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globalism current local action. global 3000. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one division and a few in his favor as one official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many cantors and their problems are always the same or do social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption we can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and see them why the fools who have decided to put their trust in us. is jenny harrison and weren't.
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the by. april 1945 the 2nd world war in europe was drawing to an end in berlin. germany's defeat was inevitable the fighting exceptionally fierce. the world was beginning to grasp the unprecedented scale of the conflict. more than 50000000 people lost their lives no war had ever claimed so many casualties military and civilian. soldiers of the victorious allied forces discovered the concentration camps. in germany american troops were so appalled by what they found they brought civilians from the
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surrounding area to see the horrors of the camps with their own eyes. many germans claimed to have know nothing of what went on in the camps or the holocaust. at the post war nor back war crimes trials even some leading nazis proclaimed their ignorance when confronted with evidence of the atrocities. committed to get rid of. british prosecutor frederick l. when jones was among those who insisted this could not be the case he believed that there had been a virtual blueprint for the holocaust a good finding out. not to acknowledge it and. pop up the wall.
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this is the story behind one of the best selling political manifestos of all time. it's. sick. in november 918 millions of german soldiers were returning home after the end of the 1st world war among them was a man who refused to accept germany's defeat austrian born out of hitler this photograph shows him as an ordinary lance corporal shortly before demobilisation. at the end of the 1st world war out of hitler was a complete unknown young he was born in 1909 so that now 30 he didn't have many prospects for the future at the last it's used as new security good are using. again what hitler seemed to sense is that there was
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a risk in returning to the life he had before the war that he hated us of all. the lies of you not to put too fine a point on it of a loser. hearty. at all hitler had no formal qualifications no profession family or money so he decided to stick with what he knew the military. there he called the eye of captain karl maya. they don't recognize hitler's talent which could be used in 2 ways. in the military intelligence service and for propaganda purposes or perhaps even as a speaker that was submitted of all the. karl meyer recruited hitler as an undercover agent. he was instructed to infiltrate the german workers' party.
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hitler felt an immediate affinity to the far right group. is this going to make it will hitler followed the orders he'd been given but then he went beyond that. he gave a speech himself and that was a turning point because he discovered his talent as an orator see sotelo daughter. at rallies and had speeches in munich beer halls hitler ascended the ranks to become leader of the newly formed national socialist party the not seems. several times a week he took to the podium for speeches often lasting 2 hours without a paddle or a fart throughout the debate had 1st hitler won over only a handful of true believers with his polemics on international conspiracies but soon he drew crowds of thousands by the early 1920 s. hitler had become a skilled beer hall agitator. he had no plans to write
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a book but that too changed. secu spastic what happened was miscellaneous march in rome. i. gave her ideas he said then there's a day. in november 923 hitler decided to follow miscellanies lead now 34 hits there was at the head of an aspiring political party at his side was a hero of the 1st world war general attitude and doth. the 2 men decided that the time had come to seize power by force. hitler and his stormtroopers interrupted a meeting of leading bavarian politicians. is that hitler burst into the meeting. shots from a revolver were fired at the ceiling. there was
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a somewhat farcical aspect to it all. hitler arrived fired his pistol and gave a speech school charlie chaplin's portrayal of him didn't exist yet get your but you can imagine that something like that. threatened everyone who didn't want to follow him. the attempted to what became known as the beer hall put failed the demonstration led by hitler in the streets encountered a police cordon. 16 nazis were killed and the subsequent exchange of fire hitler brought himself to safety but was later arrested. when hitler arrived in landsberg prison 60 kilometers from munich he was in a state of utter desperation. as a brick on the settled we know that hitler weighed 73 kilograms when he arrived and a few days later he fell into a depression and began
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a hunger strike. in the top you love him m.g. coherently considered suicide after the failed putsch it was a pitiful failure. in addition to failing to gain the support he hoped for in bavaria hitler become a laughing stock in all the newspapers. from cell number 7 of landsberg prison hitler could have faded into obscurity instead he found a new purpose. hitler knew he faced a possible death penalty for treason for the 1st time in his life he decided to write some 60 pages intended as a defense in his upcoming trial. in state of the ups and therefore this is where he came up with the idea for a larger work about his experiences. and his enemies when he wanted to settle the score with his political opponents. 3 months later the trial began amid
