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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin italy's prime minister resigns after his coalition government falls apart she said he conti says the blame for the crisis lies with interior minister material salvini who is trying to trigger an election and become the country's next prime minister. italian authorities and the standoff over the open arms rescue ship after desperate conditions leave more migrants to jump overboard prosecutors move to evacuate and seize the ship. britain's prime minister issues a fresh challenge to the european union over brics of course johnson calls the e.u.
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a bit negative and says the block has to scrap its current plan to avoid our border and our. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us we start with a deepening political crisis in italy just a short while ago she said picante officially tendered his resignation as prime minister and accepted a caretaker role until the country can form a new government conscious resignation caps off a dramatic day in which he lashed out at rightwing interior minister matteo salvini for toppling the ruling coalition to force new elections opinion surveys have signalled a snap photos could see cell vini become italy's next prime minister. she is in cheers for the it's hung in prime minister. yes here arrived at the senator
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and rome for a crucial debate on the government's future. in a dramatic command he resigned from his post bringing it is populist government to a swift end after just 14 months in power come to accuse interior minister metellus salvini of being the sole architects of the country's seemingly endless political crisis. are joining us for the reasons that lead me to call the decision to spark the government crisis extremely irresponsible with i must say that the interior minister has shown he is acting out of personal and party interests but the. county blasted salvini for breaking up the right wing coalition with the intent of going it alone. i want to be i will be so we don't need men with absolute power. but people with
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a strong sense of responsibility. was solid if i was a salvini the leader of italy's writing league party told senators the teacher gets the government crisis because he's not afraid of an early folks. when my will do everything that i did all over again. everything with the great strength of being a free man. leave it means i'm not afraid of being judged by the italian this was the. kid on a par with. the judy it's. his supporters who are also out in force chanting elections now elections now the salvini has made clear his bid for power and his popularity is steadily on the rise because of his anti migrants policy this
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almost matthew then the employer has plunged it's only even deeper into one of its worst political crises in recent she is. staying in italy now for the standoff over the migrant rescue ship open arms the boat has been stranded off the island of lampedusa for weeks as the interior minister savini refused to allow the ship to dock now a prosecutor has ordered the boat to be seized after bad conditions onboard for some migrants to jump into the water and attempt to swim to shore. drama in the waters of lampedusa. once more migrants brave the waves to reach the island. at least 14 people were eventually picked up by the italian coast guard and brought to shore. conditions on the boat had become increasingly desperate
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rescued by the spanish organization open arms 19 days earlier people had been crammed on board with dwindling supplies tantalizingly close to the shore but. couldn't take it any longer. 6 6 but tuesday around half the migrants had been allowed to disembark to receive medical treatment and to immigration interior minister salvini had resisted pressure from the judiciary to allow all migrants off the ship trying condemnation and offers to help from abroad. rescue people should not be used as hostages for the purpose of political point scoring and the situation right now is regrettable and should have never come to this. ban on tuesday dispatched a navy ship to bring the migrants to the spanish island of my yorka a journey of 3 days. but even as it was under way italian prosecutors intervened ordering the open arms to be seized and the remaining 80 migrants to be evacuated
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finally ending the ordeal of those on board. let's take a look now at some other stories making news around the world turkish police have used the tons and water cannon to disperse protests in the city of d.r. back here after the ousting of 3 opposition party mayors turkey took place the mayor's with state officials and 3 major south eastern cities accusing them of crimes including spreading terrorist propaganda. syrian opposition forces have withdrawn from the strategic strategic town of consequence in the country's last rebel help. oftens of the syrian government troops are now set to move north toward the town of mart on the land which has been hit by intense airstrikes over the past 2 days. pakistan says it will take india to the international court of justice over kashmir it comes after india were both the special autonomous status of the region since then kashmir officials say thousands of people have been arrested in
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a crackdown on protests. and on manned indian spacecraft launched last month that started opening the moon with its due to attempt india's 1st moon landing on september 7th if successful it would make india only the 4th country to do so after the us russia and china. british prime minister boris johnson is demanding that the european union ditch its plan to avoid a hard border in ireland after britain leaves the e.u. the so-called irish backstop has been a sticking point in the braggs of debate and a key reason that his predecessor theresa may fail to get her brags of plan through parliament johnson sent a letter to european council leader donald tusk complaining about the backstop but took it back saying they used plan is the only one on the table. dear donald begins boris johnson's letter to european council president donald tusk in a 4 page missive johnson describes how the so-called backstops solution for the irish border is undemocratic and infringes on britain's sovereignty and must
