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resonate with the needs of. the mind and the music. from the 1st bond 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. this is due dr news asia coming up on the program tonight i'm going to all be in the wireless indian prime minister and on survival skills on t.v. for the british adventure up there girls but what was the message and the theme thanks the bottom one exercise instead commercial also coming up in. terms of the brave take center stage in the biggest pop culture unique sporting event we'll see how the country's dramatic people's part of diving test centuries old i'm getting fed interest. and destruction of the film on their 4th for
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a 2nd day as protesters maintain the pressure on the government we've got a bit of peace to be the tragedies that as you face is fear as fresh to me on the quest. i'm british welcome news asia it's good to have you with us. on monday on the 1st day of each other while people in india to mr mean coped with severe restrictions on their freedoms india's prime minister narendra modi walked feeley in the winds of the country throwing light on court environmental conservation and climate change more they appeared on a survivor programme with british adventure and survival expert bag roads filmed in a wildlife sanctuary in northern india more the learnt how to make a spear out of
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a knife what elephant dung smells like and also how to cross a freezing river on a flimsy raft he has a trailer from the episode oppose and on monday night. he's going to. survive. united media. the world's largest democracy. this time and make. sure you can live by the. automatic mention like you are the most important man in india my job is to keep you alive. giving around them all the alive a big job for their girls here's what he have to say about his experience in the wild with india's prime minister you know our team that we're filming there saying you know a woman is really on edge but the prime minister is just very calm and i think i
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saw that through our journey whatever we were doing he was actually very very very sort of one and that was a kind of that was cool to see because you never know really what someone's like until you're in a crisis but it was good to be reminded that as a world leader prime mr modi is calm in a crisis that's a good quality. then there are more they isn't the only world leader bear grylls has hosted them an episode of his program where he was out in the wilds of alaska in front of 15 with then u.s. president barack obama but as expected this apparent more the has set social media a blaze this from the prime minister himself what better than the last green jungles of india in the midst of mother nature to throw light on environmental conservation and climate change among these appearance of the episode has prompted a number of names such as this one from this user referencing the annual monsoon flooding in mumbai the epic adventure of
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a lifetime others thought morsi was spending way too much time talking about his own life quote i was for ice or t.v. this is the 1st vacation of hadn't eaten yes all while bag grills waits patiently to eat a grasshopper. and the fact that most he spoke almost exclusively in hindi also came in for comment more the is a magician he speaks hindi and big grills understands everything for more let's go across to did have a look at his one and nimish address while standing by in delhi new shop good to see you now. a lot of reactions that appearing on social media for those who haven't watched the episode what were the main highlights. well british the mean highlights of the episode basically involve big thrillist taking on civilians more the true a wildlife sanctuary but also stopping several times along the way to speak with
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the prime minister about his own views on environmental kwanza reassure in his childhood his past his inclinations as a politician and of course i'm somewhere in the movie spoke about the importance of environmental conservation to him and to all indians but also of their food often to his childhood to his humble origins and to the way he was sent to his and this dedication to his work and this of course in a fashion is playing to his trims because many times for reasons of moving support was actually value his political career and his political presence because all of these humble origins so of course prime minister playing to his strengths and being deceived just as much and his supporters speaking they're also going to seize on the message of bottom and to a vision something that. i want to vote what is the record of the beach. on bottom and the conservation
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just finished the emphasis was on environmental conservation even when this program was for steel used by means nothing is more these said that this will highlight india's diversity and the importance of conservation in india but on the other hand critics have pointed out that this is ironic because this government has been criticised for diluting environmental protections it has been criticised for diluting force protection that the close protection market environmental impact act and also making green laws easier on businesses all in the stance of promoting development they've actually reduced the amount of time with needs to get environment to kill themselves so this is something that this government has actually received heavy criticism about. richard thank you very much for the. from the wilds of india to the wilds of kyrgyzstan where for centuries our nomadic
