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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2019 8:00am-8:30am CEST

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tastee tide may. start september 1st on d w. this is d w news live from berlin finding a way out of italy's full little crisis one day after prime minister just having conti resigns the government is plunged into uncertainty we'll look at the options now facing italy also coming up. after a line team day standoff more than t.v. migrants aboard a rescue vessel are allowed on land on the italian island of lampedusa what happens
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to them now. plus the guilty as charged one of the most powerful figures in the catholic church the former vatican treasurer australian cardinal george pell loses his appeal against a conviction for child abuse we'll go live to sydney. i'm brian thomas thanks so much for joining us. well italy's president is set to begin talks with political leaders today to try to find a way out of a growing government crisis the country was plunged into uncertainty yesterday when prime minister giuseppe conti resigned he blamed the far right deputy prime minister material salvini for the class of the government saying salvini had engineered the crisis for personal gain.
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she is and she is for the it's funny and prime minister as he arrived at the senate in rome for a crucial debate on the government's future was. in a traumatic command he resigned from his post bringing its it is populous government to a swift end after just 14 months in power come to accuse interior minister matteo salvini of being the sole architects of the country's seemingly endless political crisis. joining us are the reasons that lead me to call the decision to spark the government crisis extremely irresponsible. i must say that the interior minister has shown he is acting out of personal and party interest but the. contrary blasted salvini for breaking up the right wing coalition with the intent of going it alone. going to be we don't need
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men with absolute power. but people with a strong sense of responsibility. of a solid as well as a salvini the leader of it's it is right strange league party told senators they teach rickets the government crisis because he's not afraid of an early vote. when my will do everything that i did all over again. everything with the great strength of being a free man. and woman leave it means i'm not afraid of being judged by the italian this was the. kid on a par with. the juliet so that his supporters were also out in force chanting and that sions now is now oh salvini has made clear his bid for power
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and his popularity is steadily on the rise because of his anti migrants policy this almost matthew then he has plunged it's an even deeper into one of its was a political crises in reason she is. for the very latest on this was a bring in our correspondent max as and are joining us from wrong good morning max what are the political options and possibilities right now for italy. so the ball now is in the court of italian president for a democrat 1st of all he's going to look forward and possibility to form an alternative government to find an alternative majority without the leave this would likely be the 5 stores together with the central and the credit party and for the heard already happened between the 2 parties here today another option could be that he would install a caretaker government that would take italy to action early as october for a caretaker government that would take the bullet to 2020 this would have fixed it
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it will tell you government could pick your from important budgetary and fiscal business happen until then another option which is quite unlikely to be that leader and might start to get back together and for compromise for a new government or taking into account the election is a very strong outcome for party but will go before after 4 o'clock when the 1st talks kick off for between the president and the and present the president of the senate. and the leaders of the political parties and the talks probably most likely go on for at least today the deputy prime minister and interior minister mattel's o.b.d. is is being blamed for the crisis he's hoping for snap elections is that the most likely outcome of this crisis max. that hard to say at the moment clear to the president going to do anything to avoid snapple actions.
