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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 23, 2019 3:30pm-3:46pm CEST

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movement 30 years ago and it was a savage reality when tanks literally rolled over young pressers protesters in the square of heavily peaceful we all remember that in tiananmen square young men and women who had the audacity just like the courageous citizens of hong kong today to call for their voices to be heard to demand that their voices matter just as much as the highest functionary in the communist party and that all people must be equal before the law that will is what it was all about back then and is now and the question is those voice those voices 30 years ago they were drowned out in blood we haven't heard them since then not in the way that we're hearing them now at least in hong kong. it's a big question i know but after looking at the images of tiananmen square from 30 years ago bear if we could start with you should we be concerned about the
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possibility of another tiananmen square in hong kong i think we should be concerned but i don't think it's very likely tenement is still a troll for the chinese communist party. beijing knows that it would be drastic if the p.l.o. a people's liberation army actually went into hong kong and i don't think it's necessary nowadays because the party has different means of putting people on the pressure that has all the technical means it has the companies that are being put under a lot of pressure now cathay pacific and many others so i don't see a big likelihood at the same time i don't see a very good outcome for the hong kong people it's going to be a very unhappy ending a very unhappy ending ok what do you think that means sure what would be a very unhappy ending have you excluded as has the possibility of another gentleman
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square i think hong kong people they're very well aware that china is trying to scare people with violence and the possibility of sending me i think many of them just try to ignore the fact or even if they know about this they would think that they have nothing to lose if it ends up like this they would they would take other action but that for now they only get to have answers from the government what do you think oh i don't think this is. today because china always says it's now a responsible big nation the international word and they're going to use force because in other international conflicts china always says we want peaceful media to solve the problem they can be that china says when i have a problem my home becky art i just make my soldier i sent my soldier to
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give it clear that is no problem with underage in the book and not the outcome and is china's going to set up where it's 60 years of funding of the people's republic china beginning of october that's coming up yeah i don't believe they're going to be have a very very bad image in the international press when the pira is marching to hong kong ok so china plays a very long game though the communist party in beijing. if we look at the past if we look at what's happened in tibet what happened in tiananmen square the internment of the weak corps i mean beijing is not adverse to reverting to force at the end of the day it couldn't work because hong kong has nothing legal framework this is a part of it not a system the legal frame with sess the peary could be essential hong kong if the c.e.o. of the leader of hong kong officially os paging to do that about i'm not sink caroline is the leader of the city's going to do that ok well how is the west responded
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there's been a mixed response french and german leaders have called for dialogue about the situation the us congress has condemned china's heavy handed police response president trump has called on the chinese president to exercise restraint. but like to see hong kong worked out in a very humanitarian fashion io prisoner g. can do it he sure has the ability i could tell you from personal logie certainly has the ability to do it if he wants to so i'd like to see that worked out humanitarian fashion i think it would be very good for the trade deal that we're talking about. believe it's only donald trump who's responded to this in terms of a high level world of politician is the u.s. the only country that can bring pressure to bear on beijing i think hong kong people are trying to. the international community not. only the u.s. but also the also germany and lent to put pressure on china but they also very well
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aware that only if it's only what it would like. even if. it's china if there are no other action for example economic sanctions all. that was for them in anything what do you say. expressing concerns kind of pressure and china has to syria take taking to consider. sanctions not a way out a way out would be that beijing hong kong they going to negotiate in the framework of one country 2 systems about the way the timetable at least how the democrats democracy could be implemented in hong kong like a direct like a general election ok i don't know what i'm listening to terry though that's already been decided this 2047 when china resumes control of hong kong until then the chinese people or the people of hong kong rather want democracy the way i'm
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hearing you is that gerry that's non-negotiable yeah because for us we don't believe what we're trying to. the extension a fun country system we don't want to believe that. by the way it will become chess and not the city of china we want to have an extension we want to have the 2 a system for africa ok the 2 system forever let's take a listen now to some of the protesters and what they have to say about their hopes their fears and their dreams franco. component of the movie come out to protest the more people will be arrested but we still will not leave until we get what we want. drew to more of those emotional talk those are both of. those the north pole polls have been spoiled because when we see the recall vote from home to do this we can vote on
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more of them but if we use these phone calls democracy with different people we share the same belly with us and e.u. that we fight for democracy which i put just happens to be full of those countries and then go and speak up for. ok after listening to those protesters are what we're seeing is in hong kong or is it something that's shaping up to be another clash of cultures on one side a clearly a one party illogical system on the other a multi-party democracy that supports the rule of law is this a clash of cultures that we're seeing take place focused on hong kong that has to do with china. i prefer the term competition of systems none of us has an interest in a real clash but definitely in a global situation where we have established western democracies on
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the one hand on the other hand we have a rise of or to retire in systems but china and that is part of the conflict that is playing out that is part of why the u.s. is getting involved on a high level because the u.s. and china have this trade and everything else will going on so more trouble for xi jinping is something that donald trump obviously enjoys but it's also something that concerns us in europe because in hong kong we say we see the playbook that china is using to handle dissent and called for democracy and that is a much much broader question how is it more of a clash or a competition and i prefer the word to the term co-existing because to system of the cool existence of what china doesn't want is that the between the want the 2 systems that one system is challenging the other should be equal existence it says
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to keep the hope one country stable. is the west's approach right now a good one should the west back off a void provoking china not looking like it's being involved in the protests right now. speaking from the perspective of a hong kong person off cause we would light the west to speak out law to give more pressure to china but then maybe in the best interests of all these less than countries because of all the other reasons because of economy because of trade but then if we had just taken about the value off the mall crecy and favor them then obviously the west has this responsibility to send them how should the how should the west stay up stand up what does it need to do to show to the rest of the world that it indeed believes in the value. on which it's based i think showing solidarity is important i think honesty is also important i would be very happy for leading european politicians to come out and say we support this this is
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illegitimate show of concern by the hong kong people china is trying to undermine the legitimacy of these protests and we should show no this is just a minute and on the other hand we should also be very open and saying. you can't get can expect this from us but you can expect more we have interests in china we are in a very different very difficult situation this is how far we can support you but please see the complicated situation that we are in ok our last question to you do you think this is going to end peacefully you are promoting a coexistence of the 2 systems is it going to end well. for the going to end well because a single way out is. between hong kong beijing and that's that they have to the homework they have to do right now and sit down at the table and start talking that's right shari we can talk more some point about extending the freedom past 2047 we're out of time though i'd like to thank all of our viewers from around the
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world for joining us on quadriga today and of course our guests here as well. dr thomas for all of us thanks so much for being with us.
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i believe. in the sinister world of modern slavery. we meet people who have been enslaved. i am the activists i'm afraid the.


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