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people and innovative projects around the world produce the protect the car that used green energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action to belong to the series of global 3000 on t w. this is the daily news asia coming up detecting gears up for a fight with china the filipino president visits taking he's under pressure to confront xi jinping over chinese aggression in the south china sea plus. from protests in the streets to a planned speech at the un pakistan is crying foul over india's decision to change the status quo on kashmir but is anyone listening. and a cafe in cambodia built out of trash and where you can paint in trash will tell you why.
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i'm melissa chan welcome to news asia thanks for joining us filipino president rudra go to terre take gears up for a faceoff with china it's his 5th visit there at a time when he faces pressure back home to raise the problem of beijing's military expansion in the south china sea even before it began it promised to be a feisty affair threatened to cancel the trip if you couldn't discuss the contested waters the philippines like others in the region rejects china's claim to the area china wants to control virtually the entire sea which is a critical shipping route rich in fish and oil and gas reserves in recent years beijing has stepped up naval patrols and even constructed manmade islands they're worrying neighbors. and in 2016 an international tribunal in the hague ruled that
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china was in the wrong china ignored the ruling. in the philippines critics have pounced on to territory for being seen to turn a blind eye to china's development in return for trade but when a chinese vessel rammed a fishing boat in june leaving 22 filipino fishermen dead. could not ignore public anger any longer. joining us is richard hadari an author of the rise of do territory and also more recently the indo-pacific trump china and a new struggle for global mastery so very well placed to explain some things to us a tell us richard to what extent is domestic pressure influencing to territories actions on this trip. yeah i mean the president's very popular in terms of his overall approval ratings but on the issue of foreign policy and his followers who are trying to that's where we see a lot of problems there's a pushback from his own top generals including its defense secretary and national
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security adviser opening to raise concerns about that there should be espionage we didn't see lots of chinese illegal workers and citizens some of the philippines but more importantly intrusion of chinese warship into the philippine waters of the same time to greater public one seemed to raise the 2016 rb trial tribunals case against china any more than 90 percent of philippus wanted to take back some of the land features that china rested and sold off from the philippines in recent years particularly the scar abortion also he's taking a lot of and in that context is going about the china and trying to save disrupt or small which is very controversial as well now i want to talk about china's felt and road initiative as investment and infrastructure scheme to what extent does the philippines benefit from the belt and road initiative i guess what i'm wondering is what is president xi jinping offering to terror take that's kind of making him open
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to giving up a little bit of filipino sovereignty over the area of the south china sea. well the fact of the matter is that presidents are desperate to justify these controversial you know of seacoast policy it's the worst china true to their friend justifications what i mean is that he's been arguing that if they're nice to china they're going to invest big in the philippines and back in october 2016 china offered more than 20000000000 dollars 24000000000 dollars of investments now the problem is that 3 years into the me straight not much is moving on in terms of china's public infrastructure investment in the philippines and as far as i'm concerned there is 0 chinese interest so it's their project we just cleared that for leaving our faces and most of these projects even in their initial faces into bidding procedure are facing controversies over a potential bad shop or what they're a while ation of the philippine loss so they do terry this fallback option is to say well let's be nice to china other when you have war with them which is also
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getting a lot of oil and right away it's taking a lot of feet and suddenly saying you know what i'm going to raise arbitration award and confront china and so this south china sea issue is a regional concern put this in context what are the neighboring countries watch out for when it comes to this meeting. yeah i mean the fact of the matter is that the philippines is occupying important role because it's the country corrigan maker for all of the end of china and korea overseeing the negotiations of a code of conduct that is supposed to go for their relationship of competing claim and states there in the south china sea and present their day in a lot of ways also the most prominent leader in southeast asia the quite a controversial one but prominent one so they're going to watch word the philippine ghost because just a few years ago this olympics was the most aggressively and say china from 3 each to china to international ports no you have present 3rd the scene to a completely different show so people are wondering where is the philippines is
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going and what is also the implication terms of u.s. alliances in the region because the philippines is a key u.s. ally and if the philippines holds on to its repertoire under that there if there and back against us it's also difficult for the united states to project power in the region and put the chinese you know keep the china in a bait so that's where the philippines since richard had diarrhoea thank you. we're not hearing much from people in india administered kashmir these days communications remain largely sealed off just over 3 weeks after india downgraded the region's autonomy status but neighboring pakistan is making a lot of noise prime minister iran khan has promised to bring up what he calls indian atrocities in a speech next month at the un general assembly and over the past few weeks pakistanis have turned out to protest india's actions in the muslim majority
