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the news live from berlin the plight of women escaping genocidal violence in their home countries only to fall prey to sex traffickers d.w.b. soros hinge a refugee in bangladesh who has been forced into prostitution how many others share her fate and is nobody doing anything to help to seek some answers also coming up a major shake up at the white house president trumps hard by national security advisor john bolton is out bolton has advocated regime change in the wrong does his
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departure signal a change in u.s. foreign policy. with a possible economic downturn looming germany's finance minister says that he will spend billions to lift the country out of the slump is this the end of the berlin strict no you debt policy. i'm sorry kelly to the program they have fled deadly violence become refugees in a foreign country and have been forced into prostitution they were among the 700000 broken jaw refugees who now live in sprawling camps in bangladesh and their lives are already graham refugees are not allowed to work and depend on food handouts some women there have turned to the sex industry others are lord abroad with promises of jobs that marry. only to end up in prostitution d.w.
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has this exclusive report from the bangladeshi city of cox's bizarre. in the world's largest refugee camp in bangladesh the life for women and children is particularly difficult. this woman fled from me and ma with her 3 children and husband after their village was burnt down 2 years ago. my husband left me and my children after we came here and it was difficult for me to make ends meet i didn't have any other option and i want to live. any other option that is going to work as a prostitute now when she gets the call she travels to the neighboring towns outside of the refugee camps. on a. there's no other job i can do like that but i can't do anything else if i
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remarried my new husband would take care of me but not my children. that it's impossible to say how many rectangle refugees end up in the sex trade here many are as young as 14 according to a local engineer thousands of women are trafficked across bangladesh and even abroad lured by false promises of jobs and marriage. we wanted to gauge how widespread the problem really is in the tourist town of cox the tsar roughly 40 kilometers from the camps we got in touch with a pimp who posted to have several rango women on call. hello. show you some girls and if you like them you can take them if not you can leave. oh ok see you in an hour. a bit later our
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reporter meets the man it's a prearranged point and gets into an auto rickshaw with him while we follow behind a reporter secretly filming the entire encounter. the 1st stop is a hotel which serves as a brothel to begin with the manager seems suspicious and denies having any prostitutes then he shows us pictures of a few women on his phone none of them seem to be wrecking. around 10 pm the pimp sends a wrecking the woman to our hotel she's too scared to talk to us when we reveal we're journalists because she's worried the hotel might tell the pimps that she confirms she is a 23 year old wrecking a refugee he she says she's a victim of her circumstances. back at the camp the sex worker we met earlier tells us 3 are not allowed to work and there have been several
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police raids on hotels doubling as brothels she herself was recently released from jail. the us and the now let me know if i can't find any other way to make money i'll have to go back to this work if i do i might get arrested again. but she's likely to take that risk again because for now she doesn't have a choice. and faced with such a bleak future bridging the women remain easy prey for the pimps and traffickers. and we are joined now by de w's arafat's islam he's one of the reporters that you saw there in that piece and we heard from one of the women actually saying that essentially she has no other way of making money how desperate is the situation right now as you know 700000 more than 700000 growing. flipped over door.
