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this is d.w. news live from violating hong kong with origins why didn't that crackdown on democracy activists often months on rights to police arrest prominent projects including joshi will want to charge with inciting people to join an illegal gathering band released on bail the government has already denied permission for a major march on saturday also coming up it is expected to be a rough weekend when german chancellor angela merkel bts regional elections in the states are expected to boost the strength of the country's far right a.f.d.
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topsy. and changes at the top full by new next former goalkeeper on the back on will become chief executive in 2022 it is part of the wide ranging shaped help that germany's biggest football club. i'm having a home free glad you could join me. home goma with origins all ramping up their campaign against pro-democracy activists this time targeting some of the most prominent leaders now earlier today police arrested and then released protest leaders joshua wall and agnes chad is part of an intensifying crackdown on the protest movement that has seen violent clashes hundreds of a rests and the recent arrival of fresh troops from china a lot of face has been fueling anger across. hong kong and today the newly released
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protest leaders issued a challenge to the territory's government as well as beijing. emerging from court defiant joshua wang and agnes child present themselves to the waiting media with a message for china and the world. we show not surrender and i urge international community is to send a clear message to a presidency sending ships or using emergency ordinance is not the way out we will continue our fight no matter how they are rest of course they go out. that path were arrested early on friday and charged with organizing and participating in an unauthorized assembly those charges related to a demonstration back in june when protesters blockaded police headquarters but activists say the arrests are an intimidation tactic ahead of a planned rally this weekend one that has now been banned by authorities. police
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deny any link. the elocution that we tie in our rest is totally false. or indeed the public all the events every weekend in the past 2 months or in. so making the arrest today does not make any implication basically millions of people have joined the protest since they began in june over a controversial extradition. violence has escalated in recent weeks police have deployed rubber bullets batons and tear gas while protesters have thrown rocks and molotov cocktails last weekend police used water cannon for the 1st time over 850 people have been arrested but protesters have vowing to continue with an expanded list of demands including democratic elections an independent inquiry into the police response and dropping charges against all those arrested since the move. it
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has no official leader as activists say that high profile detentions will not stop them when the government go hard we go hard so the hong kong people are seeing really clearly so we urge the government please respond to the 5 to my ancestor and that's possible although. otherwise the people may be using some more radical weights or more hard way to response to the response of the doubt to the test of that protection comes on saturday when activists decide whether to defy the police ban on their march with neither side backing down and maybe 5 the confrontation ahead will detail when you shot a child some pale is following the situation in hong kong for us and she sent us this is c'est mint. small protests like this one follow another man meant to stay in this protest movement these people chanting 5 a freedom fighter for hong kong now some 900 people have been arrested over the last 13 weeks but the sweep of the high profile activists over the last 24 hours
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have left many of these protesters shaken it's also caused a dark shadow on the days ahead a big march had been planned for tomorrow but organizers had to cool it off after it was banned by police some protesters a scrambling to find legal ways to circumvent the ban but there will be those who are still willing to take to the streets tomorrow that anger fueled by the arrests today undaunted by police warnings that taking part in summer is protests will be breaking the law with a general strike planned for monday and tuesday it seems these arrests have done little to suggest this protest movement. our correspondent in hong kong that wall there is arrests are also being closely watched in other parts of the world and of a meeting of e.u. foreign ministers in helsinki d.w. asked europe's top diplomat for her reaction to the situation hong kong appears to be escalating there were arrests of pro-democracy activists who have now been
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bailed a bit evidently the authorities are trying to prevent more protests i understand this was discussed briefly here today can you talk about your concern for that both you and mr harvester has anything to thank you the complete developments and you know kong especially over this last hour or extremely war and. we expect. to respect the freedom of assembly expression and association as well as the right of people to demonstrate peacefully and we will continue to follow very closely as either peony union but also include a nation with member states. that he come over a need that well let's bring you up to date now with some of the other stories making news around the wall that this hour there's been a huge rallies in pakistan to protest india's decision to strip the disputed region of kashmir over its special autonomous status prime minister imran khan condemned the move and called for an international response august on has downgraded
