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this is day to day news line from the end hundreds of thousands brave heavy rain in hong kong to take part in another pro-democracy rally the term turnout is being closely watched as a gauge of public sentiment after more than 2 months of violent clashes and increasingly stern warnings from beijing also coming out. of the islamic state group says it carried out a deadly suicide bombing in the afghan capital kabul that killed dozens many of the victims are already being laid to rest. and sokka dortmund
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open the bundesliga season with a 5 to one thumping about gold to show that it's a serious contender for taking the championship title. i'm rebecca races welcome to the program in hong kong pro-democracy demonstrators have marched through the city center for another major rally it's the 11th consecutive weekend of protests organizers say more than 1700000 people joined sunday's peaceful demonstration the march was an aim to proving the movement still has popular support despite mounting violence and growing warnings from the mainland chinese government protesters are demanding free elections and an independent investigation into what they say is police brutality against protesters . protesters also are also repeating their call. hong kong lady carrie lamb to step
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down let's hear from one of the organizers of bonnie learn now. that carrie lamb must listen to people's voices and implements to 500 pounds and also ask the police to refix it to reconsider write the strategies against protesters if the government continue to ignore people's voices they want only force protestors to use other means including some radical means to do our protest hong kong people will soldier on until we see the government respond to all of our 5000 monster feet over these charlottesville some pillars in hong kong covering the protests for us she sent this assessment the right to the climax of another weekend's protest the one that the people back on the street today craving for right now today's protest was over the ice but the human rights rights they
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were the people behind him that the rabble back in june 1 in which they say attractive to some people now are not and have been through rallies in jane leading by fascism street with between protesters and police it was still a very violent. earlier this week rather by trying to take media thank that it was true that they have the right of the protest was very violent they like and they've heard the light of the day that was proven that is far from the truth either that actually these images that they have a right around the thousands of people back of the 3 watching today once again with. several migrants who were among a group stranded on a rescue ship off the coast of italy's lampedusa island have jumped overboard in a desperate bid to reach the shore the migrants began swimming towards land after
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being to die commission to disembark for more than 2 weeks by the italian government and also by spain to dock at one of its ports was rejected earlier by a spokesman for the open arms rescue vessel he said diaa conditions on board make the 6 day journey to the spanish port of al just cirrus impossible the founder of the ngo in charge of the rescue ship warned that the humanitarian emergency was only getting worse. now to sum up here i was on the other is i mean how many days of we've been warning you how many days people in the water fighting violence panic crisis everywhere how far do you intend to go. what are you waiting for. do you want deaths your mother doesn't have a. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world gibraltar has refused a request by the u.s. to seize an iranian tanker currently caught in
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a standoff between tehran and the west washington had attempted to detain the vessel on the ground that had links to the to iran's islamic revolutionary guard which the u.s. has designated a terrorist organization the ship is jus to set sail later tonight. in the bangladeshi capital dhaka several 1000 people have been made homeless after a massive fire swept through a crowded slum many of the shanty homes had plastic roots which help the flames to spread no deaths were reported although several people were injured. and heavy rains in istanbul have triggered flash flooding killing a homeless man and leaving parts of the historic grand bazaar under water several roads across the city were also submerged the floods briefly halted ferry services connecting the asia and european sides of the city. in afghanistan the so-called islamic state is claiming responsibility for a deadly suicide attack on
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a wedding party in the capital kabul funerals are being held for the victims of the attack which left more than 60 people dead and dozens more injured many of the victims were women and children the explosion took place as more than a 1000 guests were celebrating a marriage in a shiite neighborhood of kabul. the islamic state considers muslim shiites to be heretics and has targeted them in many attacks in the past. cobbles huge wedding halls are centers of community life but the grand design and decor of this one belie the carnage of the attack the death toll detailed in part by what many of the victims left behind. throughout the night ambulances ferried the injured for treatment outside of a nearby hospital relatives checked for names of the dead and injured an attacker had set off explosives in the midst of the wedding celebrations. yeah dimon
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presented the explosion happened near the stage where the musicians were all of a young people and all the people who were there were killed some are wounded and now they're in the hospital and others are dead. this nearby hospital needed every bit of space to accommodate the victims they had arrived in a massive wave of distress. of all of them or can borrow more than we came to the site of the blast and i saw that many women and children were screaming and crying many martyrs and injured people were transferred by the ambulances and it was really a terrible situation. beyond the weddings themselves wedding halls are also used as simple meeting places for small and large gatherings that's made them the target of a local affiliate of the so-called islamic state. last november at least $55.00 people were killed when a suicide bomber attacked hundreds of muslim scholars and clerics gathered in another kabul wedding hall to mark the birthday of the prophet muhammad. i'm joined