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of this neighboring country after the. state so what we know that most of. us are women and children. what happened one of those government allowed them to stay. but doesn't recall denies them as it will he refuses so for that is when they don't get most of the benefits that defuses should give according to international law and somebody they accept the fact that they are not allowed to move freely they cannot have jobs there and they have very limited access to internet as well at the moment but few of them they. want to get out of the situation and they are really just by to see for a better life the bangladeshi authorities what sense did you get in terms of their awareness of the situation and what they're doing about it the monitors go in there i mean i don't recall denies that there is going to pose to do shows happening in
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courses but there are surrounding areas because we tried to talk to them and they said no we are not out of situation and they only acknowledged one incident where they think that 3 d. fuji. women were involved in prostitution and there rest of them in other situation if you compare like. but all of this government wants them to return to myanmar so they are in that situation that they try their best so that if it is to be done and the government is short angry responses when the active duty betrayed them last month fade so beyond the 4 by others go into they want to get trade off as soon as possible these women have no alternatives today no they don't have because of one of the going doesn't allow them to walk in the camps so they don't have another alternative go on money go to meet to their end needs everything so what i think the government should do. kind of in some kind of employment opportunities for them
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in the camps so that the women they can at least to get some chance toward their you really get the sense i mean that these that these individuals are there cop between a rock and a hard place on the one hand they don't want to go back to me anwar of course because because of the situation there talk with us a little bit more about those efforts especially by the bangladeshi government to indeed send them back where they came from i mean we talk to benito and if is is that they are in the camps and most of them this they want to return but they have some kind of demand they have some specific demands including magazine them. by the myanmar government and also ensuring safety and security for them and that's why they are this thing near the border area because if they gave that jonson if they gave this kind of issuance from the myanmar government that they would be called nice as the refuse is. local community of myanmar and they will be provided safety and security involved and they would return so but there is no no kind of insurance from any of the review or any group and that trust is so important to islam from
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d.w. one of the reporters on this story thank you so much for your reporting. it's. now to washington where speculation is rife that president obama trump's firing of his national security adviser john bolton could signal a shift in u.s. foreign policy announcing the latest white house sacking on twitter the president said that he disagreed strongly with bolton on many issues bolton was a hard liner on several of those issues bolton for his part insists that he resigned the president says that he will name a replacement next week. busy john bolton in happier times seated at the president's side an influential proponent of his foreign policy represent his tenure as national security advisor came to an end on tuesday when trump took to twitter to announce his departure the president tweeted that he
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strongly disagreed with many of bolton suggestions prompting trump to us for his resignation bolton quickly disputed this version of events in turn tweeting that he had offered to resign on his own accord it is not the 1st time trump and bolton disagree the film advisor state for muscular approach to foreign relations a known hard line a favorite military intervention in iran north korea and venezuela as well as evil . but despite his aggressive rhetoric trump often chose diplomacy of a confrontation he has met with north korea's leader kim jung un and was prepared to strike a peace deal with the taliban in afghanistan just like bolton's departure has fueled speculation that u.s. foreign policy could. but senior administration figures caution against the idea. someone asked what would the policy be different absent any individual being here
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it is have been the president's policies but i don't think any leader around the world should make any assumption that because someone of us of hearts that president trumps foreign policy will change it a materialized sanctions designed to pressure iran into concessions over his nuclear program unlike you turn my place or i would say secretary and myself and the president are completely aligned on our maximum pressure campaign and i think you know we've done more sanctions on iran and anybody and it's absolutely working. even if both mccain the 3rd national security adviser to serve on the president trump brushed off suggestions that the national security team was in disarray. national security is a national security issue no one asked. absolutely not that's the most ridiculous question i've ever heard are you going to say this is are you. but bolton is unlikely to be the last official to find himself at the revolving door of trump's
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white house. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised to annex large parts of the occupied west bank if he wins a national election next week the area is claimed by the palestinians as a future independent state the arab league has denounced the plan calling it a dangerous development. the body of robert mugabe is on its way back to harare from singapore where the longtime zimbabwean leader died last week a delegation is transco courting mugabe's remains ahead of a steak dinner on saturday but government officials say that his relatives are divided on where he should be buried. in germany the finance minister has said that he is prepared to spend billions of euros if the country moves into an economic recession but a lot of shots also said he will stick to germany's strict policy of incurring no new debt now german parliamentarian's are debating the budget for 2020 child says
