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tv   Reporter  Deutsche Welle  August 24, 2019 8:15pm-8:31pm CEST

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and you're watching the news live from berlin coming up next is reporter with a look at the eastern german city of candidates ahead of saxony state elections that's after the break stay tuned to george allen don't forget you can always get the latest news information around the clock on our web site at state of new dot com thanks for watching. much of it. surely news from africa the world or link to exceptional stories and discussion on the use of these each hour i would say d.w. dot com slash pick up join us on facebook w africa. she said meeting. top of the agenda local inequality the crisis with iran
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and international trade. but donald trump spent with his host french president michel and the trade war with china can derail everything. the british prime minister might use the occasion 5 great press and show. reporting from the g. 7 meeting in p.r. it's life for d.w.i. news. kids lives in kenya it's the city which has come to symbolize the rise of the far right in eastern germany the demonstrations took place a year ago now people in kenneth's and across the german state of saxony are going to the polls to elect a new state parliament moment i still haven't decided who to vote for in the parliamentary elections. it may be a state election but it's attracting interest across germany the right wing populist a.f.d. party hopes to come out the big winner saxony must decide which direction it plans
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to take and so does nick at c.s.k. . nick has been doing martial arts since he was 8 years old he specialized in m.m.a. all mixed martial arts. a couple had martial arts has probably contributed greatly to my self-image it's given me a lot of self-confidence in dicey situations where you're inclined to panic or the adrenaline starts pumping. the panic or should i that doesn't happen so much now because i just know the situation better and i've met can't. make can't see eskies 28 years old 5 years ago he opened his own martial arts
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studio he knows the german m.m.a. scene well and he says it's closely connected to the neo nazi saying especially in a student germany. shop and the worst case i've experienced was at a competition in where people always booed the foreigners during the finals the crowd chanted who naral short for the right wing group hooligans nazis racists. this video is an ad for the well known right wing m.m.a. event can't deny people and or fun of the ne belongs it's an annual meeting for right wing extremists in saxony to skies as a sporting event nick and his friend david know all about fighting the needless which right wing parties use to attract new voters. bloom of the trouble is it's a recognised and consciously public right wing event they're not stupid they
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promote it like a normal and a finds but what doesn't belong to the sport is the showing of symbols. of playing for example in. the hangar that they hang up flags which really belong to the right wing scene. and the problem is when the problem is they mix their politics with the martial arts. that's the tala titian's make appearances and try to manipulate people to mention someone you put he'll a lot of you hear that politicians come and make speeches fishing for votes image them for nick was born in kenya it's and spent most of his life here he's encountered nazis outside the martial arts scene too even in school he had to be careful who he made friends with the. you know in my youth i naturally had a bit of contact with them at school to. lunch and you had to decide on your attitude towards them done. firstly one of them was really entered rated into the
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neo nazi scene so my attitude towards him was clear. in my no one he could never entirely avoid contact with neo nazis in his youth he did try to stay away from them he takes us to the place where a german of cuban descent was stabbed a year ago here is to get thinks this is the memorial for daniel h. who was murdered here on august 26th 2018. or more the voter his death made headlines across germany so did the demonstrations afterwards around the col marks monument one of the city's landmarks. chemists in 28 chain just the suspicion that asylum seeker killed daniel h. was enough for sex and he's far right same to take to the streets beyond hook and other politicians from the i.d.f. the much side by side with neo nazis they chanted nazi slogans and did hitler
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salutes and attacks politicians and foreign looking passers by the police were outnumbered and overwhelmed. nic could c.s.k. says the demonstrations changed his city since then it's become more polarized the different political camps are more opposed than ever. for control encampments has become more aggressive for its divided groups of friends even my own family a bit of this for. for instance nick and his grandparents often don't see eye to lie. low because of the today they've come downtown to have a visit with him he gets. off. then you can it's when it was still part of communist east germany much has changed since then and they don't feel safe here anymore. and it's $1000.00 acts and i can't go out anymore at night i don't dare go into the city that's down it wasn't like that before don't beat