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tradition centered around hunting thrived for additional hunting methods were used to feed religious and provide far during the whole of the soviet union however these fell out of practice but since the fall of the u.s.s.r. they are seeing a revival of sorts thanks to an annual hunting celebration called the south border on festival. eagle eyes laser sharp talons ready for attack i text you lemon by a schooled an eagle will show of its hunting skills at the character supper and festival birds of prey have always been part of his family. which training them is not easy we have to understand and bond with the eagle you can do that by looking into their eyes and as with horses you need to make eye contact of course not all people can train them only those who find that common
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language. should be. winning birds at this competition need to make the kill on the 1st try and the success is its own reward once this was an essential part of curtis culture hunting with eagles as well as dogs would secure the lives of big families and protect life struck from predators like wolves now this festival is trying to preserve and revive the past. all fall the submarine is a centuries old curtis tradition. but it disappeared for a long time under the soviet union. for example trying tiger on site talks to hunt and also to train birds to hunt these ancient traditions weren't allowed to ring the soviet union. this year the celebration of the cactus hunting heritage here in the cool region has attracted around 100 competitors from across the country as
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well as international tourists i'm very impressed by these traditional games and this specially for me i think that's the most beautiful is when behind us was. with the revival of huntsman like i picks when i'm on by if i can now hope that the special bond between the golden eagle and the kindest people will be kept alive for generations to come. in hong kong though any special bond that existed between the government and the people seems to be breaking every day as protests continue and for the 2nd day running for test has disrupted operations of the international or under the top of the airport again today the short defiance follows an increase in the use of force by police that anti-government demonstrators have slammed as excessive.
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now chief executive cadigan lamb is warning the city is on court a path of noted time if the estimated violence is not brought under control she faced fiasco at a stormy press conference are going to bear where she was grilled or the whole role in the crisis. this was all. oh. please we all love you all these these united will be all the rage. and i continue. with your feet feet thank you the you have the autonomy or laws to withdraw the extradition question you have not answered the question due to if they do the question dolly's chief executive and. nike's and they will meet a 1000 do you have the autonomy to withdraw the bill or not or does beijing need to
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give i've already i'm supposed to question the magazine no makeup on sees you and she has also repeatedly refused calls to step down but as the pressure builds on the streets and from beijing where does this leave hong kong's embattled do you think 2nd of yes did i miss phoebe kong from the protests at hong kong airport. carolyn asked to top that off the special ministry to preach on this it was the politics up in the city in terms of the mess to get a spot in provence from beijing. housekeeping increasing significantly that somehow it's more decisive and if you are on time government especially when they are facing a political crisis like the smith and other a we have to vary my they carry them just not enough radically elected she's not just responsible for hong kong citizens but also the central government in beijing as well even if she wants to resign she still has to get the approval from beijing and should be amidst this point oh
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you're given the fact that beijing has defined the crisis as some things challenging the national sovereignty which is direct why off the ricci i carry them appears to have no choice but to what can lie with the hotline the pros and based on the recent developments is not likely for her to carry out any reform until the end if. they'd have gone there that's a fan of the show to check out other stories on the death of dr on forward slash or on facebook and talk. really even now with that is some up egypt end of the sri lankan city can be the high point is the possession off of the gaza strip which would distribute them famous. but.
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i'm scared that the a more not hard and in the end this army you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were lions of the what's your story ready ready. i'm one i was a women especially in victims of violence in terms of take part and send us your
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story we are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. another village turn other guests you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. from. also a brief press by this. morning hong kong is closed again. the global economy. is the only german football team with a stock market listing. good investment. on the stock exchange. is business.
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severely crippled operations hong kong's international airport for 2nd day on tuesday forcing authorities to cancel all remaining flights of the city. took over the. reopened tuesday fears of another said to have seen hundreds of flights. from mainland china about terrorism the threat of intervention. one protesters against following a path of no return. for a few brief hours hong kong airport was flying again but then the protesters were back to block the vast concourse resulting in the cancellation of hundreds of flights. with the world watching the protests have shifted from a political issue to a route with global economic impact embattled hong kong chief. market fears i.


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