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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2019 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin twitter and facebook take action against chinese government propaganda targeting hong kong protests beijing has been trying to counter the pro-democracy movement with social media disinformation some 200000 accounts linked to that campaign tapped now been suspended by twitter also coming up. a landmark case in el salvador a court acquits said young woman accused of murder after suffering a miscarriage is 21 year old was facing 40 years in prison. and cole
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is at the heart of an election campaign in the german state of brandenburg where it's a major employer look at how the far right t.f.t. party is fighting to keep the industry going against government plans to close it down. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us social media platforms twitter and facebook have shut down accounts targeting the pro-democracy movement in hong kong the platform said the counts were part of the chinese government does information campaign aimed to groups and individuals facebook has closed a number of accounts as well some of the posted images showed protesters as terrorists and cockroaches twitter has suspended some 200000 accounts and plans to ban advertisements from state run me. all posts on social media
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platforms are just one part of beijing's propaganda war here's a look at a state run t.v. is rolling broadcasting the government why. state propaganda can seem so harmless at hong kong's border china's communist rulers have rustled up a fairy tale 600 illuminated drones hover in the night sky i love hong kong and i love china is their message but propaganda can have another aspect the evening news also has a message protesters are plunging hong kong into chaos. she's the only indian who should take to the demonstrators are like bread droppings they have angered the people and the powerful in heaven here in the u.s. . china's state media feed the viewers an endless stream of the same images of violence there's no coverage of peaceful mass protest demonstrators are equated with terrorists under the control of foreign powers no coincidence then that the
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stars and stripes flutters into the shot. it doesn't start as a very young it's very sad that they are being led astray i meant that the most out of the whole every good tale needs a hero that rules are reserved for fuqua. a journalist for chinese state media who is seized the sound and beaten by anti beijing protesters at hong kong airport whose fate went viral on state controlled social media presented as an assault on all of china's 1400000000 citizens. while the demonstrators say they are defending human rights but they deny journalists their right to enter the airport i give that journalist a big thumbs up for the courage he showed toward an agenda we don't get that propaganda is especially effective when it stirs up deeper feelings this side of demonstrators throwing the chinese flag into hong kong harbor triggered outrage on
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social media and in response an outpouring of patriotic fervor from chinese citizens branding hong kong's pro-democracy movement as an attack on their national pride will soon trollish to you it is a great honor for me to be one of the 1400000 defenders of our flag and i will do my best to ensure it is always respected without which as you well know it's injured. and china isn't only flying drones at the border close by and the paramilitary people's armed police has been holding drills this week more profit ganda that doesn't seem as harmless as i love hong kong. ok let's break this down now with did abuse a charlatan until she's been covering the protests in hong kong for us today to charlotte what have you been seeing where you are just how broad is a propaganda war being waged by beijing. boys thing
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is a real battle over the narrative of these process of course we've been seeing for days . weeks this narrative that's unfolding from beijing in the social media from chinese state media as well suggesting that all of these protests is a place to terrorists but the people here who are taking to the streets every day of course have their own social media campaign going on as well they are frequently posting images oh of what they say is police brutality just today we've seen one video in particular going viral that shows. an elderly man apparently being assaulted by police in a hospital that is absolutely everywhere on social media today people getting very upset about that because of course anger at police is has become one of the main motivating factors for people taking to the streets so people here in hong kong are really trying to challenge the narrative but it is a case of course if you believe who you trust trust on social media that will
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dictate of course how affected you are by any of the plays that you read in our shows facebook and twitter are fighting back against the propaganda coming from beijing they're closing down accounts and pages is this going to make a difference. well the concern is of course that there's sort of a whack a mole situation that facebook and twitter are going to be facing they such shut down some accounts will then pop up just as quickly in twitter in fact has said that it's already got up to 200000 other social media accounts under review at the moment so that just gives you a sense of the scale but this was a this narrative that we're seeing being played out is one of the reasons why people here in hong kong will never too concerned about those images that we saw of the people's arms police on the border with hong kong beijing people the police
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they felt that a lot has changed since tiananmen square in 1909 when beijing crackdown on protesters killing some suggest thousands of people people here know that china has other ways of cracking down on protesters social media being one of them they see those tanks on the border is just one part of this propaganda war that is being waged in beijing aims not only at people here but also people on the mainland as well proof that beijing isn't sitting on its hands when it comes of watching this protest move in and that they are prepared to take action it's a show of force if you like what about the damage that's being done by this propaganda how much has a hurt the protesters image and their calls. this propaganda has been going on for weeks and what we saw on sunday is that these protests still can gather an enormous crowd they still do have broad support here
