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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 2, 2019 10:00am-10:30am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin mainstream parties come out on top in 2 state elections in eastern germany but the far right alternative for germany makes massive games securing 2nd place in both saxony and brand a verbal breakdown the results but our political editor also coming up hurricane dorian wreaks havoc on the bahamas one of the largest storms to hit the island since records began and is now heading to the u.s. . air strikes in yemen have killed at least 100 people who the rebels say aircraft
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drop bombs on a detention center killing most of the prison. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program but again here in germany where the day of tea party has made significant gains in 2 state elections the alternative for germany became the 2nd strongest party in regional parliaments and both sexy and brandenburg of the surge was not enough to unseat mainstream parties which managed to maintain their top positions in both states. was c.d.u. party leaders breathed a sigh of relief and saxony chancellor merkel's party has been in power here since german reunification and they've retained control despite suffering considerable losses now that we've done it this is a message being sent out from saxony tonight
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a large majority of people who are standing up in a positive way for this country who want something the friendly saxony has one many thanks to all of you but it will be hard for saxony c.d.u. to form a coalition the center left s.p.d. and environmentalists greens did too poorly state premier michele catch man has ruled out a coalition with the far right f.t. the state's 2nd strongest party which picked up a far greater share of votes than in the last election. the f.t. also won more votes in brandenburg also becoming the 2nd strongest party there but they fell short of the victory they hoped for was in sight but this result this prognosis shows one thing very clearly the a.f.d. is here to stay. politics will no longer be able to be made by going around us the center left s.p.d. remains the strongest party in brandenburg but they need to coalition partners to
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be able to rule. that means that we continue to face great challenges in this country to reach out to the people and work together with them and that is my goal for the coming years as well. there is one thing that almost all parties can be happy about voter participation has risen considerably and both german states. for the past few minutes the party leaders have given a press conference on their election performance coach alexander predicted that sooner or later mainstream parties would have to work with the. if coalition building between the other parties doesn't work then it will be very difficult for the c.p.u. leadership. especially in saxony with the c.d.u. is very conservative. it will be very hard for them to justify their position of never dealing with the idea after. the election results will show that in
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the long term we cannot be left out of decision making we are going to set the agenda. political editor has been attending that. the press conference which you just saw a small. what did the leaders have to say for example alexander go on who just spoke. yes i sense a sense of satisfaction there on behalf who after all is a former c.d.u. politician and who also said that in another state that voted the c.d.u. leader brandenburg would hardly survive this election result clearly he wants to see the f.t. become the next big tent party he said so and also pushed it and we heard it from his in his very own words set the agenda which you know arguably or actually
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undoubtedly if he has done in the past it has successfully set the agenda. also in this election campaign in these recent elections with the notable example of course of the green party which didn't rise as high as some polls predicted but clearly the issue of the environment was on the agenda that but it's interesting i was and i got in on it was somebody who didn't want the party to aim for government participation too fast it was always concerned that it could be too early for the party and clearly we're seeing here co-pastor a leader who's ready to go for it well the other co-leader who was out there press covers your morton he stressed that these 2 regional results or an improvement in the party's virgina significant to must be said nearly doubled are showing how significant is that surge in support for the. well there's 2 aspects to it the. voted in the eastern states where there was the
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most potential for them i think it's safe to say that according to the polling that we know they are nowhere near cheating such results in the west and that's also something. morton was asked about because the east feels very much emboldened by that they clearly tapped into voter dissatisfaction here the voter turnout this nonvoters that showed up most of them actually went down as a 50 voters in the end so the other parties yes of course they are happy about more voter turnout but they would have been a lot happier if there'd been more voter turnout for them of course so clearly the if the claims or the the high ground here in these elections that something that psychologically very important for the party is here it's a voice that stays it's a voice that got reelected that was very important for this very young party that's only 6 years old but they are nowhere near from entering a regional level in the central government because this city no other party willing
