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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  September 2, 2019 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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and you know what time off boy says what happened on the 77 percent talk about the issues. from the party to the flash from housing boom boom boom town this is where they are. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend v.w. . in the u.k. parliament and the prime minister in an unprecedented standoff over bricks it and it may be the voters who will have to jumpstart the system to work again and here in germany voters flocking to the fringes in 2 state elections yesterday the far right parties all support skyrocket tonight in europe the politics of paralysis and the politics of the extremes. this is the day.
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news if you couldn't let me say it is obvious that these 2 elections have one winner the alternative for germany today we have mixed feelings when we look at the results both joy and disappointment 90 we are not a protest party none of us are pleased with the day these results and for the next year we'll be focused on reversing that we are becoming a people's party that says to me that there will be no government with the a.t.f. and give it now we're even stronger as an opposition force and at the same time we're up against governing coalitions that look increasingly fragile. also coming up amid boos in protest the u.k. prime minister boris johnson warning westminster if lawmakers trying to tie his
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hands over break that he'll hand the whole thing over to the voters. with leaving on the 31st of october the ifs buts we will know soon any attempt to get back up with these scrub that referendum and ohm and. with that conviction i believe we will get a deal. to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and around the world welcome we begin the day with a quarter of the vote that feels a lot bigger here in germany the states of saxony and brandenburg held regional elections yesterday the conservatives and the social democrats the parties comprising the national government of chance i'm going to medical or they took a major hit hemorrhaging voters while the far right party known as the a.t.f. tea it pulled in a quarter of the vote in both states a party accused of giving xenophobia and neo nazi sympathizers
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a home is now the strongest opposition force in those 2 states just as it is in the national parliament and there you see how in politics 25 percent can seem to be so much more the if day says that these results show that it's days as a pariah party are over that it has found a new center in german politics and society but the mainstream parties refused to give way saying the notion of joining forces with the a.f.d. to form a government at any level remains out of the question. we will keep the course of clear demarcation to the f.d.a. and therefore our decision stands there will be no government coalition with the f.d.a. we're becoming a major political force in this country this is the 1st election where the a.f. deal was reelected and brilliantly so we doubled our results and brandenburg and almost tripled in saxon and huge in all. of course i was happy that we managed
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literally in the homestretch to win this election for the s.p.d. i mean you saw the opinion polls a few weeks ago we were still a 3rd place it would have been but that result for the if the worries me a lot it was all i could have and we can compare this to what is happening in italy . there the lega formerly the leader nord is also initiating change they have reached the whole of italy and now are certainly the dominant peoples party there at the moment. we are moving in this direction except that the change is not coming from the north of the country but from the east. well i'm joined tonight by frank christiane handle he is a member of the 15 and of berlin's city parliament he used to be a member of the social democrats here in germany mr answer it's good to have you on the show tonight let's talk let's talk numbers. 25 percent is what your party got
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in both of these regional elections to winning 25 percent it doesn't give you a victory or a mandate. and the if they had been predicted to come in 1st in these elections yesterday do these results would you say do they mean that the mainstream parties were tougher than you expected well i thought i think that the mainstream parties are making a cartel a power cartel against us and the voters will notice is in the next 34 weeks because we're going to have another election into india and so i think the voters will notice that we wish to be excluded. i think it's good that we were came in 2nd and we had a little bit more sex ne where the c.d.u. really was supposed to turn a little bit to the right because there is one. stream of the party which which is more cooperative is a feeling of the prime minister of this kind of this states that we do not want to
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touch f.t. so we have the untouchables and this is going to fail well ever be good they become in 2nd place i mean as you say no one wants to join forces with you and govern with you so you can't deliver on any policy promises because you're not going to be in in government so the votes that you received yesterday when you say there are more protest votes instead of votes for your party where we've seen that we have a lot of protest votes but our program is convincing and. from election to election we see more voters voting for us due to the program not for the for the candidates but for the program for the party itself i want to ask you about that do you see your party as part of this of what's been called a glow. bull nativist way akin to the election of donald trump is president of the us britain in the u.k. are your are you related to all of this we are not related directly to them of
