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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  August 14, 2019 12:02am-12:30am CEST

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it was on august 13th 58 years ago when the 1st briggs' and mortar were laid that would become the berlin wall you'll hear from one man jailed for trying to escape he eventually made it across to west berlin and helped dozens of others do the same i had a guardian angel that night i knew there were alarms of the air it was in the twilight and i saw a thin piece of wire stretched from bridge pose to bridge post if i had touched it he would have gone off and they would have immediately fired shots. we start the day in hong kong while that territory remains in the grip of its worst crisis since the territory was handed back to china by britain 22 years ago pro-democracy protesters again coming out in huge numbers flooding hong kong international airport for a 2nd day in a row forcing flights to be cancelled and paralyzing operations riot police briefly
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clashed with protesters united nations has called on law enforcement in the territory to show restraint mainland china takes a different view and has condemned the un for meddling in what it describes as a domestic issue meanwhile chinese state and social media posted video for all to see of security forces gathering across the border from hong kong all the year program democracy of protests have gained in momentum over 2 and a half months now and d.-w. new spoke earlier with one of the lead activists joshua walk. home call activists good at what i would imagine to call them on protests brutality government to terminate extradition bill and i will course for free you know action before the police into the airport hall activists just get it peacefully without any clash with those police unfortunately when police hope. guns
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and pepper spray and try to point to as people the clash happen but i just want to let the world to know that white people and hong kong care and because we hope to let the world to know that hong kong is such an international financial center already tries fall into a polish state we know that is really a long term and difficult battle or basic business goliah all call busy is similar as is burning in the last century under a rule but we will never give up we are just asking for the fundamental right elected. government all right so i want to bring in now it's in the pringle of the school of oriental and african studies in a london so as he is also the editor of the china quarterly a scholarly publication covering contemporary china a very good day sir remarkable scenes playing out in hong kong today protests is clearly not ready to surrender yet i mean we just heard from a joshua wang saying this will be a long and difficult battle and we are not going to back down. can they
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actually win this battle. well i think i think good in that you by the way i think there is some there is you know despite the violence despite the tension i think there is still room for in the negotiation when at least one of the months at the protests is putting forward is this just us said just now there were times just now rather there are a fight there are 5 to months full report of negotiable i categorize ation of the specific protests the release of arrested protests is an independent inquiry into the policing the demonstrations which is which seems that i didn't i didn't he you know if the nation's office for human rights would probably be behind this well. there is room for maneuver on on these now while the long term universal suffrage remains probably unknown realizable going to in the in said he in the short term
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future sincere and genuine dialogue with the other demands put forward by the protests this may lay the grahams right on top of the plea which a routine extradition don't fall for for progress on that among the swells so to speak and so i think yes is there is still room for for compromise and for the most ice is to achieve at least at arms all eyes are on beijing because it doesn't seem like beijing is really in the mood for compromise i mean it just released that video that we aired today of the army drills that are taking place just right across the border from hong kong that is kind of an implied threat there do you foresee a possibility that that mainland china might actually decide to send in troops. well i think it's more likely today that it was a month ago and those who seem from the spokesman for the hong kong and macau
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affairs office in hong kong the categorize ation of their interest has has gradually become more serious and in beijing how is from from. and today they are why you know from from that office spokesperson there has even referred to refer to it in some sort of signs of terrorism in the or in the india it's now and i think this is something not to be taken lightly the presence of the people's own place over the bodhran should junk which you which you just referred to a 1000 leaves a psychological pressure. to to to to bring to protest just to give up on the on that amounts but at the same time i would say that it is beijing's perception of the chaos in hong kong that is more important than the presence of the p.a. the peoples are in place doing exercises in shutting. there are real signs you saw
