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the be. the big. this is coming to you live from above and you get prime minister boris johnson heads to europe to try and persuade london and paris to change the brics agreement and scrap the irish backstop for germany suggest emission but and here is one reason why the boards are. concerned. the people will try to. look. for the reporter pose as an excuse to start another war. people in northern ireland care johnson's plans really talk
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a return to the violence of the past. to find a way out of its release political crisis the country's vanished into on the certainty one day after the prime minister resigned we look at the options now facing the country. good to have. british prime minister virus johnson is coming to berlin to try and persuade chancellor angela merkel to reopen breaks of negotiations johnson is demanding the removal of the so-called backstop the policy previously agreed by the u.k. and the e.u. to ensure that we no hard boarder on the island of ireland johnson claims the backstop would violate british softened to. the existing or just doesn't work for the u.k.
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parliament started out 3 times we can't have this backstop so i'm going to go to. germany and then to france and then see the g 7 appear it's not going to make the point that the buck stops to come out but leaders have already rejected johnson's demands to reopen the bedroll agreement germany's angela merkel said so far no one had come up with an alternative to the backstop as a way of preserving the northern ireland peace accord or it's known as the good friday agreement and the moment if we get a practical arrangement on how to preserve the good friday agreement while still defining the borders of the european single market we would no longer need the backstop. this means we will think about practical solutions if you have the will to find solutions you can do so quickly the european union is ready to do that but we do not need to reopen the withdraw agreement accomplished. so in a moment we'll have more on what looks to be
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a difficult meeting between merkel and johnson this evening but 1st let's go to northern ireland to look at what the backstop means for people on the ground and at that fear as that annuity breaks it could reignite the conflict in the north the days teri schultz has this report feel. like one of the most popular activities these days for visitors to belfast is a troubles too are a $137.00 people hospitalized there were horrific injuries there were people loss of limbs guides like paul donnelly navigate what's called a history of terror but many fear history could be repeated deadly clashes between protestant supporters of british rule and catholics wanting to unite with the republic of ireland were largely ended 2 decades ago by a power sharing deal known as the good friday agreement but now the looming prospect of a new deal breck's it could mean the return of checkpoints along the irish border
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and that has people like donnelly warning that former anti british guerrillas known as dissident republicans might have bandon the peace process with the ends of the hard border it gives the public comes a contemporary justification for their violence you know it's not just ideological it's saying this is not obstruct any more look at the. border this is deferential and what they see is this part of them from the rest of the other. worries over a hard border and the loss of other rights are compelling even some former pro british loyalists to consider the once unthinkable uniting northern ireland and the republic of ireland the good friday agreement means northern ireland can take a vote on doing just that belfast new lord mayor john to nuke and wants to make sure citizens are well educated about their options while hoping they'll back unification his party's. fane openly lobbies for that it's
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a cause that colored his life he was just 9 years old when he saw his father a prominent republican human rights lawyer shot dead by pro british paramilitaries despite getting death threats himself as he took office in may when you can believe the time is right to move forward no deeper exit doesn't automatically mean that unification will happen but what i do think is that it means that the conversation because the conversation has already started not just from people within the north but people all over the island of ireland and certainly within europe as well. 50 years after the bloodiest period in northern ireland's history a time when moralize by so many walls and gates around this city no one i spoke with believes that addressing the question of a united ireland now would lead the country back into that kind of sectarian conflict at the same time no one is completely confident it won't. billy hutchinson city council member from the progressive unionist party served 16 years in prison
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for 2 sectarian murders hutchinson says he's rejected violence but he's worried others haven't what i'm concerned about is that people will try to use results from bricks at. the border post as an excuse to start another war. at queen's university belfast professor colin harvey says people are anxious about the possible impact of unification but also frustrated britain the british government has behaved recklessly and in response to play in relation to this region for some time people look at what's happened in britain around it and it's been picked honestly spin a ball like alter disastrous mass that the british system sees are falling apart and i think there's a real feeling on this island that we need to mature and sensible a management plan a conversation whatever the outcome of this you know find the sort of agreed way forward recent surveys suggest most people in northern ireland prefer to stay part
