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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 16, 2019 8:30am-8:45am CEST

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3000 talked to a team of british researchers who take a more optimistic view. while it is not always a good plan but it's much much better than it was a hot dog is the move really getting better and. a global $3000.00 special report. starts august 19th on g.w. . as hong kong the braces itself for another weekend of demonstrations the territories government has issued a stimulus package to deal with the economic impact of the ongoing protests also coming up in a small town in germany the americans pull out and the chinese move in to find out why and is the farm coming to the big city we'll take you to a growing operation they got. a preschooler welcome to the program hong kong's pro-democracy movement faces
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a major test this week and concerns are mounting over fresh demonstrations as recent protests turned violent and sparked harsh criticism also china continues to ramp up pressure with a state newspaper saying beijing has the option to forcefully intervene in the territory meanwhile the hong kong government has announced tax cuts and increased welfare spending as a deals with the economic effects of the ongoing protests. the hong kong government says it's rushing to the aid of an economy now facing its lowest annual growth through a decade or more to. show you having adjusted the forecast to economic growth we see the need to roll out these measures to alleviate the financial burden of citizens to support enterprises and to boost confidence he won't want you some some as part of the $2400000000.00 us dollars package $1300000.00 home congress will see some of their taxes waived social payments to elderly and low income residents will
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increase and small businesses will get extra subsidies. the financial secretary denies the policies are the result of political pressure stemming from the protests don't call economy was slowing before the demonstrations began thanks largely to the plunge in trade between the u.s. and china. but with the protests on going impact on retail restaurants and tourism hong kong's finances are in need of protection. now with these anti-government protests raging in hong kong china has become particularly sensitive about its national solver 70 major luxury fashion brands like versace cochin divorcée have already had to apologize for t. shirt designs the beard show hong kong macau and taiwan as separate territories amazon faced the same objections when it was found to be selling shirts that
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supported hong kong protesters millions of chinese social media users use amazon and the fashion labels of insulting china and supporting separatist now chinese supermodel leo when terminated her cry in fact contract with coach and chinese actress young me and her endorsement deal with versace stating a mother lands territorial integrity and sovereignty is sacred of a controversy over labeling regions that china regards as part of their country is all about 2 cities hong kong and macau. and that have semi-autonomous status and taiwan a self ruled democratic island considered a breakaway province by the government in beijing now the chinese government is putting pressure on companies and what beijing views as this agreeable ads joining me in the studio now is china expert clifford kuhn and clifford good to have you
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here. the examples that we just talked about aren't the only ones what other companies have been in the crosshairs of beijing here but i've been going through the list and it's a bit like it would make a really good fashion show actually you've got for saatchi calvin klein coach dolce and gabbana as you've known she wearing sorrel ski jewellery and also with their samsung phones in their pocket and driving their numerous c.d.'s the list of brands that have managed to to anger at ticals widespread public anger in china is lengthy and prestigious now let's look at the reaction here i mean surely having your country's territory visually diminished i mean that surely isn't cool but when it comes to other instances would you say that beijing is reacting rather thin skinned here i think i think there is definitely things going reaction here i mean a lot of this is very innocuous in the west but in china this stuff is taking stream you seriously we've seen you know the idea of hong kong in hong kong hung
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stages as you say it's a semi autonomous place it's but it's guaranteed to have it's got a semi autonomous status until 2047 so it falls between 2 stools but the idea of hong kong being part of china has become very very powerful since the protests started there and we see no official reaction so it's mostly mainly on social media is that right that's right social media is driving this very much we saw you can just see how powerful it is dodging the bomb is a good example they had 58 stores in china when they ran an ad which showed a chinese model easing spaghetti which up sticks and it was. that didn't go down well didn't go down well and they responded also it. made it worse when he made some racist comments on instagram following it up so it was a disaster since then dodging about are still not really selling online in china their their brand is effectively dead so it's a powerful it's a very much a powerful movement against the browns now i wonder what these companies are to
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gain from these controversial ads i mean dolls and gabbana obviously are having problems now but for many of them china is a very important if not the most important market that's right i mean a 3rd of the global luxury market is now china according to a report by mackenzie i don't i don't think that these are happening on purpose i guess but the us china trade war is maybe easy to see these within the context of the perhaps there's some efforts there to to reimpose the us position in by by using bronze but i actually think a lot of this just happens you go to corporate headquarters somewhere in europe or the us and they just don't pay attention to what's happening in the local in the local markets and then you get these kind of p.r. disasters beijing is putting pressure on companies and what if you use that as disagreeable ads and expert clifford conan breaking down the story for us clifford thank you so much well from the world of international fashion
