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everyone but. a lot of water is an equally dangerous. place and keep people non-self so they can plant crops and find a year. floods droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any if you want and probably more the bill. for climate exodus starts september 5th on the w. . h. into tomorrow today the science show on d w coming up. we continue our journey in the footsteps of alexander from home but this week we visit members of the art show up people in the amazon rain forest. the rain forest is a vast source of medicinal plants researchers are trying to identify their active
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ingredients and find new ones is. another trend in medicine artificial intelligence that can help diagnose diseases but 1st a look back in time. you noted have been she was an amazing anatomist who did about 30 cadavers and created exquisite drawings of what he found the discovery of x. rays allow doctors to look inside our living bodies without cutting us open. ultrasound further change diagnostic methods now scans of various kinds connected to computers are generating lots of data so much that it's getting hard for radiologists to process alone artificial intelligence can help. here at s n university hospital about a 1000 patients have radiological exams every day. giving you a small dose of contrast. agent. this results in count those images that have to be
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evaluated for that doctors depend on high powered computers and increasingly on artificial intelligence. walking on guts or we need tools because they're simply more data but can stay photographed one hand and that wasn't much data of course it's exploded today from organs actually the computer doesn't even look at the images it looks at all the ones and zeros that make up the images. then the computers can infer a lot more information from high resolution m.r.i. and c.t. images than humans can do to recognize the abnormal patterns that indicate disease in the fine gradations of grey tones radiologists need years of training and the utmost concentration here's how the human brain accomplishes this task our billions of nerve cells are constantly forming new connections in the brain and breaking down others this is how we learn and how patterns are impressed upon our minds so
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that we recognize them. the problem is that the more data the brain has to process the faster it tires out and the polls will fall but if you look at thousands of images and even as a non radiologist you can guess that a finding will slip by you because you are tired that doesn't happen to a computer and we have extremely large quantities of data to analyze it well you need computer power. or computer paul after all computer programs are superior to human beings when it comes to recognizing patterns but 1st the computer needs a kind of basic training it's presented with a certain pattern then it compares all other patterns with this template and decides does the pattern match or not. programs that recognize patterns have been used in the field of radiology for he.
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foresting now wants to deploy artificial intelligence to help detect damage to brain tissue. this is our guts and this our patient had an acute stroke and an expert sees that this c.t. here is not entirely normal this is a war that requires years of training or if we analyze the images with a i that it highlights this area showing that a stroke has occurred here with this weight radiologists who don't look at several strokes a day like we do you can at least use this as an aid. whether they accept the suggestions is something they have to decide for themselves or so i'm in. charge of artificial intelligence or a.i. goes beyond mere pattern recognition the aim is to imitate the way the human brain works using software artificial neurons are connected with each other in layers and fed with an algorithm a sequence of instructions. the task here is to recognize
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a circle at 1st images of various shapes are fed into the system. during the learning phase a human tells the system whether it correctly recognize the image or not this is tim changes the connections between the artificial neurons accordingly. the ones that lead to the correct result get stronger those that led to the incorrect result get weaker that's how artificial intelligence learns is in your seeing something here that no one else in the world can see ready only here it's an absolute wild fust. forcing and his team are trying to further improve the skills of their ai system. the scene the program is still in the learning phase is. going to merge with new money for what we have here is an earlier exam the current exam we see these white stripes that we didn't have here before at all so that's
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new to see there's a radiologist i can see it very well now i can work through the entire finding from top to bottom you know yet but what sina does this help me by color coding the differences between before and after you know the newest changes a shown an orange to visualize it while the previous image just marks in blue. seen allays the old and new images exactly on top of each other and makes every difference visible for example whether a tumor has grown but that's not all. in the background the artificial intelligence system calls up similar images findings and treatment recommendations from medical databases and textbooks dr ai is much faster and more systematic than a human being could ever be this way it provides radiologists with crucial advice on diagnostics and treatment. i can look at different images of this disease that have been confirmed and compare them. then i also have the patients clinical
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information as well as clinical information that is typical for this disease. and. learn successfully programs like ciena need clear exemplary images and diagnosis after all ai will only get smarter if doctors and programmers provide it with good days. i don't think it makes any sense for me as a. best of mediocre. or for an i.t. person to take up doctoring as a hobby each of us should play in the champ. league of our own disciplines is the new term conceived. forcing is convinced that in future more and more of the growing flood of data in radiology will be prescreened by a doctor ai decisions about diagnosis and treatments however will remain in the hands of human doctors for the time being.
