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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 8, 2019 8:00pm-8:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin and donald trump abruptly cancels peace talks with the taliban and the us president says the moves in response to a taliban attack in kabul so is this the end of the peace process also coming up russia votes in regional and local elections across the country but concerns that the opposition is being shut out are threatening to overshadow the ballot. plus the hazards of they taking us off artie's tell people to stop using a cigarette after a 5th day linked to the practice.
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i'm rebecca races welcome to the program in a potential blow to ending u.s. img ajman in afghanistan president donald trump has canceled peace talks with taliban leaders at camp david which was supposed to take place today in a tweet president trump said he scrapped the secret meeting up to the taliban claimed responsibility for a deadly attack in kabul the u.s. and the taliban have been meeting since last year in the hopes of ending the 18 year conflict. the body of an american soldier returns home sergeant at least body to ortiz was the 16th u.s. service member killed in afghanistan this year one of a dozen people who died when a taliban car bomb exploded on thursday near the u.s. embassy in kabul. that inspired president trump to tweet and unexpected
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announcement. the major taliban leaders and the president of afghanistan were going to secretly meet with me on sunday unfortunately in order to build false leverage they had mid to an attack in kabul that killed one of our great soldiers i immediately canceled the meeting and called off peace negotiations . it has been 18 years since the u.s. invaded afghanistan after the september 11th attacks on new york city by its ally al qaida thousands of coalition troops have died as well as tens of thousands of afghan troops and civilians. the afghan government has been critical of the negotiations between the u.s. and the taliban which have largely sidelined afghan officials but a spokesperson welcomes trump's announcement. there was an important day for the taliban to. to brace
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a political life they've had to do so and they. continue to divide this while they were talking to the city he was in touch with the mission and we didn't see any commitment by the time for any peace process except talking and you know. continuing to have this popper's meanwhile the taliban said the decision will harm the u.s. more than anyone else but seem to leave the door open to more talks. his pledge to withdraw the remaining 14000 u.s. troops from afghanistan but faces resistance from the afghan government. and some u.s. lawmakers who say it's too early to leave the afghans on the road. under the trees has been following the story for us from all thanks for joining me as we heard the taliban reacted to president trump's decisions saying that canceling the pace talks would harm the u.s. more than anyone else what i mean by that well i do not think that the decision by
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the us i think the dollar bill and what they're actually trying to do is they want to get the maximum out of the deal the negotiations. are chromed and gradually i believe so what exactly the taliban mean here that you have to agree to terms and obviously all these 3 parties the taliban the u.s. and the of the gun government they all want to get the maximum out of a potential agreement. on trying to show their strength in the battlefield there have been a docking they have launch various attacks in afghanistan just to pressure the u.s. but apparently president grump believes that he should not be surrendering to the taliban here and this is quite a turnaround bearing in mind that the trumpet ministration said it was on the
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threshold of an agreement with the taliban and u.s. secretary of state. underlined that today again let's take a listen we are making real progress towards that we had a commitment from the taliban to make a formal public announcement that they would break with al qaeda something that an american demand that it got back as far as president bush we were making progress along the way president proposed supportive of those efforts making real progress but how close were they really. well i was in doha covering the talks last week and we know firsthand that u.s. negotiators are very close to the kind of agreed on a draft agreement and obviously then the u.s. envoy. to get to kabul and he held talks with have gone off issues so things were pretty smooth but then the taliban attacks continued and you have to understand that it is what trump do you get to the announcement their decision it is
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a temporary measure in my opinion all these parties desperately want a deal whatever the taliban say whatever president the president not sure when he says at this moment all these parties really von do reach an agreement and i think. secretary powell is right here so what is next in the peace process. well we have to see what the u.s. wants at the moment is a nation wide seas fight in afghanistan that they want the taliban to do agree to the taliban on the other hand believe that if they flex their muscle as they show battlefield they could you know pressure the u.s. . but they have to understand that the u.s. although president drum to withdraw troops. before the elections in the u.s.