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of britain for now but those who want a united ireland say they are in no hurry expecting a chaotic to help their case. is the political correspondent hans van welcomes the leg is already ruled out any renegotiation of the breaks a treaty from mr barak's chances insists the backstop moscow is then you went to the meeting this evening well there's always a point in meeting there's always a point and talking and getting to know the position of the other person and getting to know that other person a little bit more in. committee him in more details so yes there is certainly point in talking and in fact it hasn't closed the doors to any negotiation whatsoever she said that the european union too is not really interested in this backstop if other all the good it of a range means can be found the european union is prepared to talk about that and to agree to that if they are. in the fold that the european union can agree to but of course those kind of arrangements have so far in 3 years of negotiations not been
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found there's still a possibility they could be found while we've also people in the streets in gooden hear what they think about this let's have a look at what how they feel this is going to pan out. i always think don't think boris johnson will do that. and i hope things stay as they are and i think that would be better for you or. poor so much money into it they'll do it when kind of nice just listening to some congo breaking things out that you've just about managed to bring together. book clubs events i find myself they just one make it it's already taken so long i think it now and then remain because it's easier denville to be pretty dumb to give in to johnson now. for a majority of course one briton to stay on in the e.u. but you don't revise johnson hopes that the e.u. will at some point that down if it relies is at the back so a big agreement will not go through the british parliament as it's failed to do 3
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times and do you think he's being this hot ball game and hoping that the e.u. will blink at some point and give in maybe that's what he's hoping he's certainly trying to play hardball and that's something he's going to sell to his electorate back and great britain there might be another strategy behind that he might be interested in going to an election with that kind of position with that kind of hardball position towards the e.u. he might have another agenda that goes beyond actual backstop negotiations they want to call that but we have to see that this backstop as the wood already says is a kind of full back position both for the united kingdom and for the european union because so far one has not been able to find any other alternative arrangement you don't need to reopen negotiations on the withdrawal agreement to get rid of backstop if you can find some way of solving this northern ireland problem that is acceptable to both sides and as i've said that's been a search has been going on for a long time johnson also vaguely talks about alternative arrangements but nobody
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knows what that could be at the moment so at the moment the backstop is all there is but surely that you might have something obviously the boss johnson can take back home and fed as progress because also it's not in the interests of the e.u. in the end to have breaks it. i have seen no indication of the e.u. actually backing down in any way whatsoever see no indication of the e.u. saying well we are possibly prepared to offer boris johnson this all of that in the opening there is actually to talk about alternative arrangements that might replace the backstop which is actually something that is full seen and that is said in the withdrawal agreement and in the political a declaration that accompanies that agreement there's a transition period that has been agreed on that would go until the end of 2020 during which all of these details would be in the go as you noted if one can find a solution of course that could be agreed to but as i say i don't see any sign of
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some kind of other solution coming up in the near future right how stunned the political correspondent thank you very much if that's mean. there's been a bill yesterday with some other stories making news around the world at least 8 people have died in flooding in southwest china many others are missing after heavy rain caused mud and landslides in the mountainous region state media say 17 counties have been affected by the floods. in duties and police said they have regained control of west after sending hundreds of troops to calm the trouble to the region thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of pop and rest in the past few days prompted by recess at remarks have been made by police. in australia disgrace catholic cardinal george pell has lost an appeal to have his conviction on child sex abuse charges overturned bell is a former vatican treasurer he 7 a success sentence for sexually abusing 2 choir boys in the 1990 s.