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therefore be removed from the withdrawal agreement the prime minister's made it clear that the withdrawal agreement because the backstops have been rejected 3 times something's got to change the alternative arrangements for me are afforded those all already being investigated and the promises made it clear if the e.u. is willing to be flexible on that one point then we got a really good chance of getting a deal through the house of commons the backstop is a last resort solution to keep the border between british northern ireland and e.u. member aren't open even after brags that many fear that civil conflict could flare up again if new border controls are implemented johnson is now calling for alternatives to the backstop without offering any concrete proposals this is drawn a cool response from the european commission very science began these negotiations with a commitment to avoid a hard order on the island island and the fact is the only means identified so far
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by both parties to honor this commitment prime minister johnson will be in berlin on wednesday for talks with chancellor angela merkel and today the german chancellor visited the capital of iceland reykjavik for a summit of nordic leaders climate change was a big part of their agenda machall of the nordic government leaders agree that climate change is already visible and their reach. 6 european leaders and one common goal german chancellor angela merkel joined the leaders of denmark finland iceland norway and sweden to discuss how to better tackle climate change yoav on the. stuff we all agreed that climate change is becoming visible not only in the nordic countries but also in germany it's not only that the 1st glazier have to be mourned here in iceland but each one of us can say that we have had very unfamiliar weather conditions the price of doing nothing will certainly be higher than the
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price of action suffice to say. merkel was the guest of honor of the nordic council of ministers in iceland the country is planning to become climate neutral by 2040 a decade before germany the region has high ambitions it wants to become the most sustainable in the world those are words that actually have a very big meaning it means that we are really a knowledge of the climate crisis but if we are focusing on actions we think of this as a call for actions and actions are stronger than words on monday the german chancellor joined the icelandic prime minister at the think very clear national park a world heritage site near a cubic the nordic leaders and merkel also agreed to create a platform to work together more closely on issues like sustainability and democracy. time for sports now in bundesliga news phillipe continuo has taken to
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the training pitch at his new club i am munich for with the 1st time because he's just being touted as the next big thing of bahrain but he's only on loan from barcelona the team that spent a staggering 160000000 euros to get him. fans of all sizes withstood the rainy weather to get a glimpse of byron's new number 10 foot lead could seno the announcement on the club's instagram page was their 1st post to gain over 1000000 likes. and well i think. for the loan in other words it was a good decision because he's a strong player and and i think he'll do good. still as with biron players like robert levin dossie some fans wish the club would be more ambitious in this transfer window. hitmen be so negative i had wished for a little more for a bit more euphoria from the transfers but what has happened in the last week has
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won me over again and i'm looking forward to the next season and from there to. another new signing not alone has france under 20 international. buy and sign the former much in glove by midfielder intil 2024. for the manchester united is calling on social media companies to take more responsibility after their midfielder paul pogba was targeted with racial abuse online the french world cup winner missed a penalty during united's one all draw at wolverhampton wanderers on monday and then perceived abuse on social media in a statement united said they would take the strongest course of action against those involved and added we also encourage social media companies to take action in these cases i. find it is no surprise to see leo messi and slaton abraham of edge making the shortlist for goal of the year but this year you should add the name billie simpson a she plays for the cliftonville ladies in the northern ireland women's league and
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she knocked in this goal from her own half last summer she's one of 3 women on the 10 player shortlist the winner will be announced at the football awards next month . italian champions event to say their coach merits yo sorry is being treated for pneumonia meaning he will probably miss his team's season opener against parma on saturday at the 60 year old has already set out a friendly on sunday after feeling unwell with the flu he took over at u. ventus in june and before that he coached in cliffside chelsea to last season's europa league title. looks like a piece of video art from a museum or gallery but this so that you see right here this is actually a real scene from the u.s. state of colorado strong gusts of wind created what people are calling the go. great mattress migration of 2019 the airbags had reportedly been laid out for an
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open air movie night but the wind had other ideas the mattresses eventually migrated across the park to a public swimming pool. let's get a recap of our top stories here now giuseppi country has officially resigned as italy's prime minister just a short while ago he tendered his resignation to the country's president and accepted a caretaker role until the country forms a new government conti has blamed the interior minister not tail salvini for toppling country's ruling coalition. tally and 47 ordered the seizure of open arms might the migrant rescue ship and the evacuation of all refugees on board the boat has been stranded off the coast of love to do so for weeks as the interior minister much of something had refused to allow it to dock. coming up on deja vu business singapore is rolling out its 1st trial of self driving buses stephen beardsley has that story and all of your business headlines coming up in
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just a few minutes don't go away. there's no end of. my letters to know who to. return you know the banks and why and so was the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines.


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