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to work with them and from everything we've heard so far that is not going to change anytime fast. one of the 2 party leaders there are more and he compared the deed to italy's foreign populist league party the other co-leader alexander go and said he thinks that some members of chancellor merkel's seaview party especially and sarkozy are moving toward a situation where they might talk with do you even think about discussing a possible coalition is the key on its way to becoming an accepted mainstream party of the right to enjoy. well that's the big question i think it's a bit too early to really have an answer here this morning but undoubtedly i mean the northern league comparison somehow doesn't quite work because the. league of knowledge came from the originated from the economically much stronger north of italy if the strongest in the economically somewhat weaker east
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same time voters say contradictory things more than 80 percent say they feel economically satisfied with their own situation and particularly east if the vote is will that 70 percent say that they feel like 2nd class citizens there's a lot of psychology in this but clearly it's a party that has been emboldened by this election result and although alexander noted with a clear satisfaction that there might be tough times ahead for example the c.d.u. in saxony to justify not joining forces with the f.t. because some parts of his own party of anger michael c.d.u. that had been willing to do exactly that this is something that has been once again ruled out both by him and almost more importantly by the c.d.u. leader and it could come have a. successor in that role so this is simply not in the cards for now but we're in for a very interesting coalition talks indeed if your chief political editor mikaela thank
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you very much. now for more analysis with me here in the studio is francisca bun she's a member of the german parliament for the green party and she is the green party's european affairs spokesperson thank you very much for being with us this morning. i want to talk about your party's performance in these elections in just a moment but 1st i'd like to get your reaction to the surge in support for the far right alternative for germany how is that changing germany's political landscape. i think that the f.t. has won. and especially in saxony but we also still have to consider that 75 percent have not voted for it and have voted democratically and also that there has been you know a new sign for new governments coming up which can be formed without the a.f.d.
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so i think you know to still a duty to convince many people that democracy can and will work for them and the thought of the big duty of everything a democratic party but i think you know many expected much worth there's no sign of relief but i think it's our job now to convince everybody the rest of the quarter that democracy works so i think they are black and white and add just a few weeks ago your party was holding much higher than it ended up doing in these 2 regional elections how do you explain. we have seen a race in both states and one in the number one and to be the a fee or conservative party saxony or the social democrats and brandenburg and we've seen those dynamics for example in france if it's between the right wing party diff you know very populist party and the democratic party the center usually then votes strategically and votes i did
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a conservative what if there's an aircraft to be number one so you're saying the votes that could have gone to your party ended up going to the social democrats in order to block the f.t. or going to. c.d.u. for that matter in sex and yeah yeah yeah and given that dynamic in the last couple of weeks we're still you know happy that we increased our vote for the 1st time directly elected members of parliament in east germany we have one and plan books 3 in saxony fof that's quite impressive so you know we of course would always have liked to be better but given a dynamic so i think where you know we have achieved quite a lot are you expecting to join the governments then brenda berg and so actually you know i think the voters have given a signal that the current government not fit for purpose not they want to have an enlargement of the government and i think in both countries we will have serious government and negotiations and i hope that we can you know make our impact in
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these countries making them more sustainable you know most social improved infrastructure especially in the countryside and that's the big challenge in both countries a sister brother a member of the german parliament for the green party and the european affairs spokesperson for the greens in the german parliament thank you very much for being with us is from thank you. here are some of the other stories making headlines around the world today hostilities are flaring on the israel israel lebanon border the lebanese militant group hezbollah fired a volley of anti-tank missiles at an israeli army base on sunday israel responded by shelling a village in lebanon no casualties were reported. thousands of people have joined an india rally in karate as the ports week of protests in the pakistani city following india's move to strict muslim majority kashmir on its autonomy. and in hong kong a general strike called by activists after a weekend of protest and ballance has gained sporadic support workers and one
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hospital formed a human chain after walking off the job hundreds of students stayed away from school on this the 1st of the new school the 1st day of the new school year. and their strike by the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen has hit a detention center killing at least 100 prisoners according to officials from the who the rebel group locals said the building was being used to detain people opposed to the who these the head of the international red cross in yemen toured the site and suggested the death toll could rise. and said the center head around held around 170 people only 40 had survived the saudi led coalition said it it attacked a militant target. the devastating war in yemen has been raging since 2015 and it's far from over our correspondent. was just there and joins us now funny good to see you not many journalists managed to make it in to yemen what can you