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course it has no direct relations but of course that is we would say that our progress and to globalist it's not nationalist but it's just understanding that modernization and the economy. make problems to the people and they want to sort of have a slow a pass what's going to happen regarding change and we do not want to hand over the serenity of our nation to superstructure like in brussels. i'd like to show our viewers something that you read tweeted yesterday which caught my attention maybe we can pull that you read tweeted a tweet that reads nasty admits the climate change occurs because of changes in earth's solar orbit raise your hand if you think liberals are wrong about fossil fuels coal zing global warming. now that is the tweet of a climate change denier are you and your party is that what 25 percent of the voters
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decided yesterday was devoted for a party of climate change deniers you can deny climate change we have time to change but the problem is is it's manmade or not and we see a great. propaganda from the green party which was very successful in the big climate campaign in the european elections and now we've seen that even the grain the green party is losing and there's a lot of people not only f.t. voters that's the propaganda that's what gonda is it's only it's almost a religious belief of the idea that man can change it's on for 2 degrees in science that is what it's not science it's the i.c.c. there's also a. the minorities who is denying this and i tell you you should have read to galileo galilei if there's only one person who is right who says no than the 99 percent who say yes they will not succeed because science it's not a question of quantity which is which i suppose you're saying you're saying that
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the scientists who say that climate change can't be caused by man are part of the best conspiracy there and that they all say i'm not talking about conspiracy but i see the green party in germany and be opposing this direction really wants to. make people think that policy can really change the world climate and this is a story in germany is responsible for just i think 0.2 percentage of c o 2 and there's nothing to change really in order to save the world if they say well let's go from extreme weather to extremists and the relationship that your party has with right wing extremists it has come under increased scrutiny earlier today your party leader mr galland said that there's a clear line for the a d. i mean do you think that voters saw that there was a clear line and that when they saw that line they realize that maybe they shouldn't vote for the a if they did it cost the voters i think it did cost us
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voters because the other party set in order to. keep out of the parliament give us the vote so i think the c.d.u. and saxony because god's votes from the s.p.d.m. the greens in order to keep us out but i always state and this is true for us we are not a right wing or extremist party we are the center right party which the c.d.u. the christian immigrants were about 20 years ago and you see in the great internal problems within the c.d.u. and there are people who want to align with us make a coalition and just see that especially in saxony that almost 2 thirds of the population want a conservative liberal government and the c.d.u. of today there's not conservative any more right from christian hunter with the berlin if the restaurant we appreciate you taking the time to talk with us tonight thank you much. in the bottom history of britain there's never been
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a more important by went for politicians to put country before tried and national interests the full self interest we have numbed to the state of our politics what is happening is shocking irresponsible and dangerous well that was former british prime minister tony blair speaking there blair is one of many past and present u.k. public issues mourning of the consequences of leaving the european union without a deal a new deal breaks it but that is exactly what will happen on october 31st unless parliament is able to change the course tomorrow or impedes or expected to introduce legislation that would ban a no deal breaks it and they only have this week to act the prime minister plans to suspend parliament for 5 weeks ending just before breaks it is scheduled to begin today prime minister johnson warned westminster that if lawmakers try to block his brakes it plans he will call new elections opposition and labor leader jeremy corbyn is now calling on all parties to join forces in parliament this week to
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ensure that a new deal breaks it can never happen a vote of no confidence against the prime minister is also a possibility it was part of what boris johnson said earlier today i believe we will get a deal at that crucial summit in october a deal that parliament will certainly be able to scrooge in the us. and in the meantime the states on the gay she does get on with their work we've done that sort of damocles over the next and we've got an election. we've got an election i don't want an election you don't want an election. and now we want to talk to our correspondent barbara starr she is on the story for us tonight in london good evening to you barbara you know you could hear the booing you could hear the protests in the background there when the prime minister was speaking boris johnson said that you don't want new elections i don't want new elections what did he mean
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is that a threat the parliament or is that a hint that he's ready and willing to call snap elections. it's quite clear brant seen from here that you don't want cheesecake i don't want cheesecake let's find a really big one that's really what bars johnson said there because it was in fact a veiled threat of course to his own parliament ariens to the rebel tories who have announced that they are going to vote against him tomorrow he has already announced that he is going to take away from them that sort of effectively sort of sort of the mob just parliamentarians and that they can keep the diesel like not being put up again at this election that is now looming here so that is really maximum strength level will they be deterred from what we heard so far new because they've really been getting angry and angry as throughout the last week under this barrage