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considerable media interest. and this photograph shows hitler and his 9 coconspirators. the rest pled not guilty to high treason rather than deny the charges hitler admitting to wanting to overthrow the government. he used the trial as a stage. as a platform communed. on hitler had charisma and that captured many people around him. that's what was so disastrous and his ability to exert so much influence over people. in the top people hung on his every word everything he dreamt up every fantasy thing and people just believed it as your thought does not interest this kid of. general attitude and off was acquitted the
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remaining defendants were given light sentences. ready ready for hitler the trial was a victory he had risked the death penalty instead he was sentenced to just 5 years in prison of which he would serve only 9 months. as an inmate headlands bag hitler lived in relative luxury he had access to newspapers and drank tea from porcelain cups his room boasted a beautiful view of the countryside he wore his own clothes and was able to hold court with fellow inmates. he found new friends and deepen ties with coconspirators michael hess who would become a central figure in the 3rd rise. in the song think is go into the common room whenever they like during the day and have discussions. of
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some of it it was on a memo saying it was more like a social club or. delete topic. in this rather upscale person hitler was treated like a celebrity. his trial had made him famous. he received no end of visitors and gifts cake fly. hours and fan mail like this letter which opened with a line dear fervor. the bavarian social and political elite flocked to speak with him his visitors log was full to bursting some 330 visitors with every conversation registered down to the last minute. a range of high profile visitors went to lance bass including general
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lute doff. wagner star in law giving fled sent letters and parcels. many benefactors urged him to continue writing. stein of the best piano maker dynasty is said to have given him a new remington portable typewriter. she was a frequent visitor it's believed she would have been the one who provided what was such an expensive machine at the time the typewriter in those days was quite a sensation. hitler had time on his hands his political party had to be rebuilt and he had court costs and legal fees to pay a book seemed like a good idea. persistent myth was born during this period that hitler orator would not have written anything himself instead he dictated his thoughts to a meal more peace and hold office. but recent research has concluded
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that hitler typed at least the 1st volume of his manifesto himself in prison. for wrote the 1st volume in lines back by himself of his couldn't type very well and only started learning how to type in prison and none of the others helped him either he talked about it alone on his typewriter the idea that. hitler dictated his book in landsberg is a myth it's simply untrue. hitler recast his own history with himself in the starring role. he's believed to have read dozens of books in prison and his manifesto was steeped in theories of racial hierarchy such as those set out by french writer artur to go be no he also drew heavily on the ideas put forth inflates lances textbook human heredity and human
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hygiene. now discredited pseudo scientific theories of this type were widely accepted at the time. journalists disseminated these ideas as a matter of course. they served as a source of inspiration. he collected all these theories and brought them into our a pulse of soup in order to munch just something more you know he was able to give these books and these racist ideas a repulsive nightmarish coherence. as the months passed hitler continued to hone his world view of a superior area and race essentially the germans who were cast in a constant struggle for racial purity. their greatest enemy were the jews supposedly racial parasite.
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the jew is and remains the typical parasite a sponger who like a noxious bacillus keeps spreading as soon as a favorable medium invites him and the effect of his existence is also like that of spongers wherever he appears the host dies out after a shorter or longer period. the word used in the jews appears over and over again in mind come. 373 times on average every other page. hitler was obsessed with the jews and believed that they were responsible for all ills that had befallen germany including its defeat in the 1st world war. in this. tries to convince the germans that the jews are behind international conspiracy to destroy germany the
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minute he speak to surface is the cause of all their problems but he traverses the entire range of anti sematic discourse and brings it to its culmination. late 1924 hitler left landsberg prison with a manuscript running into the hundreds of pages. he had little difficulty finding a publisher for his anti semitic tract hitler was famous and publishing houses eager to cash in. over his 1st books about him had been published and he was being talked about in the newspapers perhaps he wasn't quite a media star. but he was definitely very well known outside of area too and even to an extent outside germany sometimes look at you but thought something else because . the possibility of publishing his 1st book his autobiography was very attractive . with such
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a wealth of options hitler chose the publisher who offered him the best deal. was a friend and his former company sergeant during the 1st world war. headed a small publishing house and shared hitler's extremist ideology. but before the book was published there was the question of finding the right title. riginal title was 4 and a half years of struggle against laws stupidity and cowardice. in the title was very descriptive but not very catchy. alleged the publisher insisted on a shorter title in court and. the title was supposed to be short pithy and captivating. it's not known who ultimately determine the title. but the decision was made to call it my income my struggle.
