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the so has triumphed with a stunning display in a freestyle competition now tops the world rankings thanks to mazing gems like this one where she's also hosted the men's competition or 3 corny out of the dominican republic one that offer some most to john taking her to the top of the wall rankings. news lie from a feasting. welcome to the book is the game here just. to talk about the. coverage that's a little. more. glenn . happening. during link to lose from africa and the world. your links to inception
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stories and discussions can you and will come to do such a clean program tonight from sunny germany from on using our i would say d w to close the tough economy join us on facebook t.w. africa. this is news africa coming up on the program for a killer disease all threats to the environment scientific experiments but genetically modified most divides people. also on the show to come up the results kyra and mission is to let's children in egypt slums to alcohol but to teaching them to love respect.
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i'm eddie michael jr you're welcome to the program couldn't you experimented with genetically modified whisky to be the solution to eradicating malaria despite some progress that is easy remains one of the welds biggest chemists currently there are more than $200000000.00 cases of the mosquito borne disease each year and the only half a 1000000 of those line fact that die most of them children the 6 countries with the highest rates of malaria well why all in sub-saharan africa look in a fossil is one of them now you team of scientists here are started on experiments with the aim of drastically reducing the spread of the disease. it's part of daily life for many in became a fast here at the local clinic this young boy presents with a high fever he tests positive for malaria and must stay at home in bed until he recovers but it may not always be this way. the international research consulting
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on target malaria wants to rid the country of the disease and it's focused its efforts on this village in panna heading the project is abdul idea of a canal based scientist who has dedicated his life to eradicating the disease. the essence of what. reason it used to be about it we do know of people affected by the disease but now. that it's really needed for 10000000 people affected by the disease. in july scientists release genetically modified male mosquitoes here to study how they interact with the local ecosystem be anxious to one day release female mosquitoes and produce stair our offspring in a process called gene drive. if we don't need. to complement it is someone going to be it's a little difficult to get rid of it this is like a faucet. here in the western region of last of malaria is endemic during the rainy
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season mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and into homes with open windows. before though. we see a lot of malaria cases i can't even tell you the exact number but at this time of year half the patients we see how malaria some have had treatment which hasn't worked and some haven't received treatment at all but it just. it's not the 1st time became a fast so is experimented with genetic modification g.m. cotton was approved for use in 2008 but abandoned in 2016 out of the quality of the crop declined. activists are now demanding an international ban on the use of g. in the ski toes in the wild they claim birken are basically shut out of the expensive roll up process and say too little is known about the side effects the movement on. the media we ask why we have to inject billions into this highly
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controversial research. doesn't while almost nothing is put into a proper health and sanitation policy. that would mobilize the community to avoid sites where mosquitoes breed sick when you look at the manipulation of these mosquitoes which receive neurotoxin that could then be released into the environment that could damage the food chain russian. for now target malaria is forging ahead with its plans to release more genetically modified mosquitoes in bana but it may be several years before anyone can tell the true effects on this community. joining me from johannesburg south africa mario meyers as i guess of director african center for biodiversity. thanks for your time so you've spoken strongly against using genetically modified was key tools to help eradicate malaria why. thank you very much and her inviting me i think the 1st thing we must
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realize is that this is because time that a genetically modified insect has ever been released on the african continent continent in the context where there's been very very little experience on the part of african governments with g.m. crops and in the case of the king of paso with the g.m. mosquitoes had been released in july this year. there's been a dismal failure on genetically modified cotton now the genetically modified mosquito project can only be assessed. what we have already experienced with the release the 1st thing is that on their own version of target mariya there is no benefits to be accrued to the population or to the never eradication as a result of the release the release was intended for 2 purposes one to test the regulator capacity of the regulators of that country and to to
