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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 16, 2019 10:30am-10:46am CEST

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in the atmosphere to help make living possible. if you want to think of humanity if we really want to survive forever we're going to have through off the earth a bentley i know that seems a little crazy but you've got to start somewhere. as hong kong abrasives itself for another week end of demonstrations the territories government has issued a stimulus package to deal with the konami impact of the ongoing protests also coming up in a small town in germany the americans pull out and the chinese move in we'll find out why and is the farm coming to the big city we'll take you to a growing operation in the big apple. i'm chris cuomo welcome to the program
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hong kong's pro-democracy movement faces a major test this weekend. with fresh gatherings planned concerns are mounting whether the protests would again turn violent a chinese state newspaper already said beijing has the option to forcefully intervene in the territory meanwhile the hometown government has announced an economic stimulus package to deal with the impact of the protests as a result $1300000.00 residents will have their taxes waived the government also plans to increase payments for elderly and low income residents as rather subsidies to small businesses and parents of school children hurt by the plunge and us chinese trade hong kong growth had already been declining. now with anti-government protests raging in hong kong china has become particularly sensitive about its sovereignty its forced fashion brands like her saatchi coach and she to apologize for t. shirt designs that appear to show hong kong macao in taiwan as separate terrorists
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amazon phase the same pressure when it was found to be selling shirts that supported hong kong protesters not chinese supermodel e.u. when terminated her contract with coach and actress young me and that her endorsement deal with her saatchi is saying the mother lands territorial integrity and sovereignty is sacred the controversy involves 2 cities that have semi autonomous status hong kong and macau but china also claims taiwan a democratic island that beijing calls a breakaway province not the chinese government is putting pressure on companies over what beijing views as disagreeable ads joining me here in the studio is china expert fairford coonan clifford good to have you on the show the examples we just we just talked about they aren't the only ones but other companies have been in beijing's crosshairs i think it's almost like
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a roll call of the greatest russian bronze for example we've seen code. calvin klein versace and not just fashion we've got sore all steve jewelry footwear we've got a 6 telephones we've had some song and cars more c.d.'s have been in trouble and also we've seen things that aren't even brand related as much as you know facebook is by twitter is by. google is beyond so there's a lot of there's a lot of pressure on some of the biggest companies in the world on the cover real real make a real difference to your bottom line and how exactly is beijing applying this pressure and are companies giving in well it's not there have been been relatively little relatively few direct interventions for how it happens is through this through social media the government has been happy to sort of whip up a lot of patriotism and nationalism all through social media and so anytime there's even small transgressions or what we would consider small but which of us you know
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heightened situation like we have right now are seen as mere major transgressions suddenly the social media jumps in and you have hundreds of millions of people making comments and calling for boycotts and this is translating into into a very difficult environment for a lot of brands operation in china and are they giving in the brands yeah i mean they've all they've all made their apologies they've all had to agree that they that they would they would do this and so it's stephanie making a difference i wonder though what these companies have to gain them from these controversial ads if the reaction to the response from beijing is usually unanimous basically nothing under yeah i mean i think a lot of the time a lot of the time it's an oversized issue and sometimes it's not even odd sometimes you know with the airlines some of the airlines have been in trouble because when you click on the website it lists taiwan for example as a separate country so you know there's very little they've had to change that and
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call the taipei province so. a lot of the times they do it seems to be an oversight issue where the center doesn't really know where what's going on a the lower you know they can't know everything that's going on the organization i think we're going to see a lot more oversight though made people making sure that they they follow this because the business from vacations are to enormous because obviously china is an important market to many companies if not the most important market to many companies care for conan from t.w. business thank you so much from the world of international fashion geopolitics now to a small town in the west of germany after world war 2 u.s. troops were stationed and hop staton via but as the g.i.'s left whole apartment block stood empty until 2 entrepreneurs came up with an idea building a base in germany for made in china will one is eager to do business in europe to do it he's moved to this family all the way from the chinese megacity of gwangju to
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hop staten vires back in southwestern germany population 3 and a half the. first summer her about hope so there were. just instantly google google map it on the google map like you have to assume very very big to see this. provincial backwater no more. upsetting virus is now home to the headquarters of the world's factories a site with office blocks for 300 chinese companies who are trying to break into european markets with party paraphernalia plastic articles chinese wine or in will long's case medical technology the u.s. supplies most of the equipment for genetics labs in germany will ones company holds only 10 percent of the market for now. i can show them their products in
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china the same machine can do the same scenes which made in china can do like much better work much cheaper. me your se. that's my god. that years ago jane who and under shots came up with the idea of attracting chinese companies to sedate little hops didn't vires buff their campaign highlights its central position in europe the countryside for low costs right now they're busy planning another 14 office buildings on the site. nowadays we already have around hundreds units in a future where we have the vision we want to help 51002000 now that's a vision i wouldn't describe as megalomania perhaps it contrasts with the region that could well be. on the region has changed since the newcomers arrived. now one in 4 people living here is chinese. and they're popular with the locals.