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tell us about what's happening there right it's very very difficult to receive access to this country took me person almost one year to get inside the country and when i was there i experienced a very fluid situation it comes to the question who is actually in charge of the in tearing government place which is an aid and in the south of the country you. when you go through aden and around aden you have to pass through different checkpoints and the most repeated sentence that i've heard by yemenis was when you wake up in the morning you really don't know who's in charge is it the separatists or dreaming of an own state basically they want to return to situation the way it was up until 1990 when yemen was basically 2 countries in the north and the cells is it controlled by the and iraq part of the solid the coalition is it controlled but whatever is left of the government. within a hospital a very young doctor who said she had a completely different vision and expectation rate comes to the job of being a doctor before she started to
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a medical studies before the war started this is her story let's have a look. few. things can change in seconds at this intensive care unit in aden this is just not she's 18 months old and has been diagnosed with malaria and malnutrition she's home between life and death at a 3rd of what either of those did you request oxygen there is nothing the oxygen bottle and the room doesn't work in which. the. doctor fatuma must improvise it's not the 1st time she has felt helpless steam inhalations is the only option available for at the moment. it's like she's now paralytic uncreate see her you know breathing is still flat so she needs us to go right away . for 2 months shift is just beginning the oxygen bottle is delivered after all john earth will make it many children do not for fatima the fact that oxygen cannot
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always be provided on time is depressing when she began her medical studies before the war shortages were unheard off i was feeling optimistic i was really looking forward to graduate but it's just so difficult for ordering even for doctors considered you know what i have got here in the can. happiness comes in small doses here this father is relieved his daughter is gaining some weight for now i say they're not enough doctors and most of those here must work unpaid. hospitals cannot cope it's not just a lack of food in yemen that brings a lot of people especially malnourished children to this hospital once they arrive they face another problem lack of medical supplies and there's not enough space simply the r.t.l. belts for these children. these children are new patients waiting in the hallway for admission. 14 i was not prepared for this level of stress.
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after a 24 hour shift she finally find sanctuary at home photography hops are 200 wind at the age of 26 she finds her job overwhelming it makes me feel that i am not still working and just forget it all and live in our own in the hospital and studying. for life maybe but there she wants to continue her medical studies in germany her father a geologist used to live there in the 1980 s. puppet i think the war never and will end. a lot of time how long do you think this is nobody lives but we hope for a children because the people are suffering and they are in bad shape there's no stability nothing nothing no salary no jobs the youth was lost. with a future so bleak fatima doesn't know staying yemen working on paid she wants to
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continue working as a doctor to help people but she also wants better opportunities of her own if possible outside of yemen. so it's very difficult just to get access to medical care and you haven't told us more about the humanitarian situation in the country how about is the situation is dire not only in many parts of yemen especially in the north which is controlled by the who through red belts the people that basically you have them yemeni government is fighting scenes 2014 under the saudi led coalition since 2015 but what's also a problem here is not just having access to food but rather control controlling that food in fact the world food program said that they are temporarily suspending distribution of aid in the worst because they claim that the who have been stealing that food and distributing it among their fighters but even if you get close to a distribution site there's still the question do you have enough fuel to go to
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that site and gather that food for your family so there are lot of situations and challenges that make that add an extra extra level of hardship to the situation on the ground now. what comes as as a result of an ongoing war for almost 5 years and i said the 5th year of that the human war is developing it has become so complex a lot of people don't even understand who is fighting here against whom anymore and the people on the ground the only thing that they feel and they also shared with me they just feel abandoned they don't feel just abandoned by their government they don't just feel abandoned by a lack of systemic mismanagement within the country and corruption but also a lack of international help and aid and constant attention to the actual conflict going on for so many years now on the ground stalk about the international dimension to some degree there is a civil war going on in yemen but it's you also it's also a proxy war to some degree with iran on the one side and saudi arabia and the emirates on the other is there any prospect of this coming to an end anytime soon.
