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really getting better. global $3000.00 special group. starts august 19th on. this is the news live from. various confusion over whether a u.s. congresswoman will visit israel representative for she did to leave was 1st banned from the country then she was allowed but only to visit her grandmother now she's rejected vast accusing israel of imposing oppressive and humiliating conditions also on the program. braces for another weekend to protest the newspaper seems
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a mouthpiece for beijing china to take direct action. gets ready to leave the british territory secure promises from iran to deliver the cargo to syria it will be us. to intervene. on the new budget as legal season gets underway with some thrilling football matches in prospect. tonight. and consecutive titles they expect to be tested. time for welcome to the program u.s. democratic congresswoman rasheeda to live has rejected an offer from israel to allow her to visit a palestinian mother in the west. back she received special permission today which
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reversed a previous israeli ban on her in the territory israel's offer came after congresswoman telly but agreed not to promote boycotts against the country during her visit the day before israel announced that it had barred her out and fellow muslim congresswoman elect obama over their support for a boycott campaign against the jewish state. let's get the latest from tito washington correspondent for the address a welcome public so why has receded to leave changed her mind about going. hi phil well it looks like she's made it very clear actually in a series of tweets that she won't be traveling to israel and on to the west bank in fact if we actually just see what she said she said that silencing me and treating me like a criminal is not what she wants from me referring to her grandmother it would kill a piece of me i've decided that visiting my grandmother under these oppressive
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conditions stands against everything i believe in fighting against racism oppression and injustice so we can we can understand from about the michigan congresswoman won't be traveling to israel and to the west bank now in response to that the israeli interior minister and a interior minister are you dairies said the u.s. congresswoman has request a visit was a provocation to embarrass the country after she rejected israel's offer to let her to travel to the occupied west bank to see family there on humanitarian grounds and that's repairing back to also the tweet and to a letter written on thursday by to leave where she had requested entry to the west bank and israel so that she could visit her elderly grandmother now we also know that the other congresswoman who was also part of this. omar she remains banned from traveling to israel so how was congress to israel's treatment israel of course
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those big big ally of the united states now has congress reacting to israel treating one of their own in this way. well phil this is an impressive and to move let's not forget that in fact there's been bipartisan support in congress since which is sort of like the the backbone of the relationship between the u.s. and israel since the foundation of the israeli state and there's been a particularly from the democratic party a lot of criticism geared towards israel and president donald trump over this decision in fact the house majority leader stanley hoyer said on thursday that it was a grave mistake that undermines the bipartisan pro israel consensus nancy pelosi a big supporter of israel also came out saying that it was a big mistake on the part of israel and interestingly the crow israel group apac
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which is being very critical of omar on telly in the past had actually said that it was also a mistake on the part of israel and that they should nonetheless at the spike their support for the boycott of israel. they should nonetheless be allowed to travel to israel and then what's also quite notable is the silence will say from the republican party. we've heard very little reaction from the outside but in fact president donald trump who was speaking at a rally in new hampshire yesterday didn't really go into the topic as much as many people expected he did mention it he said it was the right decision on the part of israel and what sort of happened is that there's a belief here many critics are saying that the republican party are attempting to say that the democrats are divided over their support for israel by highlighting and using to leave the omar as sort of examples of what the democratic party
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believes or what their feelings are towards israel but in fact we just have to look back at last month when in fact the house of representatives of course democratically led. voted overwhelmingly in favor of a resolution against the the israel boycott movement so at the moment we're hearing very little like i said from the republican party but the democrats are putting a lot of support behind omar and. obviously washington thank you. china appears to be getting ready to take direct action against protesters in hong kong after a newspaper viewed as a mouthpiece for beijing has backed intervention the global times says that if hong kong can restore the rule of law on its own it is imperative for the central government to take direct action the paper also insists there would be no repeat of
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the chinaman square massacre of 1989 when the chinese army fired on protesters in beijing chinese armed police carried out to drills on the border with hong kong ahead of fresh protests that have already begun. to dublin correspondent challenge pill in the territory she sent us this update on the situation as it enters the 11th weekend of protests yesterday being the sense of several pre-set plans this weekend taking place in hong kong tonight it's been peaceful so far but in assembly it appalls kids hong kong people even. begin in this right of harmony and reporting we're getting around hearing. and now we're not banking on it and. pretend that some of the clashes that we've seen in the course that it very hard to predict people in jeddah like being on
