets to flood affected and it has so that's another challenging aspect of making sure that not only in relief camps but for people who are trapped in their homes for what is reaching them another really challenging thing about this particular event has been there have been dozens of mudslides good all across the state of which means that people have been trapped and which is why the death toll is continuing to be updated but of course the
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government ministers senior ministers are so willing they are appealing to the people for funds and help and good samaritans also coming out to make sure that the damage can be controlled as far as possible. of the flooding in maharashtra state alone has killed at least 30 people this in addition to fatalities it's financial capital one by foot in heavy rains last month more than a dozen people were killed in the city when a 4 story building gave it was one in the seeds of building collapses that have plagued the city in recent roughly around 22000000 people call the city home but there isn't enough accommodation for all of them and a lot of what is just not safe many citizens continue to risk their lives crowding into old dilapidated buildings even with the danger hanging over their heads correspondent. sends us this report. young people has lived here for much of
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their life this building a century old was built just as wood will one end. it's a tough climb for the 55 year old with chronic need pain but that isn't i mean what if. she says the building which is 80 tenants is crumbling and that it had our delap all right how can you let it have recently this slab of stone came loose and fitted seriously injuring the neighbor on the ground floor right in the one dream that young he shares with a family practice run to the whites the plaster ceiling and bamboo sticks prop up the ceiling then i will go away that i live in constant fear that the building will collapse my children are at work all day so at least they're safe but my husband and i stayed home we could be cold but the way i see it we're old we've lived our lives. with it leaving the place isn't an option for young whose family owns a modest living tenant flicka be just $10.00
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a month here and grant something even less. that's due to a colonial that limits were installed buildings like this one but that also means owners get little money to invest in group is leaving the structures to rot. many areas in mumbai like here and. a home to all of rickety properties data shows that are more than $14000.00 buildings in the city that at risk of collapse due to a lack of maintainance and government apathy to deal and repairing them often have deadly consequences. last month a 4 story building collapsed at the spot killing more than a dozen people and injuring many more disasters of this kind on uncommon in the city. mumbai chronic house and was also linked to this dense population and scarcity of land the city is surrounded by water on 3 sites and has
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no space to grow. more than 40 percent of its 18000000 residents live in slums and shantytowns experts say at the heart of the problem of the city's sky high values and a powerful builders lobby. has sort of in the last 20 years for the situation collapse of building it would mean that there will be an option off redevelopment for the private developer and also because then they have much to on most of these buildings out in the island so again that. the prices of. the city. heating for residents who do decide to keep their rundown buildings in these prime areas on to much better. family used to live in an old building in south mumbai. until it partially collapsed one of.
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the governments and the president here to the so-called transit camp to wait till the building was demolished and rebuilt that certainly day when we moved in here we thought it would take a year or 2 at most but now 13 whole years have gone by we've just somehow continued living here in the hope that someday we will get our own home. where young is a much loved and dangerous place. option would be to get out and lead a much better life in a far flung suburb either way it's not much of a choice. in hong kong continuing protests have forced massive ganser versions of the territories international airport police had more than $5000.00 protesters out of the airport arrivals hall forcing the disruption it is the 2nd time in 2 weeks that airport operations have been hit as a result of the protests there began as demonstrations against
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a proposed extradition bill but have morphed into pro-democracy protests and now in their tent week they are getting increasingly violent. in the weeks of escalating violence this was the 1st police fired tear gas into an underground train station to force protesters out. but they've come prepared spraying water from a fire extinguisher to protect themselves from the smile. above ground on the streets of the city move clouds of tear gas is the 10 week of pro-democracy protests and aggression is ratcheting up the. protestors throw what appears to be a petrol bomb that a police station. they attempted a different strategy over the weekend popping up in smaller groups scattered all over the city. police responded by shooting rubber bullets. at times
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from place range. and protesters say they have resorted to other tactics to. dressing up these demonstrators and mixing in with the crowd to make surprise arrests. so you know i saw a few people in black mixing with the protesters and beat them that they held the baton and they were wearing gas masks which makes them look almost identical to protesters dealt with. this footage appears to show 2 helmeted protesters suddenly making a violent arrest. it's fueling concerns from protests. human rights organizations about excessive police violence. anything that. there were a lot of young people being arrested whenever i tried to approach them and offer support the police forced me to leave. they didn't let me help or even
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monitor the body search. facility takes me away with. the end of a night of fierce clashes arrested protesters sit exhausted some with bloodied faces. as they marched off this injured protest the shouts others just hit by riot police in the teeth. yet they're far from being count activists a vile to fight on regardless of how tough the police response may be. and remember you can always get more of the protests in hong kong on our website. or on facebook and twitter than an expert on the only forgotten martial art is experiencing a renesas of sorts. is a weapons based martial art it was once used in centuries old wall for between
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rival kingdoms but as guns replace swords it was reduced to a remnant of thailand's past now it's back with a modern twist. the dangerous dance of crap. these moves were once practiced by battle hardened worries in thailand before they faded from memory now these youngsters in bangkok a once again practicing the long neglected martial art. derives from an engine was used to protect kingdoms in the old days guns were hard to find and what we had was sticks and swords which were used for defense. in centuries past toy soldiers use credit on the battlefield in hand to hand combat all from the backs of war elephants. it's using wolf air is long gone but today it's seeing a revival as a modern competitive sport. than you were teens from
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the other media. students match different styles to create your own tricks. making the possibilities for the limitless. despite those limitless possibilities it hasn't caught on like the hugely popular books inc trebek robot he's still finding it's nice in the martial arts world the arrival of weapons adds a level of complexity to the sparring but students a monster in the sword and stuff is the ultimate fighting experience. why we can use it to defend ourselves from psychopaths it's a skill that can protect us from harm i mean. the sword wielding high kicking fighters are certainly brimming with confidence. and they may be at the forefront in turning an almost forgotten tradition into the next mainstream martial art.
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that's on the show today as muslims around the world several eve how we leave you with images of prayers offered across south asia. sometimes books more exciting than real life. raring to. go. what if there's no escape. list. german street. takes time. to take. things. time to search deal. and fight for the
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truth. to overcome drugs and connection. it's time for. a deed of it is coming up ahead. minds. as protesters shutdown the airport in hong kong flag carrier cathay pacific and some broad in the conflicts. slumped to a 10 year low blows asia's business hub is beginning to feel the heat. and china loses its taste for european companies the number of chinese takeovers drops sharply is that because western governments are getting wherry or does beijing simply already has everything it. is business on.
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as welcome hong kong's apple will remain closed until 6 o'clock tomorrow morning authorities that house council all flights for monday as thousands of protesters occupy the main terminal apple authorities said operations have been seriously disrupted by the demonstrations against the policies of the beijing government planes arriving in hong kong will still be allowed to land in a separate development hong kong's flock area ally and cathay pacific has threatened to fire staff who take part in the protests is already dismissed to employ staff its shares slumped to 10 year low. now let's have a look at the bigger picture here with the business editor. if it what do you think was behind those doors his decision to cancel flights well the no choice really we have hundreds thousands of protesters in the airport it comes on a day it's interesting because they have cut they.


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