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he's going to try to form the most likely going to try to to to find a compromise between the center left and credit party p.d. and the 5 stars but it's not clear even if they they they manage to form a government how stable this government is going to be and if it's going to last for the rest of the tenure which is 3 and a half years and not everybody in p.d. want to get together with the 5 star movement and they're having an internal meeting today to discuss this issue so right now still all options including snap elections are on the table ok we'll know more 4 o'clock today rome time max thanks so much for that. and staying in the league more than 80 migrants have been evacuated from a rescue ship and are now on the italian island of lampedusa this ends the 19 days standoff that began after the government refused to allow the ship to dock despite
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offers from other countries to take the margins in. 19 days of sitting on a crowded boat with little food and water now the migrants who were stuck on board the spanish rescue ship open arms have been allowed on the tally and soil. conditions on the boat had become increasingly desperate. 6 people have been cramped on board with dwindling supplies tantalizingly close to shore. some cannot take it any longer at least 15 people are reported to have jumped overboard before they were allowed to disembark. italy's fiercely anti immigration interior minister. had resisted pressure to let the migrants off the ship drawing condemnation. risk that people should not be used as hostages for the purpose of political point scoring and the situation right now is regrettable and should have
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never come to this on tuesday spain dispatched a navy ship to bring the migrants to the spanish island of majorca a journey that would have taken 3 days but even as it was under way italian prosecutors intervened ordering the remaining 80 migrants to be evacuated finally ending the ordeal of those on board. ok so what happens now let's bring in journalist martin roberts who joins us from the spanish capital madrid good day to you this is a spanish vessel will the margarets now be heading to our words a yorka as we're hearing. well that's certainly the plan although as has been pointed out it's going to take the vessel is expected to arrive until friday and while it goes on the one hands of his who helped solve the political and legal law we see 20 days really. i mean the actual the legal situation might
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and. the problem remains as far as this incident is very much to bring those markets to find out and restore their own presses focus on assurances ok we're we're seeing public opinion in italy lining up against taking in any more migrants certainly a material so beany we're seeing has a lot of public support what's the state of public's opinion opinion where you are in spain on the rescue ship on the open arms what are people saying. well interestingly enough this is not like is politically divisive or stance it's. real parallels what is interesting for acting prime minister. that 3 regional presidents have already offered this. migrants 2 from his own socialist.
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and has a loon who was who was being attacked his job was such as over the long running independence issue in the parliament itself of the one hand the main as you may recall. such a spiral to get parliamentary back into foreign governments is inconclusive elections held for months on the one hand the main opposition conservative party the chips and inspections of africa's trafficking refugees from africa on the other this potential coalition partners that once it really doesn't reach. out to actually once. that we're actually accused of not acting quickly. we're almost into being a competition regional national. show more sympathy than such an insult has been to the martin roberts bring us up to date on the view from madrid on this story thank you very much martin thank you. let's preview now and some of
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the other stories making news at this hour large areas of venezuela's capital caracas have been hit by a power cut lasted several hours transport and mobile phone services disrupted there and this will estate electricity company says the blackout was caused by a breakdown at an undisclosed location the country has repeatedly suffered outages . u.s. president donald trump has counseled a trip to denmark because of that country's refusal to discuss selling greenland to the u.s. he recently floated the idea of purchasing the linda suggestion the danish prime minister called absurd thomas a danish territories government said the country was not for sale 2 2. pakistan says it will take india to the international court of justice over kashmir this comes after india revoked the special economists status of that region since
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then local officials say thousands of people have been arrested in a crackdown on protests. well still to come on the show the world's biggest interfaith the summit is taking place in southern germany religious leaders from around the world are looking for ways to prevent war from being waged in the name of religion. but 1st an australian appeals court has upheld the conviction of the country's former top catholic clergyman george pell is serving a 6 year sentence after a jury found he sexually abused 2 choir boys in $1009.00 days appeal court justices in the state of victoria have ruled that the facts support the jury's decision cardinal pell is the highest ranking catholic church official ever to be convicted of child abuse he denies the accusations is expected to appeal to australia's highest court. oh. for more on this for bring in roger maynard he's
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a journalist based in the city's been following the story for us for a while now good morning roger how did pelle respond in the court room to the decision as it was handed down. oh earlier sat in the door is black suit. clerical collar wrong when the decision and so was handed down he found his head slightly but was otherwise unmoved by the decision about of an hour later or so it was let out at the top of the fool judgment was and and now is back in prison in mobile. roger the catholic church launched its own investigation into the pell case in a very late stage february of this year our church leaders coming under scrutiny for failing to accept or. well certainly there's a lot of antagonism towards the catholic church particularly here in australia we