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we saw open eyes and say 1700000 people on the streets and one of the really. defining features of this protest movement is just how inventive these protesters are how creative they are to try and counter the narrative to keep the men's and going we've seen them. on the streets night off now. right we've seen that they plan different ways of protesting that remain as peaceful as possible that big fear of course is that any image is a protest is behaving violently i will go around the out on social media and they need to show that this is con as possible charlotte thanks so much for that from hong kong. let's brief you down some of the other stories making the news at this hour british prime minister boris johnson has called on the e.u. to scrap the so-called irish backstop in the british banks agreement and a letter to the european council president he instead prose the quote flexible and
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creative solution to potential problems at the northern ireland border the has so far insisted the withdrawal deal cannot be renegotiated. french president emmanuel mccraw has hosted his russian counterpart vladimir putin for a rare bilateral meeting the talks were aimed at improving relations between moscow and the you the leaders vowed to make a fresh effort to bring peace to eastern ukraine but remains at odds over the war in syria. there is no letup in violence in afghanistan as the nation celebrated its national independence day dozens of people wounded in bombings in jalalabad in the east. the capital kabul is still reeling after saturday's wedding attack claimed $63.00 lives so-called islamic state says it carried out that suicide bomber. well a 21 year old woman el salvador whose baby was found dead in the toilet where she
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gave birth has been cleared of murder during a retrial evelyn hernandez had always maintained her in the innocence saying that she did not know that she was pregnant at the time that she lost consciousness during the birth her case has been closely watched with women's groups calling for her acquittal. it's. a happy ending for evelyn hernandez after 3 years behind bars a court and send salvatore a quid at the young woman of aggravated homicide charges the prosecution had requested a 40 year sentence. finally free hernandez couldn't hide her joy. thank you for being here and thank god justice was done i also want to express my gratitude to those who have protested on might be half as well as my supporters and other countries and i want to thank my mother with being there for me all along.
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hernandez had been imprisoned after suffering a miscarriage and being found guilty of murdering her unborn child the woman's lawyers argued she'd been raped and was unaware of her pregnancy when an upset trick emergency at her home resulted in a stillbirth. woman convicted under out salva doors draconian anti abortion law usually face sentences of 2 to 8 years but often those who seek medical treatment after a miscarriage are charged with aggravated homicide and 2017 hernandez was sentenced to 30 years in prison but in february el salvador supreme court overturned the ruling for lack of evidence over the past 2 years the struggle of evelyn hernandez has become a symbol for the women's rights movement and the fight for a more lenient abortion policy in all of latin america. that's why scores of activists outside the courthouse celebrated the ruling as a collective victory and
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a long overdue step in the right direction. well here in germany in less than 2 weeks voters in the states of saxony and brown bird go to the polls on 2 very closely watched elections that's because in both states the far right. party could become the strongest. party and pushed the established ones like the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. into the background while what's giving the campaign extra appeal is coal the last major wealth producer in this economically weak lusitania region now if he wants to keep coal fired power in the loose asia region there all the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. have decided they have to go the coal industry employs thousands there. it's half past 3 and stephan kubicki is under pressure he needs to order a crane. and it's me again what kind of crane doing the kind of one was it
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again what. could be its key works in a coal fired power plant in the eastern german region of loose a chef. lately he's been managing his election campaign to bits he wants to represent the far right alternative for germany party or a f.t. in brandenburg state parliament. not seen years ago i never would have thought that i would get into politics so to speak this involved i could have gone a fishing period already taken my dog for a walk i could have had a lot easier it's tough to be in the a.f.d. . hostile to you on your point of but the f.d.a. is popular here germany's phase out of coal fired power plants has many people here worried and the a.f.d. backs coal power which is practically the region's only source of income the party
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thrives on frustration with germany's mainstream parties or. whatever they've done for the last 30 years they make most people sick people don't believe in all the promises being made again just before the election. and. after the collapse of communist east germany many people move to the west sense then the center left social democrats have governed the state of brandenburg. but since the emergence of the a.f.d. many voters deny climate change and use fear mongering to stir up than a phobia this party that's been tied to the nato nazis could become the most powerful force in the former east only a few people here are willing to comment on the f.t.'s rise in popularity. i was in good hands on where they want to go. we won't know until they're in power. then
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it may be too late i would listen to. a f.t. candidate stephan qubits key who could lure s.p.d. voters to his camp dismisses concerns that his far right party is too extremist. when george says issue what they have something in the f.t. became an example 90 out fast but i don't think that's an issue. you mean a far right trend yes that's always the assumption that there isn't one. and yet some of own friends and family criticized him when he joined the f.t. tom you have all your. family was divided with some other relatives who were really surprised and some were horrified they said man you're a decent guy how can you join the effort to come through and. even so other parties have been losing ground to the a.f.d.