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today that perception is hardening with with the reform reference to science that terror terrorism fighting there is a sign it's that that because it has now become basically a test of wills hasn't it i mean the stakes could of course not be higher for both sides of this issue because what's up for sake is the future of hong kong so i under the leadership of using pain can hong kong retain its very unique position. i agree with you i think the stakes are high. and there is no doubt that if beijing but to implement what we call an infrastructure our interest strategy which would imply troops also need to people's own place that would have been devastating short term consequences for hong kong but also for the mainland as well and i'm particularly for beijing's long term goal of unifying unifying the main runway with taiwan. which hong kong's
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system one country 2 systems on comes formulation of one country 2 systems. is was was until quite recently seen seen as a model for possible arena cation the concept is now in texas where the hong kong can retain its identity i think that is possibly or it is not the cool oh oh oh of this this this and unrest this is on vacation we're seeing happening this if we go i want to take us now to the embattled hong kong chief executive carry a lamb because she's making a low profile but she made an appearance earlier today let's take a listen ad a bit of a very testing you say a conference and a question of whether miss lamb is actually acting independently from beijing will pick up the conversation on the other side of it. all the whole lot more than
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anything until the morning could you want to see that it's all of the question various times. you've. made me feel like you have no way of life and the question. is was. the will of the. the whole of the city's united the whole place. and i can see you. know all the cliches. of. the. north the story it is not quite on my list to concentrate on the least the questions. focusing on peace money. was a failed this is an executive who is under extreme duress she's being challenge she
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can't answer anything is this kerry lamb a lame duck at this stage and is the real power just with beijing. well i mean i think that the atmosphere in the press conference you just played is really a testament to the profound crisis that hong kong he's in now whether kerry lamb has as the reporters are offering house the authority to entirely withdraw the extradition bill i don't know the answer to that however i do know that the majority of home compete will see kerry land government and indeed most almost all the governments of the various chief executives have there's a group on constance north of $97.00 more or less puppets of beijing and that the states this sentiment has been fueled by traumatic protests at various times against the security bill in 2003 the national curriculum and in 2009 that the
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writing of the timetable to it universal suffrage that led to the umbrella movement and now the extradition so i think that if that is the perfect perception that it's not so much to carry law has become a lame duck it's more that she was never anything else and i think her mishandling of the extradition bill is not is not a testament necessarily to lead this if i can say but rather to to the serious political mismanagement. of all. of the interest of trying all in a land in that thank you so very much to bring all is with the school of oriental and african studies and also the editor of the china quarterly thank you so much for wayne sir. thank you. now some shocking news about our vironment the world life wildlife rather fund says
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an assessment of forest biodiversity shows that wildlife populations have fallen by more than half in the last 50 years all the greatest losses took place in tropical forests like the amazon basin where the new government there is encouraging the clearing of tree trees for agricultural agriculture but forests are losing ground around the world. the forests of borneo vital habitat for the right hand are under growing threat they're shrinking rapidly as farmers burn down trees to make way for palm oil plantations that leaves less for the right times to eat the same goes for the java rhinoceros in indonesia and the wild elephants of central africa the world wide fund for nature is sounding the alarm. division just doesn't impose a step to take is an immediate holds to the destruction of the forest for the cultural use decides that means we need a comprehensive approach to protect our effects 3 around the wall said time to farm
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more responsibly and forests are being stripped of high value trees for sale as workers build the roads and dams to convert the land for profit according to the world wide fund for nature forest wildlife populations have been reduced by half since 1970 percent amazon rain forest is especially hard hit. we have extreme difficulties in brazil even though the amazon was actually a success story for a while and that doesn't seem to be the case anymore but there's still a chance to make progress in other countries. besides deforestation poaching and the climate crisis are exacerbating the devastation environmental activists are urging more leaders. get involved. 58 years ago today work began to build the berlin wall the barrier was intended to
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keep people in the communist is germany and stop them from fleeing to the free west of the country or the wall turned west berlin into an island in the midst of communist territory as you can see behind me well we were surrounded by more than 150 kilometers of massive fortifications at least 136 people were killed trying to get across the berlin wall but some $5000.00 did make it out the berlin wall stood for 28 years and a series of mass protests set off a chain of events that also met lee led to the opening of the frontier in 1989 which also marked the end of communism in central and eastern europe now while the berlin wall stood firm escape attempts were often met with live gunfire but the desperation for some was so great the need to try was overpowering a reporter christian
