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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin cleared for release supreme court says it seized iranian oil tanker is free to go but a last minute legal bid by the u.s. to hold the brace one makes it unclear whether the ship will actually set sail why has the u.s. tell what its way into the affair also coming up israel bars to u.s. muslim lawmakers their planned visit is torpedoed after a tweet by truck we look at how israel got roped into the president's future
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plus kashmiris patience wears thin with life under lockdown but india's modi's makes the scrapping of the region special status the centerpiece of his independence day celebration. and a new but mostly good seasons began spy on munich triumph yet again last season and tonight they face how to berlin is the start of their bid for an 8 straight draw one time. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us. has written ordered the release of an iranian oil tanker seized by britain last month the court order comes despite a last minute legal bid by the u.s. to keep the ship in detention or police and the british navy seized the vessel the grace one at the beginning of july the show. ship was suspected of taking uranium
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oil to syria in violation of e.u. and u.s. sanctions gibraltar's chief justice says iran has no guarantee the oil was not going to syria. iran later captured a british flags tanker near the persian gulf reports suggest iran is planning to release that ship. of war now let's cross over to d. w's teresa tropper she joins us from cash show me an island in the strait of hormuz such a recent iran is obviously eager to get its ship back from joe brawl to if it does will it then release that british flag tank from what we're hearing that it's very likely to happen yes the british flag tanker has already been moved from the place where it was detained in the strait of hormuz a couple of weeks ago closer to the port in bandar abbas where the islamic revolutionary controlling everything and that's
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a place we have foreign specifically us journalists cannot go to as we were told to not quote and danger proceedings so apparently they're still preparing for an exchange but we have to keep in mind that the revolution in iran as a whole do not have a lot of trust in the united states or the united kingdom so before the iranian vessel in gibraltar eyes not freed this in peril here in the persian gulf will not be released either now the u.s. is against your brawl to releasing the iranian tanker they did he has tried to block it with legal moves so far is a rare and concerned that the u.s. could take further steps to prevent the ships return. well at least nobody here would be surprised by that iran's foreign minister zarif said washington's 1st attempt to stop the release of the tanker was an attempt piracy move so he said washington was abusing the international legal system to steal
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iranian property and that many iranians we've spoken to some people here. and they said they do not want a conflict to happen with other countries not here in their region and elsewhere but that they are willing to step up and defend their own country if necessary so that is why everybody here in the persian gulf is monitoring very closely what is happening and. ok we're just talking about 2 ships here but there's of course of much bigger story going on the conflict between iran and the united states the u.s. has been pursuing what it calls a a policy of maximum pressure against iran and what effect is that having on the regime in tehran. well islamic leadership here in iran seems very unimpressed by that campaign but that itself is not very surprising because the islamic republic is all about resisting u.s.
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pressure but really affected by thomas compay no ordinary iranians because in the past 12 months prices for stock items like chicken have gone up a lot for example a simple tomato is now 5 times more expensive than last year and the people most affected by that are of course all the no iranians especially the poor ones who were already struggling to make ends meet before all of that happened so when the u.s. president now says his sanction and his policy as a whole are not targeting iranians but just islamic leadership of the government of iran people here really have a hard time believing him to them that just sounds like simple mockery. to research thank you very much for bringing us up to date teresa tropper there on a rainy in territory in the strait of hormuz. israel has barred 2 u.s. democratic congresswoman from entering the country after president donald trump tweeted that they should be fair and congresswoman omar of minnesota emigrated to
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the u.s. with her family from somalia when she was a child and representative. of michigan was born in america to palestinian parents both have criticized israel's treatment of the palestinians and called for a boycott of israeli products. some have already noted the irony a month after u.s. president trump said congresswoman reseated to leave should quote go back to where her family came from she can't believe took to twitter to protest israel's decision to bar her and fellow congresswoman omar from visiting the west bank. she posted a photo of her palestinian grandmother who lives there calling the decision a sign of weakness on the part of israel. by the 2 freshman lawmakers the 1st muslim women in congress are outspoken critics of benjamin netanyahu is right wing government. they support sanctions and an international boycott against israel to