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geopolitics to a small town in the west of germany after world war 2 u.s. troops were stationed and help stepped in via spock but as the g.i.'s left whole apartment blocks stood empty until 2 entrepreneurs came up with an idea building a base in germany for made in china. will one is eager to do business in europe to do it he's moved through this family all the way from the chinese megacity of gwangju to hop staten vires back in southwestern germany population 3 and a half 1000. first summer her hope so the worst part is instantly google google map it on the google map like you have to very very big to see this provincial backwater no more. buyers is now home to the headquarters of the world's factories
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a site with office blocks for 300 chinese companies who are trying to break into european markets with party paraphernalia plastic articles chinese wine or in will long's case medical technology the u.s. supplies most of the equipment for genetics labs in germany will ones company holds only 10 percent of the market for now i can show their products in china the same machine can do the same scenes which made in china can do like much better work in much cheaper. me your i see there's my god. 8 years ago jane who and under shots came up with the idea of attracting chinese companies to sedate little hop step and virus but their campaign highlights its central position in europe the countryside for low costs right now they're busy planning another 14 office buildings on the site. nowadays we already have are 100
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units in a future where we have the vision we want to help 500 solve and 2000 now there's a reason i wouldn't describe it as megalomania perhaps it contrasts with the region that could well be. on the region has changed since the new comers arrived. no one in 4 people living here is chinese. and they're popular with the locals. is why i passed them and greet them politely and they greet me back hello it's an international greeting and it always works. in that they're all relatively financially well off so they're not bringing any economic problems in with them instead they benefit us economically and. will warn you invested 250000 euros in coming to germany even buying this cafe he says the chinese prefer
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accumulating property rather than paying rent soon he wants to buy his own apartment here because it's also a lot cheaper here than back home. the sick if we look at financial markets and advice in frankfurt markets have been rattling have been rattled this week by fears of recession house friday looking. friday is actually looking positive the facts here just indicated indicating a high opened fire this session and that this is mainly like tennis of breath taking session but also hopes that sanford banks come to the rescue vs heard from the c b that they're planning on having a great big bazooka and soon as september with all instruments on the table lower interest rates again asset purchases and perhaps even accurate stay could purchase nothing is excluded and then also the chinese authorities were saying that they're planning on boosting this supposable income so another central bank could actually
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move towards more easing helping the economy helping the markets and advice from frankfurt thank you. buy 2052 thirds of people are expected to live in urban areas now with food supply shortages a possibility could urban farming be the answer here's a look at new york city. tending to your crops with the statue of liberty looming in the distance this is the sensing of new york's largest urban farm the idea behind the project is to deliver vegetables directly from the rooftop to the place this is 140000 square feet and it's our largest farm so far as our 3rd farm that we've done in about 10 years. the farm grows $36.00 tons of vegetables every year the project is sold to restaurants and farmers' markets. there are no synthetic fertilizers in use here the soil is
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a mixture of compost and lightweight stone which makes it efficient at up sorting water. huge point of surface area across our city is the impermeable roof surfaces so when the water hits that it goes straight into the system so we can slow it down and absorb millions and millions of gallons on spaces like this urban farming is a growing trend in every sense in the future rooftop gardens could be a common stice in cities around the world. that's.
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odd. for the world. carefully. to.
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discover. the a. documentary on. the law. and there he is half a century ago the 26 year old jimi hendrix playing his heart out at the famous woodstock music festival. and with welcome to arts and culture and that was a clip from the 1970 film woodstock documenting an event that defined the 1960 s. counterculture and as we mark 50 years since the summer of love we'll look into its
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enduring fascination and also coming up. our series on european landmarks takes us to barcelona in northeastern spain where there's the gratify me it's still under construction. and we'll meet dimitriy polly talk who takes the art pole dancing to entirely new heights. it was 50 years ago that some 400000 people descended on max yeah farm near woodstock new york for what amounted to a hippies utopian dream namely 4 days of sex drugs and rock n roll as far as the eye could see janis joplin the who and crosby stills and nash all joined hendrix and many others for what became a legendary line up and even though he.


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