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the back. this is news coming to you live from berlin prosecutors say it was one of the most horrific cases of child abuse they've ever seen 2 german men aged 56 and 43 have been sentenced to prison terms today for sexually assaulting and dripping more than 30 children some as young as 41 question being asked just how they were allowed to get away with it for so long. or to coming up. during trial mornings written as lawmakers deal prime minister abolish johnson more setbacks blocking his hard line
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breaks it plans and voting against a spoiled for snap election and quote francis is welcomed in mozambique at the start of his 3 day nation tour of africa he praises the country's leaders for signing of peace steve we tell you all about the other issues on the pontiff's agenda plus road by that minute not a bang. up and i feel we are dying out of that but i'm only the cinema but we're dying because cinematography of a culture of art. many of yemen's cultural institutions have been destroyed by the country's ongoing war reporter meets young people there are determined to keep the arts alive despite the conflict.
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i'm on with that shimon good to have you with us. a judge in germany is core to child sex abuse as monstrous and despicable she then handed them jail terms for sexually assaulting more than 30 children over a period of almost 20 years some of the victims were toddlers the men carried out the attacks at a campsite in the town of death in northwestern germany police have been criticized for failing to intervene sooner. over the years these 2 men andrea 3 and mary 0 as sexually abused more than 30 children at a campsite in north west germany among the victims under every 8 year old foster child today the 2 men were sentenced to 13 and 12 years in prison the court convicted andrea 3 of 223 counts of sexual abuse. or anything does not is when i also expect it was very hard. it was only in october last year that one of the girl's mothers reported the crimes to the police 2 months later the 56
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year old child molester who abused the children at this campsite in luther was arrested later his accomplice mary s. was also detained both confessed to the crimes from the start of the trial. the case cost outrage in germany and threw up many questions among them how andrea's wee was allowed to foster a child when he was unemployed and living on a campsite and despite the fact that he had been under suspicion many times over the years the police are also facing mounting pressure after a suitcase of d.v.d.'s with child abuse images disappeared after it had been seized . this verdict should not mean that the whole story is now all over and done with yes we have got to they did to a principle accused the 2 main perpetrators who did this to the children themselves in the background there are people who could have helped save many children from these experiences as bunk and even though the 2 men have been jailed for 12 and 13
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years the court labored them both dangerous offenders meenie they can be held indefinitely past their sentences. and i'm joined now by reporter tessa clara who's been following the story for us a welcome i guess what are the details of this case are quite hard to find and what is likely to be the reaction to this verdict in the fact that these children some of them as young as 4 were being raped and abused for almost 2 decades yes one of the 1st reaction was definitely it all happened very quickly now i mean after all of these errors that were detected leading up to the trial we now have to keep in mind that it's only been 9 months that the main suspect was arrested and now the trial only took 10 weeks which is a very little for the german standards so it will happen very quickly and this shows of just how most importance this trial was not only to the judges but also to
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the german public watching this trial all along and we can read of resume as one of the worst child trials and now it has finally come to an end now given the gravity of the crimes why won't these 2 men given the full. 15 years jail terms which is what is permitted under german law i mean the public prosecutor persecutors they demanded just about what they finally got to the 12 and 13 years but what definitely played a decisive role was the confessions i was there the 1st day and already on that 1st day we had a confessions made by the 2 alleged abusers and that was very important to the judges because they didn't want that shield and to be needing to come into the courtroom facing their views one more time because they would have to serve as witnesses that were spared from them and probably decreased the sentence in the end but what we have to keep in mind is that there is still something which is called
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preventive detention which is something very german phenomenon which is going to be applied right after their sentence which means probably until the end of their lives they will not step out of prison and this is you would know this was one of the most shocking aspects of this case was that they were grave mistakes made during the investigation by authorities at multiple levels was this addressed by the court today no that wasn't addressed at all but that was made clear right from the start this trial was only covering the days of the alleged suspects and now convicted and what they said though is that a separate investigative committee was set up this is already working on the mistakes that have been made by the police by you've been a zation run by the state and they really have understood that something like this cannot happen again and what they want now and what we can see is that on
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a german level germany what level really the focus has changed and child abuse crimes are really put under this special scrutiny now because another child abuse like this would really be a catastrophe in germany right d.w. statistic out of want to thank you very much for that yeah thank you. there's more political turmoil in the u.k. prime minister barnes johnson had valid to take back control by bringing the country out of the e.u. but now it seems he is the one who is losing control on wednesday night lawmakers rejected his call for a snap election they also passed a bill to prevent him from letting the e.u. leave the e.u. without a deal it's a record number of defeats for a new prime minister and also brings the country no closer to solving its directed crisis. yet more setbacks for british prime minister boris johnson parliament voted to pass legislation blocking
