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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  August 21, 2019 8:30am-8:45am CEST

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and they say to european idea. of my god i'm here to stand up for you. and contribute to something important that she of. your of your own starts september 2nd on d. w. . british prime minister boris johnson is expected in berlin today for talks with the german chancellor as fears mounted europe's borders can get last minute concessions from douras most powerful woman to avoid an all or no deal breaks. and argentina's new treasury ministers selling dollars. to stabilize the beleaguered paso county solve the country's underlying problems including its massive pile of debt.
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the global gaming industry is now worth $135000000000.00 and growing to fall so why keep developers in germany asking for government subsidy. is eat up your business i'm. british prime minister bars johnson is expected here in berlin today seeking support from naco to reopen parts of the brakes in negotiations otherwise the controversial pm threatens his country will leave without a deal on october 31st but even the most hard line breaks tears in his government now seem to have realized what a heartbreak that could mean for the british economy as one insider told our reporter it's going to be hallo. the trucks are still rolling swiftly through the port of dover but soon there could be long traffic jams at the end of october britain intends to leave the e.u. with or without a deal prime minister boris johnson never tires of stressing but of brakes it without a deal would definitely mean customs controls in ports like dover and long waiting
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times $10000.00 trucks 220-030-0053 can you imagine it's going to be apt help for everybody it's got a bankrupt the british economy fears of serious economic consequences in the event of a no deal brigs that are growing not only here and over last weekend secret government documents were revealed they warned shortages of food medicines and petrol in the event of a no deal brags that the fears are not exaggerated when you consider the formalities that are common for goods in customs clearance with countries outside the e.u. internal market. everybody doing papers like me. or. not our job a bit too much time meanwhile the brakes of supporters in the new british government still hope to renegotiate the divorce agreement they don't seem to have
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a plan b you appear to be putting the battery isn't saying they don't want to talk i'm sure they will change their mind i hope they will change their mind but we are ready to leave all the top of the 31st deal new deal in a 4 page letter boris johnson has just made demands on the e.u. but demands are not it doesn't look like new negotiations are on the horizon. and it's been a financial correspondent in frankfurt not talking to prime minister johnston today in berlin markets confident that a solution can still be found that a no deal breakers that can be avoided. not very hard i have to say if you look at you know boris johnson on the one hand and the european negotiators on the other side it really looks like they live in different galaxies boris johnson keeps insisting let's scrap the back stop at the irish border because it is against the
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sovereignty of the state of the united kingdom and he forgets that you know also the sovereignty of the irish state is at risk and of course as well the sovereignty of the european union which has to make sure that its integrity is protected its territory its borders and the rule of law on the borders of course meanwhile people here in germany in the economy in business are also very very very closely following the discussion and they're very nervous 100000 jobs here in germany are estimated to be at risk if we see a heart break said chancellor merkel at her meeting with johnson today in berlin will want to hear from him what he intends to do to protect those german jobs and how he wants to find common ground with the europeans. and other european hotspots today of course is italy with a government in cries is that again does that show on the bond market yes it does
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the italian government bond yield has fallen below one percent and a half that's for the 10 year government bond that's the lowest level in more than 3 years and the spread between italian government bonds and german government bonds which is indicating sort of the risk difference between investment in the 2 countries has come down to 2 percentage point clearly. the market participants are hopeful that you know the establishment parties in rome will come together and form some sort of government on a boozed thank you. tina welcome the new treasury minister on tuesday and unlike who's up wasted no time in dealing with the fragile economy the country's central bank auctioned $112000000000.00 u.s. dollars from its reserves to stop the company's vessel from folding. it's looking increasingly likely that the presidential palace in buenos aires will have
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a new resident in the near future although the current president mauricio mccree has just appointed the 4th treasury minister of his tenure if you expect the president to be around long enough to see how the new man performs the election is coming and everything points to a big defeat from mockery just over a week ago he suffered a crushing defeat to the left wing opposition candidate of battlefront on days in a national primary a key bellwether ahead of the main presidential vote on october 27th in the aftermath the argentine stock market suffered one of the biggest falls in its history while the peso fell sharply against the u.s. dollar it was all too much for outgoing treasury minister nicole last to hold any who promptly resigned and. he says he wants to make the most of the 2 months left to poland. when the next administration arrives. whoever the
