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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 26, 2019 2:00pm-2:31pm CEST

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a little bit to talk about some of the other issues that they were charged upon there in the g. 7 summit but the trade dispute between the u.s. and china has been rattling investors asian shares took a beating across the board china as one hit its lowest value in 11 years on shore markets and a record low offshore hong kong's hang seng dropped more than 2 percent in its final hour of trading also following another weekend of protests in the city and japan's nikkei ended the day down more than 2 percent european markets have been less pessimistic with early rises on germany's dax. and let's get the latest on that day is that the frankfurt stock exchange or markets correspondent for us hi ashutosh we've heard all weekend contradictory remarks from trump on china but this appears to be a positive note that trump has held talks with china about possibly solving their trade dispute what do investors make of this. they are this part of them not sure as to how to react to it the markets did open in the
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negative today to this morning but have since then recovered the losses of donald trump saying that china was willing to negotiate to middle income to a deal i feel that at this point of time the market is ready to grab hold of any positive news coming on this front because they have taken a beating for the past few months as far as the u.s. china this feud is concerned and even if it comes from highly unreliable from there is sort of the loss of confidence in the way both parties are dealing with the trade war in fact one source of imago that the best we. could ensure a market stable stable lutie is by staying quiet all right our markets correspondent at the frankfurt stock exchange for us thank you. now to one of the other big topics on the agenda at the g. 7 summit as we mentioned trump is already also made remarks on iran and tehran's
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foreign minister made a surprise appearance on the sidelines of the meeting after being invited to barretts by the french trump tonight reports that he had been in the dark about this saying he had approved the move. but that is far is a red is concerned. that was with great respect i spoke to president roh yesterday. and you were he was doing and i approve whatever he was doing and i thought it was fine and i think it's too soon to be i don't want to be. i said i don't want to be great but it's sure to be telling to meet with the it's going to be a great thing for a great potential all right let's go back to gary and berates a garret you know we've seen such as collating tensions between the u.s. and iran and the french move here was really to address some of those tensions and we are just hearing there are some positive words perhaps from trump on iran how is that being received. well sumi the president's here really
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confirms what we have heard before from other world leaders that including angle america that actually there was agreement that's tensions with iran should be east french diplomats when he went a step too far to say that the french president had to have a mandate to pick up diplomatic relations in order to achieve that goal but overall there was agreement and now the american president has confirmed that he's on the same page and so german chancellor in a common press conference with the american president also just look at it's still a long way to go but very positive signals here from b a it's very carrick's day they will come back to you again in just a moment with the iranian foreign minister in berets iran is looking to defuse tensions with the u.s. after it pulled out of the 2015 international nuclear chord and the u.s. is applying a policy of maximum pressure that includes economic sanctions. as
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a topic has been looking into what that means for ordinary iranians. the economic heart of the iranian capital beats in the bizarre at 1st glance it seems to be bustling here. but looks can be deceiving. has traveled all the way from islam to seven's fabrics but business is slow today. and i was a move to 2 inches. this is one of the most important parts of the bazaar this is where clothes and textiles are part and sold this area is known worldwide as the trade hall but as you can see it's almost empty it shows you how badly the economy is doing right now hardly anyone comes here. to see nice. some days many traders don't make a single sale u.s. sanctions the depreciation of the local currency and now the standoff in the persian gulf have all taken their toll. hopes for fresh negotiations
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between the u.s. and iran while for another it was revealed almost alone we have to solve our problems and make peace with the rest of the world. we live in a time of communication you can't close the doors to the outside world just as many traders here share that opinion but by no means all of them the constant uncertainty has made people wary and tired many believe a new deal with the u.s. under donald trump is no longer possible. there should be a war we want war then at least we'll know where we stand for better or worse. more than a year since the us pulled out of the nuclear deal such sentiments have become more commonplace. i set off to discover what people think in other parts of the city.
