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this is the doubling years one from but i led the european union on a collision course with brazil's right wing president as a record number of wildfires risk countries amazon rain forest range out of control e.u. leaders describe it as an international crisis and threaten to block a trade deal with south america ambassador president on our take firm action also on the program the french city of spirits draws demonstrations head of this weekend's g. 7 summit protesters will the leaders of the world's leading industrialized nations to step up the action against climate change. range refugees in fact the dasher
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afraid to return to me in ma i'm not no signs it will ever be safe to do so d w reports of a refugee camp retreat the 2 countries. taking steps to stop a silent extinction as africa's giraffe populations are to wendall by almost half its 30 years international convention the greeks ways to better protect these gentle just say. i'm phil gal welcome to the program. brazil's are right wing president jaya balls than ours facing growing pressure after several european union leaders described the wildfires burning out of control through swathes of the hours and forest as an international crisis
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a record number of fires have brought destruction to one of the world's largest ecosystems since president balsara took office in january now he says he's considering sending the army in. these other worst fires the amazon basin has seen since records began in 2013 the dry season is only just beginning and many places it hasn't rained in weeks brazil's president has been blaming n.g.o.s with no evidence he now says the blazes may have been started deliberately do you because you care about if there are cyclists or car drivers out there who stop at the side of the road and light fires that stretch for over a 100 metres let's call it. amateur footage shows fires along highway through the anis and media reports say families organized what they called a day of fire earlier this month. satellite images show dozens of fires were started on august the 10th farmers often destroying rain forest for cattle grazing on thursday both in r.
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and france's president manuel michel exchanged critical comments on twitter france says it will oppose an e.u. trade deal with several south american states and that's brazil takes action and both france and germany said that address the issue of the amazon at the upcoming g 7 meeting as it is emerging go when the g 7 gets together this weekend the chances of the firm belief that this current crisis in the amazon rainforest has to be dealt with. so the french president definitely has the chancellor on his side. both sonora has called discussing the amazon without representatives from the region colonialist but with more leaders calling the plays as an international crisis the fires appear firmly on the agenda. colace no brainer as i senior researcher with the institute for advanced studies at the university of south paolo i had previously worked of brazil's national institute for space research which monitors forest fires in the amazon region welcome to day w how big is this 5 how great is
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the risk of the rain forests disappearing altogether. the risk is very very present because there are many studies said studies which point out that we we exceeded that say 20 to 25 percent or deforest in the whole b.c.s. going to mean square kilometers we have already the forest will mean a square along the 1517 percent so we see the nets t.v. points more of the elephant portaloo deja vue and will turn into the grid at someone and fires increase the winner ability of the forests so as we see prior's increasing their loss all the risk of the us won't force these are purely because much much higher so ironically as as the forest is recedes because of deforestation the chances of it burning increase and what other effects
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on brazil on a day the world's climate does this deforestation have. tropical forests all for us and the planet they remove 30 percent of the carbon dioxide human activities emits into the atmosphere so it's very important the system service truck of course do that as well and also talk of forests or a large amount of carbon so if we lose the eminent force even if we was beseeched percent of the forests the probability of reaching that target carries a quart becomes much more much more difficult the d.c. 3 percent of the us on we released $200.00 didn't cause of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere so we've also to fight it climate crisis we need to maintain truckle forests and also we need to restore a lot of trouble forests it's been said that the very way to persuade. of anything
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is to is to show him that it is in his own interests it is in brazil's that interest is is something of a climate skeptic or indeed denying our changes to his country is a climates already visible because of the forestation. oh yes the climate in the amazon is changing we are seen that the length of the dry season is that i wasn't using increasing dangerously particularly easy areas before that in the last 3040 years the length of the drugs even has increased by 2025 days this is really we're getting very close to this point. by almost bernie bernie the forests generates incredible amounts of pollutants that travel thousands of kilometers affecting the health of means of
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people we stop america so we're already seeing signs of this climate change that might be very very dangerous for men for the maintenance of the forests face fire seems so big that it seems that almost impossible to put them out the president is talking about sending in the army as it's not a sensible move well at this point it's a desperate move but the only only one possible because he's too lyrical speech for several months effect for throughout his political career 27 years as a hoss member is heavy always debt it's not important to conserve the forests we should move on to be in india as lead soul that speech really propel these criminals and yet in the amazon to push the forestation so they could