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i pass them and greet them politely and they greet me back hello it's an international greeting and it always works. in that they're all relatively financially well off. so they're not bringing any economic problems in with them instead they benefit us economically or. we'll warm invested 250000 euros in coming to germany even buying this cafe he says the chinese prefer accumulating property rather than paying rent soon he wants to buy his own apartment here because it's also a lot cheaper here than back home oh oh. a secluded knowledge financial markets are correspondent on a device by the standing by at the frankfurt stock exchange for us and the fears of recession have been rattling markets the whole week how's friday's trading trading session looking. it's looking positive and that's because the central bank of
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the earth seemed to come to the rescue at least off the market so it remains to be seen what they can do in terms of posting economic activity but the market is actually liking the fact that the chinese offering most analysts and also the e.c.b. and with that governor from the bank of finland stepping out saying it will be a big bazooka as soon as september which the seabees preparing that's also helping the equity markets because clearly if the central banks once again spend more money push more money into the system that will help in specially equity markets we of course see also the effect on the bond markets and also on the currency markets so it will be an interesting time the next couple of months in so far what the central banks are doing back to you do you believe financial correspondent on the device but reporting from frankfurt on the to thank you so much. and now to some of the
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other business stories making headlines. gibraltar's chief minister says an iranian tanker seized last month on suspicion of smuggling all to syria can set sail again seizure of the grace one had put further pressure on already volatile prices the move is likely to anger u.s. president donald trump who really imposed economic sanctions on iran last. playmaker boeing is postponing the delivery date for the ultra long haul version of its triple 7 x. model the airliner syria's has reportedly faced engine problems during development boeing is still reeling from the grounding of its 737 max aircraft following 2 crashes. auction house southerlies will be shaken not stirred after fetching $6400000.00 for one of cinema as most famous cars james bond's $965.00 aston martin d b 5 comes a quip with hidden machine guns tire slashers and
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a bulletproof windshield it was chiefly used for promotional events. now by 2052 thirds of people are expected to live in urban areas with food supply shortages a possibility could urban farming be the answer here's a look at new york city. tending to your crops with the statue of liberty looming in the distance. this is the setting of new york's largest urban farm the idea behind the project is to deliver vegetables directly from the rooftop to the place this is 140000 square feet and it's our largest farm so far as our 3rd farm that we've done in about 10 years. the farm grows $36.00 tons of vegetables every year the projects is sold to restaurants and farmers' markets there are no synthetic fertilizers in use here the soil is
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a mixture of compost and lightweight stone which makes it efficient at ups or water . huge point of surface area across our city is the impermeable roof surfaces so when the water hits that it goes straight into the system so we can slow it down and absorb millions and millions of gallons and spaces like this urban farming is a growing trend in every sense in the future rooftop gardens could be a common sight in cities around the world. and that's thanks for watching.
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i'm secure in that volume or that's hard and in the end this for me you're not allowed to stay here and more we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers with clients of the b what's your story. ready ready with numbers and women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us
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your story we are trying always to understand this new culture. another visitor another yes you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for reliable information. out there is half a century ago the 26 year old jimi hendrix playing his heart out at the famous woodstock music festival. and big box welcome to arts and culture and that was a clip from the 1970 film woodstock documenting an event that defined the 1960 s. .


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