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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 26, 2019 3:30pm-3:45pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin some surprise comments from u.s. president donald trump at the g. 7 summit in france at an impromptu news conference he said he's had a conversation with china that could change the outlook for their trade dispute and he also appears to have changed his tone on iran we'll get the latest from p.r.
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it's also coming up fires in the amazon rain forest are still raging out of control critics of brazil's president jarboe sonars says say he has done too little too late to contain the blazes. plus as the protests in non-con become increasingly violent our correspondent talks to the volunteers who are helping demonstrators hurt in the protests. i'm sunni so much going to thank you for joining us g 7 leaders are in the final day of their summit in the french resort of b.r. ritz today's meetings are expected to focus on climate change and the fires burning in the amazon in brazil now earlier u.s. president donald trump's been holding a series of press conferences including one with german chancellor angela merkel had a violent or old germany u.s. talks and there's been a flurry of activity with trump touching on
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a number of key issues including the middle east peace process and iran more on that in a moment now on the dispute with china the u.s. president had this to say. it's a really good jobs i think we're probably in a much better position now that. we're going to that something meaningful and i don't think it would have gotten here without having to go through this process and maybe i'm wrong but i think we're probably in a stronger position now to do it a fair deal for everybody. so we have a very meaningful goal let's go straight to be. standing by covering the g. 7 summit for us hi gary good to see you we've heard as we said the u.s. president talking about a number of topics today let's start with china it does appear that he might be opening the door for a number of possibilities tell us more about that. exactly that would be of course good use any a deescalation in the tit for tat tariff war between the 2 largest world economies
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would be good news for the other leaders here that is also what german chancellor angela merkel said in a press conference together was trump quite a relaxed atmosphere i have to say is it the good weather here in beer it's is it the great food is that the good company but it looks a little bit like the american president is moving away from the go it alone mantra we'll still have to see whether that really will and the trade with china but some positive signs here for the other leaders will come back to you a little bit to talk about some of the other issues that they've attached upon there in the g. 7 summit now the tick trade dispute between the u.s. and china has been rattling investors asian shares took a beating across the board china's yuan hit its lowest value in 11 years on onshore markets and a record low offshore hong kong's hang seng dropped more than 2 percent in its
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final hour of trading also following another weekend of protests in the city japan's nikkei ended the day down more than 2 percent european markets have been less pessimistic with early rises on germany's dax. and let's get the latest on that front i should toss pandey our markets correspondent is at the frankfurt stock exchange for us to actually touch over the weekend we heard contradictory remarks from donald trump on china but today he appears stressed struck a more positive note having had a conversation with china what are investors making of this well they're certainly cheering this announcement because the markets did open in the negative territory but have since then recovered the losses the markets at this point of time are this lapping up any positive news on this front even in these uncertain times even if it comes from a highly unreliable president trump but there is a sense of loss in terms of how these 2 do both the parties are dealing with the
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crisis the trade war and in fact an analyst's has remarked that the best to be the best thing that president tom could do to ensure that there is stable it in the.


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