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at this point no 2 to it bluntly spoken because it's not just the proxy war to hugh just laid out who apparently is supported by iran and between iran and saudi arabia or it's not just a civil war between the yemeni government supported by the saudi that coalition but there's a civil war within the civil war developing shortly after i left aden. attacks in aden itself the separatist dreaming of their own state trying to fill a void that seems to be left behind by the united arab emirates drawing their forces they say in order to help the peace process but at the same time what's happening on the ground their new front front lines opening up so just from me talking right now you realize that it's very very complex so talking about the peace process at this point yes a lot of talks can be made but unfortunately on the ground there's no action no vivid action in terms of there will actually come about any time soon funny thank
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you so much for bringing us up to date there did a huge international correspondent funny. u.s. states of florida georgia and south carolina have issued a back you ation orders as hurricane dorian approaches as many as a 1000000 people could be forced to leave their homes the powerful storm is forecast to hit the eastern seaboard of the united states by tuesday dorian is currently pounding the northern bahamas. hurricane dorian slammed into the southwest and as a huge category 5 storm packing winds of nearly 300 kilometers an hour officials warn storm surges up to 7 meters high could be life threatening in the low lying island chain bahamian prime minister hubert menace said parts of the island where dorian made landfall were already flooded. is already under water. and. the difference as to the beginning of the street worse is
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ocean be didn't. get. back to the storm u.s. weather officials called dorian quote the strongest hurricane in modern records for the northwestern bahamas the storm's huge size and power become apparent when seen from space. like indy's nasa images film from the international space station meteorologist say dorian might be back out to sea away from the eastern u.s. but it might also slam headlong into the southeastern coast. we just don't know when exactly it's going to turn north it could turn north obviously we want to have that turn as quickly as possible to minimize the impacts on florida but if you look at the forecast it absolutely could impact the coast and turn once it hits the coast and so we've got to prepare for that eventuality as here in florida people
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all along the southeast coast are preparing for the impact of one of the fiercest hurricanes for a long time. but it's really a sucker no investor braman were desperate for a home victory against al gore go after losing their 1st 2 matches this season a man from japan ended up making the difference. then the dream coach florian ko felt received the backing of the fans after a bad start to the season they were looking for their 1st points against out there with europe their aim this term. and the home crowd soon had something to shout about asako making it one nil after just 6 minutes out spurs defensive line was far too high. but the visitors hit back stefan like china finding fellow swiss ruben vargas for the equaliser the 2 recent arrivals showing a great understanding. craven though continued to frighten and josh argent showed she put skill to put them back in front on 21 minutes the 19
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year old american is already making a name for himself in northern germany. it got back to the host when which time he picked up a 2nd booking and was sent off just after the half hour mark. but instead of falling apart at the regroup for the 2nd half. and vargas got his and his side 2nd right after the race starts. game out on. bradman's extra man began to tell however and japan's osaka snatched the winner 432167 minutes his 3rd goal of the season the same amount he managed in the whole of the last campaign. out spirit is still to get their 1st win but bremen are now off the mark. ferrari's charla cleric has won his 1st ever formula one grand prix in belgium but his victory was tinge with sadness after a good friend. was killed in
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a crash at the same track on saturday. everyone's thoughts on the grid in belgium where with the brother and mother of claire grew up with frenchmen in junior racing he had taken pole inspired just hours before his 22 year old friend was killed. to continue dangers of motor racing were clear with several collisions jury race luckily no one was hurt. leclaire was fairly untroubled on route to his maiden formula one win at the age of just $21.00 it was also ferrari's 1st victory of the year that supposedly promised so much. but the celebrations were muted from both team and driver who dedicated the win to the bed. there on the one hand i thought i dream things the time that has been read by the other hand has been a very difficult weekend since yesterday we understand
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a friend 1st of all but. i think it's very difficult in these conditions in these situations so yeah like to dedicate my 1st win to him lewis hamilton was 2nd as a 6 formula one toddled draws near a sad wakened from motor sport yet the racing goes on next weekend in italy. you're watching the news business news is next to us china the u.s. china trade war is entering the next stage with new tariffs on products worth hundreds of billions of dollars we'll talk to an expert about what the past and next to. this is t w news our top story leaders from the far right alternative for germany safe mainstream parties will have to reckon reconsider their profuse will to work with them after making big gains of state elections despite the populist surge mainstream parties managed to retain control of governments in saxony and brennan. you're watching t.v.
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news from berlin thanks for being with us. on.
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the facts. 120. photos and. michele linux grandfather left behind. where they come from. what they show. the young filmmaker embarks on a journey to find the answers piecing together the period of yesterday. 1939 my journey into. infinity 5 minutes on the.
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soccer world's favorite sport. and it's no wonder the spectacular gold. plenty of emotion. the best games a. kick off w. . i was here when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room. it was hard i was fit. i even got white hair is that. it's not this gives me and they go but you need to instruct let's say you want to know their story lets her fighting and reliable information for migrants.
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markets grapple with new american tariffs and chinese counterterror so is the world any closer to a trade war resolution or are both sides just taking in. also on the show bloggers and prospectors are combing through brazil's rain forests and indigenous villagers stop them and protect their land. and we'll show you a clever solution for cleaning up oil spills and pollution at sea. this is your new business report i'm stephen beers in berlin good to have you.


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