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a company on the right had planned across the week a week was by all accounts we see at least 4 separate protests planned the far right that on sundays every is a mass protest planned now police are ready to be given the organizers commission for and then they have appealed that it looking likely they say we will see perhaps hundreds of thousands of people back on the streets of hong kong because sunday's march is being organized by the people behind the protests into the open i say up to a 1000000 people. on the streets people here telling it then they can said right now from night to night crisis go on is the police line and they say please the becoming increasingly aggressive in the handling a process. being unfolded just well but it's on the line the way here from beijing . some pill in hong kong. known for his own
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authorized the climbs of skyscrapers around the world a scaled a 62 story building in the city and a play for peace allow rabbet has become known as spider-man daily show called sensei using his bare hands with a harness that failed a battle featuring the chinese and hong kong flags as part of his appeal for an end to the current breast in the town. that will take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world protests have broken out in indian administrate kashmir after friday prayers several 1000 people are running in the main this is from a car which is in its 12th they have a security lockdown after india has stripped the region of it so totally big news agency reports that the police clashed with demonstrators. new york city has evacuated a busy trying see how bafta suspicious objects were reported to police to abandon
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pressure cookers at the fulton street subway station in manhattan and later it is discovered to be homeless both arses are investigating whether they were placed in the subway to spread faith. schools zimbabweans have been injured in police crackdown on opposition protest at the rally in the capital harare took place despite a battle which was upheld by the country's high court supporters of the opposition movement for democratic change accuse the government of state sponsored violence and corruption. and an iranian oil tanker is preparing to set sail from gibraltar after being how bad since the july the british territory has released the grace one despite a last minute legal bit by the united states to keep it in detention the vessel was being held after being suspected of carrying iranian oil to syria in violation of you and us sanctions which iran denies after the great war was captured iran seized the british flag attack in the strait of hormuz a key international shipping route. so will the british time now be
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released correspondent there is a drop in the strait of hormuz in the persian gulf is. the british black tanker has already been moved from the place where it was detained in the strait of hormuz a couple of weeks ago closer to the port in bandar abbas where the revolutionary guards are controlling everything and that's a place we have. specifically as journalists cannot go to as we were told to not quote and danger proceedings so apparently they're still preparing for an exchange but we have to keep in mind that the revolutionary guards in iran as a whole do not have a lot of trust in the united states or the united kingdom so before the iranian vessel in gibraltar eyes not free peril here in the persian gulf will not be released either iran's foreign minister zarif said. to stop the release of the tanker was an attempt to piracy move so he said washington was abusing the
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international legal system to steal iranian property and that is a view shared by many iranians as well we've spoken to some people here. and they said they do not want a conflict to happen with other countries not here in their region and not elsewhere but that they are willing to step up and defend their own country if necessary so that is why everybody here in the persian gulf is monitoring very closely what is happening and. this is d.w. news still to come. the bronze is there for the season starts tonight inspired music our look shaky in preseason we'll find out why they have half the battle hard for the record consecutive title. had a valid leaders of nations at risk from rising sea levels in the pacific failed to agree on new climate change commitments the meeting of the states into further hopes to help limit rising temperatures but australia the world's biggest coal
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exporter blocked a binding agreement in order to protect its economy. the half hearted handshake says it all there's nothing to be proud of here instead of a compelling global call to action the pacific island forum concluded with a watered down plan that opposing nations can easily opt out of the frustrated host scrambles for conciliatory words everybody should move together in the family and spirit of the 4 i think that. it's no use to start ups to the living gave but all fingers are pointing towards australia and its prime minister scott morrison. of the 15 most climate vulnerable states on the planet 7 are in the pacific region in order to protect them the leaders were hoping the forum would commit to action to limit temperature rises and agree to an immediate
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halt to coal mining these hopes for quickly dampened by the region's powerhouse. we stretched very strongly during our exchange in states which would be in scope as though you were concerned about saving new economy. to asia and in australia conserves about saving my people into a boat. was the leaders of those of this week's moron tom just morrison has long championed his country's lucrative coal industry he concedes climate change is real but insists it can be managed in a way that doesn't hurt his economy. try to cancel 1.3 percent of the world's missions mistry to. monetize one on them. and if we're serious about it we'd better actually understand that emissions don't have a nationality and with the bulk of emissions come from that's what's threatening
