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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2019 1:45am-2:01am CEST

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but we begin at the venice film festival which in recent years has become more and more important as hollywood likes to premiere films there to give them time to build up steam for the oscars in 6 months time i'll be talking to our man in venice scott rocks in a minute but 1st let's take a look at 2 highly anticipated movies marriage stories starring scarlett johansson and 1st ad astra starring this man brad pitt. its objective was to search for advanced extraterrestrial life the ship disappeared approximately 16 years into the mission and the commander was it was my father's. wish como's shark. he's a great dancer structures. she was
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a mother who plays really plays. she gives great present. talk ok. start. right now over to venice and to our correspondent scott rock's. scott hello now. that is known as a kind of stasis for the oscars so have you seen any awards worthy movies so far. well the the 2 that you just introduced there i think both have a good chance of making it to the oscars next year mary story in particular i thought. amazing. this is basically
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a sort of an update on kramer vs kramer the story of a of a divorce told in excruciating detail adam driver and hansen are the pair that split and they're both phenomenal adam driver particular i think you can get an oscar nomination for this performance all i don't know i'll turn in my card but it was truly excruciating look at a marriage falling apart but done beautifully with just the right touches of humor i thought it was a really amazing film and. similar with ad astra very different type of movie but before that the brad pitt and it which is almost almost worthless i mean most movie was looking at him staring into space or thinking deeply very subtle performance that he gives but the the film as a whole is really sort of an epic look at a very personal story a story of a. man and his father and tried to deal with his daddy issues essentially are done on the biggest cat in the financial bubble on the entire universe now no real film
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festival would be any good without a bit of scandal what's the big controversy this year. well this year it's roman polanski's film an officer in the spy it's a period drama but it's not really the film is the fact that roman polanski directed in rome plenty of course oscar winning director a legendary film director of china town rosemary's baby but is also infamous for being hasn't been convicted of statutory rape over 40 years ago and having fled the united states and being on the lam a fugitive for the last 40 odd years so the controversy is should a festival like going to celebrate a man who did what roman polanski did by presenting his film in such a glaring glamorous setting as they are doing ok let's move to the film itself you see in the film what's the film like. the film itself is actually very good i
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mean whatever you think about roman polanski what if you however you fall in the controversy around him nobody can claim the man is not a great director and this film and often the spies about the dreyfus affair the infamous informatics affair in 1000 century france where a jewish french soldier was falsely accused of treason polanski tells the story like a historical thriller combined with a courtroom drama and it's pacing it's great the acting is great really nicely told story very interesting compelling story well told and it was just about the film i think everybody would be in agreement that this is a great movie the fact that it's polanski that directed it and the fact that they're giving him such a platform to present this film to be celebrated that's what's causing the scandal here. ok what else is coming up in the next week or so what do you get an extra what are people there getting excited about. well people here and myself in particular are getting really really excited about one film joker premier's here
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and it's a superhero movie and there's never been a superhero movie premiering in venice or one of these great grand festivals but it's both a very different type of superhero movie joker if you're not familiar with the comic books is batman's nemesis sort of evil clown in the batman comics here he's given his own movie walking phoenix plays joker but the film apparently is more in the vein of a martin scorsese film in fact martin scorsese produced the movie will see a very very dark look at the superhero genre is already getting a huge amount of going in and if it plays like people expect it to here i can guarantee you walk in phoenix will be on the oscar stage at a year's time. very briefly spanish legendary spanish director federal dove getting a lot of time achievement award in good time. oh yeah yeah i mean well overdue. this crazy spaniard with his young melodramatic and that insane