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next year he wants to show some kind of success. regarding afghanistan the u.s. is not in hearty here so the only way out of this crisis is that the taliban agree show some flexibility agree with the u.s. and then hold talks with the of gun government the elected government in kabul and hold indra gone dialogues that is the only way out of this crisis and i believe this is going to happen sooner or later these are just you know bargaining tactics . thank you very much. thanks for having me on the show now to some of the other stories making. turkish and u.s. troops have conducted their 1st joint ground patrol in northeastern syria and korea has established what it calls a safe zone in the area i mean to keep kurdish fighters away from its border turkey also wants to resettle up to 1000000 syrian refugees in the region. hundreds
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of residents of great abaco island have arrived in the bahamas capital mass south survivors of hurricane dorian's assault on their homes many were met by family and friends the united nations say some 70000 people are in need of food and shelter. 4 crew members are missing after a cargo ship capsized off the state of the u.s. state of georgia the 200 meter long craft carrier reportedly caught fire shortly after leaving the port then rolled on its side or thora are investigating what caused the ship to overturn. thousands of people marched in bosnia as 1st of a pride parade in the capital sorry i went off peacefully despite fears of violence prompted by muslim groups who organize council rallies bosnia is the last balkan country to introduce pride marches to its annual events calendar. russians have been voting today in regional and municipal elections some observers say the
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elections neither free nor fair more than 7000000 people willing to elect lawmakers to the moscow tallent president vladimir putin cast his vote in the capital where demonstrations have erupted in recent weeks oh testers were angry after authorities banned several allies of the opposition leader in the bounty from standing a police crackdown saw around 2000 people to time. for more on this let's bring our correspondent our until he's in moscow aaron we'll only have full figures tomorrow but do we have any results i saw. well we're russia is quite a large countries around for tomorrow as we get the official election totals but looking here at moscow which is actually the most closely watched races we're seeing that voter turnout is roughly in line with what it was last year and that was only around 21 percent which is quite low and that could be an indication that these weeks of protests would lead up to this polling actually failed to have a large impact on the electoral shape here when these regional elections are being
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seen as a serious test for russian president vladimir putin and his united russia party why . well that's because you the united see united russia as a receiving right there is phase seen some rather historically low polling numbers right now only around 30 percent of the russian population says they actually support the party which is formed kind of the backbone of the support for letting a putin for almost the last 20 years now and their brand is especially considered toxic in some of the major cities we're talking about moscow and st petersburg here that's part of the reason why many of the candidates for the state duma here in the city duma rather here in moscow too is run as independent candidates out of fear that association with the brand of you do not see it could actually hurt their chances in today's polling and what outcome is the opposition campaigning for considering that many of its candidates have been barred from running. well it really depends on what you mean by the opposition it's hard to speak from are of a unified opposition when it comes to russia when it comes alexina vali you
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mentioned who is one of the most prominent members of the russian opposition and one of the most vocal members actually trying to defeat you know how to see he's actually focused on trying to get his supporters to back a list of candidates he says have the best chance of defeating the d.n.a. to see a member's basically they're arguing that by preventing more of their candidates from getting into government it would be a win for the opposition in general you know so far we don't know how many people are going to actually support his list of candidates but if it actually does prove to be successful it could turn into a model for future electoral success on the part of the opposition are until now speaking to us from moscow thank you. well health authorities in the u.s. are edging people to stop paying after a 5th death linked to the out of an outbreak of a mysterious respiratory disease has been reported hundreds of people have fallen sick across the country and the only common factor is the use of a cigarettes d.w. reporter has been looking into it is joins me now all of us what we know about is
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outbreak so we know there's been 5 deaths since july into. some 450 people have fallen ill across the u.s. hof of them in the last week alone now symptoms that they all have in common a shortness of breath coughing vomiting in chest pain and well at least one of the people who died are in the fifty's most of the patients who are in hospital young men 920 years old. often active and healthy all of a sudden within 48 hours their lungs collapse and fail. like this patient we can see if we can get the clip. posted a picture of herself on instagram. you know she needs a rest respirators have breathed others have been put in medically induced comas and what what's behind it 3 not well all of the 450 patients have been vague thing
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and most of them have been vaporing t.h.c. now that is the main psycho active component in town abyss it's illegal to sell in the states in the u.s. with cannabis has been legalized. but some patients patients say they've only been being nicotine others have been doing a combination of both now at this stage health authorities not linking this outbreak to any specific any specific chemical or. designer brand or anything of that yet they haven't they haven't linked it to anything they are looking into t.h.c. they're also looking into what's called vitamin e. acetate now there's an oil it's commonly used in nutritional supplements and to ingest is completely harmless but when it's heated and in high yield it can be toxic now this is often found in combination with t.h.c. in waiting for doctors but it's sort of at the moment only in the u.s. should they pose everywhere they want well. us what it is content of the us as you
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say the cigarettes in the u.s. not as tightly regulated as it is other places like here in the e.u. so it's very easy to get hold of. of certain very cartridges we have some that have been posted online by the new york health department containing t.h.c. . there are also other illicit cartridges that you can get off the streets now of course are also more the more mainstream nicotine based products and while it seems that these. are not affected of authority is jus advice. you give up all of a thing until they have figured out what is behind this outbreak and so people trying to be healthy giving up smoking taking out of a thing and actually it could be wrestle for them you know. thanks very much for coming in explain that to us. just a quick reminder of the top story we're following for you at this hour u.s.
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president donald trump has canceled secret peace talks with us on astounds taliban leaders at camp david the move came after the insurgent group claimed responsibility for an attack in kabul to kill 12 people including an american soldier on thursday. you're watching news we'll have more news headlines coming at the top of the hour thanks for watching. my 1st vice i was just sawing machine. where i come from women are bound by this ocean for. something as simple as a learning how to ride a bicycle isn't. since i was in little girl i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me mr been there. finally they gave up invention by me and i say that but returned people sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apropos to for girls than writing about.


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