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good malaria my story so millions can live. this is deja vu news live from berlin britain's prime minister challenges the german chancellor over breakfast on a visit to the german capital boris johnson presses on the american to reopen the deal negotiated with his predecessor and scrapped they use plan to avoid a hard border in ireland britain is preparing to leave the block on october 31st also coming up after weeks at sea italy and
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a standoff allows the open arms rescue ship to land authorities say they are investigating conditions that forced some migrants on board to attempt to swim ashore. plus donald trump puts his trip to denmark on ice the u.s. president cancels a planned state visit with a tweet after the danish prime minister called trump's plans to buy greenland observed. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us we start with the latest chapter in the bronx that saga right here in berlin right now boris johnson is meeting with uncle americal he is trying to convince the german chancellor to reopen negotiations over britain's withdrawal from the e.u. he's demanding the e.u. scrap the so-called irish backstop which is a block's current plan to avoid a hard border in ireland a both johnson admirable have expressed optimism that
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britain can still reach a negotiated deal to leave the u. but johnson has insisted the u.k. will depart deal. or no deal on october 31st. no breakfast protesters shout as british prime minister boris johnson a rice investment for the 1st time since he took office a month ago he met with german chancellor angela merkel his goal to reopen negotiations on brics it we in the u.k. want a deal we seek a deal and i believe that we can get what we can do the shop windows i think is that is the phrase but clearly. i think clearly. we cannot we cannot accept the current withdraw agreement johnson wants to scrap the backstop
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a clause designed to prevent the return of customs and security checks along the irish border the new however has ruled out renegotiating the existing bricks agreement in berlin merkel said johnson the challenge of finding a solution quickly to fix up the set in the works the back of them has always only been a last resort if we don't need that last resort and if we're saying that we might find this agreement in the next 2 years perhaps we will find it in the next 30 days why shouldn't we be starting from bottlenecks both merkel and johnson seem optimistic that a solution can be found in berlin however no solution as yet in the nation and time is running out if no side moves the u.k. may head for a no deal exit at the end of october. get ever used chief political editor michelle are standing outside the chancellor a she has been following the talks for us today. we know that the main sticking point to this bragg's a deal has been the irish backstop this insurance policy to prevent
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a hard border on the island of ireland did we hear anything in terms of alternatives to the backstop. well we certainly heard from boris johnson once again that the backstop simply can't be on the cards as far as he's concerned so when it comes down to it there hasn't been much change at the same time. that this is the 1st can do attitude the 1st error of can do attitude we've heard in a very very long time with anger machall putting the idea of having a solution within 30 days on the table and boris johnson accepting that the onus is on us on the brits to actually come up with some proposals so certainly all of us in the media and politicians across the continent and beyond will be watching very closely whether now at last they could be some kind of movement that might make the backstop obsolete all together which was always angela merkel's preferred option anyway michel or tell us more about that 30 day timetable seems to have come out of
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nowhere. yes and that's actually also what it appeared like it's seemed like a spontaneous comment by the german chancellor but of course there could be a calculation ingrained in that to actually get britain to get london to finally actually come up with some kind of concrete proposal in boston was asked specifically did you bring anything what could that look like. avoiding a hard border because he once again said that britain would not stand for a hard border wouldn't set up anything like that but what could be the target if and they said well there could be some kind of technical solution well that's still very vague so it will be very interesting to see whether he will now at last get a bit more specific over the coming weeks tomorrow he's due to be in paris which has been a lot less patient than the german chancellor when it comes also to the brics an
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extension in monarch or the french president was against that from the beginning and at the weekend he will meet g 7 leaders for his 1st big exchange on the big issues in the world including iran hong kong you name it which was also discussed today we've learned what do you think about for boris johnson here michelle what do you think he can take home from today's talks with angela merkel. or boris johnson has got his heart cut out for him brady after that press briefing today he has some homework to do there's an acceptance there and there's also an air though that this is also about political point scoring because if it comes to the crunch if person dials leave the e.u. in the hardbacks it on the 31st of october he will need to be able to pin the blame somewhere and that could well end up being in paris and brussels all right our chief political editor michelle acuteness speaking to us thank you.