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a no deal breck's it so he called for an early election. to go well this is big in my view and the view of this government there is now be an election on tuesday the 15th of october. and i might be right over gentlemen to respond to decide which of us is probably this is that crucial council on thursday the 17th of october the leader of the main opposition labor party jeremy called and appealed to lawmakers not to back an early general election before october the 31st the current deadline for britain to leave the e.u. . to the enemy warming. thank you mr straker payoff of election to die is a bit like the offer of an awful to snow white in the working queen because what he's offering is not an apple or even election but the poison of a no jail thank. you holding said however that he would back an election
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once the government took a no deal praxis off the table the moment of truth or. then parliament's dealt another blow to the prime minister johnson needed to win the backing of at least 434 new makers but only 298 in favor. of this political gamble on the part of the british prime minister that he can win a general election and see person leave the e.u. at the end of october is still very much up in the air. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the world italy's new government coalition has been sworn in after a month of political turmoil caused by the collapse of the former populist coalition prime minister just said because they believe the new government which brings together the center left democrats the populist a 5 star movement and
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a leftist free and equal spotty. to democracy activists have protested outside the chancery in berlin ahead of visit to china demonstrators called on the german chancellor to stand with hong kong to deliver a clear message to the chinese government. is said to china today. in japan one person has been killed and dozens injured after a truck collided with a commuter train at a really crossing south of tokyo the collision course the 1st 3 carriages of the train to derail the truck then burst into flames and an investigation into the cause of the accident has been launched. pope francis has started his 3 nation tour of southern africa where he'll address the issues of conflict poverty and the climate crisis the pontiff was welcomed at his 1st stop by the president felipe in you'll see the pope encouraged leaders to honor the country's fragile
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peace accord that fulfilled then head to the island nation of madagascar which is suffering from the effects of deforestation the last leg of his tour will take him to murray is the pontiff's 4th visit to the continent. now for more on the pope's visit to have a. religious affairs correspondent welcome martin and now the pope is in mozambique suffered 15 s of civil was because he school of the country to maintain peace how much reach do his words carry that well i mean that remains to be seen the fact is that the previous peace agreement and as a matter of fact he's there in part to sort of underscore the importance of maintaining the peace agreement and furthering it was something that was actually negotiated based in part by the former taken by john paul the 2nd vatican and you know in some sense the church has been very much involved in peace negotiations.
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that being said the fact is that you know these are hard the parties in the in the conflict continue to relapse and sort of slide back into a state of war so how far he actually can push you know political will that remains to be seen of course to question the souls so on the ground how much weight church is actually railing in. their members and him actually pushing around political political weight so let me issues that the pope is scattering during this tour is his message on climate change and yet he's not visiting the edges of mozambique which are of a badly hit by hurricane and that's led to some criticism that's correct i mean so he will not be visiting today he actually said in his 1st communique that he's heart is with the people of the region despite the fact that he will not be visiting bed under sending it said there are very serious security concerns which will not allow him to leave the capital that being said i mean very often what the vatican has been involved is you know in doing its essential shedding lights on our
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yes in which you know i met issues or environmental issues are essentially being played out and this is specifically the case of my mother got a scar where the where the pope will be in the next few days because it had on the bottom of the other issues that he hopes to raise because to me i think that. to to a large degree that he said to africa will have to do with essentially just continue to foster relations between different communities and sort of bringing forth the knesset essentially of christian communities around of course the region where the pope stands now it's a region which was heavily influenced by the party's church and that goes to say that there is a predominance of that the lake of presence at the very same time it's also an artificial in the north where there has been a line of confrontation with mostly muslim communities and there is sort of an ongoing issue of religious violence. you know decided time in which the church itself is trying to find its footing in other parts of the world but clearly it's
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a vatican that has a very very strong commitment to foreign policy and i think that this is actually what we're seeing in africa during this days of the trip right on religious affairs correspondent thank you very much for bringing us up to date on the pope's visit. and millions of people have been evacuated on the southern eastern coast of the u.s. as hurricane dorian approaches the storm has weakened but still has dangerously high winds and is threatening to flood coastal areas in georgia and north and south carolina and dorian left a trail of devastation the bahamas often lashing the audience for 3 days at least 20 people are dead and it's fit the death toll will rise. in the heart of the hurricane volunteer rescuers struggle to find what they're looking for. and dying ling from the attic of a home life trapped by the storm one by one
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a family and marriage is from the darkness. of course. the more fortunate are already returning home to dorian's destruction. the island family's house was flooded everything destroyed all they want for to graf's my wife. she said she turned off she said the window not the front door she said on dr. this was the scene when the eyelids made their daring escape clutching their most prized possessions. paradise has been pulled thousands of homes on abaco island torn apart tossed around as the storm surge locals distraught. my island is everything is gone.