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around the bush it's simple everyone says it's the asylum seekers then if we had more law enforcement and police the feeling would be better but it's i had. defeated bessel i did the police are getting huge reinforcements out of the absolute worst i have something against people who've committed crimes your having to be kept here to comply with some international legal practice ration internet service let's get flu when it's not possible to deport them to venice and for an american history. those are the ones who are a burden to us. since the here in the woods but i should skip can i was and of course there's no problem with foreigners i grew up in a system in a world that's totally globalized and that only functions through globalization and people say throw out all the foreigners but our country couldn't survive without
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them. this week so for me it's not a question of with or without foreigners things can only function if we work together with affronting and. nick really likes to talk with his grandparents especially about politics but he finds this sometimes intolerant though he'd never say that to their faces and in front of the camera they're all a bit reticent. and things like this and if you take this issue petition what do you think about the political direction changing the f.t. getting more powerful and giving the far right a boost mr dixon to show. that but that also means that the people on the left will also get more organized and that would likely provoke more riots would see the night after the election because one thing if the a.f.p. comes in 1st protests will increase not only will people protest more they're unlikely to do it peacefully which will lead to rioting i am pretty sure of that decision. but. nick and his friends enjoy
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a barbecue none of the my f.t. supporters and numbly chemist's has a far right problem they say last year's demonstrations were exaggerated by the media they're more worried about the city's image shows i only learned about what happened from the media apparently people in chemist's a stamp for next to no reason there's a bit of latent fear them this case has been exploited by all sides. and so it goes to show what it was for the present in the media as if everyone in the demo was right wing but that's not how it was said the grass majority were simply concerned with funds session i found a really shocking that even in america they were reporting on kemet some what was happening here people must decide for themselves how much importance to place on it that's probably why so many people myself included are afraid to let our children play alone outdoors. which was once totally normal. you're going
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given what you know as freedom fighters and i feel the reporting of what happened here encampments was exaggerated or stated that it was all very extreme right wing this. for me what took place wasn't just an extreme right wing event this fall for me i don't like what's become of the water 65 minutes is image has been damaged . i promised us for so toss it that i didn't interest the media at the time and it doesn't interest anyone now admitting them it's an interest c o 2 and it was a little hit skin. just ahead of the state elections the parties are making a last minute attempt to woo the vote is. that the social democrats stand nick talks with candidate please think proceeds with ken do you think that chemists really has
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a problem with racism or is it somewhat exaggerated is it what is your opinion do you think you'd have to go as a standard that says i think there's no german city that's free of racism i believe that we have a big problem with how we deal with racism which is only that there are cities for instance rostock in mecklenburg for palmer which had problems with it for a very long time and also made negative headlines thing but they tackled it head on and that's happened when i get the feeling that in kenya people avoid the topic because it's uncomfortable when you know they're afraid it will harm them just to name it but this silence only makes things worse for modesty's especially. that silence is expected to benefit one party the most the a.f.d. saxony is the right wing populist stronghold so they've also put up a stand down town the a.f.c. candidate he tells nick it's the foreigners not the neo nazis who are the problem. hello. i'm nick nick you are nick i'm stephanie i'm running for parliament.
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i thought how come it was kim that's i come from kevin that's was born and raised here what 3 main statements does the f.t. have for candidates these if you came and disposable the biggest problem here in the city is with immigration and that's a given so you hear it from every citizen they're also unsettled because we're simply not used to that. type of life from east german times yes historically but but we had vietnamese cubans etc before i write i know and that was good. but at the time they were in principle people who came here for professional training and then they went back home and took those skills with them and we have to look after our own people 1st those of work to pay taxes here for years and from what i'm doing the discussion the a.f.p. stand is surrounded by demonstrators carrying brightly colored umbrellas it's
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a protest action to show that chemist's is a colorful and diverse place but the a.s.d. members don't take the protests seriously the atmosphere is still quite relaxed yet the incident shows kenya is divided. i'm sure i. asked about him thanks for the talk there were some good arguments made but as i said a few opinions that just don't fit with my world view and isn't my bet that. he can't see as he won't vote for the a.f.p. that much is clear yeah but he's afraid that the right wing populist could triumph he longs for a chemist's that's governed by tolerance and respect the way opponents treat one another in martial arts i write i try to be i. thank you i.
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