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end the occupation of the west bank where they had planned a trip netanyahu is announcement that the 2 would be denied entry came after trump urged him not to let them in the prime minister said the move was in line with israeli law. there's no 100 of whom there is one thing we are unable to accept by law israeli law prohibits the entry into israel of those who call for and work to impose boycotts on israel 3 months in the. trump a plot of the decision he had earlier encouraged. the things that they've said omar to leave what they've said is a disgraceful so i can't imagine why israel would let them in. while trump claimed without further evidence that the 2 congresswoman hate jews many jewish american politicians were quick to defend them including senator bernie sanders and the mayor of minneapolis omar's hometown. it has to be and from
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israel is a jewish man i totally disagree with. i think it's the wrong decision. i . feel strongly that you know you can be a good jew and also say that some of the ways that the israeli government is a little things are wrong to lead said she would challenge the travel ban on to continue to fight back. and times again the thing provide access for meaning of any of my colleagues to come to israel and into the cost areas and to be able to listen to hear people israel's decision could have unwanted political consequences especially within the us democratic party earlier this year top democrats had singled out representative omar saying statements she made on israel were anti-semitic life but now the party has all but closed rings around the 2 muslim
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congresswoman. let's cross over to jerusalem bring in our correspondent tanya kramer good to see you tanya tell us why has israel decided to bar entry to these 2 us congressman. why was quite an unusual step because preparations for that this is. going and then this decision came wednesday now both seen as you said in the reports congresswoman are seen as vocal critics of israel's policies in the palestinian territories and the occupied palestinian territories and also supporters of the could movement and this is what the interior ministry said also in its statement that was yesterday that because of this by protective a 2 step would be barred and that is supported of course by the whole government and also prime minister netanyahu everybody you know issued a lengthy statement then telling why those 2 congressmen shouldn't be allowed into
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the country now is not can do that because it has amend it's and too like 2 years ago and it allows israel to ban the n. to have any foreign allegedly calling a foe boy because. of is one and this has happened to you know to other put it before but not to members of congress ok what about president trump's role in all of this because president trump is also tweeted that he opposes the entry of these 2 congresswomen into israel and has told israel to keep them out is that having an influence on israel's decision. yeah that's certainly one reading of the situation could have us quite an on president to set up the events here because once you have to know that a month ago the israeli ambassador to the united states one demo had actually said that the visit would go ahead and might not like the opinions of those 2
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congresswomen but they would be allowed and tweet out of respect for congress and that is it would not bar any member of congress to to enter. and then this tweet came and then some reading it is well that this has influenced that decision of prime minister netanyahu was a very strong word to tweet that israel would look weak if they would let those 2 congress women enter and of course you don't have to forget i mean also in the middle of an election campaign is that would probably also to prime ministers netanyahu is right wing block but there has been also a lot of criticism well this decision means for the bipartisan nature off this relationship between the 2 allies israel and the u.s. . israel receives strong support from the u.s. congress is there any concern there that this move could jeopardize that support
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especially among democrats. yeah definitely i mean israeli commentators thread quick to point out that this might not be in the long term this decision might not be in a long term interest. and seen yesterday the immediate reactions also in social media especially among democratic. lawmakers of the democratic camp but also by the for example pro is very group aipac who also criticised the move and there is concern here that despairing you know sense of relationship that's very much centered on president trump and the israeli prime minister and he has sided with president trump the floor it's not really in the interest of israel and that it could have serious. effects on this very special relationship between israel and the u.s. tanya thank you very much for your insights tanya kramer there in jerusalem.
