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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 11, 2019 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from but in a major shake up the white house president trump's hard line at national security advisor john bolton helps the president says he disagreed with his advisors on many issues and had advocated regime change in iran does his departure signal a change in the administration's foreign policy also coming up a campaign promise designed to provoke israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he'll annex launch parts of part of west bank if he's reelected in
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a general election next week. that europe's incoming commission president said climate protection is a top priority for her new cabinet will take a look at us to define the lines proposed gender balance lineup and ambitious plans . i'm helen all for good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump says that he has dismissed his national security adviser john bolton announcing this latest white house sacking on twitter the president said that he disagreed strongly with bolton on many issues bolton had advocated for military intervention and regime change in countries including a wrong syria a north korea treaties the 1st national security adviser to go on to the current administration and trump says that he'll name
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a replacement next week. correspondent 40 n.e.'s is in washington d.c. and he can tell us more now good to see low i suppose the 1st thing that comes to mind all the current tensions between the u.s. and iran trump of bolton clashing over iran so what impact will bolton 2nd half. you're absolutely right helen of there was a we'll call it a pretty strong difference of opinion we've seen we'll call it a more conciliatory tone coming from president in recent weeks and months and also also coming from his secretary of state mike pompei oh now what we've seen is the president has said he's open to meeting his iranian counterpart. rouhani we even heard earlier the secretary of state said that it could even take place at the. general assembly which is taking place later this month and i we know this was
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very much against. john bolton had wanted he had a much more hardline and what's more aggressive sort of policy towards iran and it appeared that this just didn't fit in this different this change of direction we'll call it in a foreign policy direction and it was it was just one of many issues that it appears they disagreed over and also let's not forget it's also been reported here that there was perhaps a little bit of a personality clash even between the 2 that they just simply didn't see eye to eye on a personal level as well which is as many observers say here very important within the trump administration so public that iran of course iran is not the only country that the u.s. sees deliberating over when it comes to foreign policy we can talk about afghanistan syria north korea among all of this so it is this then signal a departure a change in direction for the trumpet ministration. well i just said it certainly
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doesn't it appears so let's not forget the president trump. has been very much against for example the iraq war and he also in his one of his election promises was to see an end to the war in afghanistan and actually just over the weekend let's not forget he had planned to hold secret talks with taliban leaders actually david that was canceled but it also was an issue with john bolton who was very much against it he was really displeased with the decision from president trump and the direction that he appeared to be taking or appears to be taking us foreign policy so it just looked like that relationship in the administration was untenable well then all of this kind of begs the question though if new bolton's position on these countries before why the hire and why now the fire. well about of course as we know is what many people here
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a many observers have been saying you know but it did appear though in the beginning at president trump was quite impressed with john bolton he was quite and is a quite i've spoken figure and that he was they did it agree and in many respects all not image that they had of the united states of being strong of the sovereignty of the united states so they they have those issues in common and also let's not forget does as significant percentage of presidents from supporters would agree and to a certain degrees with john bolton's farm policy and at the leafs direction he should take error was direction the united states should take put a cup to the point now we're we're seeing the shift in direction like a said and it just didn't work anymore and that's where we are now now what'll be interesting is home a is who will take over let's not forget the this will be the 4th national security advisor in the trumpet administration and what she wanted to forest is how
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washington correspondent for the and yes thanks so much well now to the campaign trail in israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised an extent jordan valley and the occupied west bank if he wins next week's election the jordan valley accounts for a large swathe of the west bank which is claimed by palestine as a future independent state that comes as israelis ready to vote in parliamentary elections on the 17th of september the 2nd such hold to be held this year. while saudi arabia has condemned to netanyahu is an exaggeration pledge calling it a dangerous escalation and earlier we spoke to debbie correspondent tanya kaina in jerusalem weeks before the elections and he said he wants to the next settlements in the jordan valley and north. sea and also in light of the possible revelation of the us peace plan after the elections and that he needs to mandate from his voters
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from the israeli public to do so immediately after the elections now it's not really a new plant and israel has always said they want to keep this jordan valley especially security barrier as an east of a possible eastern border but of course there is a big if if he is reelected that would be a dramatic development because it would put a posting in towns like jericho in the jordan very little enclave israel occupied captured and occupied the west bank in one to 67 and of course such a move would then make this occupation permanent and also you know the notion for the palestinians of a possible. suffer in palestinian state and 2 state solution for those people who still believe and a 2 state solution would actually go away and of course it's an against international law and against the notion of an negotiated deal you know that would
