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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2019 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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the wildfires raging across the amazon rainforest that he accuses france's president of colonialism when he tweets at the fire as an international crisis that should be a top priority at this weekend's g 7 it's a meeting that shaping up to be fraught with tension with disagreements on core issues like climate iran and even whether russia should still be the table i'm filled in by and then this is the day. the world was teaching for a long time and now it's the g 7 i must say i'm very much we've chancellor merkel in thinking that the case has yet to be made out for russia to return to the g. 7 i think it would be a good thing if right you were there so we could speak directly to speak for the rest you know by telephone and other thing you. have the group of 7 where they kind
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of make decisions amongst themselves who will use or should you go the route of the city said it was a day's g 7 starts with the mobilization of civil society. visas to business he decided to do so even when it doesn't deliver. who are very close to the worst possible circumstances it's still true school. also coming up on the day especially reports on child labor in bolivia where it's legal to send 10 year old children out to work even at night and in dangerous surroundings for the pleasure. districts there are lots of criminal gangs and they are the biggest threat for me. so those wildfires raging through the amazon rainforest of maybe's homes the. world agenda
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with g 7 leaders say they want to come up with concrete measures to deal with global concerns mounting a record number of places and their potential impact on the world's climate there's also been sharp criticism of brazil's right wing president john have also nora on friday the french president accused him of failing to honor international environmental protection commitments emmanuelle macro is hosting this weekend's g 7 meeting in berets and has tweeted that the amazon wildfires would be a priority is the tweets our house is burning literally the amazon rain forest the lungs which produce 20 percent of our planet's oxygen he's on fire members of the g. 7 summit let's discuss this emergency 1st order in today's. let's take a closer look at this with peter cullen carts and he was britain's ambassador to brazil from 2004 to 2008 he joins us from london welcome to d.w. president also laura says he's country
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a lot of resources to control these fires when the french president describes the situation as an international crisis president balls that are calls him a colonialist so he doesn't want international help what does he want well i think we can see from president both in our ears after. he thinks i'm a much different priority to development including development of some land that really aren't in the realm of them and to development further brazilian agriculture over what the external world would probably like him to do which was to pay more attention to environmental britain. so he doesn't see this as a major crisis as the major crisis that the rest of the world does. oh no i think that's true. but i think the rest of the world would be a would be advised probably not to. try to just pressure him from the outside and
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certainly this is a global crisis you have to do something in order to save the world. the brazilian react very. quickly way to that kind of i think you what we found in the past is that it's actually much better through other people to their interest in preservation of the end of them which you both about agriculture but it's also very seriously about running for the common agricultural land that both brazil but also also argentina and paraguay but you say a threat stonework and they make their brazilians are pretty we have france and ireland saying they will block this trade deal between south america mirka so our trade bloc and the e.u. unless brazil takes firm action what is the likely response do you think from brussels about. well i think they won't be very happy by that about that i think there are clearly advantages for them in particular for the agricultural
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industry in the e.u. members who will do your work has been signed but i think they will rather react badly and so fine if you don't want to sign it we've been doing we've been trading with you were a number of years doing very well in our agricultural sector and we'll live with out there in the opera few more years i think would be much better to try and i don't have people to those who have interest but also to make it clear that we're not going to cut off aid to environmental projects but i think think both norway and germany have threatened. in other words you've got to keep forking and you've got to bring them along and you've got to make them see even quite difficult characters my personal both narrow that there is some self-interest for them in not letting destruction of the amazon go any further one wonders where the scientists in brazil and the rest of the world have been when president balsara was was
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listening environmental protections in his country it's seems odd to say to him after the fact that the base fires are burning this was a bad idea i'm sure there were voices raised before he started along this path say this is a bad idea. oh there were certain you know i mean there's a very well developed. science community in brazil and they're also very active and you go through concerned about the environment and indeed you know there's been a lot of pressure on the brazilian government but unfortunately he has taken the stance that. he's one of those who thinks like you trump university of mind if you're in a bit of a climate change denier and therefore you've been able with a strong parliamentary majority to ignore. those scientists who say oh this is not a good idea. i suppose when we look at the situation we're in climate change is one