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the world's climate but at this point it's also australia's actions or the lack of them that are jeopardizing the future of millions of people living in the pacific structure our responsibility morris and won't be able to walk away from. siberia is also under threat from rising global temperatures the vast region's pub a frost is thawing and releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere if this continues it could spell ecological disaster locally around the planet but one scientist is testing a new method that he believes could reverse the trend and keep siberia frozen. 240 kilometers above the arctic circle it's summertime in the russian arctic at 1st glance the natural surrounding here seems healthy but russian scientists sergei seem of disagrees here at the bank of the column are river he shows us how siberia has permafrost is melting. at one sure as the microbes here have been sleeping
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almost 50000 years when they wake up they will immediately start eating and will be producing carbon dioxide we have so many microbes if they all thought out europe's climate would become intolerable. the arctic permafrost is key to the world's climate it contains twice as much carbon as is found in the earth's atmosphere if it far as climate damaging gases will be released and this frozen layer is melting more quickly than previously believed in order to protect the permafrost sergey similar wants to revive the ice age in an area about the size of lifton stein together with his son nikita has been cutting down trees planting primeval grasses and introducing grazing animal herds. you know what is it that we do have to in december there's a thick layer of snow here it insulates the soil from the cold which forces such for across here they trample around in the snow and stomp it down that helps keep the permafrost cold during the winter which prevents it thawing out during the
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summer. seamounts experiment has been drawing scientists from around the world the team from the max planck institute are here to see whether his changes to the ecosystem are having an effect. as big enough another soon that the whole system circulation is much more active that there's a more active exchange with the atmosphere but in the end more carbon will accumulate in the soil due to the photosynthesis of the livelier grasses that will grow here and measurements the sea mobs have taken show that the soil temperature in their ice park is already staying cool or. i don't want to leave my grandchildren and their children with this miserable landscape which only mosquitoes like i'd rather leave them with the proper species rich nature of our ancestors the kind of nature that stabilizes and feeds humans. for seem odd no idea is too big he can imagine woolly mammoths once again roaming through yakutia one day geneticists at harvard university are already preparing to
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support this project. i was out with for both like it's never been away so for fans of german football here i want to around the world the long wait is nearly over the new born this latest season kicks off this evening in this stadium when champions league league champions of munich begin their campaign against bad they're. aiming for a record 8 league titles in a row but the face stiff competition having only now really beaten dortmund to the prize last season i don't want to brought in some became new place including the match formals left by to return to his former club. so let's go through this with her from d w a store to welcome chris thank you show any weaknesses that last season that might give their opponents a bit of hope this time yeah i think it's fair to say that because for
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a long stretch of last season they were not holding the number one spot of the table something that byron has become accustomed to doing you know and dog meat had an opportunity to to pretty much secure the title but things worked out differently in bahrain snuck up through the back door and secured you know their 7th title in a row but in terms of the start of this season there's been a rough patch they kicked off their season against. their rival in the super club cup and they need to tighten up some issues the result wasn't the way they wanted and we have a report on it phillips take a look. first test the season could have brought their 1st trophy instead the super cup against dortmund in early august draws only frustration the champions have failed to significantly strengthened their squad and they were exposed by their closest rivals without direct replacements for departed you are in robin and frankly the re
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a title defense will be anything but easy. the fact is that we definitely have to make an of a signing i said it last year we had to serious injuries with contract to lease so and if you are poor and they cost as a lot of potential we have to be prepared for that if we want to achieve our goals we need a good squad not just enough players but real top quality players. has received one new player in the past few days attacking midfielder even paris each has joined on loan from him to milan. but even he accepts the squad as it is might need further reinforcements. at least 70. first if you want to be. on the top of it through your solo during the season there is always some interest that the series of. parasites can't even play in by an open accounts have to buy lean he suspended after picking up too many
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yellow cards in the italian top flight last season yet another headache for the champions last term club president we heard his promise to pre-season of spectacular transfers it hasn't materialized and buy and will now have to make do with what they've gone against and maybe beyond. what's on your plate despite the lack of big name signings but and usually that part of the 1st game of the season right you know the statistics tell us when they win the opener they've gone on to win the season and then they hold all sorts of goal scoring records and in so on you know but in terms of them not signing big names they might still be the market leader who was recently injured he's still at man city defensively they had to tighten up i think they've done that in the signing of benjamin provide lucas hernandez and michael neuer seems healthy that will help a bunch but in terms of their opponents have to berlin they have
