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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  August 31, 2019 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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i am. i am. i am. i am i am. this is d.w. news live from bali clashes in hong kong as demonstrators and police round up the violent pro-democracy protesters drawn barricades in the town molotov cocktails police respond with tear gas to cannon and make dealers and restaurants disease that even straight weekend of mass protest oh sir coming up. the controversial citizenship release leaves maybe 2000000 people stateless in india's northeast the decision on who is officially india and the news not to separate families. and one
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of the world's most famous villains takes center stage at the venice film festival the joker probably as on the big screen with joaquin phoenix playing the lead role in the superior movie ruby to be shared at the festival. was. the am. i'm going to home free glad you could join me we begin in hong kong where thousands of protesters have gathered for the 13th straight weekend defying a ban by 0 forty's action on the streets intensified on saturday with demonstrators starting fires and police responding with a new tactic a water cannon designed to mock those who took part in the protest will today's clashes took place on a symbolic date 5 years ago today mainland china said no to open elections in hong
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kong. i after hours of clashes police storm a subway station. inside this. it's not clear whether all of those targeted had attended saturday's protest. as videos and photos flooded social media many allege that the beatings were indiscriminate and that 1st aid responders were denied entry. police said they were responding to protesters vandalizing ticket machines. they made numerous arrests. under the current ban anybody who protest is breaking the law. including the thousands who marched peacefully earlier in the day. many had their faces covered but police deployed a new identification tactic loading water cannon with blue dye the young people on
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the street said they would not be deterred. from much for the purpose of hitting the streets today is to tell the government to come scarce this way we also have to restate our main demands because i've never responded to them over your call the way you will know if you don't. as dusk fell clashes flared. tear gas and truncheons versus flaming projectiles and burning barricades this weekend marks the 5th anniversary of china's decision not to ally fall democratic elections in hong kong sparking huge protests this wave of demonstrations has now lasted longer and this political crisis is deeper. and we spoke to t.w. correspondent charlotte's health impel in hong kong an oscar about police storming train stations as today's protests were wrapping up police have and to these 3
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train stations so far there are some distressing images on social media please using bastien some reports as well that they used pepper spray on people inside the train carriages we have stated that there have been numerous arrests inside the train station the number of people as well gathered outside police stations now it wants to those images which really are going viral here in hong kong on social media a lot of anger. process to supporters of the protest movement what they say is example of excessive police violence and a sign of how far apart these 2 sides are in hong kong police of issues during same if there are events they said they add to the police station in response to protest the santa lies at the station they also said that protesters had been assaulting citizens at that point prompted them to and said now on to those events 5 train
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lines have been suspended this essentially. that area down that was really causing a lot of upset here is the fact that while some protesters it appears would have been on their way to it's not a process that was getting traction by some when it's just been going higher that was the end of a very long very fine to do you think tonight and of course some people and i was trying to avoid a bit of both in the protest a tool that looks just been. on the train. this is proof that police was serious in that warnings that i've been making over the last 24 hours that this protest movement today was illegal it was fast and anyone taking part was breaking the law. well this bring you up to date now with some of the other stories making news around the world out this hour at least 15 people have been killed in a major taliban attack in the afghan city of couldn't do if the fighting started
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early on saturday morning and gun battles continued off tonight for the attack comes as the taliban in the united states continue talks on ending 18 years of conflict in afghanistan. israel's military says it's ordered extra forces to be sent to its border with lebanon raising fears of another war between israel and the shi'ite movement hezbollah tensions are high in the region and last week israel reportedly carried out a drone attack on hezbollah targets in lebanon. a series court has charged ousted president omar al bashir with possessing and listen to foreign currency and with corruption a lawyer said he denied the charges despite admitting to the court that had received $20000000.00 from the saudi crown prince. hurricane dorian has strengthened to a category 4 storm as it heads towards the northwest and bahamas and the u.s.