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he may appeal to australia's highest court of. the head of sudan's military council has been sworn in as the leader of the newly formed sovereign council it's made up of military leaders and members of the opposition alliance and believes sudan during its 3 year transition to civilian rule. italy has been plunged into uncertainty following the resignation of the prime minister just gone day and the collapse of the government can't they has attacked the far right interior minister matteo salvini sig he provoked the crisis for political gain in a few hours the president of italy is due to sound out political leaders to see if a new coalition can be formed or if the country will head for new elections. cheers and jeers for the italian prime minister as he arrived at the senate in rome for a crucial debate on the government's future. in
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a dramatic move he resigned from his post bringing italy's populist government to a swift end after just 14 months in power contact accused interior minister. of being the sole architect of the country's seemingly endless political crisis. joining you things are the reasons that lead me to call the decision to spark the government crisis extremely irresponsible. i must say that the interior minister has shown he is acting out of personal and party interests of the. country blasted salvini for breaking up the right wing coalition with the intent of going it alone. we don't need men with absolute power. but people with a strong sense of responsibility. however
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salvini the leader of italy's right wing league party told senators that he tricked at the government crisis because he's not afraid of an early vote. when my will do everything that i did all over again. everything with the great strengths of being a free man. it means i'm not afraid of being judged by the italian this was the. village idiot so that. his supporters were also asked in forced chanting elections now elections now salvini has made clear his bid for power and his popularity is steadily on the rise because of his anti migrant policy the government's collapse has plunged italy even deeper into one of its
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worst political crises in recent years. max and then joins me now from rome max the elections are a new coalition seem to be the 2 options available what happens next. that's right emirates have a government crisis is in full swing and now the ball is in the president's courts this is president of italy he will have to find a solution to carry on with the with the governing of his country and one of them could be to find an alternative coalition which could be the 5 star movement that has been in power self so far but with a different coalition partners state of the league with the center left party however the p.t. party is not yet sure if they really want to join this governing coalition they said they might do so if they have a strong consensus within the party a strong majority for a sustainable government the other option would be for to install.
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a caretaker government that would take us to new elections this however would not be before october or even november because there is a constitutional process that has to be followed new elections is not the far right in tatum is a salvini is hoping for that he think accused of engineering this political crisis how popular is the in the country. he. is a popular figure in italy but he's also a very polarizing figure he has been extremely vocal as an extremely tough stance on the migration issue here in the country as well as issues involving the european union which he is very very skeptical but according to recent polls just before the government crisis. he was. coming out stronger and stronger he according to recent polls he was at 70 his party's at 37 percent right now which could mean that together with other far right parties he could even. if it came to
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elections be in charge of government himself. now what do people there max make of the collapse of the government just after 14 months. it's hard to say at the moment this is the peak of holiday season italy a lot of tellings are at the beaches mining other business and the government crisis but i guess most people will be very worried especially when everything comes back to normal here in italy there's a few issues on the table few issues on the agenda for example italy will have to present their budgets for 2020 to the e.u. later this year and if they're not able to do this because election campaign and for swing this might lead to an increase of the v.a. the sales tax of 3 percent up to 25 percent and that is something a lot of italians are worried about this is going to have an effect. on wages and
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of course what people are buying so in the end people are worried and they're going to feel this at some point found indra thank you very much. still to come on do you have news everyone loves to see 90000 photos usually we have to return sometime after the happy days to see them but not in china where they found a week off to live in a to do today. the 1st president donald trump has canceled a trip to denmark because the danish prime minister refused to talk while filling greenland to the u.s. according the proposal absurd the autonomy's danish charities government has said green then is there to say cancelled by a tweet all the plans were in place here in copenhagen for a state visit by the u.s. president but then donald trump announced on twitter that he won't be coming after all denmark's a very special country with incredible people he tweeted but of the danish prime minister doesn't want to discuss the idea of america buying greenland with him and
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the visits canceled trump had been invited by queen monday to the 2nd the danish royal house voiced a surprise that his announcement greenland may be geographically right next to the united states but it's been an autonomous danish territory for more than 200 years and it has its own prime minister came kills and made clear what he thought about trump's real estate offer during a meeting with the danish prime minister earlier this week. which is the americans can trade resources with greenland just like any other country they can trade with us but our country is not for sale denmark's prime minister also had an unequivocal message for the us president. of course greenland is not for sale i totally agree with computers and there's been a u.s. air base on greenland since the 1950 s. but global powers that also increasingly interested in its vast oil gas and mineral