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diplomatic ties in hole to trade with india. a judge in scotland has rejected a bid to stop the british parliament from being suspended opponents say prime minister boris johnson's move to shut down parliament is an undemocratic attempt to stifle debate in the final weeks before breaks it which is currently due to happen on the 31st of october we all without a deal. were struck climate activists great to turn back has attended a fridays for future protest with american schoolchildren outside the united nations building in new york for it is due to speak at the u.n. climate action summit next month across the atlantic from britain and the euro cars and saving your to avoid flying to the u.s. as. well germany's far right political party f d your alternative for germany
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is expected to school big gains in 2 states elections coming up on sunday and when saxony the f.t. is polling just behind the center right c.d.u. the party of i'm going to marco and things that even worse for the governing party in brandenburg the social democrats now will speak to our correspondent in a moment but 1st this report on the political landscape in the key states of saxony and brandenburg. 2 eastern german states are going to the polls and the federal government is holding its breath as the surge of the far right populist a.f.d. could really shake things up saxony dresden is the capital germany's eastern most state has about $4000000.00 residents and is doing rather well economically with the auto industry and high tech but saxony has also developed a thriving right wing scene a year ago right wing extremists occupied the streets of chemists for days violent crime motivated by right wing extremism is that
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a record high. saxony is governed by a grand coalition of center right c.d.u. and center left s.p.d. on the party the c.d.u. has led the government here since german reunification it may remain the largest party but is said to lose votes especially to the far right populist a.f.d. and state premier may struggle to put together a new coalition. i'm a democrat i'm against a minority government i've also said i won't coalesce with the f.t. or the left party for reasons of policy and personnel the rest of us will have to be able to talk to each other and be able to form a government as democrats. brandenburg potsdam is the capital the state surrounds berlin and has about 2500000 inhabitants brandenburg is also doing well economically if it weren't for the lignite problem the mining apparatus may grind to a halt soon germany plans to phase out the coal industry which many people here
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rely on for a livelihood in brandenburg the s.p.d. has also been in power since reunification it's currently in coalition with the left party but surveys suggest that it's unlikely that the 2 parties can continue to govern together for my work flat out for 161820 hours a day so that the far right populist don't become the most powerful party here just like the coffee the s.p.d. and the f.t. are neck and neck in brandenburg but the far right populists are unlikely to take power none of the other parties wants to join a coalition with them for years the a.f.d. has benefited from feelings of insecurity and of being neglected in the east it has taken on the slogans of the civil rights movement in former communist east germany berlin grand coalition partners the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. especially are looking to the state elections with apprehension the s.p.d.
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is suffering from dwindling support and membership. and the c.d.u. is no longer getting through to their core voters in the east not a good sign for on the american grand coalition. the likely winners of the state elections apart from the f.t. will be the greens their forecast to get record results in both saxony and brandenburg. with just 2 days to go until those state elections that bring in our chief political editor now michelle occur finishes in the state of brandenburg for us in the small city of conics vista house and is the final day of campaigning and she's been keeping a keen eye on the a.f.d. activities michela what's going on there. oh right where i'm standing in a couple of minutes we'll see prominent figures from the f.t. get to the stage and speak to a couple of 100 people gathered here but a significant proportion of them are actually from the media the f.t.
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is certainly getting a lot of media attention since it's so changed the debate here in germany we've seen a rather bruising campaign and here particular brand of what's at stake is whether the social democrats will actually be toppled from the option of forming a government that could indeed be a final blow to those social democrats who are so vital to the stability of angle americal self declared final term in government because her coalition is suffering as we speak under that insecurity that decline of the social democrats who've been holding brandenberg for the past 3 decades that might come to an end if he if he wins that neck and neck race and of course that would be a heavy blow and with that in mind how confident all the right wing populists of winning this election. will for them anything above 20 percent or even a bit below that is a victory because they see themselves in any case no matter what the figures so. as
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the only true representatives of the people here and they've been campaigning on that echoing the civil rights movement of the former g.d.r. that brought the wall down in the end and also they wouldn't find a coalition partner anyway they are still the odd one out in politics nobody wants to go into coalition with them at the same time they're driving force in this fragmentation of the political landscape that we've seen and of course we've also got the top f.t. candidate in brandenburg making headlines here in germany for a number of weeks because of his supposed contact with radical new nazis tell us more about that. is and here's kind of it's the scene is very close to going head to who's also expected here today who's leader of def flugel the right wing extremist group ng within the a.f.p. and a bit by bit more and more about his past has come to light most recently that he