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let's get a roundup now some other stories making news around the world the u.s. government has unveiled a new rule that lifts a legal barrier limiting the amount of time children of migrants can be detained department of homeland security secretary. on wednesday and now that the so-called flora's agreement that limits the detention of children to 20 days will be allowed to expire. pro-democracy demonstrators in hong kong have staged a protest at the suburban train station where masked men attacked protesters one month ago activists say they want to draw attention to the lack of progress by police investigating that attack many believe the attackers have links to organized crime. and nigerian president has sworn in his new cabinet almost 6 months after he was elected to a 2nd term remains minister of petroleum that is considered the most important
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ministerial post because oil exports account for around 90 percent of nigeria's foreign exchange. italy's president is holding talks with political leaders in rome to explore possible avenues out of the country's political crisis. is meeting with the leaders of italy's 2 houses of parliament and the leaders of the country's political parties and the main opposition party the center left democratic party has indicated that it is prepared to discuss a possible coalition with the anti establishment 5 star movement the talks come after the collapse of the previous coalition between the 5 star movement and the far right league if no new coalition is agreed to italy could see new elections before the end of the year. and sander is covering the story for us from rome here's what he had to say. the government crisis here in italy is in force swing after prime minister called to decided to step down last night and now the
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ball is in the court of the italian president said. his obligation will be to find a new strong coalition government this could be made up of the 5 star movement together with the central f.p.g. party instead of a nice far right leak. but at the moment it is not even clear if p.d.u. wants to be part of this government. on the other hand has a different plan he wants new elections something he's been rooting for all along and he is quite popular at the moment he's truly polling at roughly 37 percent but between now and earliest the election date which would be in october a lot can change and president is doing his best to find a solution as soon as possible as he says possibly even tomorrow staying in italy now for the continuing saga of the migrant rescue ship open arms 5 e.u. states have now agreed to take in dozens of refugees who had been stranded aboard
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the boat off the island of lampedusa for weeks italy had been refusing to allow the ship to dock late on tuesday and italian prosecutor ordered the boat to be seized and the migrants on board to be brought ashore. shortly before midnight the rescue ship open arms was allowed to dock in lampedusa many of the 83 migrants had been on board for nearly 3 weeks the sympathizers welcomed them at the harbor and summer break their landing. the spanish n.g.o.s rescue ship had been anchored a few 100 meters off the coast of lampedusa for danes right it wasn't allowed to come to shore. but yesterday an italian state prosecutor visited the ship with 2 doctors to learn about conditions on board the prosecutor then ordered the ship be seized and evacuated in the evening he began an investigation of an unknown person for abuse of office the inquiry is not centered on the spanish aid organization the
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unnamed suspect could be italian interior minister monti salvini instead he was responsible for preventing the ship from coming to shore. it is highly likely that i am being investigated to state prosecutor in argento has begun an inquiry against an unknown person and you can imagine with unknown person might be. the spanish naval vessel is on its way to italy it is offering to take some of the migrants to spain. to brazil now we're researchers are reporting an alarming rise in the number of fires burning in the amazon rain forest this rain forest is the world's largest and serves as a key bowl work against climate change by absorbing large amounts of greenhouse gases now most of the blazes have been set by farmers trying to clear their land but the country's rightwing president has another theory he says n.g.o.s are setting up places to make him look bad. more than $72000.00 fires this
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year and 80 percent increase over the same period last year smokers cover nearly half the country e.u. satellite data show as well as parts of neighboring countries president joe your ball scenario has a theory about the fires cause. i am under the impression that it could have been set by the n.g.o.s because i had asked for money. a stunning accusation he had no evidence for environmentalists have called the charge sick and pitiful. the real cause they say is both own policies which have slashed environmental funding and dismantle protections. when brazil space research center reported an 88 percent increase in deforestation in june compared with june last year its director lost his job. those who call the amazon home are the 1st affected by the destruction.