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now to some of the other stories making news around the world today north korea has launched at least 2 projectiles from near the city of tongue chong into the east sea that's according to the south korean military it's the 6th round of launches in recent weeks in protest of military drills between south korea and the u.s. john yang has rejected any further peace talks with seoul. pacific island leaders have failed to agree on tough new climate change commitments after 12 hours of talks on the polynesian island to bother with many leaders complained that australia was to blame australian prime minister scott morrison has long championed his country's coal industry. and arjun times have taken to the streets of the capital when it's ours to protest the continuing economic crisis a shock election result has wiped 25 percent of the value of the peso organizers set up a soup kitchen to draw attention to the sweet. you're watching news still to
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come a plane brought down by a flock of birds near moscow quick thinking by the pilot prevented a mass tragedy. indian kashmir remains isolated and all the lockdown nearly 2 weeks after prime minister narendra modi's scrapped it's semi-autonomous status schools are closed and phone and internet services shut down pakistan which also claims the region as its own has warned india that there will be consequences and there's growing anger among kashmiris over the disruption to their daily lives. srinagar the capital of kashmir the majority of the population is muslim at 1st no one wants to talk to us they don't trust indian media only when we tell them we're working for a german broadcaster do people start to talk. oh of course there is under siege
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what else should i say. this family invites us in there preparing for a wedding but the shops are closed because of the lockdown and now they are waiting and frustrated because i commuted here and i don't like me to have kashmir doesn't belong to india or pakistan both countries are poor like you think it would be better for everybody if they could solve the problem by dialogue with the other though pneumonic was looking good about their india has shut down all mobile and internet services the family says that they were completely surprised by the course of action taken by the hindu nationalist government in delhi they don't understand what happened. to the education system to have built it out our entire educational system has been shut down as well as most businesses are unemployed and we only want things to get better but they are not letting us. you know more the demoting
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wants us all to be illiterate i beg him to do the right thing for kashmiris somebody like us mediocre liers. but it looks like india's prime minister narendra modi is not interested in dialogue on indian independence day he celebrated his decision to revoke kashmir special status. modi said it had fuelled corruption nepotism and separatism. among. today everybody can be proud to be indian. 1 may firm one. people in india's capital delhi are celebrating the holiday with their national colors on their skin so what do they think about the situation in kashmir particularly the muslims in this country with its hindu majority. i think it's a very positive decision entered have been done sooner. was out before we revoked
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the autonomy status we should have talked to people 1st to ask them what they want . india's army has total control of kashmir many who live here hope the lockdown comes to an end sooner rather than later. the captain of a russian airliner plane is being hailed as a hero after he led it is aircraft in a cornfield shortly after take off from all sco all 233 people on board survived the pilot's action is being compared to the famous lending on the hudson river in new york 10 years ago in both of his incidents the planes hit flocks of birds. this is where the short journey ended in a cornfield in the mask just one kilometer from the runway the airbus a 321 was on route to simferopol in crimea. smoke billows from one of the engines some passengers record the scene on their phones. while on this call out the names
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of their loved ones. of us again try to get as far away as possible. minutes before the plane took off from moscow's zukowski airports. dot spine possibly the moment when a flock of seagulls is sucked into an engine. seconds later both of the plane's engines fail. all civs they don't just after takeoff i heard a sound like you didn't. know what almost been to give away there was a deathly silence on the plane everyone was just awaiting their fate is skewered other. passengers say they had no warning from the crew that the plane was making an emergency landing.
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the captain is being hailed as a hero. mood now that we must pay tribute to the pilot because he landed the plane as smoothly as possible. it was dummy if you see people who brought the airplane down safely the 41 year old captain is highly experienced and has looked over 3000 flies out as. the kremlin says both yusupov and the copilot will receive top state awards for their achievements. well the long wait is finally over for photons of german football here and around the world in this stadium later this evening the new one this league a season kicks off champions by munich begin their campaign against hell to berlin lyon are aiming for a record 8 league titles in a row this season but they will face stiff competition they only narrowly beat
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dortmund to the title last time around and dortmund have brought in some key new players including homos who left science return to his former club. sports is here to give us the lowdown on the new season good to see you tom so bye and what champions again last season 8 times in a row my goodness but did they show enough weaknesses to give other teams any chance this season i think in the yeah i mean they will be of course hoping that they can go for the record 8 in a row this season last year they finished very strong last campaign they did finish very strong off the a some more stuff to restart they recovered from a gnawing point deficit the hundreds who don't need. to come back and of course win the league and that's not forget was that the german cup last season whether or not
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there was enough to give other teams hope i think definitely and of course with 9 points. advantage of by munich in the league had it basically in their own hands and lucky said they have strengthened and while by munich have signed benjamin young. and as they failed to land a star signing so i think that's a worry as was their super cup performance recently at the start of august against dortmund so with the season starting tonight by and on not really in their best ever shape. lions 1st test this season could have brought their 1st trophy instead the super cup against dortmund in early august draws only frustration the champions have failed to significantly strengthened their squad and they were exposed by their closest rivals without direct replacements for departed you are in robin and frank rebury a title defense will be anything but easy. the fact is that we
