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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 7, 2019 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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i am. sure this is the w.'s lawyer from berlin a widely anticipated prisoner exchanges taking place between russia and ukraine there are emotional scenes as families will remain united epilepsy moscow and here to say coming up a blow to indian attempts to put a rose garden on the moon the country space agency tries to find out what went wrong to signal from the chandrayaan to a spacecraft disappeared after it ended its final descent to the moon. and more than 70000 people are in need of food and to in the bahamas off their homes and communities were destroyed by hurricane dorian authorities say the final
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death toll will be staggering. the at a. time when a whole free glad you could join me a long awaited exchange of prisoners between russia and ukraine has taken place this what could be a step towards easing relations between the neighboring countries and increasing the chances of resolving the conflicts in the east of ukraine now fighting there between troops and russian backed separatists has killed more than 13000 people since wednesday 14. their 1st steps of freedom back on home soil 35 former prisoners arriving in kiev. a handshake from the president is nothing compared to the embrace of a loved one. some had been separated for months others for years never knowing what
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would come next a lot of the knowledge of possible status kept on changing we heard that the prisoner swap was going to fall through. the end of august was a difficult time i couldn't sleep for 5 days. they only told us today at 4 in the morning that we should pack and someone would pick us up at the time before the flight just crawled ukraine's president the lot of me is alinsky looked on as his campaign promise became a reality it's the 1st move he says towards ending the conflict with moscow we have to do all the steps to this horrible war i think the thing that will ship. this man received special attention so make of all the sense of ukraine's most famous political prisoner he was captured in crimea in 2014 just as the territory was invaded and annexed by russia. also released 24 sailors captured by russia last year in
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a naval pursuits. at the same time another plane carrying prisoners released by ukraine landed in moscow but even as they disembark hundreds more remain imprisoned on both sides international observers including the european union have urged ukraine and russia to maintain the momentum towards peace. well it was an ambitious plan from the very start india wants to be the 1st country to attempt to touch down near the south pole of the moon the chandra on to mission set out in july to explore the uncharted territory of the lunar south pole but shortly before the scheduled touchdown the space center in bangalore lost contact with the land now michigan troll is trying to figure out where the spacecraft crashed or landed well no one was watching the hoppin devastation at india's space agency as the scientists lose contact to the chandrayaan 2 only seconds before its
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landing. the spacecraft was meant to become the 1st ever to touch down on the unexplored south pole of the moon indian prime minister and the random o.t. came to see the landing from the control room later he found console a terrier worse as he addressed the nation. on earth few of us that are in doubt of the nation by the way. we've had our way. it is sold out 80 inserted a d.v.d. we've got a signed peace who hired embark. on one of the most ambitious mission of our space program victim body blows but we really need to cover more ground on. the landing of the spacecraft was also broadcast life on television across the country tensions
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were running high ahead of the event. the chandrayaan 2 was successfully launched in july after a previous attempt was called off due to technical problems. chandrayaan which means moon craft in ancient sanskrit spent the last few weeks travelling to us the south side of the moon. on monday the landing robot vic separated from the craft ahead of its planned touchdown it was supposed to measure the surface and locate water deposits india would have been only the 4th country in the world to achieve a controlled soft landing its previous mission in 2008 and it with a spacecraft probe intentionally crashing into the moon. for now india's invasions to become a global space superpower appear to have suffered a setback but scientists hope to get the communication to the spacecraft back up
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and find out what happened so we're joined by correspondent mission in a definition we just saw in that report narendra modi looking a little bit glum but then he appeared undeterred after all he's got some big ambitions where does he go from here. well definitely while the confirmation of a failure of this mission would be a setback to industrious mission the prime minister the government and the people in general have been very supportive of israel is therefore its role is india's space program and the prime minister has reiterated that he has complete faith and confidence that is true we continue to achieve new heights the next steps for india actually there's already been one more in mission there's been a mission to mars but india is also hoping to send missions to venus and even the sun and a manned mission to the morn by 2022 so these ambitions stay strong of course critics of the government say that this is not what the government should be
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focusing on but on the flagging economy the. boring g.d.p. numbers and the high unemployment rate but this of course is separate is a separate criticism of the moon the moon mission and their space program continues to receive heavy support from the government our correspondent in michigan as well in delhi and keith. i let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the wall this hour police in hong kong have tried to disperse protesters who gathered at a train station and then attempt to disrupt traffic to the airport pro-democracy activists who vowed to continue their protests despite home call me to carry lamb announcing the withdrawal of the controversial extradition bill on wednesday. meanwhile german chancellor angela merkel has cold for the rights and freedoms of hong kong residents to be respected during a visit to china she made the comments of the meeting with the chinese premier league kid chang in beijing games to strengthen business ties with china.