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thing back that can be talked away or something far away and in the future but here we are talking about a massive fire raging across vast swathes of his country can you see once this situation is resolved one way or the other can you see the president changing his approach and perhaps signaling to the farmers that yeah we're going to go a different direction from here on. well i think the thing which would push him in that direction was more of a promise in particularly the large agro industry for doing what some of them of which is that they only also want to have sustainable agriculture and they don't believe that cutting down more of the of the rain forest is the way to go and that process all his own industry telling him that this is not necessarily a good idea can be held by outsiders for instance by investors
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as well as government but also by both who buy agricultural products from brazil making it clear that they want green supply during right and won't start out won't continue buying things if this continues as ever it's all about the money really former ambassador peter collar caught a former british ambassador of brazil thank you. role while i was on the burn center national of delegations and a long list of activist groups and n.g.o.s are assembling in the french coastal city of berates for the g. 7 summit of major industrialized countries activists have linked the g 7 survival fever fighting inequality a to their arms on wildfires categorizing global poverty as another threat in the world security and barrett says high for what promises to be a challenge yourself 1st as well as president as far as g 7 leaders face of age of
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40 issues like migration iraq and international trade. so what should we expect from this she said the w.'s go battis is in barrett's is his assessment. on this g 7 summit the french president took took a precaution after donald trump on the last 7 meeting walked away not signing a come common declaration of mutual declaration so there would not be a declaration but the french president does want some tangible results not just on the wildfires but to particularly on the inequality in africa so a number of subjects he's invited a number of african leaders and a number of key subjects are on the agenda such as providing more credits more money for particularly female entrepreneurialism africa providing more support for educational and environmental projects now these are just a few examples of the things that will happen but you can't help but absolve is that the effort by the french president to broaden the agenda is also sort of
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signifying that the problems of the world can noble longer be resolved by an exclusive club of of 7 states 7 states who do not agree on many things but they need other leaders to come along. with my sis in berets take a closer look at what to expect with pay to chase he's a senior fellow at the german marshall fund where he specializes in transatlantic relations joins us from brussels welcome to day w you've written this meeting of what should be like minded leaders devoted to liberal democracy and market economics is likely to be tense a west that tension likely to come from. well i think everyone thinks that it's going to come from mr trump and to some extent it will but i think it's important to take a step back to go from what your correspondent was saying to realize that the sudden summit as such is actually really important thing because it brings the 7
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major democracies together to to think about how we can collaboratively find ways to strengthen the democratic norms in the market economies that are the basis of the international order and i think that it's in that context it gives them this informal discussion point. unfortunately as informal as it's supposed to be there are a number of fireworks expected some happened even today in the trade war with china but i think that even with one of the things the president micron is trying to do as your correspondent was pointing out was to say that this is about fighting inequality this is what the country should be doing and he should be doing it because google ization in technological change i think mr mccraw believes sir actually really important but the distributional effects both within our societies and internationally are something we need to address and he has tried to use that she's 7 process which is when ministers me throughout the year to actually address
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these things and there has been a very major report that's just been issued on gender equality for instance that i actually would recommend to your readers your viewers so so it is a thing though at that g. 7 they'll get together thank you very often produce these communiques they say this would be a good thing to say to have a good track record when it comes to the g 7 countries actually making go and on their promises. you know interestingly you know they have a pretty good record at least according to university of toronto the engine 1st steve toronto has for years had a system of tracking the commitment the g 7 countries make in their various decorations and to see whether or not they actually do them and it's not been too bad it's been 7580 percent on a lot of the things that they've talked about and when they give in some cases i