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was in a neo nazi youth camp in 1903 he hadn't has volunteered any of that information in the past only confirmed it when confronted by journalists so it's becoming apparent here that his father had extremist history is a lot longer than people feel for him briefly macare how could these election results affect and america's government. well if the social democrat s.t.d. loses here and brandon burke and if it gets a real how marrying at the polls which it certainly looks like in the state of saxony then the social democrat well series of nervous breakdowns could lead to a chain of events that would probably take weeks and months here and many but still could threaten that very coalition called the so-called grand coalition under under marcos chancellor chief political editor michel for us in brandenburg good to have
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your analysis thanks will. well this weekend marks 80 years since the beginning of world war 2 and now when potent is growing demand the germany pay reparations worth several $100.00 billions of euros to compensate for the devastation that it course now the top it could come up on sunday when german president about to star in maya takes part in commemorations in warsaw and it's creating tensions in relations between germans and poles. who are so old town a few days before the 80th anniversary of the start of the 2nd world war. walk through every day on his way home from work the 29 year old german has lived in poland for 5 years he actively supports the german polish economic cooperation but he didn't expect this particular debate topic to resurface. i was surprised when i heard about poland's demands for german reparations and i was
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seriously shocked when i saw that many of my friends young poles who don't sympathise with the government saying that they could understand why the government wants this. why they feel that germany has not dealt with sufficiently with what they did to poland. 50 times more old town is a symbol of german guilt the city was completely destroyed during the 2nd world war and then rebuilt without any help from germany. and now after almost 80 years berlin is being handed the bill a parliamentary committee has been working on a draft for the government so they can finally put this topic to rest even though for decades they have already considered it closed. in europe berlin doesn't like the fact we're talking about reparations we understand that. but for us.
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it is an important topic. at the moment we are still calculating the exact reparations sops we want to present this to berlin very soon but berlin doesn't seem open to this presentation so far they don't even want to talk about it the topic is considered legally closed. it's in the government hasn't even sent us an official message of god that if they do then the legal situation requires that we return to the treaties of 1953 and the 2 plus 4 treaty typical of $990.00 the law considers these claims is regulated and therefore nonexistent or has to be pushed in in fact in 1953 communist poland renounced reparations for the then communist east germany so berlin suggested symbolic gestures instead here for example in the middle of the city there are plans for a memorial site for polish victims of the german occupation during world war 2 to
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be built. the young german living in warsaw actively supports this idea he believes that such political gestures could make the upcoming historical debates easier. guns with you i think this would be a very important sign of compassion. it would be a symbol of empathy for the poles and the so on that we as germans should never forget what happened. and this is why i will be here on sunday when the presidents of poland and germany remember the 80th anniversary of the german invasion. sports now on the what is it legal weekend kicks off tonight with a clash between 2 of germany's european contenders mentioned blood back and abi leipzig and joining me to discuss that day and the rest of the football news is dave bronczek from d.w. sports good to see you know dave tell us what can we expect from this friday day yeah i think for my money it's probably going to be the best of the whole weekend
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as you mentioned there are 2 european contenders so there are really 2 top teams that are going to be battling it out and leipzig they've had a really fantastic start to the season they've proved to be really dangerous they demolished you know in berlin and beat frankfurt in their opening matches so i think them facing off against god by. we're in the europa league should be really a test for them where they can prove whether or not they should be taken seriously as a possible title contender because people are really talking about them as maybe maybe being good enough to push dortmunder buyer so i think the friday match will tell us a bit about that so plenty on the line an exciting one tonight i mean elsewhere of course we've got by and making headlines that would be news that president we had has set to go in november why did he quit yeah i mean honestly it's a bit of a bombshell and the timing of it was a bit of a surprise in 2014 he went to prison for tax evasion and he's only been out
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3 years since then he immediately went back to his post as president so it seems a bit odd to go through all that to work your way back and then to give it up but he mentioned a couple reasons spending time with this family he also thought it was an opportune time to bring in his replacement habit heiner who was the c.e.o. and also he mentioned being booed at last year's annual general meeting one of the contributing factors towards this decision let's hear what he had to say about it. q. i must admit that the events at the a.g.m. last year made me think for the 1st time about what would happen if i was no longer in the role. it was decisive but it just gave me something to think about the in the. house side from while that stretch in prison which you did mention how does is actually spent i mean is it something like off