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own the forest let it that help forest dry off were to run much and then set back of course the army can go there and prevent these people force or setting fire to the pale trees with thank you for joining us the colors are no bread from the university of south paula thank you thank you ken. germany's chancellor angela merkel has joined emmanuel macro in calling for brazil's fives to be on the agenda of the g. 7 summit that starts on saturday france is hosting the raising of the world's top industrialized countries in the coastal city of barrett's security is high after 1st gathering berates described quote global poverty as another time to fire threatening the world the summit promises to be challenging dition to brazil's wildfires g 7 leaders will consider a range of issues including migration the us iran delay sions and international trade. d w correspondent gail marcus is there to guide
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us through the coming days welcome go so emmanuel mccraw and get a magical say they want the brazil fires on the g 7 agenda i can this meeting actually do anything to address this crisis feel the french president has already said a number of bullet points a number of suggestions you'd like to discuss with the other leaders of some of the richest and the most influential nations in the world who are coming here for this g. 7 meeting in beer it's how he wants to resolve that crisis one steamy has in mind is the reforestation program that could be financed by some of these wealthiest nations but also what is on his mind is putting more pressure on brazil and in that respect you also have to see this idea that he could block the free trade deal that brussels recently hammered out with these so-called markers through estates of which brazil is a part and what you have to understand here is that if one european nation does not
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rectify that deal that has in principle been a greet it means the whole deal is that. the main issue of this weekend's g. 7 was supposed to be fighting inequality oxfam is saying that the climate crisis compounds inequality so how will leaders be trying to get to grips with that. now the french president has as if you want as a precaution seeing that donald trump walked away from the final declaration on the last 7 meeting in canada has skipped that final declaration this communique as it's called here and still he wants to reach a tangible results and so he has invited african nations leaders from egypt and book enough fossil will be here he has put a number of thousands of sensible topics on the list how africa is dealing with women female entropy nurse in particular how could they be given more credits all
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sorts of things including the environment he'd like to discuss these things in order to move things forward what you can't help but notice is of course the fact that by broadening the agenda it really makes clear that the g 7 is no longer a forum where the world's problems can be solved because the different president broadens this agenda really so that some results comes out of this meeting seeing that the 7 leaders do disagree on so many things now they have the host city beer it sets a seaside town quite brisk quite rich white affluent jason and james summits have been quite violent in the past how well prepared is the city. extremely a well prepared i went through a walk through the town which is practically a ghost town people have not been allowed in the residents have been given
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accurately cage taishan cards some 13000 police forces have been deployed in town practically one for every 2 citizens in be a ritz the beach has been plucked it's it's completely empty so strong police presence in order to make sure that this meeting is not to start to have matters as you said in berets thank you. so as we've been hearing this escalating dispute over the brazilian president's approach the environment is straining union agreed to free trade deal between the e.u. and south america 20 years in the making the future of the deal with countries has been thrown into doubt with ireland and france threatening to block ratification if brazil fails to address the growing environmental crisis in the amazon. german cars could soon be sold judy free in south america a mercedes currently costs up to 35 percent more in the markets or states than in the e.u. the e.u.
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marcus or trade deal would give all kinds of european manufacturers a whole new market in south america which in turn could create jobs. manufacturing is not especially strong in argentina brazil paraguay and you're of the fourfold markets or members that opens up opportunities for the e.u. nonetheless brazil expects the trade deal to generate up to 125000000000 dollars in growth over the next 15 years america source states will benefit by being able to export more agricultural goods to the e.u. but this is problematic for each you nations with large scale agricultural production such as france and ireland they have already succeeded in limiting the amount of beef markets or can import to the e.u. to $100000.00 tons a year as well e.u. nations still have major environmental concerns regarding agricultural production and biodiversity particularly in the amazon region that could yet scope of the trade deal. ok let's take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world russia the world's 1st stop flirting a nuclear power plant and set off on a 3 week voyage across the arctic ocean the russian vessel academic on low more not solve is being told to have an area in that russia's far east where it'll provide power for about $100000.00 people environmentalist's of criticize the plant as unsafe. thousands of people marched in algerian cities and towns to call for free and fair elections and an end to military influence in the government algerians have continued to push for political reforms after mass protests force of resignation of the president after nazis beautifully in april. the u.s. supreme court says justice ruth bader ginsburg has undergone treatment for a malignant tumor in her pancreas the court said no further treatment was needed at this time not just the skins but he's 86 she's one of 4 left leaning judges on her
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9 member called. that the mediterranean 356 migrants have been allowed to disembark. and in the latest on passed between european union governments and n.g.o.s rescue ships the migrants will be relocated to 6 other countries france germany ireland luxemburg portugal and romania or low another week long standoff is over for now the european union seems far from a solution on this recurring mediterranean drama. there is not a lot of breathing space on the ocean viking where migrants waited for almost 2 weeks at sea water and other supplies have been running short but now the ordeal has come to an end the people on board have been allowed to go ashore in malta they will then be distributed to various e.u. countries that have agreed to take them in as a reason that's not he as of ours we feel relieved that a humane solution has now been found for the 356 people on board the ocean viking.
