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and cool themselves every inch of space is used efficiently architect ariel sharon employed ideas he'd learned during his studies about how school indes out his architecture is tailored to the people and the surroundings the topography natural light and climate. this is not what the author said charles grassley up to this is more true of how well the old farmhouse already know this is modern architecture about those kids dressed up the. novelist who originally i shall know this design is part of battle house imagine if a research project and exhibition that celebrates the battle house school its legacy and its capacity for promoting trans cultural exchange the campus is seen as an architectural milestone. ready ready ready the buildings were kept as they were built and they still function. quite well and of course this is thanks to
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a very intelligent architecture what sharon the architect of the sky was learned from his teacher the bows and a smile is exactly this very serious almost scientific approach. crime of course but also to social issues. now house as lively open and global social dialogue that's what ballmer has imagined the story is all about the project is a collaboration between the dutch institute the belfast corporation. and the balance house. as good as it is going to focus of the project is why was the bauhaus adopted or in some cases rejected and why was it all used to reinterpret it and we discovered that it was about creating a blueprint for a new society and a new relationship between art and society is it going to bow house artist's vision of a better world is just as attractive now as it was this century. strong
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women in africa. the battle against violence. physical and sexual abuse and tradition. in many countries in africa women and girls are still subject to terrify atrocities. but they're fighting back.
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and so as europe the european night is in crisis. if it's to have a future it will meet champions young champions. meet for activists who are country. they are fighting the dream. do they stand a chance. can they save the european idea. mike i need to stand up for european values and contribute to something important coming up see if. the future of europe starts september 2nd on d w. w. g 7 meeting. of the agenda notable inequality the crisis with iran and international trade.
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donald trump spent with his host french president michel and the trade war with china can derail everything. the british prime minister might use the occasion 5 great press. show. reporting from the g. 7 meeting in p.r. groups live for d w news. water starts losing weight for some. troops. to floods and droughts to climate change become the main driver of mass migration. right up we're going to be snide if you want them probably most of the. climate exodus starts september 5th on g.w. .
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this is news live from brazil sends in the military to battle the huge wildfires sweeping the amazon well one the blazes are a danger to the entire planet while brazil's president pledges no tolerance for oftenest school to have started some of the outbreaks in the world's biggest rain forest and those fires have set off global protests and a threatening to overshadow the g. 7 summit of industrial countries and held this weekend in france europe says it will block a trade deal with south america if brazil fails to taco the amazon crisis. plus hundreds of my friends picked up by a charity rescue ship in the mediterranean and finally landed in the new arrivals
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will be read a case it in 6 other european countries but a long term agreement on migration seems as far away as. mackinnon thanks so much for joining us. the brazilian president says he's sending in the military to tackle the massive fires that are raging out of control in the amazon rain forest the worst blazes in 6 years a blanket in an area much bigger than the usual seasonal burning the whole amazon region is affected european leaders are warning of an international environmental crisis they say trade deals with several latin american countries could be put on hold because of this. these are the worst fires the amazon basin has seen since
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records began in 2013 the dry season is only just beginning in many places it hasn't rained in weeks brazil's president has been blaming n.g.o.s with no evidence he now says the blazes may have been started deliberately to predict about if there are cyclists or car drivers out there who stop at the side of the road and watch fires that stretch over a 100 meters that's called. amateur footage shows fires along highway through the un and media reports say farmers organized what they called a day of fire earlier this month. satellite images show dozens of fires were started on august the 10th from us often destroying rain forest for cattle grazing on thursday both in r. and france's president manuel michel exchanged critical comments on twitter france says it will oppose an trade deal with several south american states and that's brazil takes action and both france and germany said that address the issue of the
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amazon at the upcoming g 7 meeting it's a doozy when the g 7 gets together this week and the chances of the firm belief that this current crisis in the amazon rainforest has to be dealt with.


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