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i'm not surprised to hear words like these down here in the south of tehran where views have always been watch additional and more conservative but is the mood all over the capital shifting to find out let me take you to the north of tehran but clocks tick differently. i stopped to visit a man with been following the situation in iran very closely. i want to know what effect all of this has on the political mood in the country there was restriction actually was elected on an agenda of dialogue and engagement with the world to settle differences on the nuclear issue and other issues but now that you know the nuclear file and the j.c. is not there because of in terms of u.s. withdrawal and other parties iran complains that they are not living up to their commitments it is basically radicalizing the general public which was pro in gauge
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amount at electing a government that was calling for engagement with the world now it is turning the other way around. us come to the northern part of the city to hear what people have to say it's mostly young well educated and well to do iranians who live here they voted for president rouhani and celebrated his commitment to the nuclear deal nobody here wants to see war. they should make friends and be done with it. or want to help us we should be friends with the whole world and work together so we can all move forward. or maybe i've given up hope 1st our regime has to change. more or regime change the political viewpoints into iran has become more extreme in both directions. all right back to barracks and character matters now where as we said iran is that one
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of the big big topics on the agenda this weekend garrick we're seeing that a rainy and are eager to diffuse at least some of them some of the tensions that have escalated over the past few months it seems that leaders this weekend haven't been able to agree on much of anything so how reliable are these statements from trump on iran saying that it's going to be a time to meet with iran it's going to be a great thing for the country that would signify an important step and that would signify an important step and i think the point is at the end of the day it's it's really difficult to say what to make of statements when donald trump just now in a press conference is that we more or less agree on a conclusion regarding iran and let me give you the traders as another example here i have been reporting in the past 2 days on the american president and his opinion on trade relations with china and it's started out with the president having
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regrets or 2nd thoughts about escalating relations with china then the white house came along and said what the president actually meant is that he would like to poor more oil into the fire he wanted to he regrets not being tougher with china and today the president has said he's a he's close to a deal and china is a great partner so it really difficult to say which statement is actually the real one whether it's iran or economic relations we'll we'll just have to wait and see what actually comes out of the talk well garrick it seems like one topic that the leaders there seem to have agreed on is that they want to help brazil fighting the ongoing fires in the amazon what are you expecting to see on that today. exactly the french president said at least they're nearing an agreement regarding the amazon rain forest so no firm commitment however yet but the agreement for c.v.s. it's a draft paper yet it's for c's technical support monetary support for the presumed
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government in fighting these fires and german chancellor angela merkel that once the fires are out a reforestation programme could be supported so a number of ideas and a number of potentially tangible results that could out of come out of this g 7 meeting you and b. are it's all right it is gary marcus reporting for us thank you very much. as we just heard their g 7 leaders are concerned about those fires in brazil and they are urging the president also now to take stronger action he has now deployed the army to help contain the blazes but it is struggling to make progress. after weeks of raging fires still they'd burn the smoke choking its way across brazil affecting the lives of millions of people. who probably know it's not good it blocks your nose there's
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a lack of air it's difficult to sleep because it's hard to breathe. the fires leave their mark where ever they go destroying want ever is in their path after an international outcry soars ileum president bolsa naro decided to send in the army. military planes have been pumping vast amounts of water across the amazon state of rhonda neo in the north of the country. soldiers have also been offering back up to struggling firefighters in this region and in other states. but with almost $80000.00 fires registered across brazil this year alone it's a monumental task. protests across brazil including here in rio de janeiro of pointing the finger at president
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bolsa naro and his government lead blaming them for allowing mining and farming in the rain forests areas that before merely protected the for the most of defending the amazon is defending human beings humans depend on the amazon we are part of nature we are nature so it's impossible not to defend it is cool to see a little bit of. the amazon fires have also spread into bolivia. proof if anymore when needed that this unfolding environmental crisis knows no boundaries. now to some other stories making headlines around the world in sudan the death toll from flooding triggered by heavy rains has climbed to at least 62 no more than 35000 homes have been damaged or destroyed and thousands of cattle have died officials are warning the floods could lead to the spread of water borne
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disease. thousands of range a muslim refugees have rallied in bangladesh to mark 2 years since myanmar's army forced more than 700002 flee to the neighboring country at the rally the mostly men and children who attended chanted we want to go home. and indonesia has announced it is moving its capital from jakarta to east tun province on the island of borneo president said the proposed location is at minimal risk of natural disasters the move comes amid growing concerns about your car to one of the most polluted and fastest sinking cities in the world. authorities in hong kong a warning that the situation in the territories becoming very dangerous the comments came after police fired a warning shot during protests on sunday it was the 1st time they used live ammunition they say they were responding to attacks by demonstrators security forces also used water cannon to try to shut down violence as pro-democracy
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protesters turned out for the 12th weekend in a row on sunday. is in hong kong where she's been accompanying volunteer medics out helping those injured in the protests i sprinted towards the end of this others run for cover pecial bombs and tear gas said kelly and yasmeen adults into action. another night on the frontlines tending to those in need but i. guess mina among those caught off guard but she's unfazed to the obama. people or. people. in there by shopping centers because their makeshift clinic is protest isn't passes by shelter from the chaos. oh these 1st status of volunteers kelley's a freelance journalist has mina a kindergarten teacher. just
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a few weeks ago they were strange is now they stand side by side night talk tonight . as the chaos dies down it's time to move on. oh. so very very bit of our cargo there on our go gardner. kelly and yasmeen a lurch from one battles when the other as multiple clashes crop up across the city their reason is simple we're home call us. messaging that works help them connect and coordinate with other volunteers reports come in of clashes across town it's becoming one of the most violent nights yet news that police of fired live gunshots into the act quickly spreads to the other 1st aid is a you guys not afraid for your safety. heard of all of them a very very every day to do that will there will be a parade all the guys afraid i'll die of rate of gunshot yeah i'm afraid of
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our get injured but we have with you have to do that. and it's not just bodily harm they risk by walking on the front lines they also fear arrest there's a 1st a preferred our courts a lot of police and there are also. the author or curse that court so i am more for that if that court tonight's they remain safe in a few hours he has me and it will be back to school students none the wiser about how weekend on the streets. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the show very few remnants survive of been tories berlin wall that divided the city during the cold war and it's even less clear where the wall actually stood now technology's helping give new generations a glimpse of the past. but 1st sports one is like a football and a life they continue their perfect start to the season with their 2nd straight win
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beating frankfurt spirits were high in lights they even before kick off after the club announced that streicher team is staying put. these old contract was shit to run out at the end of the season the new one will keep him at the club until 2023. it seems he's wages get a healthy boost and he now has a 30000000 euro buy he should have been eager to find i never said i wouldn't want to stay here it was always clear to me that life's a will play a major role and i think that by extending my contract it shows that i like playing here because filling out. the news that he was staying at the club had the fans in ecstasy before kick off. and so they were positively euphoric 10 minutes in when the harm so i took the lead through none other than simo that.


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