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to get out of there. this is egypt opportune use live from bali while needed to gather will be g. 7 summit in the french city all day are it and hoping to reach a consensus on a range of issues including global trade climate change and a wrong to nuclear program but divisions of deep and it's unlikely the us president donald trump will join the ranks with his counterpart also calling on brazil sends in the all me to battle forest fires and across latin america demands a growing one multimission to protect the brain. plus riot police confront
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purchases in hong kong once again as the date of longs to protect the territories independence from china. i have on the home free you could join me leaders of a deeply divided group of 7 leading industrial countries a meeting in the french resort of barrett's have been arriving in the seaside town where french president emanuel is the host expectations are low for this summit broad disagreements on issues such as global trade climate change are wrong nuclear program a consensus unlikely divisions a so deep that for the 1st time in more than 4 decades there will be no joint statement at the end of the g. 7 summit. and from orange. now biden. is in berets and
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for the 1st time in 45 years they'll be no communique whatsoever at the end of this summit why is that. the french president hellenized really here is in damage control mode at the g. 7 b. or is he wants this meeting this this important summit to be a success and that is why he has scrapped this communique the reason being simply that he knows very well 1 that you remembers very well that donald trump walked away from a common declaration at the last meeting in canada has also taken another step in order to make sure that the benchmark is not too high for commentators to criticize this meeting by broadening the agenda lot of topics are on the plate of the leaders everything from the environment the world economy clo bill conflicts he's invited african leaders to really to at the end of the summit to be able to say look we've worked on
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a number of fronts and here we have some results to show. we know and go you do have to ask why are these leaders still meeting. you're absolutely right and clearly michael tries to find a common denominator on the big questions for instance such as iran or world straight where he has said after or role rather diplomats have told us here that after a 2 hour lunch meeting of trump and mark all marco has identified a partial areas off agreement when it comes for instance to questions like iran and that is where diplomats said that my call has started to circle the idea that the european nations could start buying again oil from iran. in return for iran following again the nuclear the conditions of the nuclear deal and staying calm in the persian gulf we'll have to see if. if donald trump goes along with that
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and what the need is have all arrived now what can we expect tonight and tomorrow then. all eyes tomorrow will be of course on the big meeting of donald trump and boris johnson who's attending is forced a g 7 meeting expect donald trump to say that he will be happy to make a free trade deal and boris johnson drams assize that free trade is important apart from that the german chancellor angela merkel and the french president will meet and really the best outcome of this summit many commentators here i've said is if leaders could find some answers to the big questions for instance world trade everybody in principle agrees that the g 7 that new rules is to be brought up for china in order to deal with a trade power trade a huge straits giant that subsidizes its companies at home and throws cheap goods at the world markets the only question is will the arms or to that problem be
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one like trump who tries to go it alone or will they be able to hammer out something together for instance a reform of the w g o that really would be the best outcome but certainly a tall order d.w. correspondent gave matters in barrett thank you very much indeed. and just down the road from the g. 7 summit riot police faced off with anti capitalist protesters offices briefly used water cannon to disperse about 400 demonstrators in nearby by on some wearing face masks a few protesters threw rocks at police in offices take asked facing down the demonstrations off to move them and our several people were arrested. and a much larger protest made up of thousands of antiglobalization activists basque separatists and yellow vests protesters marched peacefully from the spanish border demanding action from the g 7 leaders. protesters from around the globe set out at
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midday from france's border with spain yet many here are anti globalization activists who have long been critical of the g 7. border that we're here because we think the system has to be changed radically profits have to be invested in changing the economy to socially responsible and ecological production methods. at their side local basque octave is an organic farmers they're using the proximity of the g. 7 summit to get their demands onto the world stage on these schools here because we're calling for independent agriculture we want to see local methods of production and social transformation. this summit is different because the host address the concerns of the g 7 critics the head of the protests what they think is on the north all of the great challenges that climate biodiversity technical transformation and the fight against inequality in the world we can solve all of these only if we act in unison with. ensemble
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a statement likely also aimed at the yellow vests protesters who have presented a major challenge to microns presidency though finally we're taking part in these protests because we have deep social divisions here in france many people cannot live from the work they do. we here even if mccrone doesn't like it they chant the yellow vest seem unmoved by his appeal for unity but after 3 hours their protests ends peacefully. well the g 7 is also pressing for more action on the wildfires raging in the amazon rain forest french president a minute about cause threaten to block a trade deal with brazil and other south american countries if brazil's government fails to fight the fires it's already sent in the army to tackle the blazes but opponents say it's too little too late. from the streets of sao paulo and rio in brazil to says he's in mexico career and argentina people across latin america are