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but this can't stop here i must find a way to stop situations like this from happening again. the ocean biking is run by the aid organizations doctors without borders and s.o.s. mediterranean their crew has been reporting to berlin via video conference and they described distressing conditions onboard and passengers suffering from severe trauma we have also spoken to and treated injuries those who have experienced or during their time. at the hands of traffic groups and criminals they have been exploited. what we can only describe as torture the ngos believe that despite the dangers at sea migrants will continue attempting to flee across the mediterranean and as long as they do so the ngos have said they will continue their rescue missions. because this year alone by the middle of august almost $600.00 people have died on the central
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mediterranean route. and for we will not just stand by and watch while people drown who could have been held and who need to be rescued. for the passengers on the ocean viking the nightmare is over for the time being but the drama of the rescue at sea is not over in the mean time a solution still has to be found for each individual ship. refugees from bangladesh are refusing to return to me or u.n. monitors that attempt to overturn. about 300 families filed on thursday when no one showed up to go back the fear of return persists after more than 700000 ranger fled a brutal army crackdown in manama 2 years ago 1st as attempted repatriation was actually the 2nd time the un has tried to return refugees 100 deal between bangladesh and the government and now the religious fears are perhaps best articulated and what one of them told t.w.
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cox is bizarre if they force us to go we will die here is more from the refugee camps of cox's bazaar but i'm not. as room misplayed that they would be forced to return to yemen tension is because here in pa among the younger refugees in the pan am i one better than. others take their daughters clothes off. and then rate them in front of their parents. my own daughter their budget. this woman is referring to the brutal crackdown by myanmar's military 2 years it hundreds of thousands of bring to fled to playing the tests they say almost $2500.00 of them went formed at their names were on the list of refugees selected for repatriation to me and mom bangladeshi government officials to up the list but it was up to the un to break the news to the rescue to. the
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mohammed it came as a shock. belongings will be in danger over there and our children and wives won't be safe if they force us to go we will die. one of several ethnic minorities in me and mom but the government does not recognize them as full citizens they have faced decades of discrimination and times violent repression and not allowed to travel freely the lack of access to basic services. and ma has promised to provide them with housing and id cards but no one we talked to believed you owe it to his assurances. many was so frightened that they spent the night before the repatriation with their friends when the mountain surrounding the camp it's normal. wandered around all night too terrified to return to this talked. to go i heard they would take us today i got so scared i was afraid they might
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force us. i had our promise they won't force anyone to leave and the un insists repatriation must be voluntary and to serve it refugees to determine whether they want to return on this 1st day of repatriation not a single refugee it greta go home as long as nean must government cannot prove it will but full rights of the regime it's unlikely any of them will change their mind . bangladesh has actually given shelter to more than 700000 russian just since 2017 well than doubling the country's refugee population so how is bangladesh coping the w.c. now we called it folks. well yes indeed this is the biggest refugee camp in the what i need to be made of the situation has improved refugees do have basic basic health have a basic education and so great by conditions on diet
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a lot of people don't have anything to do that's another fear that starts racing might lead to anger might you know that young people just having too much time on the hand that's concerned that they might end up becoming radicalized even if they find about but it may happen i'm told so what's he like me right before the aid workers believe in the often new conditions in the company actually quite insecure we've heard of motherhood of abductions of militant groups and gangs in the camps so conditions you know how to improve but it's still quite dangerous but as a lot of refugees tell us they love to stay here and have to go home at this point you know we can call not reporting from cox's bazaar this is day the news of a life from about and still to come and take you to the gulf season's final total once took walks the fine line between affection and frustration for parts to all of this place. is right.