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see a sovereign palestinian state a correspondent tonya came in that jury. so let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the body although robert mugabe is on its way back to harare from singapore where the longtime zimbabwean needed died last week a delegation is transporting mugabe's remains ahead of a state funeral on saturday government officials and mugabe's relatives are divided on where he should be buried. italy's new left leaning coalition has cleared the final hurdle to form a government winning a confidence vote in the country's upper house the senate and the coalition of the anti establishment 5 star movement and center left democratic party is led by former prime minister just that pick on day one shots far right leader. out of power. tech company apple has unveiled its new lineup of products that includes the i phone 11 with 3 cameras but with hardware sales fall and apple is moving into
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entertainment it will soon launch a streaming t.v. service and a subscription gaming platform. well the european union's incoming commission president has set fighting climate change as one of her top goals of her proposed cabinet fonda line unveiled her choices for you commission as in brussels today the 27 strong commission is the most gender balance since its inception the members must be approved by the european parliament before they can take office. tackling challenges on the climate and jobs that looks set to top ursula from the lions agenda because e.u. commission president under her newly named teen position to the german conservative got elected vowing to make europe greener. and the man certain oversee the task is dutch socialist france to moments he's been tapped as executive vice president for the so-called european green deal. i want the european green deal to become
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europe's whole mark. at the heart of it is our commitment to becoming the world's 1st climate neutral continent it is also a long term economic imperative because those who at 1st and fast will be the ones who grasp the opportunities from the ecological transition. fund our land pledged to present the european green deal within her 1st 100 days in office she wants a legally binding target for the e.u. to become climate neutral by 2050 and she wants more ambitious goals on reducing the glocks carbon emissions by 2032 at least 50 percent another goal for fonda lion but she's being gender balance in her commission 13 out of $27.00 nominees are women the highest female representation over. the top ranking woman underfund a lion is certain be done marks by creator of
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a star go who is tasked with shaping the e use digital future should also remain in charge of competition policy where she's already built a reputation for taking on tech giants and demanding tougher regulation father strong broad skills from latvia was nominated to look after the 3rd key portfolio on economic and financial affairs he's a conservative like fonda lyon and is known for pushing for fiscal discipline more in our funder lion has to get her team approved by the european parliament and that's not a given. the german finance minister says that he is prepared to spend billions of euros if a future economic crisis hits but only shots also says that he will stick to germany's strict no a new debt policy even if there is a recession will german parliamentarians out of baiting a budget for 2020 m. scholtz says he can maintain a balanced budget despite an economy that has shown signs of flooding in recent
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months his proposal puts an emphasis on labor and social issues as well as relief for low income families. yes take a listen now to what shots had to say during the debate in the bundestag. in my view it is essential that with a solid financial basis that we now have we can react with many many billions of euros if they're through recession in germany or europe and we will do with them via badness oftentimes the german finance minister or last shots speaking that now it is almost 35 years since margaret atwood's the handmaid's tale hit all bookshelves now the dystopian novel depicts a regime which stranded controls women and their reproductive systems a vision many women are finding all the more disturbing and indeed relevant as many american states seek to criminalize abortion is one reason why it's long awaited sequel to the book is attracting international attention. my swearing the
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iconic red cloaks and white to head peace is familiar from the t.v. series and subsequent political protests appeared in the streets of london ahead of mark and towards night his book crunch friends say the book is more relevant than ever in some ways it's becoming a worse place we've made them particularly in the night sky. and so this is very current and very relevant very necessary it wasn't just the hand it was a forward but it's that 8 minutes to read an excellent thai killer every time every word that she writes and she genuinely genuinely changed my life. characters dressed as hand range evoked good fictional state of giving out handing out oranges and repeating well known catchphrases from the novel. through this guy the canadian also attended the launch and gave a midnight reading from the long awaited sequel press conference she had this to say about the world of guilt he had. as the.
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students it is still the world let's hope so. although it's never enough for the people that are running things in those societies things that just improvement over what they were doing before because. they're the. ones your problem says. after 34 years the waiting is over and the reading can begin. now to the indian ocean i and of nourishes for the kite surfing wild cup 14 year old mckay he still has triumphed with a stunning display in the freestyle competition she now tops the world rankings thanks to amazing jumps like berish it also hosted the men's competition and 3 corny at the mimic. or a public one that after some months of jumps taking him to the top well trying.
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you're watching news live from business news is up next i'm an ant free thanks for your company and see. this of grave the need to keep. people over for over gretchen on the 4th and. most recently the. valets at the last dragon was word as you called the home. to the real books on. with your family scattered across the globe.


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