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a new coach a homegrown product a guy who's only has experience in the 4th division he basically coached the reserve team had to berlin things in walk work out with paul gardai so which you know is getting his debut in the bonus think it's our flight as a head coach and he had this to say about the upcoming affair with. i'm excited rather the nervous because i think we've had a wonderful time recently in pre-season we've tog with well we are well prepared for the game so we'll see what happens thanks again. so what about the season as a whole how do you most likely to you know the big narrative is it is this dortmund's year do you know dortmund did everything that they did to improve they could to improve it in terms of signing players early when they had a chance to integrate themselves into the system you know talking has been brought as well as nico scholtz and then as you mentioned before experience defender you
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know former players well that's the big question is this their year to dethrone munich you know. firstly think no it's not i think i think what we saw last year is we saw dortmund have the title in their grasp and then you know when it got tough when the rubber met the road they kind of losing their grip and bars were able to capture you know a consecutive title i think the game is more mental than physical but we'll see byron you know test the waters will get a good eye test in their performance tonight against head to berlin but all in all i do think byron are capable of repeating kris hollington they don't use both thank you. can your of course a famed for its well beating long distance runners but the country's reputation has suffered recently following a string of doping scandals this brought the country to the brink of disqualification from the rio olympics in 26 staying ahead of tokyo 2021 years anti doping agency has stepped up its efforts but faces an uphill battle. in kenya the
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road to fame and fortune often begins on tracks like these this year 38 of the world's top 100 marathon runners hail from the country but kenya's anti-doping agency abbott has struggled to stamp out drug abuse since concerns were raised over the country's testing practices in 2016 some reports of since ranked kenya as the world's 3rd biggest doping offender behind russia and india and it's not just the number but the caliber of athletes in 2017 rio olympics math and champion. tested positive for performance enhancing drugs e.p.o. as did 1500 meter beijing gold medalist as a prop. in the city of eldoret run a stronghold several pharmacies sell e.p.o. and a local pharmacist who spoke on the condition of anonymity admits business with athletes is booming. because you.
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use these these are the. the prospect of money and stardom leads many aspiring athletes to dope as an anonymous runner mit's. but there are a cautionary tales another anonymous athlete who has dopes says it wasn't worth it . and if someone who has never dog wants to start i do not because the prize money you could get from races that interview using all of it to treat themselves in potentially having permanent problems with their body so outraged them not to try to. get these stories that are dark hopes to build on they say
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testing has increased tenfold and a new water sanctioned doping laboratory in nairobi will help raise the standard but educating athletes is also a main priority they hope to create what they call a culture of honesty in terms of ethics we want to expose them to know that it's wrong to teach it that it is good to compete even if you don't win it's still fair you fill out the person who used to live and you tweeted without using in the thing in the method or in the substance september's world athletics championships in doha will provide the next test for kenya ahead of the tokyo 2020 games where the running nation will want to leave any results beyond doubt. now as are one of our top stories at this hour there is confusion over whether the u.s. congresswoman rashida to labor will visit israel after the country 1st bought her from entry she was that given permission to visit her grandmother in the west bank
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but the congresswoman rejected that offer describing the conditions that israel imposed as oppressive and humiliating. than the iranian oil tankers parents set itself the gibraltar after being held there since july vessel was seen as that was seized under suspicion of bringing iranian. to syria would shatter any file ation off the e.u. i'm dressed up. in coal india is up next pale dwi are the bottom of the magazine off the bottom of the top of the day.
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good. good. good. to. go to india looks for signs of nature the biggest city of delhi was here there's plenty of pollution and little environmental consciousness. but n.g.o.s delhi greens wants to change that. it aims to raise awareness put small eco friendly projects. will its efforts to bear fruit.
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next d.w. . s.o.s. europe europe is in crisis. which has a future it will mean champions young champions are getting back to miss what out that spot speer know for a long time i took pieces of the things we value about europe for granted that now i sense this need be something that we can people in particular need to fight like a woman. mc leod for activists from for a new country gives claim for the dream of such.
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place. to. place a safety european idea. but i'm going to stand up to you right here in fantasy and contribute to something important i know to succumb to. the future as europe starts september 2nd on d w. played. the play. hello welcome to. your destination for solutions for clean up green up and i'm also stable to model everything we introduce you to change make us people like us while making a significant impact.


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