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of threats from our sons and yes some m.p.'s feel like the prime minister has looked at them and said let them eat cake so we know that that's why there's a vote expected in parliament tomorrow in which m.p.'s want to take control of the agenda away from the government you know the prime minister tonight urging them not to do their ads do you think they'll listen. very likely not because they've more or less sort of cut ties with boris johnson and his sort of clique of hard line breaks to tears that are now sort of squatting as they see it in downing street and trying really heading for a new deal bracks and they say there is no men date for no deal for exit it would be economically hugely damaging to britain so we feel responsible for the country not the party we will be against no deal breaks and try to tie forest johnson's
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hands now what will happen tomorrow very likely is that they will vote for taking over the. and that is the moment when boris johnson might be striking back already he can announce immediately that he wants to call elections sniff elections that is possible legally and then that vote would already come on wednesday so he sort of could cut them off at the knees really if he acts quickly so this is all about maneuvering and tactics what's happening in parliament tomorrow and what about this legislation barbara vet we're hearing lawmakers they want to basically make it impossible for a new deal breaks it to happen what what will that legislation look like. that let's just legislation is in motion to tie boris johnson's hands in the way
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that if there is no deal with the european union by the e.u. summit in mid october then he would sort of have to ask again for another extension possibly chill the end of it generally off 2020 so another 3 months delay 2 bricks if they wanted to they want to force him to do that in his earliest speech this evening he we heard that he said i will under no circumstances do that i will not feel tied to that so that can mean 2 things he will disregard the law that they might pos are on the other hand which everybody hears things is more likely he's going to call snap elections just sort of call them and and sort of then head for no deal for exit so you're saying that 24 hours from now we could be talking about a parliament that trying to act and a prime minister that colditz law and says we're going to have new elections.
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absolutely that is the possibility and it seems that boris johnson really is playing for procurer he is really trying to push this up to the very last moment he is ready. split his party he is ready to dissolve parliament and he is in fact basically ready for a no deal break city trying to sort of call for elections and that's the last and the very tricky he might call for a net election everybody here expects october 14th but then it's problem until it's felt that if the opposition says ok let's do it let's go to the voter that's go to the polls then he has the chance and he has the power to change that election date till after bracks it so he could play a double bit me sort of take the country out on october 31st and hold elections after that right impossible to predict but we will definitely be here to report if and when something happens tomorrow or pervades on the story for us tonight in london barbara as always thank you.
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well tonight we go inside a war that really lets outsiders look in in yemen the war is now entering its 5th year a war that feels like it has been going on forever at least a 100 people have died in an airstrike by the saudi led coalition locals in the southwest of the country say that the dead were in a detention center used by the rebels to hold their opponents now the head of the international red cross in yemen toured the site and said that he expects the death toll to rise the center held about $170.00 people but only 40 survived the saudi led coalition said it fired at what is believed to be a military target the u.n. and the international committee of the red cross they have condemned the attack. now we are talking about a devastating war in yemen that has been raging since 2015 and it's far from over
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our correspondent funny the charge she joins me now and funny is one of the few journalists who has gained access to the country go inside and be able to come out and tell us what is going on inside funny it's good to have you safe and sound here with the same team again what is happening in yemen. yes 10 people in yemen you will probably get 10 different answers for which has to do with a very volatile situation on the ground i'm talking right now specifically about the south of yemen a way out whatever is left of the yemeni government is operating most of what's left of the government is actually brought in from the exxon is saudi arabia and you have this saudi that coalition that is officially saying that they are trying to help the yemeni government to drive to feast for the back from the norse and basically back the yemeni government but they are rifts within the saudi a coalition specific when it comes to the united arab emirates that is for example supporting the separatists in the south who are dreaming of a state in the south the way it was up to 990 says you can tell it's
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a very complex situation it's very very dangerous because you also have jihad he said are active in aden and around aden the interim capital since the war broke out and within this very volatile situation people are trying to go about their daily lives for example for a young doctor i'm fresh graduates of medical studies that i have met a couple of weeks ago who says she's working unpaid and she is going to continue her job for several reasons let's listen in let's watch this report. things can change in seconds at this intensive care unit. this is john not she's 18 months old and has been diagnosed with. tricia. between life and death. by that did you request oxygen there is nothing the oxygen bottle and the room doesn't work. the doctor fatuma must