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by public acceptance not courtship and mosquitoes but for the project's main this and that is to release genetically a to release gene tribe organisms in the killer faster in particular gene drive mosquitoes ok. so regarding that then what are the risks involved. so the risks involved in regard to 1st the g.m. mosquito let's let's look at what they doing they actually need to clean modifying one species of the non-police mosquito namely and often this can be our where as many and of these species transmitted malaria 2nd very very little independent by and safety risk assessment has been done many independent my safety scientists have expressed great concern about the lack of
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adequate scientific evidence showing safety 2nd many. female mosquitoes were released and these would bite humans and cause for seeing epis health impacts so i think that we have to also consider the bigger political context within which this project is been unfolding in africa ok now fossil is and you want to target that we have to think about a lot the longer term projects goal is to release gene drive mosquitoes in books you know fast so in order for gene drive organisms to be released elsewhere in the world ok we'll have to end of that thanks a lot for their formation baria my ads from the african sent up or by their presence the angel heart is a big south africa thank you. rwanda has agreed to host hundreds
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and potentially thousands of migrants trapped in libya the country signed a deal on tuesday at the african union headquarters in ethiopia a fast 500 people we knew from the horn of africa are due to be evacuated from libya in the coming weeks they will be fast housed in transit center in rwanda before being resettled elsewhere some 42000 migrants are currently in libya hoping to cross the military and you many of them are being held in detention centers often in overcrowded and inhumane conditions. they call her mother teresa. maggie go brown has dedicated herself to working with children who grew up in poverty in the egyptian capital she has set up nearly 90 community centers in which she looks after the children and teaches them to love and respect themselves at work focuses on coptic christians in my own i would see
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that has long complained of discrimination in egypt many of them live in the slums around cairo on street living from sorting through garbage. they live or work in garbage in this sweltering heat surrounded by an overpowering stench to trust in plastic bottles every day from 5 in the morning until sunset they have to quit school to support their families meaning they will probably never find a way out. of the. if i had the chance to go somewhere else of course i would do it a little a little. sadness of hug there's so much i used to wish for but it will never happen for me. it's the fate of hundreds of thousands of people here in munshi up myself the so-called garbage city on the outskirts of cairo these videos were made secretly filming is not welcome here most of the garbage collectors are coptic
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christians a marginalized minority in egypt each day they saw through some 6000 tons of trash mostly by hand infectious disease outbreaks a common many children die there a few hospitals and schools here. this woman wants to bring hope to where despair reigns if children out of poverty and change their outlook for the future in the garbage slums they call her mama maggie or mother teresa or of cairo. she has a simple message i love. to hate you might like nick allen to him dad was. a devout christian has brought thousands of children from garbage city to her aid organization in cairo funded by donations from all over the world here they're given health advice lessons and war meals for 2 days the 1st step on the way out of
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the vicious cycle of poverty disease and shame can meet its a mission of love says respect and self esteem. and it's a message that seems to be getting through to many children. i learned a lot about love happiness and solidarity here and to listen to what my mother and father say. from a maggie washing the children's feet as a symbol of respect they have to go barefoot in the garbage and enjoy themselves. where they get sandals and learn how to look after themselves better. glenday us mother. what you're doing is like one drop in an ocean she said the ocean will not be the same without. their just putting piece of sugar and every human.
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have resigned themselves to their fate of working in garbage city but they hope that one day their own children might have a better life. well that's it for now from d.w. news africa you can catch all our stories on our website on. some images of the exhibition connecting through future care in ballin it's about fashion fair. you can check it out also the best of the stuff goodbye.
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my it's time to talk with buses from china. smart city. people who talk with apps abstract the scooter. and os will talk about an all. cash tag transit revolution. made in germany in 60 minutes on d w.
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d bench are some of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate clicks on the phone books and 250 is. working on the for the discovery. expedition onboard. the rumors have swirled for months now apple has pulled back the curtain on its latest offerings including a new set by folds and a t.v. streaming service that's meant to start a competitor's also coming up at the international motor show in frankfurt foxfire comprise the while with an electric fleet of gas guzzling s.u.v.s still make up the bulk of cold water systems and a river in india poisons why the textile industry appetite for call food.


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