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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2019 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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subscribe to the documentary on you tube. this is news line from berlin it's the 13th straight weekend of mass protests in hong kong thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators defied a police ban to march on the streets just a day after several leading activists and lawmakers were arrested in a sweeping crackdown we'll talk to our correspondent who's on the scene. german chancellor angela merkel faces
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a rough weekend with key regional elections at least 2 german states are expected to boost the strength of the country's far right p.s.t. . and climate activists better to look at the united nations in new york giving a boost to the fridays for future movement in the u.s. . i'm michael o'connor thanks for joining us thousands of demonstrators are gathering for the 13th straight weekend in hong kong in defiance of an official ban on protests and strong warnings from police that marchers risk being prosecuted demonstrators began today's march in a stadium calling the event of religious gathering in an attempt to circumvent a ban on protests by holding religious symbols and singing hymns saturday's march follows the arrest of key op. zittrain figureheads including activist joshua long
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today also marks the 5th anniversary of a decision by china's ruling communist party against democratic elections in hong kong. for the latest we can cross to hong kong now and our correspondent there charleston pill thanks for joining us demonstrators are turning out in spite of the ban on protests this weekend what kind of police presence are you seeing on the streets. where we're standing at the moment there are very few police on the streets here but that's not unusual for this time of day off so often the case that we will see more police those riot police that they scenes of take off later on in the evening and it still is very peaceful at the moment we are seeing images of every police elsewhere particularly guarding government buildings that have been images as well of water cannon on standby as i'm sure you remember they were used for the 1st time last sunday in this that seen week protest
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movements it is by the fact that we aren't seeing huge amounts of police on the streets there is still a feeling that things of very tense that presence has been felt here that's because they've been all a the social media today they gave a press conference yesterday making it very clear that this protest is an authorized and therefore a legal so things all extremely tense say there is almost a sense that this could be the calm before the storm particularly off to all those arrests were made yesterday of those high profile figure we had to joshua long a high profile figure in the pro-democracy movement those legislators as well as signal it seems worth artie's that if we can arrest people like that we can arrest these protesters as well for taking part in a legal demonstrations you say unauthorized and illegal so what's the risk protesters are taking by demonstrating today. well protesters have taken part in band marches previously but this does feel very
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different in light of those arrests yesterday and of course those warnings from police they do face arrest potentially for taking part in this protests a number of people that we've spoken to they seem to get the feeling that there is safety in numbers a lot of people are on the streets once again today they've also told us that while they are afraid of repercussions that their fear of beijing's encroachments on their rights here is even stronger so they feel like they need to come out on the streets today but it's not just the needle threats of course that they're facing one of the reasons organizes cooled off the march that was planned for today is because they will say said these protesters feel a physical have a physical threat as well we've seen massive scenes of violence in recent days a number of recent weeks a number of protest as i have been has projectiles from both sides being thrown in that that are extremely dangerous so there is a risk that the people take to the streets once again today. in hong kong for us thank you. let's bring you up to date with some of the other stories making news
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around the world at this hour. india has published the final version of its controversial citizenship list in the northeastern state of awesome effectively rendering nearly 2000000 people stateless the list intense right dana 5 legal residents and weed out the legal immigrants living in the state people left off the list will have 120 days to appeal against their exclusion. hurricane dorian has strengthened to a category 4 storm as it continues its path toward the u.s. state of florida president donald trump has declared a state of emergency he said the decision whether or not to evacuate people will be made on sunday floridians are continuing their preparation for the possible arrival of the storm early next week. germany's far right political party known as the alternative for germany is expecting big wins in 2 state elections on
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sunday one of those elections will be in saxony the state with the highest population density in eastern germany 4000000 people live there and it's also the region with eastern germany strongest economy the big employers are the car industry and the area around the state capital dresden also attracts multiple technology companies but for right violence is a problem in saxony incidents rose nearly 50 percent between 20172018 our correspondent kate brady is on the scene and sent us this report. last stop on the campaign trail for germany's big tent parties in saxony and dressed in the social democrats and unlike say the conservative c.d.u. both currently in a coalition governing saxony but that could be about to change both the c.d.u. and the s.p.d. are expected to suffer significant losses s.p.d. lead candidate martin do attributes the losses to the upheaval in german society
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especially since the 2 geminis united in 1993 american. on-call we're seeing a different kind of division in this country it's no longer between poor and rich east and west men and women. there are other divisions emerging between fear and assurance hatred and trust between those at the top and those down below which is so to speak about we know we have to overcome these divisions that miss these aspire to move up in but it's largely these divisions which have driven so many vices in saxony to the far right alternative to germany a.f.d. that currently polling in 2nd position such a result would be felt even a federal level signaling a decrease in power fragile coalition government in keeping with party tradition sex and his conservative state premier refused to mention the f.t. by name on the speech today we have to take a clear position against those who talk down everything those who turn to