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kashmir speaking out about it is for many both a patriotic and religious duty. they've come to speak up for those whose voices have been muted thank you thank you thank you thank you the students made their own feelings clear chanting we want freedom and we will get freedom. our protest is against the oppression of india in kashmir and we are here to show solidarity with our kashmiri brothers and sisters. and also to show that india's prime minister narendra modi should stop oppressing kashmiris. with india controlled kashmir still in lockdown the students can freely do what many others across the divide can't publicly vents their anger in the region is claimed by both india and pakistan and ruled in part by each it's long been a source of major conflict india's decision to strip its part of kashmir of its
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autonomy has provoked anger from the streets to the highest levels of government. i will be the ambassador for kashmir in the world and i will tell the whole world about the kashmir situation i will inform the media and will talk to the heads of state and i will tell them exactly what is going on in kashmir. the. pakistani protests against india will likely intensify this one by an islamic political group taking place after friday prayers but despite the noise there's a growing sense pakistan's is a lone voice in the muslim and wider world. for more we go to detail these shots of jalali who is from pakistan and reported for many years there i guess my 1st thought is what else is prime minister khan saying and what did he actually do. well unfortunately besides making
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a lot of noise there's not much the government of pakistan can do i mean it feels that it can raise the issue diplomatically on the world stage at the u.n. they took the issue to the un security council over it was discussed in a closed door meeting but all that hasn't really amounted to much you really have to see the world reaction you have to look at for example the recent meeting between prime minister modi and president trump you have to look at how prime minister modi was recently given the higher the story civilian on by the government of the united arab emirates and despite what's going on in kashmir so pakistan realizes that it is diplomatically in a tight sport. both countries recognize that war is not an option they've already fought many was it didn't lead anywhere but buckstone has mentioned a couple of options yesterday or of a minister or for non-fans cabinet said they might shut down airspace for indian
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airlines and they could also totally suspend trade between india and afghanistan via pakistan now we've just seen protest footage out of pakistan and i wonder can you give us a sense of just how big an issue this is nationally are we talking about the most people everyone the majority of people behind the prime minister on this. i mean as it is the smaller provinces in pakistan for example sin and. in the south and southwest most people do not necessarily connect to push me to issue as a lot of people in punjab province which is the most populous and biggest problems . i think most folks don't do deeply care about kashmir and what is happening there but there's a bigger question being asked and pox on all of which is boxed on faces a lot of for in don't challenge is on economy politics on human rights and people
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are saying that the government needs to pay attention to its sort of internal challenges rather than focusing on kashmir all the time shots of jilani thank you. now a closer look at one small effort in cambodia to combat its glass and plastic waste problem if you've ever visited you know about the empty bottles and containers sometimes piles everywhere along the side of the road but as they say one man's trash is another man's treasure. waste not want not that's the motto of this cafe on the outskirts of the campaign built almost entirely from recycled materials. the caf├ęs owner bandai has made it his mission to promote sustainability.
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the cafe isn't just built from a bush you can also use trash to pay for your coffee here $100.00 plastic cups what you want to drink the money is still an option too of course what you'll do klondike explains the concept to his customers. and they are convinced by it. i'm proud that our people can use trash to create valuable things that i am. for example this cap and straw are made from bamboo. they look really amazing but for. the night with the help. from old truck tires 2 bottle tops there is a use for everything here and with plastic waste becoming an ever bigger problem in asia this little cafe is trying to do its bit. that's it for now we leave you with pictures of recycling efforts from across asia
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. the i. subscribe to. documentary on. the likelihood of. 20 the british prime minister moves to suspend comments tonight as he's trying to force through to supplant. japan's trade. becomes reality exposed cards take effect spotting a growing business backlash in seoul. also coming up new ideas that are driving electric. mobility in the fast lane. and can the global much
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a craze save japan's street. i mean physical and let's see business the pound is taking another pounding the deadline for the u.k. leaving the e.u. is looming closer now the british government is moving to suspend parliament investors are on alert there are only weeks left for the brits to strike a deal with brussels and this looks like prime minister bar stones is trying to force through a no deal break that pound fell by more than one percent against the dollar after the news broke no deal fears in the past month a push to its lowest level since $27.00 say. a financial correspondent in frankfurt is tracking developments ashutosh how is the weak pound affecting businesses 1st of all well it's hurting them badly especially the tourism and the aviation sector and also the british importers who are actually having to shell out more money for their ports so that's that's.


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