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but not the environmentalist greens they've won supporters on the issue of the climate crisis and say they don't know why eastern germans vote for the far right. people are doing well and that's why they're willing to do ridiculous experiments we have 3 percent unemployment and our district is at the top compared with others . but when it comes to the f.d.a. they act crazy and take risks. with us he kind of. d. has nothing to offer and they don't contribute to solving any problems at all he said they just make vulgar complaints about their discontent. this is member harkness. this evening another drawn out complaint. k.f.t. party leader alexander gallons made an announcement he thrives on polarizing communities
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stephan kubicki also knows how to score points with this crowd. the funniest question was what do i think of the climate activist great to turn back a white guy was taken aback so i answered i drive a v 8 with 388 horsepower do i still have to answer this question. but the party chief gets even more applause added i'm a downgrade you ladies and gentlemen if the a.f.d. governs brandenburg we will protect our borders again. when. we leave him dear friends even if that means things get ugly many voters say gellman's unvarnished frankness compliments steffen qubits he's more amiable style . for mr tibbetts he talks so much like ordinary people other politicians he is more of a parliamentary language but he talks like the workers in the power plant and of
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course people really like it. the f.d.a. can do what it wants in eastern germany at least it's set to become the party of the people. or is it the party of the people that we use chief political editor michelle talk about that with those morning michelle is. the only big tent party in brandenburg in saxony right now is replacing the c.d.u. in the s.p.d. well that's the big concern amongst the established parties going to michael's conservative see you on the social democrats but this is a trend that really goes into 2 directions yes the a.f.d. it looks likely to become the strongest party and saxony at the same time at the other end of the spectrum the green party has been very successful in present representing a kind of counter balance to that they have a program they have a legacy of decades here and if the still
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a very young party and they seem to be able to mobilize voters as well the greens look set to double that figure from the last time around. but the look set to come on top that election slogan is we all the people but that's not quite true like you to get more than like 21 percent so the some 79 percent with other parties ok you're just back from saxony in brandenburg in the greens have been out there stumping as well bringing out the big guns into those states right now is well they argue that they have begun this that they actually have an election program they've been talking about c o 2 emissions for decades now and that they really want to represent an alternative particular for those coal mining regions but at the same time they say that they don't want to be in the a if t. this is something that the f.t. actually has been able to capitalize on they see themselves as the political out cost and they are representing themselves as the true alternative to established
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politics and that certainly has struck in. with people who are disappointed with developments following the full of the bottom war which is now there's real. what is this going to mean for the stability of the german government a strong showing the a.f.d. becoming the strongest party in both those states what does it mean for berlin well if becoming the strongest party and with also this right wing tendencies with parts of the posse being under suspicion of actually being in breach with the german constitution they're getting a very close look at right now a definite particularly that we in the east and it means that the a.f.p. will become get a stronger force to be reckoned with here. but the main concern amongst people who want to see this government continue is that the social democrats will get such a hard hit in these elections that back could lead to the end of the so-called
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grand coalition looking at opinion polls right now that coalition is not so ground anymore it's a looking at the figures so. loss of potential for instability on which could lead to the end of this government but the situation in my memory has never been so open as it is right now here in germany ok so this could threaten the survival of the governing coalition of germany as well as michelle thanks very much for the chance for all americans in iceland for talks on climate issues she'll be meeting prime ministers from countries that are part of the nordic council of ministers its members are pledged to intensify their efforts to shape climate policy. to writing at one of iceland's most historic sites with the future of the nation in focus. thing build their national park iceland's 1st parliament once convened here where 2 tectonic plates meet chancellor merkel welcome to steps iceland is taking to protect its natural heritage in so germany won't be far behind
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you sometimes isolated has very ambitious climate goals and of course its own particularly natural conditions that germany also wants to be climate neutral by 205010 years later than iceland and we're currently preparing intensively to make further decisions and title one for. miracles governing coalition is due to announce a raft of new climate policies in september but the coalition partners reportedly disagree over issues like raising taxes on non renewables. the environment has topped the list of concerns for german voters in recent polling. in iceland the prime minister has made tech thing climate issues his signature policy there is you scientists have predicted is happening now and that's right i think it's so important to do everything that's human you possible to prevent the climate crisis that we're already seeing around the world which is the phrase draws flaws and very