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improvise it's not the 1st time she has failed hopeless steam inhalation is the only option available for jenna at the moment. it's like she's now. her breathing is so bad so she needs to go right away. shift is just beginning. the oxygen bottle is delivered after all john knots will make it many children do not for fun the fact that oxygen cannot always be provided on time is depressing when she began her medical studies before the war shortages were unheard off i was feeling optimistic i was really looking forward to graduate but it's just so difficult for delivering even for doctors considered you know lived up here in the country. happiness comes in small doses here this father is relieved his daughter is gaining some weight for now they're not enough doctors and most of those here must work unpaid. hospitals cannot cope such as the lack of food in yemen that
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brings a lot of people especially men always children to this hospital once they arrive they face another problem the lack of medical supplies and there's not enough space simply they aren't you know belts for these children. these children are new patients waiting in the hallway for admission. 14 i was not prepared for this level of stress after a 24 hour shift she finally find sanctuary at home photography helps or to unwind at the age of 26 she finds her job overwhelming it makes me feel that i am not still working and just forget it all and live in an all in the hospital i'm starting day for life maybe but there she wants to continue her medical studies in germany her father a geologist used to live there in the 1980 s.
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puppet i think the war never and will end. a lot of time how long then how to deal with this is nobody in their lives but we hope they'll want hands for a children because the people are suffering and they are in bad shape there's no stability nothing nothing no salary no jobs you. it is a last minute of the way. with a future so bleak fatima doesn't know. routine on paper she wants to continue working as a doctor to help people but she also wants better opportunities. if possible side of human. funny story is about this one day on tour against all odds you were able to get her to open up she had never home she shared her story with you and you were telling me it was easier for her to do that because you're old woman exact because i was a female reporting facts she told me when she asked me right away the camera person i'm going to call with is that a male or a female it was
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a camera man but he said ok that's fine as long as you're not a few not reporters so so that's fine and this is something i've also experienced in neighboring saudi arabia last year and at that especially when women are more keen to open up their lives to you because you are a woman because while you are seeing the situation unfolding in yemen it's not like other challenges in yemen have come to hold like women like fighting are of course dream of going out with friends dream of being more independent she already very much is compared to a lot of friends that she has because i she says the parents are really quite open minded people that a lot to travel alone if she would just get a visa to germination sad and could continue her studies here in germany but yes that definitely was the case for me it made things easier if i can put it that way in a very very difficult situation because as you can see also i had to cover up in order to to to work there we know how difficult it is to get to the truth when we're reporting on any type of war situation big stream so with yemen so now that you've
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been there what can you say about the any chance of an end to this conflict coming or are there any signs. i was hoping actually when i arrived because the situation aden seemed to be let's put it that way it was like a temporary stability because when i arrived couple of weeks ago it seemed that at least the south of the yemeni yemeni stabilizing but just a few days later when i left. there was an attack that claimed by face in aden and where you realize you know there's no stability not for the south definitely not for the arse and we had a question is was going to bring this peace process back to the agenda that started less sure actually in stockholm in december 28th and since then he didn't really see much progress on the ground so i have to say i'm fortunately at this point will not see any issues there any time soon because the elements involved in this conflict and they're competing interests are getting more complex by the day and
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that's difficult it's a complicated story it's difficult also keep the world's attention on it all the time but excellent reporting from new york thank you. well the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter news or you can follow me go off t.v. and don't forget to use the hash tag and remember whatever happens between now and then to morrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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has the right to say. this is g.w. there's a lot i got from berlin tonight hurricane dorian wreaking havoc in the bahamas one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the islands is now heading for the united states around a 1000000 residents there have been told to leave their homes also coming up in the battle over bread says u.k. prime minister boris johnson says he doesn't want to call the election but if
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lawmakers block his course of plans it seems that's exactly what he will do and will do it fast and v.w. is pleased to.


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