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no banks no stores no take at least 4 to 5 years to complete only moksha but i don't know how long it takes for the rest of i don't put it in this you know everything is going to just body. for those left behind putting the bahamas back together is expected to cost billions and the government says allies have promised to pitch i spoke with president donald trump who has expressed their support. for the assistance of the united states of america for the bahamas and time. back at the island family home offers of help been pouring into. the. great so many people. i should know. thank you 23 people have offered so much. but. you know we're all wearing the same clothes that we escaped this house
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and. so it's really good to get support and know that you can rebuild a nor to that after surviving the 2nd strongest hurricane on record he and his family a lucky to be a life. we turn now to yemen and with an unusual story cultural life there has come nearly to a standstill since the start of the civil war 5 years ago in a place where many struggled for basics like food housing and healthcare culture may not seem that important but did obvious family for child met people in yemen seeking a semblance of normalcy to arts this. could lead to less conflict. strolling through crater the story part of aden is not easy for people here most are struggling to survive and young people are fed up with the limited opportunities
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they have due to the lack of security. they have not a lack of. yet so i'm still. living in little and eating some books and movie and washington will be the only museum in town was partially destroyed in the civil war. cultural life in public has already been quite limited in the early ninety's when fundamentalism started to being ground with the war in 2015 things thinking. this place right here is just one example. this is the old the cinema in yemen but not much is left of its former glory. what do you think about a. report got about $150.00 volts of power. and this screen played color and black and white movies. it was beautiful it was perfect.
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you got it i. did i used to be responsible for 8 years he still has to keys to show me around for him thinking about life before the war he's paying for it quite a nice get harder. for people came with their wives others with their families and you could find a culture. and respect. people who are dressed in their best clothes and. it is not just because of lack of food that yemenis are dying people source with or a way without access to contra he says i don't want to and i'm good wash out of my . pain and i feel we are the dying that is what i'm only the cinema. but we're dying because cinematography of a culture and it's art. invented for moonfire thinner and walk out if the cinema still existed i would not. have it.
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my kind of it would not. but these young people want to revive culture alive in yemen if they are we who are seeing a play to be performed in public for the 1st time in more than 4 years in aden with basics like electricity hard to come by the theater is a way to vent. turn the power on from the other line. is the oh i hope it's made my life miserable what nonsense talk just go. the director of myths believes that art is necessary to channel people's emotions about the difficulties in their lives but is it the right time to talk about art. or sport but that's not true because if everyone stopped doing what they have to do all sunk in the syrian situation real life express through art for artists in yemen
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it's a way to promote dialogue and ultimately peace in their country. and that support by the family for cha who's back from yemen and is with me funny now when we talk about gaven it's usually about the conflict there so how common are stories that you wanted to share with us well it's very uncommon to see public performances but it's very common to feel the desire among people especially in the city at the harbor in term capital since the war broke out in 20 of 14 it's very common when you speak to young people and the majority of them is under 25 years old in aden that they say they don't want to just stay at home and basically wait for a better future and but you want to talk to each other and want a way of expressing of what's going on in yemen is by going to a theatre play for example as we have seen in that report so it is very important but also in the context of in fact it's culture that brings about unity that's something that the people are very much convinced of that i've spoken to they say
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that yemen used to be a united country even though of course has been always differences between the north and the south but if it comes to its cultural heritage and if that's being destroyed as possibly it is for example a lot of sites in the north in saddam for example have been destroyed if that has been further destroyed by limits in place that there are no of course no public performances as much as they were before the war and really the country is dying on many levels. given. in the midst of the world's because humanitarian crisis that is according to the united nations in the midst of all of this distress is that a space for culture for the people of yemen the spaces they are but the question is how do you perform for example the film director if you have seen had to play the director we have seen industry board he just told me today that he's going to perform a rehearsal but in a wedding hall and he doesn't know how many people are actually going to attend because even though there is no official curfew in aden people feel inclined to