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voters choose the important thing is that the starting point for the next president is a solid and robust platform to recover growth. but argentina is buried in debt the i.m.f. gave my crees government a $57000000000.00 loan last year on the provision that it implemented strict austerity measures to attract foreign investment. the investment has not come the economy is struggling and the i.m.f. are due for a visit. just yesterday i spoke with representatives of the i.m.f. by telephone. in the coming days they will visit to make a review of the goals that were set out. but who cares about abstract budgetary targets when ordinary people are running out of money with price increases of more
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than 50 percent already recorded in 2019 it looks like there are more difficult times ahead for argentina. now to some of the other business stories making headlines facebook is launching a long promised tool that lets users limit what kind of information the social networks can gather about them on outside websites and once turned off facebook can no longer see any browser activity and won't be able to place targets on the user's feeds the feature launches in south korea ireland and spain. the u.s. steel is laying off up to $200.00 workers its plant in michigan the company says that softening demand the lowest 2 prices would lead to the closing of 2 blast furnaces u.s. president on a trumpet promise to revive the domestic steel industry. it's well commuters actually take the bus if there's no driver at the wheel that's what officials in singapore hope to find out as they prepare to launch
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a trial of self driving buses preparing to roll that out across the city state. his days are numbered at least if the trial goes well this driverless bus is one of several vehicles that singapore is trying out next week as part of a scheme to promote autonomous truck force if you've ever wondered how the technology works here is your explanation. for those of us keep it up using a wall or. using the braces all the street all senses like these. and the fuse that. did. almost bust where. we. train. passengers can use an app on their phone to book the shuttles to destinations on offer during the test phase include a golf club the beach and historic force. to scheme is just one example to
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illustrate what's becoming a growing interest in the south driving sector the global autonomous vehicle market is a ready worth an estimated $54000000000.00 annually a figure that's expected to increase tenfold in the next decade competition is a pretty stiff back and 2016 u.s. software firm new to know me launched driverless taxi trials in singapore facing rival by a master of weeks the company behind the current trial is hoping that betting on self driving buses will push years ahead of the curve. the global market for video games rose to $135000000000.00 u.s. dollars last year and yet german studios struggled to get their slice of the action at this year's games coming colognes representatives of the german games industry competing with silicon valley for funding once again demand the government last prop up the industry with taxpayer money. the small him behind this prize
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winning game is struggling to stay afloat it's tough to attract investors and there's no public funding available you can see you know what's on your time the whole generation is now growing up that's closely involved with the videogame sector unfortunately in germany there's still no recognition that it's a major source of innovation that's really too bad. shot of small companies aren't the only ones that have a tough even bigger firms like german market leader in a game face problems especially when it comes to personnel types it's hard when you have to pay people less in germany because we don't receive the same kind of support other countries gave their companies don't even want us to hamburg state minister of culture blames the federal government and says the games industry was promised 15000000 euros in funding and 2019 so far no one has seen a penny of it. the federal government said it would set up a reservoir of cash to help fund game development in germany i hope it will now
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live up to the promises made in the government's coalition agreement with. the ministry responsible for the money now says it will become available this autumn backpack games in hamburg is applying for support and hopes to receive half a 1000000 euros but there's still no guarantee they'll get it. and that's from me of the business to. more business news some analysis check out the rather comprehensive website to go you go slash business and make sure you follow us on social media searching for us in culture with robin up next right after a quick round up the full market's up this is.
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my 1st vice i also sewing machine. where i come from women are almost by this notion for. something as simple as learning home to write a buy side those isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me years to. finally they gave up on mental buying on my side the country turns to the sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreates for those than rising up by the. knowledge i want to meet those
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moments back home where bones by their duties and social norms and inform them about dead basic rights my name is the amount of people and i are more into. welcome to news from the world of arts and culture singer songwriter james blake slaves his tour is about to kick off more about him in a minute also coming up in the next quarter of an. a russian light design company creating 3 d. illuminations around the world. and this week we're profiling some of europe's top line mobs today charles bridge.
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he's going to be one of those soft is saying is it popular music british isles is james blake a specialist in melancholy and subtle tons but he's much admired by other artists can you wes's called him his favorite artist and he's collaborated with the likes of jay z. and beyonce his songs of thanks and insecurity and his vulnerable male vocals of also struck a note was so many millennia else is new album assume full sees a bit of a change as it's apparent he's all loved up. he's one of the most desired collaborators in the music biz james blake help shape beyond say his album lemonade and kendrick lamar's down.

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