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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 5, 2019 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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this is due to every news life from the bahamas reels from hurricane dorian's destruction tens of thousands of people are now in need of immediate humanitarian aid the devastation caused by the biggest storm in the history of the islands means it's hard to reach them on the program british prime minister has repeated his determination 1st country to leave the european union on the 31st of october which johnson also wants a general election before that date. i'm
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from galle welcome to the program millions of people have been evacuated from the southeastern coast of the united states and dorian approaches despite losing strength the storm is still carrying dangerously high winds which are threatening to bring flooding to coastal areas georgia and north and south carolina dorian left a trail of destruction in the bahamas after lashing the islands for 3 days at least 20 people have debt and it's feared the death toll will rise. in the heart of the hurricane volunteer rescuers struggle to find what they're looking for but they dangling from the attic of a home life trapped by the storm. one by one a family emerges from the darkness.
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of course they have a. limb or fortunate are already returning home to dorian's destruction the island family's house was flooded everything destroyed all they want a photograph of my wife. she said she turned off she said the window not the front door she said on dr. this was the scene when the island's made their daring escape clutching their most prized possessions. paradise has been pulverized thousands of homes on abaco island torn apart boats tossed to ride the storm surge locals distraught. because when is everything is gone. no buying no stores no no take at least 4 to
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5 years to complete only my i don't know how long it takes for the rest of the item but in this you know nothing at all everything is going to body. for those left behind putting the bahamas back together is expected to cost billions and the government says allies have promised to pay chain i spoke with president donald trump who has expressed the support of. the assistance of the united states of america for the bahamas and time. back at the island family home offers of help have been pouring into. yes. but so many people. i don't know. 23 people have offered so much. you know we're all wearing the same clothes that we escaped this time.
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so it's really good to get support and know that you can rebuild like a north to that after surviving the 2nd strongest hurricane on record he and his family are lucky to be a life. now kimberly mullings as a journalist in freeport on grand bahama a short while ago she gave me an update on the rescue efforts. the rescue physically. ill and i had this finds you know. and then left to china for a living some people people did not do that like there was very they need effort of actually a lot of the water to. hold out. or see if they did so now if they need items people have lost everything all over the island. it's sad that find out what happened after 1000 right now the biggest issue is
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getting across the red state that the government is sort of set up to stop people from. organizing let's say personal. efforts to get things to the island buy a plane buy a boat whatever it is i think that the government is taxing these private organizations to bring really last unless it's one of their charity and i think there can charities you know charities and organizations the government will then or who want to get certain things and you know living in my entire life it's not always the case you'll find that everybody when you've got one get out. i'm so what it's a problem with with all these freelancers rescue in charge of all efforts if i can put it out way. there then being broke out on the island you see more citizens out there doing refuse that and the u.s. coast guard and the government itself interviews you know all across the world where citizens are where the one who hopped on the jet skis to bring in the sick of
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this the rescue boats on tuesday it would be that there were citizens too often in boats to go on to their loved ones or anything strange to say to the citizens who are often in their pickup truck their machine truck though and collect people that they don't know neighbors and house them through this or that storm you know it came and sleep are we had when you know we had rain to divide like i knew caving in here and there and but we also asked a lot of which is an element that we haven't seen before like life threatening letters. you had the inland in mosul and fire the city with feeding floodwaters has never happened ever before. differ here but for jobs around i know that the time is short but you did this seems to be from what you were saying most of the good that has happened has been people helping each other so while the citizens
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have been during base what's the government been doing. i don't know i don't know the facts you know that means that other government. didn't meet because our government say hey you know we want to spread the building red line and. you know $1000000000.00 every year. and the money is adding up and it is little bit we appreciate it but at this point i mean we need really we're running out of water right bumping private moment thing that is getting water we need gas that under the allen people yelling. that electric bill those are now right now and if you can use. those that are you going to read it you can have our help our lives but some of the for water will be what to drink to maintain a him but in most things in freeport ground the bahamas we wish you well thank you for joining us we'll take
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a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world pro-democracy activists have been protesting outside the chancellor. and if i'm going to machall visit to china demonstrates is called on the german chancellor to support their stand on to deliver a clear message to the chinese government and is now what. pope francis has praised mozambique's president and opposition leader for their courage in signing a landmark peace accord a permanent ceasefire was signed last months the pope calls for mozambicans to use reconciliation hope and sustainable development as weapons of peace. the british government says it will comply with a law delaying breck said if the legislation passes parliament members of the upper chamber of the house of lords are to to vote on the bill on friday meanwhile the prime minister barak's johnson has suffered another major bret's and lost his own brother has become the latest conservative m.p.