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calling for action to save the rain forest. lawn literally the green lawn of the world as we know it is burning it's our home it's our future and it's infuriating that nobody is doing anything. automatically then we make ourselves aware that something must be done that the politicians have to make this a priority or simply we the human race will become extinct. allowing that this is the boys who all of us from all over latin america and we have to do something and you know it's all of you yes you shouldn't just be are simply. this is what is causing so much fear and anger wildfires have been exacerbated by accelerating deforestation experts say there's a direct link between the cleared areas and the focus points of the heat this year some places are believed to have been started by farmers to create new grazing areas after brazil's president pledged to open up more of the rain forest to agriculture if you can a mark on a young beautiful commodity
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a lot of animals died in the fire. of the jungle the forest is burgled. it's complicated i don't even know what to say what it's difficult for the. president just your bowl scenario initially blamed n.g.o.s for starting the fires but with no evidence he now says he'll send soldiers to help this as the rain forest continues to burn and protesters continue to send their distress signals. now some of the other stories making news around the world around 35000 people have taken part in an anti racism march in the eastern city of dresden here in germany the demonstration comes a week before elections in the federal state of saxony a brandenburg the far right alternative to germany parties expected to make significant gains. some $20000.00 ukrainians most of them soldiers and their families have taken part in an unofficial independence day parade in kiev the
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country's new leader pelosi nears the lenski canceled the traditional military parade for financial reasons some marches held photos of loved ones killed in the country's 5 year rule in the east with russian backed separatists. u.s. health authorities say that a person in the state of illinois may have died because of a ping as part of a wave of long illnesses which appear to be linked to e.c. carets the exact compound or product could be pinpointed as the cause for their spiritual illness but nationwide nearly $200.00 cases apparently connected to of a thing have been reported. tens of thousands of anti-government protesters have taken to the streets of hong kong once again but a standoff with riot police descended into violence offices with batons and tear gas chased the demonstrators who hold bricks and petrol bombs the violence interrupted nearly 2 weeks of calm in hong kong. after
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a week of uneasy peace this. conflict those were back on the streets for some of the most violent clashes with police so far. and this is what sparked saturday's protest surveillance cameras built into lamp posts that supposed to be used to monitor traffic but demonstrators fear more sinister motives. are out there that this is an evil regime that uses c.c.t.v. to monitor every move for phone calls citizens. i don't know how the government plans to use peak data from the c.c.t.v. that's why we need to come out to say no to the dictatorship. that. on saturday saw a new level of violence after weeks of complaints about police heavy handedness and fatality where we were hundreds of protesters surrounded
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a police station there was a tense standoff we then saw several protesters picking up bricks and turning them at place now after a warning from police that they would use force if those protesters didn't desist tear gas was by sending those protesters running. frustration is running high for hong kong as you feel that demands are taken seriously with clashes continuing into the evening it's difficult to see a peaceful way out for either side but there's only got 3 weeks yet now to learn how to feed fresh fruit to astronauts in space scientists have successfully harvested vegetables and herbes in a pioneering project in antarctica the german led noir my research station was used to simulate the harsh conditions of life away from tanisha. this is what the 1st greenhouse on the moon might look like it could soon be providing 6 astronauts with a steady supply of fresh vegetables engineers have been using
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a similar high tech container in the antarctic to test whether or not the idea could really work. we don't use soil the roots are suspended in the air in a plastic box and sprayed with nutrients or greenhouses in the class a greenhouse doesn't have any windows we eliminate the plants with the lights and we control the environment the temperature the humidity and so on. the greenhouse container could produce up to 270 kilograms of vegetables including cucumbers tomatoes and radishes fresh vegetables are vital for astronauts on year round missions pushing not only come on you can't endlessly freeze fresh food you can preserve fresh fruit indefinitely tomatoes roped off a full 5 at most 6 weeks they really have to be grown locally and then eaten right away that's why a greenhouse is so important. 8 countries are involved in the project and nasa is now taking part 2 researchers hope they will be able to present their 1st prototype
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of a real space greenhouse in 5 years time. you're watching d.w. news live from berlin coming up after a short break it is the board as leader with nick mechanic line perennial champions by munich got off to a shaky start in the season opener only managing a draw or what i able to right the ship when they lock horns with shall at a much more coming up on the going to sleep. about just before that will leave you with the wild famous fallin fellow i want to orchestra their brand new conduct security petrenko gave a free inaugural concert at the brandenburg gate in berlin on the program beethoven's 9th symphony enjoy.
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the. ready melody resilience by the way to. ready resonate with. ready the mind the music. token 1st bond 2019 from september 6th to september 29th.


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