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sort of like have a self-imposed curfew when it comes to the evening when it becomes dark because you really do not know what challenges you encounter when you pass through different checkpoints and you do not know who is in charge so yes culture does exist but the question is whether people people can actually attend those cultural events and as i say yes that's very difficult simply because of the situation on the ground and how. he's responding to these creative cultural and religious initiatives that's a question of how do you define actually a local authority right now in aden because you have so many elements in play that are competing for their own power you have obvious it is saudi that coalition official is supporting the yemeni government or whatever is the last left of that yemeni government because as we all know most of it is in exile in saudi arabia you have the separatists who want to have an own state they want to have a south of yemen you have jihad is why. put not really amused of having culture
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performed in public so you have all these elements in place where you may think ok because of the chaos you can actually do whatever you want to but when it comes to performing a play that of course also is a way to criticize what's going on in a country and that criticism in between the lines can of course put you in danger some of the artists you spoke to are hoping that you know their endeavors. can bring a bit of normalcy in the lives of people and maybe even contribute to bringing peace . to yemen how do you see it i believe weapons never brought about unity weapons and violence that are brought about some sort of a dialogue it's about bringing people to a dialogue bring people to a table to talk to each other and if a play for thier to play if that is something that could not just distract people from doing things like radicalizing themselves or being bored and as a result of that i mean a lot of people in yemen are actually chewing khat afternoon because there's not much more to do if there's more on the ground that helps people to come together
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and to talk about what's going on the country i'm not saying there's going to be peace right away but at least these are dialogue on different grounds than a dialogue with weapons right funny feature well said thank you very much for the insights from yemen now some news from the world of sport an austrian skiing legend muscle has announced his retirement at a press conference. bringing his illustrious career to an end he sure is considered the best competition skier in the world to run the overall world cup title a record 8 times and is a multiple world and the champion a 30 year old said he wished to step back from skiing to spend some more time with his family. so the winter games in new zealand feature a few events that are definitely not for the faint of heart like the free ride skiing event which you're about to see american skier jenny simons is attempting to
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ski down the mountain when things go a bit drawn tumble after a tumble it looks like a hollywood stunt gone wrong but somehow the 20 year old survived a human avalanche routine without serious injuries simon's finished 8th on the day but she gets top marks for simply be able to walk away from all those tumbling. here's the recap of the stories that we're following for you. according germany has handed lengthy prison sentences the 2 men who confessed to sexually abusing 2 trillion at a campsite over many years the men assorted boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 13 police on being severely criticised for feeling to intervene still not. and british prime minister barak johnson i suffered major setbacks to his hard line breaks of policy makers fast and really aimed at stopping
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a no dean and then later rejected his 4th one in the new election. that's it for me i'm not that she won the news team just stay with us for conflicts illinois which is up next you can always find the latest on our web site www dot com follow us on twitter and deducting the as of that.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful my guest this week outside the capital of taipei is cho she way seeking the nomination of his probation causing the kuomintang as china pushes with the increasing urgency for me unification and the time when east continue to reject it while the us is party come to
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a conflict zone. next on the doubling. small it can inspire big changes in the people making it possible eco africa. fantastic right trying that as they set out to save the environment. to learn from one another and work together for a better future. c.p.s. out eco comfort go w. . her 1st day of school in the jungle. leave her 1st camillus and.
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then doris grand moment arrives. join during a tank on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour of the reputation returns home on t.w. dot com orangutang. we can make china a peaceful country you haven't said no to beijing yes. so many times i'm telling you the facts why don't you. politicians in taiwan has been out campaigning in presidential primaries ahead of next year's election with the topic of relations with china very much on the agenda i guess this week outside the capital taipei. who's been seeking the nomination of whose probe aging party the kuomintang as china pushes with increasing urgency for reunification.


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