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serious disappearing from today's german nordic climate summit has such a focus on finding common ground in a world where coordinated action on the environment is seldom a given. for the very 1st time german authorities have taken in children born to former fighters of so-called islamic state the children were living in a refugee camp in syria in june a german court ruled the country must take in children with german citizenship. 4 children are traveling to the country of their parents who had once joined the so-called islamic state and died now for the 1st time and often tough negotiations with the kurdish that administration the german government is repatriating children born to yes militants. it's a welcome development that for german children who had been in custody in northern syria were able to leave the country today. in addition will advocate for the
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possibility of other children in the same circumstances to leave syria vs this essentially concerned small children whose living conditions are far from optimal to my the kurdish camps a squalid inot whole combine low 75000 people live in close quarters among them a many i.a.s. followers hygiene and medical care are minimal and deceit is spread easily german children are among those growing up in these conditions and their mothers want to return home as soon as possible yeah see me says she arrived in syria in 2014 and lived in iraq and die yes control she has been living in a kurdish camp with her 2 children for 2 years. so it's very difficult for the children my son is 4 years old i send him here to school he has to learn something i want to learn something too it's already been 2 years that's time i won't get back i hope we'll get picked up so that we can get
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a 2nd chance. one out of many stories as pressure on the german government grows to bring more of its citizens back from syria. well after a week start to the season byron munich have made what could be a significant signing barcelona's philippe continuo in a loan deal the business leaders reigning champions have struggled to sign on top tier players in this transfer market. by in munich season got off to a rocky start after they drew their opening game against hazare berlin and off the pitch the top brass have started in the transfer market falling short of expectations after losing key attacking players by an bucked up their defense spending big on lucas hernandez and. but missing out on key targets further up the pitch instead signing 2 stopgap solutions on one year loan deals 1st 30 year old
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into milan winger even paris. hitch and now barcelona's felipe could buy and will pay the spanish club an $8500000.00 loan fee and have the option to make the deal permanent for the staggering sum of $120000000.00 euros and the brazilian certainly knows he is under pressure. to go and see it's a big responsibility wearing the byron shirt is a club with a great tradition. especially the number 10 shirt which was previously worn by arrian robben who was a fantastic player here. i know there's a lot of pressure on me to deliver. but i think i'll fit in very well here and play good football to meet the expectations of the club and the fans. that's most of the me. alone signing is a rare occurrence before this summer by and it only brought in 9 players that way in their entire club history
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a short term fix which leaves the squad little time to gel on the pitch. we have more on that and other stories in this broadcast at our website good of you dot com up next your heart offers with the business news i'm brian thomas thanks for being here.
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i still ain't in. dirt poor. and in nuclear power. north korea. to surprise the country with its expensive nuclear technology and who's behind kim jong il in the shadowy financial system the system is setup like this the dictators men tell all. book to do 45 minutes on t w. trying to early the global tourist guide from trinity's
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booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis you know you're a mix series sit down on a plane it's not like stressing me i love a good lunch and once again switzerland looks like the toughest race like me despite the 50 nations 50 story. and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best features. no planet for live coverage on t.v. w. perseverance rising people fight for some little money case out of my luck when there's a flood water comes up to our waist going to close faster everyone but. the lack of water is equally dangerous. to send people to see people not self so they can
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plant crops and find to make the system. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could write any going to matter if you want and probably more effective. for climate exodus start september 5th on d w. is it part of a faster erosion of hong kong's remaining independence or just sensible economic policies beijing pushes a plan to make hong kong the people part of a cluster of cities at the pearl river delta creating one of the most vibrant economy gary is on the planet. also on the show russia's own version of goo.


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