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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin it's decision time in italy parties must reach agreement today form a new governing coalition for the country to face fresh election poll say that's likely to put western europe's 1st far right government in power. also coming up. imagine your child dying in front of your eyes and you can't do anything without the you can't carry her away to scribe what kind of feelings for something of. a new russian backed offensive in the syrian province of idlib is causing death and
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destruction and forcing thousands of civilians to plead to an uncertain future. hello i'm terry march and welcome to the program it's a make or break day in italian politics the country's president has told the main parties they must reach agreement today on forming a new governing coalition if they fail he will call fresh elections this after far right interior minister matteo salvini triggered the collapse of the government by withdrawing his party's support. italy's presidential palace is a busy place these days. negotiators for a new at tally and government left talks on tuesday with no clear signal as to whether they have reached a final agreement on who is going to be at the least next prime minister. the previous officeholder giuseppi content resigned his post last week bringing italy's
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populist government to a swift end after just 14 months in power. contact who says interior minister matteo savini of wanting to rule by himself. we don't need men with absolute power. but people with a strong sense of responsibility. be salvini the leader of italy's right wing likud party told senators he triggered the government crisis because he wanted to bring about snap elections. before they win why we'll do everything that i did all over again thank you. thank you. everything with a great strength of being a free man. it means i'm not afraid of being judged by the italian the.
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his supporters have been out in force chanting elections now elections now salving his bid for power comes amid high poll numbers reflecting widespread support for his tough stance on migration. if the 5 star movement is unable to secure a coalition deal italy's president is expected to call an early election for november. more now we're joined by a journalist francesco bangarra who is following developments for us in rome francesco today is the deadline for the governing 5 star movement to form a new coalition government how close are they to pining fresh partners good morning to you well as far as we know we should out the name by today the latest tomorrow. for the prime minister of italy the name should be one of do that because
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as you guys say before who resigned a few days ago and he should be confirmed leading that you call it which leaves the no to leak out. of the government and gets replaced by the democratic party so there are negotiations negotiations going on that been going on all day yesterday and. today even during the consultation with the president of the republic so we should get the president to give us a name either tonight at the end of the cause of station or energy to morrow you might call the press and and it will be clear to me ok so we may or may not end up with a fresh coalition we do it don't we won't know until that announcement has been made but if pressure elections do become necessary what are beanies chances from the league party of actually leading the next government. well according to
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the polls matures of the nice quite strong the bulls given that about the 35 percent which is really a high percentage these days with these kind of political parties so of course old dangerous to go back to the polls we don't think is going to make it even though you know days a. year because of possible to see the path of condit to reach the prime ministership which is that resentment by the fact that the 5 star movement are going to last their members to give their opinion on the new causation so we are to see which outcome of this actually consultation is going to be is there any maneuvering behind the scenes by material subbie any who desperately wants to lead the country to make promises to some of the other the other parties the smaller parties to maybe offer them something will that would stop them from forming a coalition with with the pie start with. what he's been working behind the
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scenes for the fest moments that the negotiation between didn't all of the democratic party the 5 star movement started eat dystrophy once now through receipts again the relationship with the 5 stars but now i feigned having this go on and that that went off and so did the only chance he's got to go out to do but go back to our aid to new elections but i don't think that this is going to be the case at least for a while i suspect thank you very much though as friends just go boehner out there reporting from rome. now some of the other stories making news around the world today brazil has backtracked on the offer of aid for the amazon wildfires by the wealthy g 7 countries after the country's president called for an apology from his french counterpart before taking the money a spokesman said tuesday that brazil what except foreign aid provided it control the cash. 2
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explosions have ripped through separate police checkpoints in gaza city killing 3 policemen and wounding passers by the hamas controlled interior ministry there declared a state of emergency there's no claim of responsibility but the blasts were reminiscent of previous rounds of infighting between hamas and other is the most. 1st they are on opposing sides in the war in syria but turkish president wretch of type one met with russian president vladimir putin on tuesday both insisting they want to defuse tensions in syria's northern province russian backed syrian forces have stepped up their campaign against rebels their. position forces holding it reportedly lost at least 50 combatants recently the new offensive has also forced thousands of civilians to flee. abdu nestles keep trying and he's family are finally safe all 7 of them beneath a top hole and in
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a big room in the extreme heat but anything is better than a life surrounded by falling bomb. the family fled to the north of syria from the south of. their house had collapsed in the attack at deuce leg was injured one of his daughters was killed. imagine your child dying in front of your eyes and you can't do anything you can't carry her away i can't describe what kind of feelings 1st. since the end of april syrian forces have bombed the south of italy and government troops are also on the ground despite a cease fire. the province lies in the north west of syria on the border with turkey it's the last rebel stronghold turkey sides with the rebels and has a rated observation post in italy. turkey already controls areas in neighboring provinces it's from here they wish to keep kurdish forces in