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that he can maintain a balanced budget despite an economy that has shown signs of flagging in recent months his proposal puts an emphasis on labor and social issues as well as relief for low income families. let's listen in to what he had to say during the budget debate in the buddhist. in my view it is essential that with a solid financial basis that we now have we can react with many many billions of euros if that's the recession in germany or europe and we will do with them via bad news off the tomb our chief political correspondent melinda crane is standing by for us at the german parliament hill and as we just heard there all of schultz saying that germany can spend its way out of a possible economic crisis so why not use that money now. well that's certainly a question you're going to hear here today in the general debate in the buddhist talk both from members of the opposition and quite possibly from members of the
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finance minister's own party they say now when germany is just about to tip into recession would be the time to spend some of that money to try to counter with investment but he says he's essentially saving for a rainy day as you said and if recession does come into. the horizon that he is prepared to spend billions and billions of euros. germany has really been saving for this rainy day as you call it for quite a while bill and it's been a longstanding economic policy to have a balanced budget and it's been quite controversial internationally tell us more about that. well there are 3 reasons really 1st of all the constitution in 2009 an automatic balanced budget amendment was inserted into the constitution the reason was it was the middle of the financial crisis germany was heavily indebted and there were concerns about that the fact is though the amendment has perhaps
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outlived its purpose national debt has fallen and many people would say this is now the time to use the leave a way that that amendment actually would allow and that in fact there's more room for maneuver than the finance minister would claim 2nd reason demographics germany is an aging society and many people feel that taking on additional debt would burden the next generation but again there is a counter-argument we're likely to hear it today people saying look if we care about the next generation in the future we need to be investing in them in fact the finance ministers' budget would cut spending on education 3rd reason quite simply culture frugal housekeeping is seen as a virtue by many germans the most famous example of that is chancellor merkel in the midst of the financial crisis citing the 3 fifths waybe and housewife as an example that politicians can learn from and now we have the german economy essentially facing a recession it's already have one quarter of negative economic growth facing
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potentially another one that's at least what the projections say this debate melinda's started expected to start within the next hour or so what can we expect from the parliamentarians well this is traditionally a day where there's scrutiny not just of the budgets of the chancellery and key ministries but of the government's policy as a whole and it can get pretty lively if not quite as raucous is something some of what we've been seeing out of london lately but certainly some pretty hard tussles between. government and the opposition it is chancellor merkel's opportunity to set out her priorities not only her budgetary priorities but what she really sees as her political goals and in that way also to counter charges that perhaps she is becoming something of a lame duck you can certainly expect to hear
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a lot of discussion of climate policy the government is preparing to unveil a big climate program in about 10 days it is not yet budgeted and that will be a source of a lot of discussion and will lead to crane our chief political correspondent at the german bund thank you. now maggie go abroad has dedicated her life to working with children who grew up in poverty in the egyptian capital cairo often called mama maggie she set up nearly 90 community centers where she and volunteers look after the children and teach them love and respect her work focuses on coptic christians a minority that has long complained of discrimination in egypt many of them live in slums around cairo and scrape out a living by sorting through garbage. they live and work in garbage in the sweltering heat surrounded by an overpowering stench boutros and plastic bottles every day from 5 in the morning until sunset they have to quit
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school to support their families meaning they will probably never find a way out of. if i had the chance to go somewhere else of course i would do it. darkness of hug there's so much i used to wish for but it will never happen for me to live like. it's the fate of hundreds of thousands of people here in munshi up in a cell the so-called garbage city on the outskirts of cairo these videos were made secretly filming is not welcome here most of the garbage collectors are coptic christians a marginalized minority in egypt each day they saw through some 6000 tons of trash mostly by hand infectious disease outbreaks a common many children die there a few hospitals and schools here. this woman wants to bring hope to where despair reigns if children out of poverty and change their outlook for the future in the