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iran says it sees different tugboat and arrested 12 filipino crew members the head of the coast guard said that the vessel was part of an oil smuggling operation the seizure comes amid tensions in the gulf of the united states unilaterally withdrew from a nuclear deal with iran. wildfires in northeastern australia have forced the evacuation of hundreds of people and destroyed a number of homes but strong winds and dry conditions are expected to continue over the coming days authorities say it could take a week to get the fires under control. well hurricane dorian is speeding towards canada off to making landfall in the u.s. states of north and south carolina for cost is expected to bring her a cane force winds to part of nova scotia late on saturday it's already left a trail of devastation in the bahamas thousands of people have been fleeing the
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islands by boats plane and cruise ship to escape the catastrophic off of the storm the death toll is now at $43.00 but it is expected to grow significantly. the cruise ship full of evacuees from the bahamas the people on board have survived an apocalypse and for now they're the lucky ones. desperation is setting in for those left behind who've lost everything. until the bridge in the middle of nobody had no clothes on they thought their lives you know have no clothes no have nothing no love no power of clothes why no. i it's 5 everything we have to say putting it down made such. as the scale of the destruction becomes clear international aid efforts are ramping up. but it's a complicated task the destruction is so widespread. we
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have 2 major islands in the bahamas grand bahama and abaco and oftentimes we forget about the many keys around the close and particular they themselves. have we have to put the madness focus on those keys because we have residents living on those keys as well in the u.s. dorian made landfall as a category one storm hitting the coast of north carolina with battering waves storm surges and heavy rains caused extensive flooding while powerful winds and a series of tornadoes ripped the roofs off houses and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people. dorian has lost little steam as it barrels on towards eastern canada packing sustained winds of up to 145 kilometers per hour is forecast to touch down in nova scotia later on saturday. to football now in the
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netherlands have managed to embarrass germany at home by winning $42.00 in a year or 2020 qualify surged to napoli gave germany and honey need schooling off to only 9 minutes but too quick 5 dutch goals turned the game on its head in the 2nd half and old though tony coady equalize for the penalty from the penalty spot. the from germany the netherlands have the last laugh they scored twice twice in the last 10 minutes and made it a rather damning school line for the notes team. from abbas and a forward is samuel eto has called a time on his footballing career the 38 year old is best remembered for his days at the camp nou way he won 3 legged titles in 2 champions league crowns he is also the most capped african player in the spanish league at 0 represented cameroon a 4 world cups and was named african player of the year 4 times.
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now back in 1977 when he released the 1st part of his epic science fiction saga star wars george lucas couldn't have possibly imagined that his jet i warriors would one day inspire a new category of sport but that day while it's come and you don't even have to travel to a galaxy far far away in france it's now easier than ever to channel your inner luke skywalker since light save a jew name was officially recognized by the french fencing federation. this is no scene from star wars it's a real life lightsaber due. in this gym in france on sunday local court takes on the role of a master of the dark side from a star wars son. see more than most but this is the star wars event as a boy i always dreamt about star wars and playing with light sabers like in the movies no matter how old you are you can still have fun with it like in the movies
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the physical part of your group. lightsaber fencing inspired by the star wars franchise created by american director george lucas is a new trend in france until a local call is tipped here as the favorite. he won the previous 2 national championships this time he's going. up against nearly 40 competitors from all over france for the time to win the fencer has to lead for 3 minutes straight or score 15 points i touched of the head is worth 5 points one to the legs 3 in may 28th in the french fencing federation the only one in the world to do so officially recognized lightsaber doing. we're always looking for something to attract young people in the game from the star wars universe does that. we adapted it to fencing . this is how the favorite practices of them all this move is just for looks or to scare your opponent. in the local tries to inspire others with his love for
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lightsaber fencing as a coach his club is one of over 90 across france with a total of some 2000 people fencing with lightsabers. this time on sunday look a cobra at home silver but for most of the lightsaber community it's not about the medals it's about infecting others with their passion just like with the original star wars beaver. i wouldn't mind having a go at that myself don't forget you can always get news on the go anytime just download all free out from google play or the apple app store of course that gives you full access to the latest news from around the wall and push notifications for breaking in with the at you can also send us photos and videos of what is happening where you watch. this is d w news around the all the latest headlines are also available around the clock on our website that is d.w.
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dot com on humphrey thanks for watching and so you see. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all speak up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for mine.


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