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definitely have to make another signing i said it last year we had to serious injuries with cantante aliso and kings. and they cost as a lot of potential we have to be prepared for that if we want to achieve our goals we need a good squad not just enough players but real top quality players and. kovacs has received one new player in the past few days attacking midfielder even paris each has joined on loan from him to milan. but even he accepts that the squad as it is might need further reinforcements. who hope at least 7. if you want to be. on the top of your solo during the season there is always some interest that there is always we need everybody parasites can't even play in by an open i can buy lean he suspended off to picking up too many yellow cards in the italian top flight last season yet
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another headache for the champions last term club president promised a pre-season of spectacular transfers it hasn't materialized and buy on will now have to make do with what they've got the gates had and maybe beyond. ok so a lack of big name signings there by and but by and are generally red hot in their 1st game of the season i think that is true yeah you have to go back to 2011 the 201112 campaign to find the 1st on the pie and the last time rather the bottom failed to win in the opening game of the season that was also incidentally the last season in which they failed to win the title. of a suspicious minds if that doesn't go too well tonight perhaps an omen their opponents had to berlin have got a brand new coaching job which who'd like. but in a way of croatian roots they also have made some big signings including a club record for back. i think as the new coach or head to
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berlin has you know in one way of looking at things got the hardest possible start for been a good coach and opening game away up by munich however there's also fairly little pressure there because as he admitted a press conference the other day even if heads are really really at their best there's no guarantee that they will come away with a result nonetheless he did say they have to be on top form and off the what he said was a brilliant preparation for the season he is going into this not feeling confident . i'm excited rather the nervous because i think we've had a wonderful time recently in pre-season we've todd was set up well we are well prepared for the game so we'll see what happens thanks again. ok what about the season as a whole yeah season just getting started here how do you think it's going to pan out looked really strong last year yeah definitely i think you know like we've been saying it's hard to defense but by munich will be very difficult and it certainly
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will require a new talent their squad isn't really big enough if they suffer some injuries again they're really going to be in trouble and given that they have failed to find replacements for robin and frankly the race you've been brilliant service to the club over the last decade they are going to struggle unless they get somebody in until the end of the transfer window the 2nd of september dortmund on the other hand like you mentioned have been very active in the transfer market with brian and told him how solid they've got strength going forward and with nico shoots and of course the return of much proves they were so strengthened at the back i think there is generally a fair sense that these d. it could really be due means chance especially after they were so strong last season and just really missed out on especially with not looking in their best shape the ball hasn't been kates yet that starts tonight is exciting but would have to wait to see exciting a lot to look forward to tom thanks so much tom get a life indeed obvious sports fan. a terrible french
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woman known for carrying out an authorized climbs of skyscrapers around the world has scaled a $62.00 story building in hong kong in a plea for peace. spider-man scaled chunk calling center using his bare hands and without a harness unveiled a banner featuring both the chinese and hong kong clegg's the stunt was part of an appeal for an end to the current unrest in hong kong. streamliner the top stories we're following for you here today on the news for anyone state media say an oil tanker freed from detention injure proletariat is preparing to set sail brokers supreme court ordered the release of the iranian vessel despite a last minute legal challenge by the us. you are watching news still to come hong kong announces tax cuts and raises welfare spending to offset the
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economic impact of the unrest there that's coming up in business with christoph cobra right after the break. washington the big news for some good all or stories online any time you want at g.w. don't.
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good international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week punk or treated this week for a focus on kashmir one of the most beautiful and most troubled places in the world now india has revoked the region's long held autonomy and suddenly all the talk is of conflict so how bad can things get find out on quadriga show. quadriga 60 minutes on. the greens clean up
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a sex phone operator to work her masters thesis on the potato from her to treat. not a turn on well it's more words that there was from their. truest. street . the finest bird. the tourist guide for germany's booming i love berlin. 50 nations 50 story and 15 very personal tips cumberlands very best feature. book no planted firmly our hero max series every week on d w. the world is getting more. the floors tossed to use a lot of problems. the global $3000.00 talks would seem the british researchers
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take an optimistic. well it is not always a good plan but it's much much better than it was a hot is the movie getting better. a global $3000.00 special report. starts aug 19th on t.w. . as hong kong the braces itself for another weekend of demonstrations the territories government has issued a stimulus package to deal with the economic impact of the ongoing protests also coming up in a small town in germany the americans pull out and the chinese move in to find out why and is the farm coming to the big city we'll take you to a growing operation they got. into the program hong kong's pro-democracy movement face.


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