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the publisher advertised the book in the far right press. in december 925 what i had described the 2nd edition as the perfect christmas gift. much to the surprise of many sales failed to take off. several 1000 copies found buyers among convinced nazis but the wider public chilled little interest. and the book received some scathing reviews. once with daily for example we further to hitler as a political agitation who no longer understands the world and his ideas were the result of a desperate adherence to an error in reasoning. the truth is that my income is largely unreadable. do this contemporary is regarded as
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a hodgepodge of ideas. of an uncontrolled volcanic eruption is that if the public had been expecting sensational revelations about the porch. on scene they hoped that hitler would reveal insider secrets previously unknown details. of seeing the they had very high expectations and hope the book would be political dynamite that was not what mine com was about. hitler persevered in 1928 he wrote a 2nd book that became known as hitler's secret book. the sequel was also a bureau linley aggressive work but it remained unprinted during hitler's lifetime the publisher turned it down citing the poor sales of my income.
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mine come might also have faded into obscurity. but history was about to take a fateful turn. in 929 a severe economic depression hit the united states by 930 its impact was in full force in an already economically weakened many by 932 germany had an official unemployment rate of almost 30 percent. in the 1930 elections traditional parties saw fallen support hitler's nazi party went from just under 3 percent to 18 percent of the vote. sales of mine kampf suddenly soared. it sold 54000 copies in 1930 alone. people wanted to know what hitler was thinking. what he wanted he had now become
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part of the german political system. the book also helped boost hitler's image in his quest for power. saswata into stablished hitler's credibility now he was no longer regarded simply as a political agitator an orator but a writer too for not in that mattered in germany germany was still a country that respected its doctors and professors. i may well. in 933 hitler surprise the world with his sudden rise to power. he was appointed german chancellor despite having garnered only 37 percent of the vote. it threw me when he would need to unite germany behind him to achieve the greatness and the conquests he had fantasized about in my own conference. with use of goebbels at his side he drew on one of the ideas he talked about in his book propaganda. all
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effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must reiterate these slogans until every member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan. what is the tools for influencing the masses was mind con it soon became required reading for government employees. in 936 the state began giving a copy to newlyweds as a wedding gift. by then hitler had won over much of german industry thanks to his re armaments program porters increased up to enfold companies like steel make a club gave every employee a copy of the book. it was given as a gift on birthdays and anniversaries. or as
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a bonus for good performance analysts. to boost sales the publisher offered every imaginable format braille editions for the blind. luck seditions with marble covers and gilt edging. and a limited edition for high ranking nazi dignitaries. and the ultimate in propaganda a large version in the format of a family bible. and this is a hassle for simplicity of the nazis it was a symbol of domination the bible of naziism and it on more than one the book itself was it symbolic functions and so on that never once said yes i know mine come from is the furious book. the regime ensured that the book would become a bestseller and it made hitler
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a rich man. he received the equivalent of around $10000000.00 euros in royalties those proceeds enabled him to buy the balco fil-a in the bavarian alps. and he indulged his penchant for luxurious mercedes limousines. just. by $994.00 a total of 12 and a half 1000000 copies have been printed in germany the book form and hitler in the round one writes mark per copy which meant the book earned him at least 12000000 marks must mean the 1st in the on ice model and reasonable for d. and. mine kampf was widely distributed but what is more difficult to gauge is was it also widely read with 700 pages and labored style the book presumably put on for many readers.