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a christian or brings this one man's harrowing tale. the best thing about jail which to says was being left out of a cell once a day to walk around inside a large wire cage as a young man he was held for months in a detention center run by the east german secret police the stasi for trying to flee the country and for aiding others in their attempts to escape. the embassy of his dismissal nudie home and so they didn't abuse us physically they called it a corrosion it was a method they used to try and grind just through hyper control isolation this information because in the worst 11 months of my life here after a while if you start too long to be sentenced. crichton never accepted life on to the east german regime and tried to flee for the 1st time by train when he was just 18 he was arrested and put behind bars when building began on the berlin wall on the 13th of august 1961 he knew he had to escape he saw how brutally the regime was
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cracking down on the center as it was the other woman was a young person at some point you have to ask yourself how long am i going to play this raid have how long can i take it or do i want to cooperate with them to find myself a little me as long as you're still studying you had to get all of this crap in every essay there had to be a commitment to socialism and if you needed good marks you just wrote that rubbish down. a short time later attempted to escape again. he swam across a border river on the edge of berlin and made it to freedom. he was in the water for 4 hours before he finally managed to get through a bomb twice fence and on to the shore on the western side on the eastern side he would have been shot. the cotton is off the foot so i had a guardian angel that night i knew there were alarms regarded as in the twilight i saw a fin piece of wire stretched from bridge post a bridge post if i had touched it he would have gone off and they would have
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immediately fired shots. at the lot also to see a lot of other forces. dozens of people died in this way along the berlin wall it's still not clear just how many the regime ruthlessly punished anyone who tried to flee. nevertheless to continue to help move them 30 people escape by smuggling them into west germany in the boot of his car he was cool again and spent 5 years in prison before he was pushed out by the west german government the 71 year old now gives to us in his former prison he thinks young people should learn that east germany was a totalitarian state. as you will mention if you can see that young people are aware and interested that's why i do this isn't to see out of a sense of the conviction will be back when it will always be like that before. back stealing us help tot not wish to overcome the brutality of the stasi now he's
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able to tell a story as one of those who paid a price for wanting freedom. art were jarring to now at syria much to our pleasure by catching has a how or if i'm a resident activist in east germany and you can see her right here behind me she helped start the so-called monday demonstrations in the eastern city of lights in the words on the side that you see the banner that she's holding up is for an open country with free people so good to have you here was captured on this fateful day because it is so hard from this vantage points today to think about how this country not so long ago was split basically and the people were split for what was it like to live in east germany. so the meaning of this day for me is just that 16000000 people were just put in a state prison if you would say so and they were even kind of told
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the government told them oh you're now living in the better pyatt of germany and so we put tech to this offense so how cynical is the hub to to build even a fence that to tell them you live in the better part of the germany but dundas cape nonetheless some people were so desperate that they attempted to flee across under above risking their very lives talk to us about that sense of desperation that you're so desperate that you're willing to risk your life just to get out. yes so for me it's also the memory today the remembered for all the people they ought to be lost their life by trying to escape so for me as i grew up the will was already there and i remember that
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the siblings from my grandmother came over for her birthday party and they came over from mr chairman e. and i i do remember as a kid that i wondered oh why i'm not able to see where they live how they live what their homes look like and i was asking my mom i said oh do you ever go to see their plays and my mom just said no we would never go to see them plays and my grandmother just said oh please can you make the go stop that question because it just brings trouble right now and i i want to mention that i think we just aired a little bit before while you were very evocatively of describing what it was like to live in east germany we're showing some video from your project that digitally constructed the wall to offer a more 3 dimensional weight of this one here it is yes. my question to you is
