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the a. ready bold. crazy business. risk game. camp projects come out and boost the economy while well considered $1.00 and then 2
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years. ago from look at some transformational moments in the history of economic activity. made in germany again 30 minutes more. good international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week shots are bracing for a political earthquake as to eastern states going to the polls just searching support for the right wing a extreme amount to a litmus test for the federal government and for reunification 30 years later to find out the country. quadriga 90 minutes on d. w. . to make sure you saw. yourself more good for you max you channel scrambling and don't miss out. if you ever
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have to cover up a murder best way is to make an accident. raring to. never read a book like this. list. the streets. quiet melody resells michael light of the mood. ready and in silvery. resonate within its soul. the mind and the music. a token 1st along 2019 from september 6th to september 29th. s.o.s. europe the european crisis. gets to have a future it will meet champions young champions. before
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activists. countries. they are fighting for the dream of a church. do they stand a chance. can they save the good peon idea. mike i'm here to stand up for european values and contribute to something important and upset. the future of europe starts september 2nd on d w. and he predicts it protesters have descended on the british parliament they oppose prime minister boris johnson's plan to suspend parliament before the brakes a deadline johnson insists britain is leaving the european union with or without
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a deal at the end of october. u.s. president donald trump has canceled a trip to poland as hurrican dorian approaches florida. residents are stocking up on sandbags food and fuel supplies the governor has declared a state of emergency the storm could hit florida late on saturday. ukraine's president volodymyr is a lenski has put together a new government the former t.v. comedian won the country's presidential runoff in april promising a fresh start for one of europe's poorest countries and other political newcomer lawyer or lexi concha rock becomes prime minister. brad pitt has electrified the venice film festival with a blast of star power. it took to the red carpet to launch his new film space epic at astra he plays an astronaut on
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a life saving mission costars ruth nega and liv tyler also turned out to promote the movie. economic growth in the united states is slowing further the commerce department revising its 2nd quarter figures downwards and investment is also lagging but u.s. and consumers are hanging in there also coming up by blacklisting why waste the u.s. risks getting left behind in the race to build the next generation of pi speed internet networks and thanks to billions of dollars of stimulus and record low interest rates brazil avoids falling back into recession. underscore welcome to the program yours consumers are still buying but businesses have put their wallets away
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. that's the mixed message coming from a new u.s. commerce department report on economic growth here's what stands out the u.s. economy grew at a pace of 2 percent in the 2nd quarter stronger than other top economies navigating the global slowdown but much lower than the 3 point one percent of growth from the 1st quarter now business investment also fell by 6 tenths of a percent the 1st contraction since 2016 and more evidence that the global slowdown and uncertainly created by the trade war is biting into the economy however u.s. consumer spending grew by almost 5 per cent between the beginning of april and the end of june it is the fastest pace in almost 5 years now let's put these figures into perspective and who better do that than our financial correspondent yes
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quarter on wall street. amid recession fears and a nasty trade war that has been going on for over a year where is this massive sharp increase in consumer spending coming from. all the chatter on wall street on a possible cooling of the u.s. economy and all those tweets from u.s. president donald trump obviously have not reached the vast majority of u.s. consumers even if you look into detailed mostly discount chains doing good and there is an interesting trend just recently here in the united states that the top earners on wall street that the super rich they actually start. spend a little less so maybe that is a sign that at least part of the country are where or are a bit skeptical skeptical if the economic growth that we see can still be continued
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and what we also shouldn't forget as those figures published for the 2nd quarter meaning ending june 30th sold the latest round of tariffs that the u.s. president was talking about in july are not actually part of this report that we got here on thursday now speaking of the trade war there seems to be a new twist to it every day now china sounded hopeful in negotiations. well at least china was hinting that they will not start increasing the terrorists coming this sunday both sides the u.s. and china have announced to increase tariffs earlier so now we will wait and see if donald trump will follow through and as planned to increase tariffs on this sunday market overall actually cheered that the twitter account of u.s. president donald trump was silent for 2 days and was into trading days here on wall
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street blue chips went up by almost 600 points and scored in new york thank you. u.s. prosecutors are investigating new instances of alleged technologies that buy chinese tech company huawei that's according to the wall street journal and the investigation would fit the narrative of president trump who claims that the country is safer without huawei the concern is focused on america's next generation of high speed internet networks the chinese tech giant is the leader in 5 g. and there's only a handful of turn of its. as move on providers for a pair to roll out 5 g. across the united states the u.s. government says it's protecting americans that's why it's keeping tight controls on which technology firms are involved in setting up the networks. the lucky trio deemed fit for the job as sweden's ericsson which announced earlier this year it plans to build what it calls a 5 g. factory in the u.s.
