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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 1, 2019 2:00pm-2:16pm CEST

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spiration courage and resolve are the poles people. from this day forward. i can assure you. that poland america. and all freedom loving nations in the world. will meet their future together thank you god bless you. god bless all and may god bless the united states of america. thanks to being a just melting back you've been watching my memory. marking the start of world war 280 years ago we've just seen speeches there from polish president german president and just now u.s. vice president mike pence we should say other world leaders dignitaries are also on hand including german chancellor angela merkel poland suffered some of the worst
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atrocities of the war nearly 6000000 poles kill were killed and that's something that was touched upon in those speeches du jour recalling the suffering that poland endured and the german president saying the past is not behind us germany will remember the horrific suffering apart upon poland and we heard as well the u.s. vice president speaking of a special bond between the polish american people incredible strength and resilience of the polish people. now follows a military ceremony. there will be a ringing of the peace as well as a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier which is referenced in those speeches.
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our political correspondent peter craven also our correspondent from the polish service which actually was in the studio with us watching these very somber ceremonies today. perhaps your thoughts on some of the words that we've heard from those 3 men. i believe after having heard the address by the polish president. i guess we can now understand why
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a lot of reporting hasn't been really quite it's more so. and indeed. in some. more of the ceremony here let's listen in and and then we can comment a bit more in the speeches. all dogs you want to watch for shit. not imam. ali not. object to a. sham of a maestro use our feet. on. those somebody tonight about it's of the. shutdown. that ceremony squadron having set up which are good obama's done. ladies and gentlemen you know most of
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the ceremony of ringing a very remembrance in the warning bell will take place it's a symbolic and a momentous event of the ringing the bell the head of the delegation that will move all the rings laying ceremony will then begin. object where much. of those potential dates that i'm on the. part of sion. president are said to prosper. i will now ask the president of the republic of poland. to begin the ceremony and ring the bell for the 1st time. present to that and that a public event that i lay needs to go x. and see upon trying to find the stain my at the federal president of the federal republic of germany his excellence in front of all the steinmeyer.
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me to president stand of the madonna how many keep on michael richards lanced the vice president of the united states of america michael richard pence. president tripoli to thank you you got extended snap on your last hour that the president of the republic of hungary is excellent so you are not other. presidents or public you saw thank you god stands have humbled by heart the
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president of the republic of slovenia his excellence the bottled. room with. president a public you heard about see you extend and you have an economy and i grab a kick out of which the president of the republic of croatia correct selenski called him about a cute little beach. president republican islamiya the accent and japanese going to your highness the president of the republic of iceland is excellence a good name your highness on. president
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republic estonia skate stance you have finally catch the unite the president of the republic of a stoner correct selenski kirstie alley right. president temple leaky boat got here got extra hands happened i don't mind what happened the president of the republican about kerry or his excellent room and rather. president alabang you go x. and see happen mecca the president of the republic of all brain is excellence a matter. president talking abouta you've got extra hands yap on me now to come off each the president of montenegro has excellence in me
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a load you cannot reach. and. it is not good cx and c.f.i. nice and wise with. the president of georgia are excellent see some of it is rubbish theory. president. excellent staff on top of that the president of the republic of malta is excellent see. so we're watching the ringing because that's what i mean you can access or sense yes on what they want is a much different hand for the president of the ukraine you know his excellence is below them or is the landscape as we hear them in the new. and incidentally dispy
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spot was actually cast just commemoration of yaks and i'm not there previously top of. the president of the slovak republic or excellence and if you don't like it as we watch the ceremonies taking place and again we'll all watch as the wreath laying ceremony takes place in a moment as well at the tomb of the unknown soldier perhaps you can share your thoughts on what we've seen so far and heard so far if i might i would like to immediately pick up a more voice was saying that we were asking ourselves a little bit earlier we were speculating just a little bit about why vladimir putin having been invited to today's ceremony indeed and certainly that for me is headline material now that we know the answer because certainly the speech by un j. due to the polish president was and in parts i would call an angry address and mike pence is speech as well was also in part at least an attack on the soviet union soviet communism. as he sees it the invidious influence that it had when the