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indigenous groups suffer with the impact because if enough food source begins to change. hunting is further away. to the city for industrialised food. these groups may be the canary in the coal mine the amazon produces one 5th of the world's oxygen and absorbs one quarter of all the c o 2 taken in by earth's forests losing the amazon could mean losing one of the world's greatest natural defenses against climate change let's go to south paulo now where we can speak to the director of public policies at the environmental organization. thank you for joining us why are we seeing so many wildfires in the amazon right now. well it's very clear very wide fire and it's a way to gear named for me coach or and so very good for station brazil it's
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a skyrocketing since the most on the 2 coffees just the last 12 months we had an increase of 45 percent in for a station rates and in right of the fires the increase was 145 percent so what is happening in the amazon right now is vet farmers and ranchers are answering true both or not it was each i'm guessing birmingham a law against and civil society and guy against environmental n.g.o.s and so i've gained the brazilian vermin the law ok that's not what he says is happening president boston are has his own theory he's accusing n.g.o.s of setting the fires them selves to make him look bad is there anything to that well visa totally review cruiser position of course it's different from the strategy so he knows perfectly well we'll be splitting fire in the forest right now he knows that our land grabbers are green you know that they're inside the forest
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that are trying to go against the brazilian law but it looks like that he doesn't want to go off the vent it's off course. cuse enjoy a little someone else venture to do his job at least to pollute law enforcement in the ground what's not happening ok well the accusations are flying but i think most people would agree that the amazon is important it is the largest rain forest in the world put this into perspective for us how crucial is this system not only for the region for brazil but also for the global climate. well the animal is very important it's crucial for brazil and the rule for brazil most of the rainfall that goes to some politics of the main c.d.'s so that gives water quality people to drink that gives a broader former coach or more of it needs water for our egos free to come from the amazon that's evolved the forest we don't have room for here we go i have run for an event in argentina we don't have rings all the most of south america for the
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world i'm alone it's a carbon sea it's very important so you through the forests of the amazon so we have just in the amazon maybe one the gate of all ruble emissions of greenhouse gases in the room and gallons very close to each dipping point so if we have the forest more 5 percent of young muslim so it's going you know way it's going to be more dry and it's going to turn itself in a suburban and not enough forest anymore and venus is going to be very bad for brazil and further will all right now message there from now is valid director of public policies at a w w f result that's a worldwide fund for nature thanks so much for joining us you're welcome now roman catholic cardinal george powell has failed to have his conviction on child sex abuse charges overturned pa was one of the church's most powerful people in the role of vatican treasurer now he is serving a 6 year sentence for sexually abusing 2 choir boys in the 1900. 11
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weigh in disgrace 78 year old george pal leaves the supreme court of victoria and meldon he once dominated australia's catholic church now he's a common prison an appeals judge is a found a controversial jury decision against him was right there has been vigorous and sometimes emotional criticism of the cotton there has also been strong support for the cardinal by others. indeed it's fair to say. but this coast post about it the community for you so you go oh oh. you survivors and their supporters celebrated the supreme court ruling for these people pell is a symbol of the sins of the church. green and anything example of justice and of just the right thing to do yes god yes i get it
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done right do you think yes the case against cal dates to the mid 1990 s. but despite swirling accusations his star continued to rise in the catholic church he became one of the vatican's most senior cardinals and even now the church has not to frank's pal he's always denied the allegations against him and may yes appeal today's verdict but tells conviction house rocks the catholic church he won't be eligible for parole until october 2022. you're watching news still to come on our show take a close look at this what does this remind you of we'll explain why this ride at a german amusement park has been grounded. at 1st u.s. president donald trump has canceled a state visit to denmark because the danish prime minister refuses to talk about selling greenland to the u.s. describing the proposal as absurd greenland is an autonomous territory and belongs
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to denmark it's the biggest island in the world its government has said greenland is not for sale cancelled by a tweet all the plans were in place in copenhagen for a state visit by the u.s. president but then donald trump announced on twitter he's not coming after all denmark is a very special country with incredible people he tweeted but if the danish prime minister doesn't want to discuss selling greenland to him then the visits canceled . it is with regret and surprise that i received the news that the president has cancelled his statements to denmark the 2nd and 3rd as i have been looking forward to this it. does not change the character of our good relations and we will of course from denmark continue going dialogue with the us on how we can develop. and deal with the many common
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challenges we face in. greenland may be geographically next door to united states but it's been in autonomy danish territory for more than 200 years and has its own prime minister came kielce and made clear what he thought about trump's real estate offer during a meeting with the danish prime minister earlier this week. to give you a month which is like the the americans can trade resources with greenland just like any other country they can treat with us but our country is not for sale. there's been a u.s. airbase on greenland since the 1950 s. but global powers are increasingly interested in its vast oil gas and mineral reserves. let's talk about this with a reporter and native dane peter dial he's with us here in our studio hi peter where the prime minister they think she's not angry she's disappointed what else are you hearing from the story well the prime minister may not be angry but a lot of people certainly are they see this as just completely disrespectful