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a century in by in one capacity or another which is really quite extraordinary i mean how much of a loss will that be then for the german champions yeah as you say he's been there so long it's really hard to imagine byron without them he's kind of like mr byron in a lot of ways you personifies them he's brash a bit arrogant but he always managed to back that up with success and he was a true driving force between her behind them being so dominant in his entire time there so it's really hard to know what they're going to look like without him but of course it's also going to take quite a bit of time for us to really see you know whether the club takes a change in direction without him and what the look like for now it's kind of the same old byron they just resigned robert lewandowski they have tons of expensive new signings to work in so i think for the short term at least they're going to be the good old byron we all know and love and or hate exactly dave reneke from data thank you very much. and staying with my music now and the announcement that former goalkeeper all of
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a car is joining the club's board starting in january he'll take over as chief executive in 2022 when col hines ltd retires now con 18 when disney to titles as a vying there and the 2001 champions league title he was a mainstay of the team for 14 seasons and since retiring in 2008 the 50 year old has been mainly working as a t.v. pundit. while the venice film festival is under way in italy and as usual fans flock to see celebrities like brad pitt who hit the red carpet and on his the space epic ad astra he plays an astronaut on a life saving mission an actress scarlett johansson who's also there to promote her latest film marriage story an emotional tale of a failing relationship. turning to some other news now 4 years ago militants from the so-called islamic state overrun and destroyed one of the world's
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ancient treasures the temples of palmira in syria where the destruction caused outrage around the walls and researches and are doing their best to preserve what's left on the ground but here in germany an exhibition is bringing them back to life at least virtually. mosel palmira places that survived millennia before they were reduced to rubble by the so-called islamic state. a show at the german art and exhibition hall or been discounts tama in bonn now resurrects the engine cities virtually leading visitors on an incredible journey to last places up once breathtaking beauty destroyed in the real world by war and fanaticism. the viewer can fly over the locations on huge screens go into the buildings with 3 d. glasses and get their own picture. is very important to show the whole. people of various shapes and of assad to go over there are who are
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cared for have no problem to destroy and destroy for the most fabulous sides of the war. it's a painful exhibition for many it's here that the extent of the destruction is made clear. world heritage sites within reach. as well it just feels spooky there is strictly looking at this it's horrible how something like this can happen and they stay n.h. . it's a human catastrophe for. as if somehow horrible but you also get the feeling of being in the middle of it all that you're right there so you may zing. the projections
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raise awareness of this fragile cultural heritage. and prompt questions about its future. keep however the exhibition also gives hope it also gives the political hope that cultural sites like these can be in parts reconstructed thanks to these possibilities and technologies are going. whether these structures can actually be rebuilt one day this is a question that can only be answered in peace time. well scientists are calling this scene an explosion of high intensity these are pictures from the volcano on the tiny island of strong body in italy off the north coast of sicily it's been erupting for 3 days now sending red hot lava down to the edge of the sea this latest eruption has alone draws a dense and tourists that no injuries have been reported now the somebody volcano
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is one of the few in the wild that is almost continuously active. minded now off the top story that we're following for you hong kong police arrested prominent pro-democracy activists including joshua wong then release them on bail they were charged with all going to using an illegal protest demonstrators of marching health citizens over 12 weekends now causing turmoil in the territory. you're watching news coming up next in the w. news asia asia's youngest country marks 20 years since voting for independence we speak to east timor's former president jose. ramos horta about what the nation has achieved and way it has failed plus the rap scene that sprung up on the streets of karachi way gangsters new several. minutes
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a chance ways those stories on the television news a sure i'm going along for a minute but then remember there's wolk news coming up at the top oh yeah what i need can always get the latest information around the clock on our website w dot com thanks for joining me and c.c. .
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how does time want to. share. the best. c.w. correspondent susumu. coast to basically. explore the various flavors of the exotic crazy. challenge for you all to reach
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him and. the food confusion and fun. from street food the 5 star restaurant tasting taipei start september 1st d.w. . you're going to an official estimates more than 1200000 venezuelans live in colombia needy and illegally. returned to. to visit friends he said i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made for mines. the water starts rising people fight for survival. her really dangerous. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver
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of mass migration you could not write any going to be snide if you want and probably most of the book of. the climate exodus starts september 5th on t.w. . this is news asia coming up east timor asia youngest country marks 20 years since the day he chose independence from indonesia he speak with former president josie ramos horta about what the nation has achieved and where it has failed plus about getting up to god he does not want something not to seem a matter of this growing up on the streets of karachi.


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