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giraffe populations have been given more protections in an effort to hold that dramatic population decline the convention on international trade in endangered species species lost sight of us has agreed to regulate the buying and setting of giraffes and that body parts the number of these gentle creatures from africa has shrunk from more than 160000 the just under 100000 in just 70 years. to roughs their base majestic and lovable perhaps even most with a one. in fact such idiosyncrasies make it easy for researches to recognise their old buddies. to be in a really wild close and to have such a close connection with individual wild animals that you might be looking at them from one side and you already know when they turn around what you see on the other side just like knowing a friend. and indeed
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a friend for life. john dougherty 1st came to somebody's own national reserve 21 years ago as a carpenter and a pretext for getting up close to his favorite animals. now research or he knows africa's giraffe population as a whole has shrunk by 40 percent over the last 30 years. during the lifetime of the oldest giraffes here in some national reserve. 7 out of 10 of the species has disappeared poaching is one of the main culprits giraffes are often killed to eat when other food sources are running low but the some blue tribe who live near the park stopped such poaching long ago thanks partly to education work by john's colleagues tribal elders have noticed a change in stocks to remove the very nice to be many giraffes here now there are far fewer of them. without giraffes there would be fewer tourists and
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less income for the sun blue who sells souvenirs. but tourism comes in different forms it also includes trophy hunting which is legal in southern african countries like south africa namibia and zambia. this american woman for example shot a rare giraffe in south africa she defended her action by saying her hunting fee would help maintain giraffe stocks that's a view shared by many southern african governments john dockets he says that's unacceptable and he's not alone the southern african development community now wants trophy hunters to prove that their hunting went in danger animal stocks i'm personally very pleased opinion was divided but i'm delighted that site is has come to what i think is a very sensible decision that will help african countries faced with declining interrupt populations to save for all of us for the future. the hope is that such measures will prevent giraffes from experiencing the fate of so many species that
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face possible extinction. tour championship but on thursday in atlanta georgia will receive a fed ex cup under sports largest payout $15000000.00 the season ending tournament has a new format this year the more points you collect of the season the better your school . few of the top players gathered in atlanta need the payday but goals contrived season finale offers enormous prize money in place of any real prestige justin thomas was leading the fed ex cup and therefore start the tournament 10 under par but could only shoot level par on thursday that meant world number one brooks kept who was able to catch him reigning p.g.a. champion kept going to share the lead with thomas and zander so fully in the chase for the astronomical purpose thank you rory mcilroy is
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a shot further back from the top and set to add to a season best 13 top 10 finishes. as for japan's number one heck you might see more patience was required to work his way up the leaderboard. this putt for birdie at the 7th tested said patience but after what seemed like an eternal wait he was rewarded eventually. and remains firmly in the hunt for the mother of all paydays. i reserve on the top stories of this brazil's a right wing president dr also naras facing crowing pressure over wildfires burning out of control in his country's amazon rain forest several european union leaders describe the situation as an international crisis france and ireland threatening to
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block the e.u. south america most with trade deal over the president's approach to environment policy. on the french city of pierrots is preparing to host the g 7 leaders this weekend to as a union leaders a call for those off awesomely homs and to be put on the summit such as it's such a shuttle to focus on inequality the chance of a final communique could be deemed by old by disagreement on trade and other dish. in-situ up to date must stay in stay with me for the day which is up next a more world news of the top back of a good. run
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. but you are now going to keep warm. and lengthy nokomis. exposing and justice global news that matters to me for mines. from the g 7. be a rough. cut of the agenda global inequality the crisis with iran and international trade. but donald trump spent with his host french president and the trade war with china can derail everything. the british prime minister might use the occasion for
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is great press and show. reporting from the g. 7 meeting in p.r. its life for d.w.i. news. as so west europe. is in crisis. 6 times the future you believe champions young champions. league involves a mate but out that spot spin no for a long time i took pieces of the things we valued as europe for granted that now i sense this may be something that we want people in particular to me to find a good guy it's a tie it comes to the same. for activists from for a new country. they are pushing for the dream. to stand a chance. can they save the european idea. was
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beyond anything stand out if you have an interest in contribute to something important and you know that should come up see if. the future of europe starts september 2nd on d w. brazil's president says his country lacks the results just to control the wildfires raging across the animals and rain forests that he accuses france's president of colonialism when he tweets at the fire as an international crisis that should be a top priority at this weekend's g 7 it's. a meeting that shaping up to be fraught with tension with disagreements on core issues like climate iran and even whether russia should still be at the table i'm phil gave in berlin this is the day.


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