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in 1940 karl-heinz skinner was drafted into the german military as a medic his father had been given a copy of my income from his employer. but he wasn't fond of the gift. my father put the book on a shelf are not where it stayed until 945. he once took a look at it and said it was a declaration of war and simple. and he'd never read such rubbish. like many germans at the time karl-heinz clinton and his father underestimated hitler. but my then hitler we didn't think hitler was ok in the head. when we didn't take him seriously and and we figured that whatever he'd written
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would have to be poppycock. and we just didn't think he was all there given we made jokes about him. but perhaps we should have taken him more seriously. then the. other families did take the book more seriously. grew up on the outskirts of berlin the spree river. he still remembers the 1st time he heard of mine count. in 1938 lutes was just 6 years old his father otto was an architect one evening he invited his friends over to talk about hitler spoke. i was sat under the table instead of going to bed because i was curious about what was going on when i grew up hearing my father say you have to read the book they'll
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. read what it says. and of course they weren't talking about the bible or another book. what about mine comfort of musicians of my income. doesn't know if his father's friends follow his advice but he does know that his father was one of the few germans who understood what calamities the book foretold . he was of the opinion that my income explained everything that the nazis were planning to do. when i was a child back then all hitler ever talked about was peace peace peace and in reality he was determined to go to war in 4 words of them that i love cost. hitler wanted his preparations for war to remain a secret. he
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realized that his books might reveal his true intentions especially the passages that spoke of his plans for conquest. we must hold unflinchingly to our aim in foreign policy namely to secure for the german people the land and soil to which they are entitled on this earth. his desire for more land was at the time directed at one country in particular. france is and remains by far the most inexorable enemy. my income predicts or in any case legitimizes the idea of military revenge against france. that there were a lot of pages full of aggression aimed at france which he saw as a symbol of race mixing it was a nation of negroes that's the word hitler used. and
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a ration of juice or. if the french were to take these threats seriously they might prevent german we armament so hitler took preemptive action. in november 933 he received a visit from a french journalist in berlin. fernandez hope for closer relations between france and germany. he spoke german and had undoubtedly read the relevant passages in mind count. hitler offered him a scoop the 1st exclusive interview with the new chancellor by a french journalist. deplane on asked hitler about the anti french passages in his book. downplayed their importance. or insisted that all he wanted was peace or. are you experienced war himself and
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europe had already seen too much death. but my income was a well known book and doubly not pointed out that this was not the opinion hitler had expressed in his book. there he spoke of war not peace with the replied that he had changed on this be just as any politician would do when confronted by a text of pain in his youth he said if not change so you can read all the book from jail and anger and now he was chancellor 2 more this one while our evolutions of. the interview appeared on the front page of the maton one of the largest circulation french newspapers of the day it included a reassuring quote from headline or. war it would settle nothing it would only make matters worse for the world. but in germany the ideas contained in the book continued to gain traction in public sentiment and on the streets. propaganda
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minister yourself goebbels read excerpts of mine come from on the radio. and hired the regime even developed an f. horrible radio in order to disseminate its propaganda into every home in schools some teachers literally sang hitler's praises . on the head was. was that. yes yes was. that. yes. yes. by now hitler was putting his manifesto into practice his anti semitism became an
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official feature of public life. signs such as this germans your enemy is the jew were commonplace. newspapers were filled with repulsive caricature that depicted jews as monsters who controlled the world. the message was repeated everywhere. whole remembers how effective it was. trusting of those men buddha and why and goes to school one day my brother came home from school crying and my mother asked what was wrong. the always. my brother said that our guest mr corn hi i'm who had docked his boat here had given him sweets if you love bowls of calling well ben my brother had been told in school whoever eats from the jews will die or discover that i listened to the conversation and thought well i didn't get any sweets so i have nothing to worry about. was mine come from
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a blueprint for the holocaust. it's a question many historians have explored over the years. i think the moment of course my income doesn't talk about gas chambers. the book theorizes at length about the need for germans to fight to the death money. mo it says there can be only one winner in the battle between the racially pure german people and the juice initially. up until the eve of war europeans held fast to the belief that peace with germany was possible. read in october $938.00 hitler and the downstairs plan to annex the sudan land region of czechoslovakia a violation of the borders settled after the 1st world war. europe was on the brink of war and emergency meeting was held in munich. british
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prime minister neville chamberlain and his french counterpart at wadala he cancelled all plans in order to attend a short notice. in return for a promise of peace from hitler a deal was reached. under the munich agreement the addicks ation of the cigarette land would go ahead. on their return the british and french premiers were lauded as heroes. i had. another thought that the german chancellor has it. yet is that they found. which bears his name upon it is really a mind. reader god the agreement signed last night and the anger of german neighborhood remains symbolic of the desire of our.
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never to go to war with one another to gauge. 2 peace for our time it seemed to have been guaranteed. a british travel agency ran ads. saying don't mind headliner take your holiday. a measure of european society was pacifist they said never again war never again the 1st world war never against such slaughter. even after the munich crisis precious few members of the european elite understood mine kampf as a declaration of war winston churchill and lieutenant colonel charlotte all saw it early on and expressed concern but neither held positions of power at the time. or had no authority and in britain churchill had basically become a peripheral figure. in 1939 the policy of appeasement spy the british and french governments proved to have been
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a mistake. germany invaded poland and went on to conquer a large part of europe. into 940 hitler's troops marched into paris the horrifying vision of nazi rule over large parts of the world seemed more real than ever. it was a rude awakening and one that forced the ruling class across the continent to rethink their ideas about my country. or the one hitler began to put the ideas he put forth into practice it became apparent how dangerous might come from really was because right now people realized what they hadn't seen or wanted to see before. germany's opponents began to use mine camps for their own cause. before 939 europe and the u.s.