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now by journalist allie latif in kabul ali thanks for joining me this so-called islamic state say they're responsible for this attack is there any proof of that. i mean the only proof we have is basically their claim they're not in the least calling card and there's really no way to know that but they did actually name the bomber a genocide and the. last name of. which you know to a lot of ups which will lead to a lot of suspicions in this country because you know don has always been accused of aiding and abetting different armed groups here novel honest fan so literally in these kinds of cases the only proves the only evidence we have is what they claim themselves. and when we talk about afghanistan anyway when you're talking about the taliban so when an i.a.s. fit into all of this and what do they want. so this is exactly the problem is that
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they're sort of there's this rogue group where people in the areas where they gained a lot of traction for instance in the east i've been talking to people in these areas since 201-314-2015 they always say these people come out of nowhere we don't really know what they where they come from we don't understand who they are really is understand the way they speak what they do say like the taliban or think muslims and they kick the taliban out and then they take over and they're really known for their brutality they often claim that they will take women from the area as brides for themselves. widowers or young unmarried women like telling people to hang flags on their houses and things like that it's never been fully proven because as soon as people hear that they leave the area as soon as they can as soon as they hear the name diy they flee the area and the problem is is that with the taliban you generally have a sense that you know they have a leadership they have
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a spokesman you know their leadership is able to say in doha and negotiate with the top with the united states with these diets forces we don't know who they are we don't know what they want and there's really no way even if that's if there were to be talks with them or you and speak to and what is it that you're going to try and negotiate around. in kabul afghanistan thank you very much representatives from 180 nations are meeting in geneva to agree on protections for vulnerable spaces like elephants the trade in ivory has been banned worldwide for years but some african countries say the ban is unnecessary they want restrictions on elephant and ivory exports to be listened. elephant tracks go straight across daniel jeremiah's field the small farmer lives in cousin on the edge of tobie national park the packet derms often enter his farm and eat or trample his crops you know a lot of them to come every day and you can see. anything
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. there. botswana is home to africa's largest elephant population with around 150000 the number is growing in some areas there have been deadly encounters between humans and elephants in may bouts want to lifted a 5 year hunting ban now the country's going a step further by pushing for limited ivory trade at the world wildlife conference in geneva scientists fear that could also lead to more illegal trade in ivory we know that within africa we really struggle to control trade of products like wildlife and we struggle to sort of monitor it and regulate the legal side of things and we cannot pretend we are not stopping the illegal side of things i mean it's theoretically possible that poaching could get worse and of course and that
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that's why that's a worse outcome for elephants effective controls are needed to ensure that only tusks from illegal haunting are traded but countries with rampant corruption often lack such oversight and that could worsen the plight of elephants. and sports news now and in major league baseball germany's max kepler of the minnesota twins has broken a 60 year here old record for the 1st of the most time runs in a statement by a european born player it happened on friday when the van in native knocked in a home run against the take this rain just to make that he 3 that breaks the record set by scottish born bobby thompson back and 951 for the new york giants minnesota went on to win 4 to 3. and in german 2nd opened open they want to slake a campaign at home to out bog they were keen to take advantage of by munich stroll with head to bell and on friday dortmund had an early frights but quickly recovered . dortmund fans are hoping that this is their year and off their bye and opening
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day draw on friday perhaps the back 4 was already dreaming of the title as they were caught sound asleep in the 1st minutes. household's new signing flew via needle ational with his 1st goal for the club just 55 seconds in. but don't mend responded just 2 minutes later they're attacking the trio of jade and sam show marco royce and pak oh wow cassidy combines to pull one back i'm a new look passed from roy showing telepathic understanding with the spanish strike out in the 2nd half it was outspoken defense that started off snoozing axel that's all calmly dribbling down the left flank and his time cross carried straight to jade in some show he was linked with a move away this summer that showed where his loyalties lie i'm to one after 51 minutes i find the calamitous defending continued.
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i this time outs book keeper too must come back made a mess of it allowing al kasa to tee up captain marker royce the dortmund started just. 2 minutes later the leading priest a full one as outspoken lapsed and outcast a seat of his grace i really going to scold and take minutes or starting down don't mean select on sight to round things off new signing union pounds a month to school on his debut. it was the 5th time and don't wince history that they conceded in the 1st minutes of an opening day fixture but after the shock of the early goal they put on a dominant display that sends a clear message to their title rivals god and all of us if we all took note of the fact that by andrew on friday and that was a little added incentive for those but just happy to have taken 3 points and were looking forward to the next games the black and yellows will be wary of last
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season's to refix start but the fans already dared to dream. you're watching data is from the end of next down documentary series dumbfound looks at how the countries of the persian gulf are adapting to each other without oil plenty of headlines at the top of the hour i'm a decorated and shiny. gold . first clinging. door as grandma is arrives. join the ranks on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary.


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