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president ronald trump has declared a state of emergency the storm could make landfall will mean east coast early next week though it's exact call for maine's uncertain. in india almost $2000000.00 people face being left stateless after the northern state of us published a controversial citizenship register and now in order to be included on that list people have to prove that they've come to us before the 24th of march 1971 a day before neighboring bangladesh went to war with pakistan the government says that the list is meant to crack down on illegal immigrants from bangladesh but many of those affected say that they've been living in assam the whole lives. and they have been waiting for years to see the results their future cost into uncertainty by government the questions they're very original now with the census concluded many are some residents are facing a grim truth their names don't appear on in just
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a new national registry of citizens to divide between who is officially indian and who is not much separate families. it's worrying the names of 2 of my brothers are not there it worries me i don't know why they're not there. to go but the 2 boys and a girl are not on the list but they're under the age of 10 and my wife's name is also not on the list. i'm very worried i feel bad in my heart i'm feeling very sad. these are not isolated cases it's total of 1900000 people were excluded from the list many of them have been living in this northeastern state their whole life the region is a hotspot for cultural and religious tensions ever since the start of neighboring bangladesh its independence war back in 1971 many unregistered refugees crossed into india the hindu nationalist government considers them and the generations that
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followed illegal migrants authorities say the national registry of citizens is supposed to quote weed out foreign infiltrators and with that east tensions within are some small to cultural population but critics fear the new citizenship lists could not be used to target muslims and deport them and those who did not make it onto the list have 120 days to peel the decision a last preferred for almost 2000000 people who just want to be allowed to live it what to them is home. now the venice film festival is in full swing and today it marks the 1st in its long history a superhero comic book character on the venice big screen today the festival premiered one of the world's most recognizable lytton's the joker with joaquin phoenix in the title role the film traces aspiring through you know like the same thing to becoming the classic further way in batman you give us.
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the truth. it was a tragic. it's a comedy. that irrespective film buff scott rocks for in venice and asked him whether this movie busted the conventions of a traditional superhero film. yeah i think you're right there i mean this is almost a new genre a new scene joker appear in numerous. film is always is the batman's a nemesis but in this movie the 1st time he's he's got his own story of his own backstory he is the sort of anti hero of the of the movie and in all the previous appearances by the joker he's always sort of remained a mystery here he is given central stage but interestingly the walking phoenix who went to extreme measures to play this role he lost 52 pounds he told us in the
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press conference that he went deep and dark to get into the mind of this legendary psychopath but even he said in the end he never got to the to the real the core the real mystery that is the joker only pick a listen. she was so many things to me at different times and just who he was the 1st few weeks of shooting completely different than who he was at the end it was something that was constantly evolving and there just only or ever had an experience quite like this one. walking phoenix that on playing the joker scott the joke has been played by some iconic act is jack nicholson heath ledger what does joaquin phoenix bring to the role. yeah it's interesting because you say it's an iconic character and it says several iconic performances that come with it but when jack nicholson did the joker he did him sort of as a carnival clown the over the top heath ledger played the joker almost as
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a force of nature sort of a lord of chaos with no backstory whatsoever where you walk in phoenix does with this role is something i've never seen done with a job before which is you made him up a man he plays him as a recognizable human a psychologically disturbed a human who feels ostracized and eventually snaps with him and very brutal and violent consequences but he's recognizably human i think that's quite unique to this role and really to this movie in the whole comic book sean right. it has a very realistic gritty appeal which which makes the sort of horrors that happen with throughout this film and even that more horrifying because they're set in you know in a very recognizable world that's very similar to our own you know we have to say as well i mean a comic book movie at the venice film festival i mean that was once unthinkable what do you think made the organizers change their minds. yeah you're absolutely right even
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a couple of years ago would have been think we'll have a comic book movie here in the venice film festival but i think there's 2 things one of the film festival has had to recognize that the commercial and also cultural impact of comic book movies is undeniable and they had to sort of pay tribute to that in some way and i think with this film they found interesting balance because while this film is a comic book movie it pays tribute to the great art house movies of 970 s. in particular marcus course has these films taxi driver the king of comedy or directly quoted in this film and it's much closer to those movies it's a story of a disturbed a dark sort of a disturbed individual and and part of that much farther away from a movie like avengers of this other comic book movies and i think dennis has found a way to bring in the comic book fans and super who are fans of which there are a legion while still staying true to its our house rules all right scott rock spread 1st in venice thank you very much. will some tragic news from the wilds of motor racing now where french driver bear has died off to
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a high speed crash in belgium and that was racing in formula to the level below f one when he collided with another car and that was just 22 years old in the race it's spawn was abandoned. well for 2 veteran ray wood he has celebrated his 96th birthday with a truly special gift to himself a wild wreck or well actually it's his 3rd that the englishman broke his own record as the world's oldest active scuba diver plunging to a depth of 42.3 meet his he explored a shipwreck off the coast of cyprus for 48 minutes when he says that he refuses to accept the fact that he's getting old when he has already announced that if he can still die he'll try to bring home his full record at the age of $97.00 well when his legal follows after the break with all the goals from saturday's games including by munich at home to mind the champions conceded early against the
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bottom side might well stay tuned to find out if brian could hold back. you know what she needs to get you get all the latest news on our web site that is d w dot com on her home free in berlin thanks for joining me and. bursts. home. of species. were significant. here those are big changes and most start with small steps 3 but globally de niro's tells stories of crude induced people and innovative projects around the world. news that could turn the clock that's used religious exemptions and forced evictions. commuting into.


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