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late about what's going on in 2050 i can't imagine that you would understand the cause of god much better and then to do with the number of cancer cases there is you are going to believe how much more fulfilling life because many diseases shortcomings called itself aging can be counteract that though a large degree yes it will but they are far along the field in the life. of. this is the doctor news asia coming up on the program does living in fear of office keeping ethnic cleansing in myanmar face ruthless gangs in others we heard about the danger in the last refugee camps coming up. indonesia's capital is sinking into the sea so president is proposing to move some data else tell you where and
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what it means for the people left behind. and hong kong on the edge of the prospect of another weekend of protest demonstrators to be out in force with chinese right police amassing just over the border. i'm going to welcome to dublin user show it's good to have you with us. knowing you are refugees in camps in bangladesh are facing danger from their own people according to reports over the last 2 years at least 31 refugees have been killed in camps in bangladesh many others have been abducted for ransom the perpetrators all denies gangs of young rohingya men operating in the camps camps which housed more than 1000000 the large majority of whom fled me and in 2017 to escape
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a brutal military crackdown our correspondent david greene about reports. well to. see the sun ali shows us the spots were bullet struck him in february 6 the ranger refugee spent almost 2 months in the hospital. and has limited use of his right arm and hand. i think on the luckiest person because i'm still alive even though they shot me 6 times that one heidi and like lisa says the assailants are also written and mistakenly think he's an informant for the bangladesh authorities this is not an isolated case refugees say criminal gangs murder people they think are government informants and cannot children from families with relatives living in more wealthy countries or henge a father told me he bought all the cover of more than $6000.00 u.s. dollars to get his 4 year old son back refugees and researchers say for some of the gangs the only goal is to make money no matter what the human cost but there are
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also range of militants in the camps as well as the surrounding jungle whose aim is to fight me on mars army and they're willing to kill their critics the dominant militant group is the arak can ruin your salvation army or ours it's a tax on the m.r. security outposts in 2017 were immediately followed by a brutal crackdown by me hammers military that forced hundreds of thousands were injured a fleet of bangladesh matthew smith of the human rights group fortify rights says our side has not been held accountable for violent acts against their fellow almost complete impunity for. militants with regard to these crimes against civilians so killian's torture threats and intimidation. there is there is no real justice bangladesh's refugee agency says the country is struggling to handle the challenges of hosting so many refugees but it says security in the camps has been stepped up more police more police because the police. thought you know
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now mark. can you mean if you talk about 1000000 people. we cannot you know. personnel for 1000000 people under pressure after reports of murders are so-called to refrain from committing crimes in bangladesh at the same time are said disavowed any responsibility for any of the violations that have taken place today which is a problem because we're talking about a very serious crime his son ali says he's unaware of any connection between his assailants an arson since being released from the hospital he along with his wife and 3 children find a new place to live every few days when i met him he again had his bags packed. i have no protection so i keep moving from one place to another because i fear the people he shot me as. he says life on the run is the only way he can stay alive gets it seems the pacific he's such a mystery international and she's observed the conditions in the rohingya camps 1st
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time she joins me now from brisbane australia good good to have you with us what is the main reason you found for the rise in crime in the camps. yes so we talked to nearly a 100 people in the camps and a lot of them raised concerns around safety but when we talked to about the police presence on the part of the bangladesh government a lot of people felt that the police and they came into the camps to make sure that they went to noisy or to arrest people that were causing trouble or committing crimes in bangladesh that they weren't actually there to police issues within the camps between refugees and of course that then leaves a situation where the refugees feel like they have to police themselves and so many issues that arise crimes within the camps they report them to the man she who is the leader for that camp block it doesn't always go through the bangladesh
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authorities and i think this absence of presence of the bank that actually government because they just want to see them as temporary camps create some of these problems just certain that the government does not taking that seriously. i think the bangladesh government is very focused on this being a temporary situation and life on hold benefits no one i mean certainly there is a bit of stigma in the camps the bangladesh government is afraid of around extremism and drug trafficking and other crimes that might take place we found very little tangible evidence of that it is crimes being committed and i think one of the things that the bangladesh government needs to do is move towards long term solutions for risking your refugees and that includes it it giving them some opportunities at the moment then living in these camps surviving on the midget c. rations and food distributions for example in very basic show it is and for the vast majority of refugees they don't have
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a means of supporting themselves outside of that some of them can work as volunteers for humanitarian agencies where they get a small salary to support them but it certainly not enough to allow refugees to be supporting themselves and sustaining themselves and other key areas we have a high population in these camps and bangladeshis just refusing to allow them to have the right to education in the street. from a mr international thank you very much for that. it's a city of 10000000 people on its outskirts there's 3 times more. is one of the world's most called capitals and also one of the most for you to add to that it's a result of uncontrolled groundwater destruction and for these reasons the government is looking to move the capital to their. roughly where that would be.