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hadn't recognized its danger now they drew on the book as an effective source of counter propaganda in the us many people were reluctant to go to war ordinary americans song live. reason to wage another military intervention on behalf of europe. another war not for me this time america should keep out and i know i will in the event of war in europe i think we should stay out of the battling my army you know by. now. the us war department used this film to try to convince african americans of the necessity of entering the war in this case my income was referenced as propaganda against germany the gulf war according to him. i'm not going to read all of it. but they're one of 2 things and the folks that will interest you. i quote from time
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to time the illustrated papers show how we need grow and become a lawyer teacher perhaps even a minute it never dawned on the degenerate middle class america that this is truly a stand against all reason that it is from nomad frying up on half 8 to one believes one has made a lawyer of. this book was written 20 years ago. the flying which of course shadow at the. reality. by 944 the defeat of the german army. was merely a question of time. the book that had served as the nazi bible became a liability. to avoid being granted as nazis many germans now parted company with the book. the most copies i ever saw was on april 23rd
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1905. this year a river was right next to our house and i saw this mass of copies floating in the water. it was poison. and had to be disposed of and there were these trenches and people threw in all manner of things. and whatever other kinds of weapons they had. written and undesirable books like mine come frank which was like a red beacon. for the horde and. then they buried it all with earth and that helped to protect them. you know. your verdict not true because the year now that the red army were approaching of course people were afraid they'd have to account for themselves or be checked or somehow
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identified as owners of this book. than hindus does because they feared the consequences for. germany had been defeated the victorious allied powers demanded that all nazi symbols be destroyed that included the printing presses that had been used for mine come. after 945 the copyright to my comp was kept under lock and key in germany at the time no one. could have imagined its longevity its author was dead his manifesto was a testament to hate and his policies ended in unprecedented disaster. but the book continued to be printed elsewhere. my struggle in britain. many a looter in brazil wo defendo in china hitler's manifesto has been published
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around the world attempts to ban the book proved largely ineffective and with the rise of the internet impossible since 945 millions of copies have been sold around the world. michael 14 that my income continues to be read people remain fascinated by naziism the 3rd rush and hitler. was a real forbid something a little exerts a kind of fascination something is forbidden it must be interesting so people seek it out. the manifesto is a favorite of anti semites especially in arab countries hostile to israel. in 2005 the turkish edition became a bestseller coinciding with the rise of nationalism in turkey the publishers of car claimed they had sold nearly 100000 copies in just 2 months. the book is also popular in india where hitler is sometimes cited in business schools as a model of successful management. a country like india where for years
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decades my income for has been successful. the new college from the east and it's a symbol of a warmongering ultra nationalism that poses a threat to its neighbors. on january 1st 2016 a new chapter in the books history was opened under german copyright law the book is now in the public domain now it may be republic lawfully in germany to. but in its birthplace the book is still considered dangerous. a meticulously annotated critical edition was published in 2016 the original text is accompanied by 3 and a half 1000 comments written by historians. it's almost on our edition takes a stand and it's a critical edition by which takes the basic stance that it refutes hitler contradicts them and correct sam.
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confronts the 5 young publishing house took the same approach it is likewise preparing a new edition with a critical introduction in order to counteract the hate and lies in the original now infamous diatribe. on a mission to remodel in an exclusive new edition. just seen in. movie generation if i could. be his may not confide. to shut you up i. come to these days.
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to. take it personally. to wonderful people and stories that are so special. for true fact. that's good. in 60 minutes on t.w. . the world is getting more simple. more could sastre views among the problems.
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the global 3000 talks with a team of british researchers who take a more optimistic view. though while it is not always a good plan but it's much much better than it was. just the world really getting better and. a global $3000.00 special reports. starts august 19th on seeds of. tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets and sit down to celebrate the signing of a power sharing deal between the country's ruling military council and the civilian opposition alliance the landmark agreement paves the way for elections within 3 years the military ousted former president on. masse.


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