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this is deja vu news live from berlin hong kong on alert for another weekend of violent antigovernment protests police and pro-democracy demonstrators square up for another confrontation and maybe growing fears of a crackdown and across town supporters of the beijing backed government staged their own counter demonstration also coming up. easy rider legend peter fonda dies age 79 born into hollywood royalty the actor and producer will be remembered as an icon of the counterculture. plus the bundesliga kicks off and in the very 1st match
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of the new season defending champions by munich held to a shock troll to belive. i'm rebecca read his welcome to the program hong kong's being rocked by another weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations fears of an imminent crackdown by the chinese authorities as stoking tensions night has now fallen and police have begun deploying deploying on the streets and chasing down protest is chinese state media paying condemning the protesters actions as the beginning of terrorism meanwhile thousands of pro beijing supporters have gathered at a rally on the other side of the city they calling for an end to the violent protests which broke out over the last 3 months. de devotees charlot shells until joins us now from hong kong china what's the
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situation where you are right now. 2nd right now i am outside police station where earlier on tonight a small group of protesters gathered this is something that we've seen night time tonight as part of this protest movement protesters gathering outside police stations demanding the release of that activists who've been arrested over the past few weeks now riot police moved in fairly quickly and did dispersed those protests as we saw them running through the streets very close to where i'm standing right now sending those protesters being some of them though gathered on top of some of the balcony overlooking the main street to some of the main thoroughfares through this area and our cameraman did catch footage of some protesters throwing heading objects at police vehicles down below we saw one image in particular
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a big bin being thrown on to a police car now police responded very quickly to that and sent these protesters running but it did not like there was going to be an escalation in tensions tonight president says they do seem to have launched the despair as it stands it looks like they're gearing up for a big demonstration that is due to take place tomorrow that they're trying to save the energy ahead of hundreds of thousands of people that are expected back on the street. when there was several of the proof marches there today handed down fold. that one there were 2 in particular the brand concurrently is one another one was a pro-democracy protests thousands of people gathered for that and across the city there was this prairie beijing protest over my eyes of that say up to half a 1000000 people to ponce not protests now figures that we've seen from police for
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example in and other estimates have you seen from from genesee that say it was felt felt felt funk sure all of the. last but those protesters were waving chinese flags they were calling for over 10 to calm on the streets of hong kong and it really is just another reminder of the polarization of opinions among people here on the streets of hong kong still now beijing has labeled in recent days some of these pro-democracy protesters as a kid too close to terrorists not because of some of this violence that we've seen over the last week now we spoken to a number of protesters who say this weekend they came to try and keep things as peaceful as possible avoid more violence which they say could undermine their protest movement we spoke to a couple of them who are trying out in different measures to protest democracy as that instead of taking to the streets take a look. it's a startling visual reminder of the power of paper and pen. this clashes this week
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left many concerns that message was being eclipsed by violence. but step away from the protest front lines of the scale of peaceful to send becomes clear. this train station now an ever growing testimony to the resilience of activists and the people power that fuels them. when you walk through this tunnel the sheer number of messages paper in these walls is really overwhelming notes all to note these protesters to carry on what the protest movement now needs to work out is how to maintain the momentum and this level of support over the coming weeks. just 15 years old this young activist is choosing post at night and perry says as her new weapon of protest. once on the front lines of the demonstrations herself she now spends up to 8 hours a day here holding her own private vigil promoting her pro-democracy message i
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would like to do the thing there i think it is right i think it is courage in portraying this trying to just let the government know what we march for and. to tell you we will never get. across the city a very different kind of protest calls have been put out for people to withdraw all their money from bank accounts a peaceful bump perhaps ambitious plan designed to put pressure on authorities to meet their demands called people have to try many different grades choose try to foster home can government to withdraw the extradition we just want to try after me i have a possible reason to stop the people. i massive street protests like this also planned over the coming days and weeks some may end in clashes but this movement
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has been defined by its inventiveness the protest as ability to evolve the strategy to maintain momentum and public support. and alongside the demonstrations there will be days who keep finding new ways. making their voices heard. now tomorrow his rally is being billed as one that remains peaceful and rational whether or not that unfolds as feelings begin to run high on the streets remains to be seen rebecca we shall of this week a chinese state media editorial said that if hong kong can't restore all restore the rule of law that it's imperative for the central government to take action how are people interpret those statements. we have been seeing a hardening telling from beijing in recent weeks and people here of course a listening to anything coming out of beijing extremely closely that's particularly