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young the capital city is not only a symbol of national identity so but also a representation of the progress of the nation that. this is for the realisation of equality and economic justice this is for the vision of forward indonesia indonesia that lives for ever. so i hereby request permission to move our national capital. to kalimantan. kind of entente of the intermission mean for the island of borneo it is also said by brunei and malaysia we don't know didn't reveal the exact location on borneo but as in the past toward the island looking for the ideal location morning always had to be favored because unlike other parts of indonesia most of the ivan isn't prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. the plan
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is for the government to start moving there by 2024 all something that is expected to cost up to $33000000000.00 so many of us are caught out though the move could be their only hope. jakarta is disappearing slowly being swallowed by the sea an abandoned mosque no more than human to the city's bleak future scientists estimate as much as a 3rd of it could be lost by 2050 millions are at risk. that allowed us about why is the water level now higher than my home why mine are living below the water level. maybe because the sea water is swallowing the soil little by little. that's all i know. but luckily we now have that sea wall. below out of. the sea defenses door showing cracks in the
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thousands of shacks that dot the shoreline here flood regularly. leaving behind hazardous waste and pollution. in the past it wasn't like this it was nice there and the sea water was good the beach sand was nice and we could still play in the water and now we can't do that anymore the water is murky and dirty it floods every high tide. that out of. jakarta. the climate change and poor a resource management excessive grown water use has led to massive subsidence the city is sinking residents are heading if not for higher ground then higher floors resigned to chaos. that i'm about to get through no once was today i'm not so nervous about the flooding there but in the past when the floods came i used to tremble i nearly drowned back in 2007 with the truth all my belongings were swept
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away and i had to start all over again. with. the government to planning a fresh start hoping to relocate the capital to borneo such drastic measures aren't an option for the poor to cottons living on the edge of this unfolding disaster. kong is bracing for more and to government unrest i have to speak for testers forced to to dick rose of the city's airport one of the busiest in the wild china responded by appearing to bolster its military presence just across the border in sean john our correspondent. has more on what's expected this weekend. this is the launches lennon war in hong kong there are thousands upon thousands of messages papered across the war in these protests is to carry on to keep going now that the finance in the face of those images that we've seen of chinese pilot military
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forces on the border less than 20 kilometers from him now most people think the chinese forces on the streets of hong kong is still unlikely at this stage they say that that would come to much of an economic and a political cost what most people that we've spoken to say that their main concern is what they see as increasing police violence on the streets now a lot of these messages here rushing people to take part in a demonstration that's planned on sunday hundreds of thousands of people organizers say are expected to take off now this weekend is going to prove to be an extremely crucial juncture in this protest movement that's all to violent scenes unfolded at the airport on tuesday night the teach my knees men were detained and assaulted forcing the protesters to apologize pray to god to cast their lot of soul searching they now need to work out where this movement is going to go next how they're going to keep up momentum and keep the peace here on the streets of hong kong. and today
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the president's piece appeared in the hong kong skyline as the man they call the french spider-man thailand trespass story of the 62 story truck on the center these are that it's your next time. nico he's in germany to learn german to look beneath. why not learn with him d w z e learning course because freak. i think is everything 1st and i'm big on this new. so much different culture
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between here and there still challenging core in the. traditional business i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. before got my license to work as a swimming instructor. in our 2 children not. just. what's your story take part cherish inform my grinstein. a short resignation at cathay pacific c.e.o. rupert hall steps down just days after the hong kong world file staff could take part in antigovernment protests. and in a small town in germany the americans pull out and that means move in we'll find out why. welcome to do business on this cathay pacific has announced the
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resignation of its c.e.o. rupert hogg stepped down days after the hong kong came under pressure from beijing because some stuff out supported pro-democracy protests in the city in his resignation all the face challenging a week's not so its share price hit 10 year lows on tuesday it can. for hundreds of flights with hong kong shut down by protests about this stock rebound at the down after the carrier condemned the protests and riots 2 pilots who have participated. now from the world of geopolitics to a small town in the west of germany after world war 2 u.s. troops were stationed in hope stepped in via spock but as the giants left whole apartment blocks stood empty until 2 entrepreneurs came up with an idea building a base in germany made in.


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