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the north east of syria in chik russia syria's closest allies also involved in the offensive it has taken part in iraq and provided special forces. 400000 people have fled the fighting and now on the move north many are stranded in refugee centers like the at my camp in cramped quarters and without knowing what comes next. i don't know as a kid and his family want to flee to turkey or to europe in hope of a better future. they have a better life than the children go to school our children have nothing no proper food no clothes no school nothing at all. nothing. but the road to turkey is blocked like so many others across syria millions of people are trapped living in fear of yet more attacks from the year. the influential peacemaking group
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religions for peace will have a woman leading it for the very 1st time as the latest from the n.g.o.s massive interfaith gathering that just happened here in germany more than a 1000 religious leaders from more than $100.00 countries gathered at religions for peace world conference elected senior u.n. advisor as a koroma as their new secretary general. and as a corrupt the newly elected secretary general of religious for peace is with me in the studio very good to have you with us spank you for having me 1st of all tell us a little more about your organization religions for peace it sounds like a noble call but all religions really making the world a more peaceful place all on religions come together in solidarity around a shared common principle in this case peace in its widest sense yes i think religions can actually transform plenty and if we believe that religions can be part of a problem then obviously they have to be a critical part of a solution so yes i think that that has happened over time i think what is new
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about religions for peace no in the sense of being almost 50 years old is the capacity to bring together religious leaders and in the distance to to sions in platforms which we call the enter the just councils in over 70 countries so that is a critical space where all the religious institutions can actually come together on a regular basis have their own identity and are therefore able to influence politically socially culturally financially you are the 1st woman to be appointed head of this organization which as you say has been around for 50 years how significant is that that you as a woman has been elected to this position well i tend to think that my own accomplishments are actually nothing in relationship to the fact that a group of religious leaders and religious institutions from around the world agreed to elect a woman i think that in and of itself is actually the much more transformative in light main thing that is actually. happening many of these religions are male
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dominated they are all actually to date male dominated that with the exception of a few movements but in principle these are the religious institutions of the world they are all male dominated and yet they all managed to come together and agree that it would be a woman who leads them so it is a testament to them far more than it is a testament to your recognized expert on the muslim world what sort of challenge is the muslim world facing in terms of achieving peace with itself and with other faiths so i think the muslim world is symptomatic of a great deal of the rest of the world it's the 2nd largest religion in the whole world it's spread all over the world there is no such thing as one part of the world that's only muslim in fact most muslim majority countries are just that was the majority which means that there are plenty of other religions within them and i believe that what is transpiring in the broader realm of religion and religious engagement is that one part of the world which is western europe tended to dominate and set the trend for how religions are perceived and what their role is and in
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fact western europe is quite secular perhaps the only secular part of the world the world has continued to be religious in every sense of the world in the sense that we have 80 percent of the world's people claiming an ethically ation to a religion so i think if we look at it that way and we don't see islam as a unique species or a unique phenomenon we'll be able to understand that we're talking about if you will many people reconnecting with their faith identity and that takes different forms and different shapes the pending on the political and social and economic conditions when you look at the global landscape and you look at different religions from the tensions that are sometimes coming out of these different religions with one another what do you see as the main points of conflict as we move forward. my personal perspective as a scholar is that once the religious and the political come a little bit too close together we tend to find plenty of challenges because political leadership and religious leadership have to be seen as unique and
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distinct when there is too much of an overlap between the political institutions and the religious institutions it doesn't become so much about faith anymore for the religious it becomes more about power politics and i believe that power politics are very critical and important but they need to be distinct from faith and people's commitment to faith and what that means in people's lives so i think the greatest challenge facing us right now is a little bit too much of a confluence between that of the just and the political institutions are corrupt the incoming secretary general of religions for peace thank you very much for being with us thank you for having me. billionaire elon musk's commercial space company called space x. has successfully tested an early prototype of the rocket it hopes will one day take astronauts to mars the star hopper took off for the launch pad in texas this was a low altitude tasked with a crafts lowly rising to 150 meters it's then propelled itself to
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a landing pad where it touched down for a couple of minutes it was powered by the company's new raptor engine which plays a key role of musts ambitions up to 7 this would be used to propel his mars bounce . face want to. stay in school in the jungle. for 1st climbing less of them in the door as grand moments arrives. join the regular training on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. generating returns home to monte w. dot com tanks.


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