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given the fact that we've seen images of the how in the paramilitary people's police on the border with hong kong people of course concerned that we could see chinese military action at some point in the future people that we've spoken to they analysts say that that is still extremely unlikely is that at this stage they say that it would come at too high a political and economic cost for beijing what they do fear though is that these hardening statements from china will put pressure on authorities here to take a tougher line to quell the unrest protesters are already accusing police here of being extremely heavy handed they say that police have left a number of demonstrators injured and are now calling for a plea for an inquiry into the police behavior safe on. pill in hong kong thanks very much. now to some of the other stories making
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news around the world sudan's ruling military council and civilian opposition alliance have signed a landmark power sharing deal the agreement paves the way for elections within 3 years the minute. ousted former president omar al bashir in april following mass demonstrations against his rule. indigenous women protesting against the forestation in brazil have broken into a police station the women have traveled from remote areas to the capital brasilia they campaigning against president diable scenario's policies of opening up the amazon for development. hollywood is mourning peter fonda star of classic sixty's by can move easy rider the actor and producer died of lung cancer at the age of 79 best known for the motorcycle cult classic for fun and carried on making films until his death he died surrounded by his family. we
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proudly walked up to the law which was very funny very funny there was a. piece of fonda hailed from hollywood royalty his dad was the oscar winning actor henry fonda famed for weston's and the actress and activist jane fonda as his older sister. this is great for me to be able to join my father and i certainly know that my sister and daughter will be followers soon in fact my son is a camera man my oldest son you guys i love you all you know that because we see each other at all sorts of things but this is the people the by the difference. i have. over there you overcome it outer peter fonda found fame as a drug taking anti hero in the cult film easy rider about outcast bikers crisscrossing southern usa alongside a very young jack nicholson and the right to direct a dennis hopper neither received an oscar for the film but it inspired
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a generation of fans. growing up watching movies like easy rider really inspired me to take up the motorcycle lifestyle and just you know almost in a way following his footsteps seeking freedom and maybe being seen as an outcast i believe he had his own persona he had to rise out of his father's image henry fonda indeed became his own man in a different week entirely while his later work never reached the same cult status piece of fondest korea spanned decades including t.v. series and films and he was embraced by a younger generation of hollywood directors like steven soderbergh for the revenge film the 9 me. but he will always be remembered face. of football now and here in germany it was a season opener to forget her by munich fans the defending champions hosted head of the linen despite scoring the 1st goal of the match battle back. to share the spoils. the 57th bonus legacies and started with an opening ceremony at allianz
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arena in munich by and snicko covert action have his and take over it both berlin natives with creation roots shared an embrace prior to kick off it looked to be business as usual for by an early in the match but levin dusty opened the scoring in the 24th minute 11 dusky has now netted in 5 consecutive opening matches but the celebration didn't last long at his new signing doda looked back yo found the net from outside the box a level the score has shot took a deflection forcing manuel neuer in the opposite direction. minutes later neuer was beaten again. rounded the keeper and put the ball in the net to make it 21 fatter. after the break fines levon dusky converted a penalty to level the affair a true all by and that was the final score it wasn't the opener the defending
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champions wanted but for hats and on to covert running a point in munich was worth a smile not a bad debut. some by munich only managed a draw in their opening match that's good news for their closest rivals dortmund to face all back later today don't want to spend big money bringing any players they have the bundesliga title in asides. i could this be the season for dortmund since last claiming the bundesliga title in 2012 dortmund fans have had to watch by and win 7 in a row and yet the disappointing collapse in last season's title race has not dampened coach lucy in 5 was mood. and i think it's fair to say that we have high expectations were coming off the back of a very good season this is where we finished with 76 points. so this year we can't just say we want to be there or thereabouts we have to be ambitious. and this is. they showed plenty of ambition and promise in the german super cup earlier this
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month beating by him to nil in the pre-season showcase after a successful transfer window the squad is looking in fantastic shape don't mean to have brought in q reinforcements like forwards talk and usually on begun as well as defend months homo's who rejoins them from bion having previously been part of dortmund's last title winning side in 2012. fans of the black and yellows are certain the title is once more within touching distance. i think will definitely be crowned champions. we may even finish well ahead of. about it bluntly it's our turn to win it. fighting talk that will ramp up the pressure but this season dortmund may just have the edge over their perennial rivals. now there's a new fairy attraction drawing crowds at resuming the peruvian capital laim
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a great bengal tiger comes have it made their public debut with one rare white tying up part of the mesa the youngsters were born early last month and after weeks of around the clock attention from vets the club the cubs and now strong enough to leave their enclosure official periods when we have more news headlines at the top of the hour this is a demeaning thanks for watching. us early the global tourist guide germany's booming capital i love berlin discover the multicultural metropolis you know.


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