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earlier today the former speaker of the danish parliament pick out scope was fuming on twitter she blasted president trump for his quote insolent way to treat the danish people in the queen and called it a complete lack of respect and class more than the head of the danish social liberal party even pointing to this is proof that the us under president trump simply can't be trusted he called trans behavior quote preposterous and said this shows why now more than ever denmark should consider other you members as close allies not us and he then signed off by calling trump completely erratic you know not everyone is asked of set though unlike president obama president trump is not very well liked in denmark i was there just a few weeks ago. before this whole greenland debacle started the main danish public broadcaster assets viewers how they felt about trams visit 70 percent almost said that he should stay away so i can only imagine what that number would be like to
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there how did it even come to me how did donald trump come to this idea of buying greenland in the 1st place well it's not quite clear why trumbull was sensitive sites on the greenland you know now. probably only knows but it is not a completely novel idea and certainly not as stupid as it may sound the us kind of 1st discovered the benefits of greenland going to go back in history here a little bit you know during world war 2 denmark invited us to set of military bases to fend off and scare potential enemies geographically greenham is located close to europe and russia so with the cold war heating up in the wake of world war 2. so. president truman at the time was quick to kind of see the benefits of that so we offered denmark a $100000000.00 so that's about $1300000000.00 in today's money to buy greenland denmark rejected that offer but it allowed the bases to stay so there's
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a long history there. while the cold war may be over due political tensions aren't completely completely though and part of that is because of global warming for instance the arctic's heating up the means there of new routes new trade routes potentially and it's gotten a lot easier to mine rare earth metals which we use for smartphones computers. greenlee just happens to have some of the largest deposits in the world of those rare metals so huge potential there for the business and i like trump all right very interesting stuff there our reporter peter dollar native dain here at g.w.s. bringing this story to us thank you so much peter right here. to sports now and of germany's powerful football association looks like it's getting a new president officials from professional and amateur clubs today gave their backing to fritz keller the head of my books bundesliga club he will lead an
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association with 7000000 members the largest of its kind in the world. this roll into a news conference was his debut fritz keller appearing as the designated german football association president and office he didn't exactly dream about. i can say that this task was not part of my life plan and he said that actually i am and was very happy with what i achieved in tribe org and with my family business from the. color is a wine grower and restaurant tour he's currently president of bundesliga club s.c. freiburg he plans to resign from that position to focus on leading the german f.a. back to better times after years of scandal and they have. football is a matter of the heart. when you go to the pitches and stand together with the people and eat a sausage have a soft drink or a beer. and if i can contribute
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a little bit to football being seen as it really is how it's lived at the pitches and in the 3rd half i would cherish about it to his disc. with the german football association size and potential power the president's role could again include a top tier seat with fifa a global governing body of football and with you way in europe but keller says he'll leave those seats to german colleagues he's mainly concerned with the clubs and rebuilding the stature of a once proud association. now the nazi symbol the swastika is banned here in germany but sometimes that crops up unintentionally for example in the case of an amusement park in the black forest. as it starts up this ride called the eagles flight looks unassuming enough but once the eagles take to the air they seem to form a sinister shape. few seemed to notice at the park until the video of the eagles
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made it online now the park's owner is repentant so there. i would like to emphasize that i apologize in every way i can to anyone who feels disturbed and insulted by design visitors to the tasmanian park seem to take it in their stride but. you wonder how you can delete something. because it really is still a sensitive topic on the other hand it's just the engineering and just happens to look like. i'm not but that i didn't even notice that they might look like swastikas. and the children they think nothing of it. the owner is talking to the rides manufacturer about a redesign until then the eagles are grounded. all right let's get a recap of our top story that we're following for you here on d w british prime minister
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boris johnson has insisted once more that the e.u. scrap its plan to avoid a hard border in ireland after bragg said he is here in berlin for talks with german chancellor angela merkel she expressed optimism that the u.k. and the e.u. can still avoid a no deal for exit. you're watching news we'll be back in just a few minutes with the day you can add to a website if you dot com for all the latest news and information on the clock and of course you can get the latest headlines from us on twitter our handle their news thank you for watching see.
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d.w. correspondent assume some harm if. it was to be made in italy the lobster or the various flavors of the exotic colonies and i am the challenge for you all to reach him and the. ox confusion and the fun. from street food the 5 star restaurant tasting taipei starts september 1st long d w. he's going to simply doesn't seem. to understand the world better we need to take a closer. look serious knowledge. today. e.w.
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. welcome to the girl max channel. no goodbye no stewart. with exclusive. the must see concerning sparkling culture in europe. to be curious minds. do it yourself networkers play some subscribers don't miss out on. boris johnson in berlin the british prime minister gets a warm welcome from the german chancellor during his 1st visit here since taking office he doesn't get what he came for a promise to reopen breaks in negotiations but he does get a task find a better solution in 30 days i'm so much content berlin and this is the day.


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