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technicolor movies he transformed european cinema and world said ok it was go where do we learn everything you know unfortunately and i still believe it. thanks very much thanks very much scott writes from. an exhibition of just been in a museum in the german city of ball which in a way gives hope that some of the ancient sites in the middle east that were destroyed by isis in recent is could be rebuilt with the help of technology it's a leap of faith but they've been virtually recreated the exhibition maybe one day such technology could help with real reconstruction. aleppo muscle palmyra places that survived millenia before they were reduced to rubble by the so-called islamic state a show at the german art an exhibition hall or going to squint and gone now resurrects the ancient city is virtually leaving visitors on an incredible journey
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to last places of once breathtaking beauty destroyed perhaps forever in the real world by war and fanaticism the viewer can fly over the locations on huge screens going into the buildings with 3 d. glasses and getting their own picture is very important to show the whole crew people of darvish on of our side to go over or 2 or. 3 have no or a program to destroy and destroy the. most fabulous sides of the war. it's a painful exhibition for many it's here that the extent of the destruction is made clear world heritage sites within reach. as well it just feels spooky there is strictly looking at this it's horrible how
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something like this can happen in this day and age. it's a human catastrophe. this is if somehow horrible but you also get the feeling being in the middle of it that you are right there so you may zing. the projections raise awareness of this branch of control heritage and prompt questions about its future. so keep however the exhibition also gives hope to be told so give the political hope that cultural sites like these can be in pollock's reconstructed thanks to these possibilities and technologies written whether the structures can indeed be rebuilt is a question that can only be answered in peacetime. incredible . here's a photo journalist who doesn't make life easy for herself all alone. and very
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introspective and keeps coming up with projects that take it to some of the trickiest places to get to around the world right now she wants to scale the highest peaks in as many european countries as possible or if there are no mountains then the highest place in said country and from there take spectacular photos. all alone has arrived in endora she's going to scale the nearly 3000 meter comber patrols up the tallest peak in this microstates in the p.r. news it's part of her current project adventure europe. and this is where for this card when i'll just diversity of europe and it's mountainous are really exciting that one is a tiny little hill totally covered in cow dung that was can i feel. and then there's the vatican where the hardest part was to stand in line for 6 hours in the heat in front of st peter's basilica. even the ascent of it just 75 meter
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high tower was to become a rather arduous adventure she craved ice and snow to conquer norway's gal who she teamed up with a husband to take on portugal's highest mountain the pico at night she's always on the lookout for a unique angle. breakthrough is a photojournalist came in 2012 with a story about an indigenous tribes ancestor called in papua new guinea in the south pacific she explored the volcanoes of vanna white who. in 2016 she became the 1st person to climb into the crater of the active ambrym volcano 600 meters down to the edge of a seething pool of lava after. it kept this even though i felt the earth trembling all through my body i smelled the gases and felt the hot wind from the volcano it on and i realized i'm suddenly a part of nature. if you're already a veteran i think this world would be
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a better one if everyone could stand down there by that pool of lava because you realize how incredibly precious life is and how incredibly precious the earth is that gives you moments like these. momenta the sleeve and the couple are taking their one year old son man of up to the summit of the coma petros or he can ride on his mother's back. justin is i'm tired. what keeps me going is a passion for telling stories being here i can see things and feel and smell and taste and experience them and that makes me feel totally alive and the immense i'd like to share this feeling with others through my pictures i can even motivate them to set out and discover nature. and they can discover themselves and do something with their lives in. the photos and videos were loman is collecting for her denture euro project or indeed an incentive to discover the old world a new. mole
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on or along and how spectacular photos and all were topics on today's edition on our website of course at b.w. dot com slash culture that's it for this edition now thanks for watching and see you again next week. and i.
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the coax in germany to lunch or. why not learn with him. in simple mind on your mobile and for e. t w e learning course. german made easy. pro-democracy activists in hong kong say they'll continue their demonstrations despite a wave of arrests protest leaders joshua wang and agnes chow were among those detained and later released on bail or thirty's intensifying a crackdown have banned a mass rally planned for this weekend. as you know florida's governor is urging residents to evacuate before hurricane dorian hits the state early next week nearly 10000000.


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