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reserves. beijing has confirmed that an employee of the british consulate in hong kong went missing earlier this month is being held in china a spokesman for the chinese foreign ministry said simon chang had been placed in administrative detention of 15 days as far as men for breaching a public security incident comes amid strained relations between britain and china beijing correspondent interference in hong kong ongoing protests. i'm joined now from beijing by samina mistry on oh she's a correspondent for the german press agency d.p.a. welcome serena do we know anything more about what the accusations are against the consulate worker. good to talk to so at this point all we know is what dirt chinese foreign ministry said earlier today which is that chunk broke the security administration punishment law which is
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a law that covers offenses that are not considered clients or like lesser than arms and that he 1 has been and mistreated detention for like 15 days and change and south china. so far both. hong kong and british authorities are trying to get more information. and what does this incident mean assuming no force sign or british relations. there's already a lot of tension building up between china and britain. hong kong protests that are entering their told week they started in june 19th. over hong kong people's. disappointment with this proposed. this proposed extradition and the arrest of simon chung will only increase the tension as there were
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small protests in front of the british consulate in hong kong today and it is very possible that salman chung will become more prominent figure in the protests this upcoming weekend that there have been protests in hong kong every weekend and. it's there's always been a focus on on people who have become kind of representative for for the protests. in beijing thank you very much. thank you. now we see the china and one of the offshoots of the growth of china's middle class is the wedding industry from almost nothing it's now what about $660000000000.00 euros a year an important part of getting married other photos but in china the guests don't have to wait until after the save money to see pictures of the happy couple. those last minute nerves as the bride makes those final adjustments fitting the
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dress tweaking the tiara and checking the traditional costume getting the hair and makeup just right the days of a simple black and white snapshot are in the past these days middle class couples spend serious money before they tie the knot this is not even the big day itself this is the pre wedding day photo shoot out the love story in rome studio in beijing business at the studio is booming and couples must be ready to put in the hours with their own 50 couples come to our studio every day a session usually takes 12 hours an army of helpers take photographs and manage sets of just clothing and out excess aris couples change outfits multiple times throughout the day. many couples can't afford to travel abroad or to domestic tourist hot spots but studios have the costumes and themes to make possible to dream of a romantic lakeside wedding keeping with chinese tradition red dresses are popular
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while western white gowns and natural teams are very trendy choices so i had light are you there what hummer is satisfied i came here because my friend had a pretty waiting shoot here this at this place was great so i chose here. sessions can range in price from a few $100.00 euro's to several 1000 euros the actual weddings themselves for most middle class couples generally run from $50000.00 yuan or $6400.00 euros up 225000 . the booming pre wedding photo industry guarantees the happy couple of clear starry skies when they tie the knot. if jim lee is number one and no go symbolists. the nazi symbol is officially banned have fun it sometimes crops up on intentionally for example in the musical and bach in the black forest. as it starts up this ride called the eagles flight looks unassuming
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enough but once the eagles take to the year they seem to form a sinister say but few seem to notice at the park until the video of the eagles made it online now the park's owner is repentant. so. i would like to emphasize that i apologize in every way i can to anyone who feels disturbed and insulted by. visitors to the tasmanian parks seem to take it in their stride but. you wonder how you can build something. new because it really is still a sensitive topic. and it's just the engineering and just happens to look like. i'm not bothered i didn't even notice that they might look like swastikas. and the children they think nothing of it. the owner is talking to the rides manufacturer about a redesign until the eagles are grounded. and out of all sports
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these non-formal by munich we go frank and have barry has signed a contract with the italian club foot in tina the 36 year old left the wonder sleeve at the end of last season after winning 23 trophies a bye and moving to italy means that they believe will find themselves sharing the locker room with another tank. recently signed. brother kevin prince fall with a stint at bof a given he is joining the scenery a side on a 2 year deal worth reported. here's a recap of the top stories that we're following feel. british prime minister boss johnson is coming up to berlin to try and persuade americans to reopen dregs of negotiations about lennon and the e.u. countries say the joy agreement will not be changed. and one day after
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italian prime minister just separate country resigned the country's president is to begin talks with key players to try and find a way out of the crisis contemplating the far right deputy prime minister might be a solid reasoning for the collapse of the government. thank you very much for a company by going to.
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the been to. africa for a research project climate protection students from 20 countries involved in a scientific expedition to teach us how to collect some 0 from to devise for the same time to look at some of the standards of order in the project will help them. his brain environmentalists when is attack on him. when he wants to share that there's a lot that we can. know instantly on d.w. .
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war. china really good good interest guy for a tremendous booming capital i love berlin the discover the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series detention ambanis night lights transit in new i love even was shown was a threatening letter of cuts with lengthening stripes as of 15 nations 50 stories and 50 very personal tips on the windsor very best futures. looking now for lamb every week on d w. the quiet melody resounds michael white on the move. and in small repeat resonate when it's all.
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