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on the one hand medicine is becoming ever more high tech and complex using ai virtual reality and robots. on the other hand many patients one therapies they consider a natural authentic nature also provides of all materials for academic myths and if you are in mexico has a question about that. what is the nature of banks go natural path medicine. for one thing it's at the root of modern university and science based medicine. the majority of modern pharmaceuticals are derived from plants. plants have been used for medicinal purposes for files of years both. traditional healers use a range of leaves flowers fruits roots and bark. news in some parts of
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south america teammate with the bark of the said real tree is used as a painkiller can go rosalie's combat headaches under parts of africa the box of the african cherry is used to treat a wide range of ailments. the world's tropical rain forests are rich in plants with known medical properties and a lot of research is going into identifying the active substances in them and into identifying other species that might yield substances of medicinal value. some substances used in certain systems of traditional medicine are. actually toxins but appear to have therapeutic effect if the dosage is right typically small . terms such as nature based or natural medicine can also denote something quite different namely to farrah putin effect of exposure to make your own natural forces sunlight. fresh air. water
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a german tradition of hydrotherapy named after sebastiaan connived focuses on the stimulatory effects of cold water. of course diet has an impact on health as well. and then there's traditional chinese medicine. the term natural medicine covers a wide range of traditions substances and therapies some of these are called complementary therapies whenever excepted by conventional science based medicine as possibly helpful to treat symptoms or side effects. of all plant families 12 in particular contain an amazing wealth of medicine no flounce the mowbray family is the single greatest source science is just adding with a mulberry leaves can lower blood sugar levels in diabetes patients. plans in the dr and family yield substances that could treat cancer and anticoagulants are found
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in some members of the legume family. there are so many plants with medicinal potential research is underway to find out how and whether they work. but. it's knowledge that dates back thousands of years the healing effect of plants and herbs knowledge that was hugely important in the middle ages but then to some extent forgotten. many scientists are now developing a curiosity for these plants and medical practitioners are rediscovering their healing powers. german herbs expr. put comma knows the healing potential of domestic plants here she's gathering herbs for medicinal teas. like that on some birch leaves because they flush out the urinary system and black berry leaves have an anti-inflammatory effect in the mouth. i use all 3 to make an herbal
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blend it's like a home pharmacy holds up. to protect themselves against pasts and pathogens herbs often contain oils bitter substances and acids that kill germs like willows along with many other active ingredients their bark contains salicylic acid compounds at the end of the 1900 century chemists develop these substances into one of the most popular fever and pain relief medicines aspirin. more than a 1000 herbal medicinal products are licensed in germany and new ones are constantly being discovered around the world many are still not well understood and research are underway as hens it is trying to unlock their secrets he's investigating marshmallow root and cat's whiskers which contain substances that may help relieve coughs and urinary tract infections the researchers goal is to develop new drugs and improve available ones missed
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a few times the problem is the sheer multitude of substances in these medicinal plants often we know the plant has an effect except that many times we tell it which of the countless substances is responsible or if that's what our research is about cracking this code so we can develop more effective medications already commented for them to could. read say is also an intriguing plant it's known to have a wound healing effect but there are over 50 active ingredients so which one is responsible for healing wounds researchers are trying to find answers using human skin. they trippin each with a single isolated substance from the sage plant the question is does this substance promote cell production because for wool to heal new skin cells have to grow in that area. the samples are tested a few days later. it's a detailed and time consuming morgue but the results could be significant.
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period of time it would be such a great breakthrough to identify which substances have the most positive wound healing effect rico pretty big especially for bedridden patients that are hard to treat hopefully our research will help us to develop new drugs. they haven't tested all the substances yet but they hope to find the active ingredient within a year or 2 and then develop a drug from it. the research is further along for other medicinal plants. at the clinic in western germany treats patients every day with highly effective herbal drugs. the clinic uses more than 50 plant based medicines in the internal medicine department alone and that for 15 years now . supplementing conventional medicine with herbal remedies can offer big results.
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like for nonspecific back pain and ailment many people suffer from. non-specific back pain can be greatly helped by using herbal medicine the biggest advantage of these couple drugs is that they often cause fewer side effects significantly fewer. plays a major role in treating respiratory diseases it can alleviate the symptoms which means less coughing less pain in the limbs and faster healing and there's no conventional alternative to this herbal remedy that's on a par in terms of side affects. of course it's always important to speak to a doctor about the potential causes of an illness and the treatment plan self medicating with herbal remedies alone could be life threatening it's a danger that you lose when put comma is aware of her medicinal plants are considered safe but when she has a condition that doesn't respond quickly to an herbal treatment she consults
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a doctor. if i don't what is right right right only i. do have a science question that you've always wanted answered it we're happy to help out send it to us as a video text ovoid smell if we answer it on the show we'll send you a little surprise as a thank you can all just ask. you'll find as i do w dot com slash science or drop us a line at d w underscore site tech on facebook d.w. dot saw. the naturalist alexander from home but who explored larger areas of south america rose about the healing properties of the rind of the cinchona tree which indigenous people used to treat a range of elements. later it's active and see malarial ingredients quinidine was identified. him gold was keen to understand the way the peoples of the region
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lived their lives and then destroyed the world. in the latest episode of a series on his travels in the americas we had to ecuador and the legacy of the incas. in go pick up a stone fortress in southern ecuador built by the ancient encourages. center the so-called temple of the sun. the temple was arrested on a perfect ellipse we suspect that it was a place of worship on the same hill the kind yari people they prayed to their gods until they were conquered by the inca the incas simply converted the site and adapted the walls to the style typical of their capital cusco.