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this the wall work did it she what it set out to achieve no not for me so because since i was a child i started to to ask question and. if if there was one phrase i really didn't like her i still don't like if when people would say oh that's how things are we just can't we cannot change it and it never light and i say was. teenage air i could see that there was so many laws so just the one lie that my mom and all her friends they didn't go to the elections and i could count it so but still in the newspaper they would tell us that 99 percent of the citizens would vote for the government and i didn't know that's not true and conclusion catherine what's so interesting about you is that you did not
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attempt to escape and you also were not resigned like maybe some of your relatives were by what the situation was you decided that you wanted to change the system from within. how. for me. i also felt of the stubbornly that's also my country i'm born here and so maybe it is not true maybe we can change it and if we go to the streets with a message like for an open country risk free people it would show people that we are not criminals like the government would tell people we are. genuinely just want to be free and to half a choice and to have a voice and to decide what we want to do with our lives chatter i would love to speak so much longer with you about your experiences and hopefully we'll get the
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opportunity again but thank you so much for lifting some of the veil and also sharing some of the experiences of what happened on that fateful day and what it was like after the wall where so erected so happy to have you here thanksgiving lately. now in a world designed for right handers the struggles fazed by a left handers are very real her own will he says there's a cumbersome can openers about 10 percent of us grapple with gadgets met for the right tell the majority and international left handlers hander's day i should say today is meant to focus on the struggles and celebrate famous lefties through the ages. by disproportionate number of recent us presidents have been left handed 7 out of the last 15 of use their left hand including barack obama that's helped fuel a theory that left handed people make exceptional lead ins. the roman empire
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type arius is one of the 1st left hand is ever recorded his biographer said he used his left hand more readily and with more force than his right who could bore a fresh sound apple through with his finger because ranks high a list of lifetime does although historical accounts reveal he trained himself to become right handed he still uses life a sculpture is which a quiet strength. left handed musicians feature the likes of lou take a fun beethoven and. word to the recently legendary guitarist jimi hendrix. in the past researches have suggested left hand as are capable of a wide escape the thinking to explain the high number of left handed nobel prize winners including albert einstein and physicist marie curie to name just.
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that just makes you want to become let's have it that's it for the day but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or you can follow me at my can. still get that site the day i'll be back tomorrow for another look at the day. hong kong airport was effectively shut down for a 2nd straight day after protesters blocked the terminals all departure check ins have been suspended demonstrators are rallying in solidarity for victims of police brutality on the weekend hong kong leader carrie lamb has warned escalating tensions in the city could put on a quote path of no return. the fate of italy's government hangs in the balance as the senate struggles to set a date for a no confidence vote in the governing coalition that could pave the way for snap
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elections and a possible victory for italy's far right deputy prime minister material sell vini. russian authorities ordered the evacuation of the village of silver the vince after a rocket explosion caused radiation levels to spike only to cancel that order within hours without explanation. russia's state weather agency says the explosion which claimed the lives of 5 nuclear engineers last week caused local radiation levels to jump 16 fold the. spanish opera star plus the domingo has been accused of sexual misconduct 9 women have told the associated press news agency that they were sexually harassed over a period of decades some saying domingo punished them professionally if they refused his advances the los angeles opera where he's the general director says it will open an investigation.
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conservation that one. of the coral reefs south beneath our endangered by climate change. people are aware of what's happening. and they're all pitching in to protect berry. says reforestation nothing different kind. 3000.
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robots are still in the development phase. but what's going to happen when they grow. will schumann's admission in spain able to peacefully coexist. or are we on the verge of marketers. if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then that's face it is probably going to be the biggest mistake in human history. artificial intelligence is now spreading through our society. is this the beginning of a going to digital age. will we be subjected to continuous state surveillance. took ai will experts be able to agree on technical guidelines or will this
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technology create deadly new autonomous weapon systems. such as robot collapse starts aug 14th on t.w. . well come to global $3000.00. divers recently thought they discovered a new reef in the mediterranean but what appeared to be bright colorful corals were in fact mountains of plastic with.


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