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communists were in power in moscow i thought just one lie beforehand bartz you wojciech the one line from. i think he. went to the roof when he talked about imperial trends in europe and we were all wondering should he were thinking what he must mean russia but he was being very very exposed. by the night he mentioned georgia in crimea and was talking about the threats to the liberty of nations in europe in the future. yes so no wonder the blood of a lot of blood would have been not just as easy he didn't attend today he would be furious. yes there's a really very heart of dress made by the polish president and he did a whole ever in polish debate those kind of words aren't really something something new with address russia very roughly talking about ukraine or talking about what happened in georgia 2008. previous polish president lech kaczynski died
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in the crush in russia some years ago you also saw a very. the docking not about budge or john calling for a full resistance in the in the in the west however. presidency dude. said he warned that too much appeasement policy may cause the opposite. then peace as he said business as usual is not a silver bullet to keep the peace so. that's a clear address to nato to do western allies by the polish president he didn't say so clearly but it was an appeal to to to not to let russia do what it is doing in these their noura in ukraine and say in direct appeal to spend more money on your defenses that's what mike pence was also talking about meaning
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i believe here germany. where polish president andre dubus saying maybe there wouldn't be the 2nd world war if germany was to have been attacked like in the thirty's at the end of the of the fergies and directly say well this may be of some kind of similar situation right now and we shouldn't be. like looking at what russia is doing there that's it. yes i'm call call for action actually i wouldn't like to. or can imagine what what action it could be or yeah it is a call for political action of the horse it was interesting there were there was one moment when frank carter almost appeared to look across to mike pence and said we really must strengthen and reinforce the nato partnership and you could almost hear mike pence thinking shall i stand up and say you know are you going to. walk the walk and not just talk the talk you know is this lip service to its or to nato
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or ward that would that would have been what mike pence was thinking at that moment whether germany would be willing to make more the u.s. sees it as a full commitment to financial commitments to see the nato budget. indeed and interesting the point that you made peter that we heard the u.s. vice president not only touch on the 2nd world war which broke out 80 years ago but the more than 40 years the communists who have soviet rule that poland suffered under as well and that was a central part of his speech as well perhaps not entirely expected in the weight that we've seen in the other speeches and referring very much to sort of the if you will the christian spirit which which mike pence clearly believes like many poles clearly believe was that was the essential force of the allowing them to to battle against communism and to prevail against communism it was a it was a speech i mean there was a sentence nobody can understand history without its jesus and there were several
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sentences like that that would have been you know very close to the hearts of many poles but. it's. it's not necessarily the kind of thing you hear every day in political language here in germany for example it's not. as you said i think in poland this kind of language in politics he's usual so i think mike pence knew where he's talking and to who he's talking talking there let me go back to one sentence of mike pence again us and then and poland will continue to call up to stay up for the promises that have been made to each other this is clearly in my opinion the call to spend enough money for your defense if you are to our senses g.d.p. 2 percent of your of your economic outcome which poland for example is doing but germany's not that's why washington is very angry about it and president donald trump has many many times very harshly criticized germany for not paying
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enough for its for its defense so does a call to stay up for or to promise promise to spend enough money and promise to help each other in case of danger but no promise today and in this address at least of fresh deployments of u.s. troops i take being redeployed from germany to poland obeying deployed from you know the greater u.s. force to poland no promise and that's not something that we have been looking out for yet well this is actual part of the actual debate between poland and us poland is willing to have more american soldiers stationed in poland there are now about 4 and a half 5000 american soldiers poland wishes to have more days of course not so easy because russia would not be very happy with more american or nato soldiers being in big bold and so there was no i think this was not radio occasion to talk about such details.


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