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think in. development ministers had 40 different pledges in the last year and they you know the university of toronto said that they were ticking them off but their job is to try to lead the international community to agree among themselves about good policy directions in increasing funding for health care and then going to the un institutions that they helped create and in trying to get to encourage all the members to do that so nothing comes out of the summit the g 7 itself doesn't do things but it helps power the international community at least that's what it's supposed to be so ok so that the headline of this day 70 is fighting inequality but it's also about the money this is this this is about the industrialized world and that the world is teetering on the brink of another recession so it must be difficult for that the latest there to gather not to point
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a president from pin say well when we look at trade wars with china and trade wars a between the e.u. and america and if the america imposing steel tariffs around the world it must be hard for them to see him in the room and say i'm not saying all this is your fault . is very well suspect that there will be some of i think that they are. mr trump for his part his i'm sure you can imagine will try to turn the tables and say no it's really your fault you've been taking advantage of us for all these times you need to open your own market markets that's what he's been saying since he's become president. i think both sides both all of the members of the g 7 will agree that some of china's more reach us policies also contribute to this but the other countries are going to say that the way that mr trump is dealing with this in the way that his trade war with china is introducing uncertainty that's having reverberating effect on all of them and they're going to ask him to calm
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things down and they'll also promise to work with him to try to nudge china into work constructive approach as well and given the president's antipathy to international at gatherings one wonders why you bother is going what does he actually get out of these meetings. well. probably less than he might want to because i think he likes to be more in the spotlight but remember the united states is the host of the g 7 next year where he still president you know really to be in the spotlight so you know it probably behooves it not to make too much of a fuss this time as he did last time in canada you might recall that he left the summit and basically said i'm not signing that communique which is one reason why the french are not going to have one this year and so on that point what do you think president the macro would regard as a win from these talks. you know mr mccullough
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was actually a chief servant sure that is the leader official reporting to the head of state organizing the summit for a number of years and the president will. he knows the process he knows how to use it and he has he has i think the bolton delegated a lot of power and authority to the ministers who meet during the course of the presidency the foreign ministers development ministers finance ministers education ministers labor ministers all these people meet in the g 7 format and i think he's been pushing them to do things in that sense to be able to talk to his talk about his presidency talk about the record of this gender equality advisory council and say see we have done things in this year i think that he's feeling that if you're right that's out of the sun without any problems that would be ok it is and it would be good as well if he could contain. us a president and not allow him to dominate the proceedings. or that subject as was
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just pointed out that's a president trump has had quite a week at let's listen to him at here next to marine one of making friends and influencing europe we're holding thousands of prices fighters right down in europe has to take them out of europe doesn't take them i'll have no choice but to release them into the countries from which they came which is germany and france and other places so we're going to tell them that we've already told them take these prisoners that we've captured because the united states is not going to put of and guantanamo for the next 50 years and pay for. most from the chase just of it will bring into the conversation correspondent published in washington who's going to talk us now through a particularly bizarre wake for the president of welcome pablo it has been quite a we. it certainly has now we just heard there from president trump
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phil he was referring to of course the thousands of. foreign fighters who are being held by u.s. forces there in syria he was basically saying that they're not going to be sent or taken into one town of mobile bay and essentially that the united states is not going to. pay for their further detention but like you said it's been a certainly it's been an interesting week here and let's not forget that earlier this week he canceled a planned trip to denmark over his interest in purchasing greenland he said that the comments from the danish prime minister after she called the idea absurd were nasty which. many danes of course he also angered members of the jewish community here in the united states after he said any jew who would vote for the democrats would be disloyal and then adding to that and he also stressed actually in that