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get their name. in this way they left behind their own cultural imprint while preserving the original layout of ing appeared. making it unique in the entire indian empire builder tower if. one has to admire the sense of precision and symmetry these people had rowed alexander from home both about the fortress of india farah. on the old anchor road he visited one of the few preserved remains of the pre-columbian empires by his time and spanish colonial rule had already wiped out 90 percent of the indigenous population. but home board continued his explorations eager to study those people whose culture and way of life had remained completely untouched by the spanish conquest.
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our expedition following in home boats footsteps takes us to the western amazon basin at the border between ecuador and peru. in a single propeller plane we follow the course of the past us a river. deep into the territory of the people. you will where you. meet the eagle. where you.
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if you want to hunt you must respect the rain forests 6 and asks the wren forests to provide the food if you are not prospecting if the rain forests in the rain forest will never give you nothing. for. the arch wire the guardian from the forest. will leave here for 1000 of years sunday or in forests is our home. if. nobody understands what the forest is than they are your.
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own now. why he who would be if you know the waterfall is the home of our spirit out of tom. and you know i think moving here you can get my for this sacred spot but it is where our ancestors arrived in this world from home i mean and for them i hear they found protection and sound healthy and i thank you. centuries after on boats american expedition the arch was still live largely isolated from the outside world and preserve their own language customs and
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traditions and. before dawn we were received by the head of the local community we joined in the dream interpretation ritual with which the ochoa are usually begin their day. ah this is a 3 day waiting. for you and we sometimes talk about our dreams from the previous night flying a theme with them but sometimes it's about special dreams that we call. go to meet up with a normal sleeping or something different you know these are visions that we don't get during sleep or think they have a different significance than normal trains a normal life. more than 70000 are believed to live in the amazon region today. that one's warrior people live in an anarchic society split up into small communities. some clans still wage war on each other but their
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daily lives in the rain forest are primarily focused on on and working their small garden it's probably the women are responsible. i'm bord was fascinated by the traditional lifestyle of the indigenous peoples as he traveled through the rain forest observing their customs and learning their languages in contrast to other explorers and researchers from europe who considered them to be savages he saw them as a group of people unspoiled by civilization but today's civilization is encroaching on the rain forest and its inhabitants to you are you in car grew up in the outer world community before leaving to go to college in the city a 15 day walk from here he's one of the few want you are to have regular contact with the outside world when i was very young snake years old i always respected nature. so it was started to be as leader. i did
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a lot of ceremonies ceremonies not a month ceremonies with shadow. all my families are very lucky for sherman so i believe in. so. i was really prepared to start to talk about my nationality. now to you what william carr is the tribe spokesman he wants to draw the world's attention to the plight of his people the clock is ticking for the arch of war and their way of life beneath the ground of their ancestral homeland are huge petroleum deposits drilling and exploitation on a large scale would be the end of the actual are who live in from and with the rain forest. are they are true we are warriors we will never be afraid from their mother warriors because for if you cop to give our life for the nature we can do that for if the government wants to send the oil companies here for going to
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fight if the oil companies want to take our land flake out to kill all the our shores and then they can use this lawn as material to sell to make them up. so they actually are oh tom lives in every stone every plant and every animal. they prayed to the spirit for protection and fertility. yet you are see the forest as a living being as from boredom self sense turns he made his way through the jungle of become a zone reacher. he did away with the prevailing myth in europe of the british native by simply watching and listening to what the indigenous peoples had to search.
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for more on the great man and his adventures check out the expedition homebody page on our website d.w. dot com. next week our journey in humbugs footsteps takes us to coastal peru to the pacific and the ocean current that bears his name until then good bye and all feet as they.
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are. isolated. dirt poor. and a nuclear power. north korea. but who supplies the country with its expensive nuclear technology and who's behind kim jong il in the shadowy financial system the system is setup like this the dictator's men tell all.
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i. use safe water and safe raw materials to avoid kentucky. food producers are the ones primarily responsible for the safety of the food you buy but you can protect yourself and your family from diseases and along by plying the 5 keys to see food use them you also have a role to play. the. shipping data shows that in a rainy an oil tanker caught in a standoff with the west has set sail from gibraltar after a court released it the grice one was being held their offer was seized on suspicion of smuggling oil to syria it was then renamed and rice the iranian flag before it left the british territory.

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