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finland's nakia which is already providing technology for networks in l.a. and new york city and samsung headquartered in 5 g. trailblazer south korea so why limit their options the u.s. government's bureau of economic and business affairs has been explaining it's very important that we have trust in those vendors for $500.00 technologies when indicator of trust that we're very concerned about is that a vendor not be under the control of a foreign government without appropriate judicial controls and it's not difficult to know which foreign government he specifically referring to you know with regard to china we know that their national intelligence law has that feature of them being able to mandate that vendors like our way in c.t.e. comply with mandates of their intelligence or security services without an independent judicial review which does us does cause us serious cause of concern.
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the u.s. has called on its allies to also bar the likes of huawei from involvement in their 5 g. networks has caused tensions with the likes of germany which is keeping its options open. and now to some of the other global business stories making the news is our poor about to announce the launch of the i phone 11 while the company has scheduled an event on september 10th at in silicon valley have quarters but many believe we'll see the unveiling of a new generation i phone last month apple's growth from its digital services division was offsetting weak i phone so. the u.s. treasury is conserving issuing so-called ultra long bonds with maturity dates between 50 and 100 years the treasury rejected the same idea about 2 years ago but demand for the long term bonds has since taken off driven by the growing instability and global markets. the next head of the european central bank christine lagarde has told the european parliament that she would stick with the
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current controversial expends ameri monetary policy she said that as long as inflation in the eurozone was still low and growth stalling monetary policy had to be hiding a commodity. that critics call it a life or death rating program china's so-called social credit system which it's expanding this year to include companies both foreign and domestic they have to install surveillance cameras in their premises and share the data with the government they're also being raided on their tax records and compliance a european business group says firms are ill prepared. a traffic light with facial recognition cross on red face of public shaming and loose social credit points in some chinese cities it's already a reality even those who sort their trash incorrectly have to reckon with point deductions in some places as well as the penalties for low scores like losing the
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right to ride the fast train the point system is scheduled for a full implementation across china by the end of 2020 and it will also affect businesses the new system will monitor whether business isn't here to customs regulations pay taxes pay off loans or follow environmental regulations those who flout the rules face point deductions experts warned that firms with bad scores could be hit with sanctions or even lose their licenses. it's a completely new system unique around the world everything relating to the company exists in a single system which produces a single score we fundamentally support this system it's a positive thing to clean up things in china but there are uncertainties and one of them is that it's difficult to see how the scores calculated. it's a system that still remains opaque to most businesses according to the german chamber of commerce 7 out of 10 german firms don't know what the new social credit
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system will mean for them. while brazil is fighting the devastating fires and the amazon of these the economy is providing surprisingly positive news brazil dodged falling back into recession a multibillion dollar stimulus plan and record low interest rates were able to kick start the economy in the 2nd quarter. volkswagen has 3 factories in brazil and is expanding them dramatically that means even more models rolling off assembly lines in 2020 g.m. and other carmakers are meanwhile making their own plans to increase investment in brazil. more signs of an economic turnaround brazil's total output grew by 5 tenths of a percent in the 3rd quarter of 2018 then things went downhill now in the 2nd quarter of 2019 a reversal the economy grew by 0.4 percent. a looser monetary policy has also helped put wind in brazil's cells 4 weeks ago the central bank cut
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the benchmark interest rate by a half point to 6 percent. right wing populist president shy of also narrow push through pension reform legislation saving the brazilian state roughly 250000000000 euros men must now wait until 65 to retire women until 62. analysts also believe paulson are could succeed in passing a tax reform measure. brazil's agricultural sector stands to gain from the trade agreement between the e.u. and the americas or trade block which brazil belongs but the deal has begun to look more fragile as parts of the brazilian amazon burned through the e.u. now accuses the government of not doing enough against the fires and the wider deforestation of the region and finally an english couple has unearthed thousands of ancient silver coins worth an estimated $6000000.00 the haul of this.


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