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to stand down joe johnson who campaigned for britain to remain in the e.u. joining 2016 friend and said he would quit as an education minister and leave parliament. so after his brother's resignation the prime minister made a speech at a police college in northern england he repeated his view that britain must leave the e.u. on the 31st of october he said the country would need a general election to renew the new mandate all i can say and i hate banging on about bricks it i don't want to go about it anymore and i don't i don't want an election at all i don't want to lecture at all but frankly i can't see any other way the only way to get this thing done to get this thing moving is to make that decision do you want this government to take us out of the 31st or do you want jeremy corbyn a little cloudy go to that crucial summit in brussels table the 17th effectively
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hand over control to the e.u. . let's go to london where we're going to do correspondent a shallow welcome shall also so m.p.'s vote as of yesterday against on the election next month so why was the prime minister expect minds to change by monday. paul johnson needs a tooth majority in parliament to push an election for wood and yesterday he was nowhere near that he's hoping that the labor opposition will come around on monday and actually vote with him for fresh elections that would only happen if that law that we talked about before that and sorry no deal or that forbids johnson asking. pushing out the u.k. without a deal out of the european union on october 31st if that is signed into law and that can happen as early as monday that this bill gets royal assent and that would mean that labor might be willing to rally around a general election what became clear though today is that johnson himself is hell
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bound on it he wants to get a fresh mandate from the british people and he believes he will get it and with a fresh mandate he wants to push bricks it through come what may he said it again he wouldn't ask for an extension he would rather end up dead in a ditch he said today so he really needs a new mandate or he needs to resign if he doesn't follow that extension that will be pos by a lot of very soon in the house of lords you know that's fighting talk so if he is defeated on monday we should expect him to step down. we just don't know what's happening at the moment it's such a fluid situation he really wants to not get the european union for an extension that much it's clear he might find another way to ask for a general election for example a simple majority changing the law a no confidence vote against himself he is already in campaign mode we saw that today when he gave his 1st we can call it
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a complaint speech he's throwing money left and right to the police saying at the health care service at schooling and he's really preparing to rally votes behind him and his plans and how does boris johnson have anything to say about his brother's resignation from his government. what he did he did say that his brother actually also wants to see bricks it through which is from all we know because his brother always was on the remains side he wanted to remain in the european union and that is also why he resigned today he couldn't sign up for it for the bricks of plans off his brother and of course he put national interests over family and that also bears the question of trust if its own brother can't trust boris johnson who can really and that is a lot a lot of mistrust at the moment here in parliament against. a lot of polls in
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london thank you there it's a new coalition government has been sworn in after months of political turmoil caused by the collapse of the populist alliance just become so it remains prime minister of the new look of ministration. a swift and surprising end to the most recent government crisis in rome the new cabinet unites the anti establishment 5 star movement and the center left social democrats in charge of the economy of the deeply indebted country has experienced politician roberto while t.r.e. observers believe he will largely stick to brussels regulations on debt. independent technocrat john a lot more j.c. takes over as interior minister succeeding the hardline anti foreigner league leaders. she is expected to take a moderate approach to immigration. we want to bring the country forward for
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the benefit of all the citizens of italy with all our strength all our ability. and a strong future oriented program with. the new coalition had already cleared the final hurdle on tuesday 4 out of 5 members of the 5 star movement voted for the new governing alliance in an online poll. italy's stock markets have been cheering the new government for days but government bond yields have been sinking because of italy's record debt levels. the italian constitution requires the new government to be confirmed and both chambers of parliament next week. the new zealand's winter games feature a few events that are definitely not for the fainthearted like the free ride skiing events are about to see american jenny simons is coming down the mountain when things go a bit wrong tumble after a tumble it looks like a hollywood stunt but somehow the 20 year old survived her human avalanche routine
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without serious injury as she finished 8th of the day but gets top box for just being able to walk away. this is i've got with alpha's next album back of the top of the out good the 1st. i subscribe to d.w. books there's always something more in the world than a book we may be back after 5. books. carefully. suited. to begin.


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