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saw a lot of the 6 you'll be survivors and the supporters both in court and out of court today andy when the judgment was handed down there was a a rule from outside the court among the supporters which could be heard within the of the court room itself you such was the the the approval of the the judgment that was being handed down but certainly as there is a lot of up on me as i suppose about what's been going on in the began to be a judge over the years they've been canvassing good areas here about the number of 6 interviews victims and they will their voice heard in fact the the father of one of the victims a name to this people will case who thinks delight and he said it was the right decision the pill should remain behind bars and stay there for the rest of this life of necessary and never be allowed to contact any person in the outside world again so that gives you a measure of the sort of. concern there is those among victims and the
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supporters at this stage ok so it's not just the catholic church because under pressure right now in australia cardinal pell once had a lot of prominent supporters in australia especially on the conservative side of politics how has this case affected the country's political landscape. well it is true that the prime minister the full of prime minister john howard rosen liberal support for george during the. the full sentence was handed down another conservative prime minister several political leaders voiced their support for george pell and it in thing is it is true to say that you know he there are many people who thought the bill would win this appeal but of course that hasn't happened the judgment against him was a $2.00 to $1.00 which already by the appeals court but that certainly. a lot of people felt that he would get off the hook for it but that hasn't been the case you
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know they're all it's to deprive him of this or of a straight year award the current fund this is called mostly true today but that will be an independent decision but it looks certain that he will lose that time roger maynard for us thanks very much for that from australia. well here in germany president from fall to steinmeyer has warned against abusing religion for political gain and his speech at an assembly of religious leaders some 800 delegates from about 100 countries are attending the interfaith meeting organized by the n.-g. o. religions for peace is taking place in the southern german town of lindau w.'s abraham met a tunisian participant who says women have a special role to play when it comes to religion and peace. it is a lab a deal raise many hats she's a politician translator professor as well as contributor to her need to tunisia's new constitution. today she's far away from home in lindau southern germany
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advocating for women's role as peace builders of the religions for peace 10th world assembly. the 1st witness and even the victims of conflicts when they happen this is why they develop the capacity of feeling the dangerous city and of the impact of conflicts so they at the same time develop the capacity to deal with the conflict but it's not all just words the also believes in indy german on the ground we 1st met her in jordan a couple of weeks ago there along with other female faith leaders from the arab region she launched an initiative to empower syrian refugee women in war and jordanian women through mentorship dialogue and solidarity. and has to how many here are like family refugees or jordanians i don't feel like a stranger here my wish is to educate and work on myself see young men and then i have every one of us has
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a dream minus to be able to work with people with disabilities years of in a region where religion is often seen as a precursor to conflict a project like this isn't a common one the women leading it come from sunni shiite christian and jewish faiths. believe that it is exactly the slavers city that is at the core of their strength when we can meet as muslim jew and christian women from this region and work together with bess a very strong human message that the main important thing for os is sustaining long sustaining peace under the theme caring for our common future the conference live bodies attending brings together some 800 senior religious leaders youth and women of faith from over 100 countries in dialogue with representatives of governments and civil society organizations for her it is an opportunity to take women's empowerment a step forward. some potent for us as we mean our women to be here for
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visibility. our message would be visible to the word not only to our original 2nd for networking and we're working with women from other regions of the work from europe from america from asia from africa for the same go and until the next religions for peace world assembly now baby will be looking for even more ways to empower women in her region. for more on the interfaith summit let's cross over now to william a venally he's the head of religions for peace he joins us from lindau thanks so much for coming in today our report features a woman who's very hopeful the dialogue and diversity can lead to change but in play places like syria israel kashmir and mean more that we so often report on here it seems that interfaith understanding is in many ways at
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a low point what do you think can be done to help to start turn that around. well 1st of all. when everything seems to have collapsed there's no functioning government or government is in many ways crippled or injured. the local population is present women are still vitally taking care of families taking care of communities i have been conflict zone after conflict zone and it is the women that are holding their communities together i have seen this then move to the next stage of conflict where women are being brought to the table in terms of the peace process itself and i've seen women making vital difference in the very peace process and then finally we come at a fire at