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same news conference that we saw the images from there we was talking about i says he mentioned. russia and should be brought in to the g 7 g 7 which of course would then become the g 8 which caused a lot of concern amongst his critics who said that he should instead of anger the united states traditional allies should perhaps focus on nurturing that relationship and not spend so much time you know sort of being friendly will say with a countries that the united states is normally not so friendly with the spring people chase with digital. back a piece of this sort of behavior in a world leader i wonder if meetings like the g 7 if people find this unsettling open they just fucked as a sort of predictable unpredictability. i think all the leaders in the
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g 7 countries now are getting accustomed to mr well maybe that's what we're. used to mr trump i and they've dealt with him a lot they've been with him in other multilateral meeting cities suddenly g 20 the un un general assembly meetings so they they know what sorts of things can happen you might recall a iconic photograph of the last g. 7 summit with. another surrounding the president looking pretty obstreperous. again i think that they're hoping that in private they can talk to him and say look we need to make things better it's in your interest for us to make things better to make the global economy better you need to think we need to find a way forward there must be a way for you in the chinese to save face what can we do to be part of the uk there at least if i were they how do we try to do it that way good talking to you thanks
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for joining us updated chase from the german marshall fund pablo of mass and washington thank you. sending children to work is illegal in most countries but in bolivia children can be employed from the age of 10 as a result both 850000 young people living outside school we followed some of the book to support work to help support. that god these 4 children are singing to honor the dead. but not because the deceased is a loved one. they're doing it for money. at the end they chant our father and the impact of the earth is that it is a sad day for god. patti and kevin this cemetery is their place of employment they're hired to sing for the relatives of the dearly departed. they receive 20
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bolivian knows each time worth about 2 and a half years that's a lot of money for children who are growing up without a father. but. 10 year old kevin longs to buy a football but he has to spend his earnings on medical treatments for his mother who's ill. it's strange working in a cemetery that grounding katzenbach and dogsled around everywhere is there in. these children who come every day after school are known as the graveyard kids every 4th child in bolivia has some kind of job that's about 100000 working children. starting at 10 every night the 15 year old energy buys cigarettes at a kiosk and resells them for any profit he can manage.
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but. let's just say for years this interview when i was kid you give i have to work so i can bring money home that's why i try to sell a lot sleep but that obviously leaked and he works in a pub district. 5 days a week he makes his way through rundown bars and clubs selling cigarettes for $0.25 each. business is always sluggish at 1st. then more profitable as the night progresses. please believe me when clients are seated it's easier for anybody to make a sale. but he has to keep a watchful eye. level for the pleasure if he had also districts there are lots of criminal gangs and they are the biggest threat for me. not far from envy is christiane all of 10 years old he's collecting garbage because he wants a better life. one premise is that i want to buy new
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shoes. and go to school. like other working children here christiane belongs to a bolivian child laborers union 5 years ago it pushed through a demand to allow miners to work legally starting at age 10. youngsters like and marry and christiane say they have more rights now and they're hoping for bigger opportunities. i want my own business a house and the car i'd like to be an important person. responsible and close to. the singing graveyard children say the only way to support their desperately poor families is by working. i mean they pay us 10 to 20 bolivia for every prayer sometimes 100 big. sansa young said.
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that. a lot of money for working bolivian children. let's hope for the day i was always a conversation continues online news find us on twitter i have an opportunity to use ops ok so forget to use a hash tag the day i leave it out with these images of protesters linking hands in hong kong to form a 30 kilometers of long human chain through the city of the. many
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. many decimate. junction most common. driving machines to say these am cheap a 45 posts the world's most powerful cylinder engine in a production costs. little
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back is as pretty as a picture. it is a must see him for a month. well charles. may have already fallen under the spell of the city on the next join us as we explore. a little balcony. in 60 minutes on d w. how does taiwan take. their. w correspondent susumu her. pantyhose to. the various flavors of exotic cars and i am a challenge for you all there are
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a team and they're really putting up the food confusion and fun. from street food to a 5 star restaurant tasting taipei starts september 1st on d w 5. welcome to drive in the d w moto magazine coming up a small but spacious the mini john cooper works club among. the ford caprice 50 years we celebrated german darlings a place that. i knew a class from a savings a m g.


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