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appreciate our liberal democrats or go to we have opposed this resolutely and should and i think despite the expected losses at the polls on sunday the c.d.u. is still set to come out on top but continuing a coalition with the s.p.d. is looking unlikely. but the drama in saxony could well now take place in the weeks after sunday's election but angle america's conservatives here in saxony might well need to get creative with that coalition building with maybe even 2 or 3 other parties as we sailed the transaction these currents say crimea has ruled out forming a coalition with the far right a.f.p. by the way under medical it already shaky government. is preparing food losses right now it's time to face the music. on the 1st of september 19th $39.00 hitler's germany invaded its neighbor poland the date is regarded as the beginning of the 2nd world war in the early hours or
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german warship opened fire on a polish gary. in the best of the district of what was then the city of danzig at about the same time bombs rained down on the small polish town of the union killing $1200.00 civilians it was the 1st it was germany loved office 1st air raid on poland and the 1st of many war crimes to calm the w. met with survivors of the german attack unveiling on the 80th anniversary of this attack. on his. car remembers it like it was yesterday when the germans protect poland she was 11 years old. my mom told me we get out that we need to get out i was in bed in my nightgown and i suddenly heard a loud throwing sound then the ceiling started to crack and the windows were blown out our bedrooms were located close to where the 1st bombs were dropped the bomb it
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was the 1st of several waves of attacks and by german looked off the dice bombed us a war crime. was a feeble hutchinson has only a few photos that her father carried with him 1st as a soldier in the polish army. as a prisoner of war. and. this one reads sunday 939 germany. that i missed. this from. your sin i think of you all the time. the bombing also had dramatic consequences for the survivors but us dr ma young chick was 5 when the war began later as an adult he examined the survivors for long term psychological effects. many had ailments and more only able to work because of the trauma of the raid. in the month. after the war the suffering of villains
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citizens was not addressed by the communist government for the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of world war 2. city museum is opening a new launcher exhibition. people in poland the government and especially historians both polish german veiling more and more details about the tragedy of eli. mali and co by chick hopes for reconciliation between poets and germans. today germans are completely different people than they were back then that poles are different. sophia hutchens guys know 91 years old she still has trouble dealing with the past. that when you ask the germans about it they say
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that wasn't us it was the nazis but why did the nazis come from from germany and if you ask me whether or not i can forgive well no i'm trying but i don't trust the germans. what if this were to happen here all over again. 80 years after the start of world war 2 many poles feel that the air raid on and germany's attack on their country has not been suitably dealt with in german polish relations. well fresh off 1st 0 carbon transatlantic voyage teenage activists get a 10 burger joint hundreds of other young people in new york city on friday to raise awareness and demand action on the climate crisis the crowd gathered in front of the united nations headquarters where 2 burg is also due to speak at a climate action summit next month why was 5 guys that why do we want to know why
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do we live outside the gates of the united nations protest is really new today a weekly cools for urgent action to tackle the climate crisis. but i really doubt that by by our behavior either at 5 if this friday their voices seemed a little louder the numbers a little grace it was no doubt huge the presence of one swedish teenager that we have heard of her with. this distressed such young bucks 1st school strike on u.s. soil since arriving on a 0 carbon also on wednesday. i bought my daughter who's a climate activist and how she was my there way to say to free ride up and she's very concerned about the environment and the fact that adults aren't doing anything or she and i are here in solidarity we're in right at. just a year off to have a school strike outside the swedish pala meant to back is now widely treated like
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a celebrity. so she's less well known in the u.s. the media presence at this demonstration suggests her profile could grow further here too. also paid a visit to the united nations on friday why she's due to speak as a climate summit in september russian impromptu meeting with general assembly president maria espinosa to back said she hopes the summit would result in a concrete plan not just us i think there's a new one coming going to be some kind of breaking going again on the matter where people start to realize what is actually going on and. so we have a holiday expectation. and therefore i must say to deliver. the sentiments there is protesting with ken i knew i'm about it and we'll continue right by that ok here are. a reminder of the top stories we're
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following for you thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators have defied a police ban to march on the streets for the 13th street weekend the latest march happened just a day after several leading activism lawmakers were arrested in a sweeping crackdown watching the news live from berlin coming up next our documentary series we'll take a look at animal rights activist facing off against a long tradition of tall writing and resilient rodeo like a local thanks so much for joining us for seasons. on record that. pile male and i'm just some of the brand new delusions are in the books let's proceed to voice this about topics that affect us all a lot of climate change and the return of. only 3 things check out.


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