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a stage for reconciliation when the conflict to stop the guns are silent and the ravages of the wounds are still present and once again it's women that are often leading the actual community processes of healing so this is the observation it has been under celebrated and it needs now to be lifted up and it needs to be mainstreamed into all of the processes of peace making at every single stage from prevention to resolution to reconciliation itself prevention is certainly are very part of that process and opening the summit the german president phone call to steinmeyer pointed to religious radicalization is fueling terrorism what do you think it be done and what can religious leaders do to reach out to those who are most at risk of radicalization. well
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1st of all i think we can take a certain comfort in the fact that every religion has its own pharmacy and in that pharmacy is the very medicine needed to address any ills the ills of radicalization within the religious community itself so our 1st instinct is to turn to the religion itself and look for its own medicine to address its own areas of illness now this can be done in very very helpful ways remember religions don't stop at the border of a nation state we routinely bring eminent unquestionably authentic religious leaders of a given tradition into the areas of the world where that tradition is extremely vulnerable to radicalisation believers hear from their own
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a steamed leader sometimes from across the borders about the authentic teachers teachings of their own religions we are in a contest of interpretations of our religious traditions. extreme sad distorted tradition interpretations of tradition need to be countered by action that shows the authentic truth but also by interpretations by various religious leaders we see this happen again and again take me on mar there was a majority of buddhists we would bring the supreme patriarch of cambodia the supreme patriarch of sri lanka a steamed venerable buddhist leaders to stand side by side with the buddhist community in myanmar to make it clear that it is buddhists to be compassionate to all that is buddhist. to reach out across all boundaries and lines and this is an
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extremely effective way in which the entire global community of the religious or religious tradition is used to help itself recover its own true ground william f. venally the head of religions for peace at the summit now underway in lend out thank you so very much for coming in today and all the best for your summit now underway in southern germany thank you so much we have some sports news for you now and in the bonus league of philippe continuo has taken to the training pitch at his new club minute for the very 1st time he's being touted as the next big thing at baarn but he's only on loan from barcelona the team that spends a staggering 160000000 euros to get. fans of all sizes with the rainy weather to get a glimpse of byron's new number 10 foot lead kit seno the announcement on the
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club's instagram page was their 1st post to gain over 1000000 likes. and well i think good seno for the loan in other words was a good decision. because he's a strong player. and i think he'll do good. still as with biron players like robert levin doxy some fans wish the club would be more ambitious in this transfer window. i had wished for a little more for a bit more euphoria from the transfers but what has happened in the last week has won me over again and i'm looking forward to the next season when you're through them another new signing not on loan is france under 20 international zone by and signed the former much ungloved midfielder intil 2024. well manchester united is calling on social media companies to do more after their
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midfielder paul pogba was targeted with racial abuse online the french world cup winner missed a penalty during united's one all draw of over happening on monday and then received abuse on social media in a statement united said that they would take the strongest course of action against those involved added that we also encourage social media companies to take action in these cases. now it looks like a piece of video wired from a museum or a gallery or something someone put together online for you but what you see behind me is a real scene from the state of colorado strong gusts of wind created what's been dubbed the great mattress migration of 2019 the air mattresses have reportedly been laid out for an open air movie night but the wind had some other ideas the mattresses eventually migrated across the park to a public swimming pool. your mind of our top
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story at this hour one day after telling prime minister just afrikaans he resigned because this president is set to begin talks with key players to try to find a way out of the political crisis. kaji blamed the far right a deputy prime minister material so many for the government's flops. of next business news gerhard el 1st i'm brian todd thanks for being.
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the number and hopes for world cup glory qatar is building stadiums to host of the soccer events of 2022 from the appear to be big changes afoot in the state of self and how much progress is really being made behind the scenes on the extreme of the surprise of history here that is anything remotely resembling a democracy. lifting the veil in qatar. close up in 60 minutes
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on d w. i was fishing when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room for. very similar it was hard i was fair. i even got white hair is that. the general language never got this gives me a little push maybe to entrust the lives of say you want to their story relates her fighting and reliable information for margaret. s.o.s. europe the european idea is in crisis. if it's to have a future it will meet champions young champions. for activists who are new countries. they are functioning so the dream for
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united europe. do they stand a chance. and they say security an idea. going to. come i guess i'm here to stand up for european values and contribute to something important that shape. the future of europe starts september 2nd on d. w. . british prime minister boris johnson is expected in berlin today for talks with the german chancellor as fears mounted europe's tallest can get last minute concessions from europe supposed all full woman to avoid an oath no deal breaks. and argentina's new treasury minister just $7.00.


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