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garbage slums they call her mama maggie or mother teresa or of cairo. she has a simple message i love. to hate you might like nick allen to him to get out of. the devout christian has brought thousands of children from garbage city to her aid organization in cairo funded by donations from all over the world here they're given health advice lessons and war meals for 2 days the 1st step on the way out of the vicious cycle of poverty disease and shame. it's a mission of love says respect and self esteem. and it's a message that seems to be getting through to many children. i learned a lot about love happiness and solidarity here and to listen to what my mother and
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father say. from a magazine washing the children's feet as a symbol of respect they often go barefoot in the garbage and enjoy themselves here they get sandals and learn how to look after themselves better. than the us mother teresa. what you are doing is like one drop in an ocean she said the ocean will not be the sea without. we're just putting piece of sugar in every human. have resigned themselves to their fate of working in garbage city but they hope that one day their own children might have a better life. for nigeria is to repatriate hundreds of its citizens living in south africa after a recent spate of xena phobic attacks mainly against african foreigners as many as
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600 people have already signed up to take free flights home one plane is due to leave today at least 12 people have been killed in the violence and hundreds of foreign owned shops destroyed sparking a diplomatic spat between south africa and nigeria. joining me now from the airport in johannesburg is correspondent adrienne creation and i joined this is really not the 1st time that nigerians and migrants have been targeted in south africa why is nigeria repatriating people now. well sarah many people actually wanted to leave early already but there were logistic kill challenges there were more people than expected to register to richard at the high commission of the consulate here in south africa and now it is 2 planes actually taking them one today 300 people leave today another 300 tomorrow and it is truly a very sad moment for the country off south africa all these people are going home
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basically because they don't feel safe and welcome here anymore and it's many women and children i talked to a young boy before who has never been to nigeria who was born here and now he has to go back this is a terrible situation that's listening to one young man i talked to earlier who is also leaving. the roots of my living here. for me because do tell us. people die every day here and insecurity in charlotte as a whole it's no longer conducive for me to stay so i just need to take my leave. find for me. actually and why haven't the south african authorities been able to stop these attacks from happening over the years. or the government has been promising many times to address this issue but nothing much has happened a lot of talk but the situation is still not safe and it seems that they are overwhelmed with the overall security situation in the country because it's not
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only the center for big violence that south africa has been experience is there so many other problems see of the overall violence rate is very high you have gang wars in major cities like cape town so there's so many problems and it doesn't seem that the governments have a solution and that therefore it is the top of the matter i got increased and i have this for thank you. an iranian football fan who set herself on fire after her arrest for attending a game dressed as a man has passed away she was known as the blue girl in social media circles after the colors of her favorite men's team now iranian rights activists and football's world governing body are among those mourning her death and the treatment of female fans by iran's leadership. the tragic death has high end the debate around the barring of the woman from attending football games in iran and sparked outcry across the world so hard known as the blue girl because of how she disguised
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herself that matches has died a week after self-immolating in protest. to yari litter self on the fire outside of a tehran court house after hearing she could be jailed for 6 months for attending a men's football match. women have been banned from men's game since the 979 islamic revolution and often resort to disguising themselves and sneaking into stadiums which can draw harsh penalties supporters of coty are his favorite club condemned her treatment and the politics making her support illegal while activists like mozzie allin a judge have called for a boycott from male fans and players and for reform from thief. have offered condolences to family and friends and president gianni and fenty know has previously spoken about lifting the ban on female fans and people are hopeful this will happen before iran's october 10th world cup qualifier against cambodia.
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iranian women are not barred from attending men's matches abroad and the 28000 world cup was an inspiring moment for those who made it to russia. it was so cool that their game before dawn on the 1st time that i could just say down it was just so good i really enjoy the game i always get will be able to everybody that's good to say to. increase pressure both domestic and international following code yardies death could make that chance wish a reality. this is news and these are our top stories. u.s. president donald trump has fired his top national security adviser john bolton trump says that they disagreed strongly on many issues bolton had advocated for
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military intervention in regime change in iran north korea and syria. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has promised to annex large parts of the occupied west bank if he wins a national election next week the jordan valley is claimed by the palestinians as part of a future independent state the arab league has denounced the plan calling it a dangerous development. the body of robert mugabe is on its way back to the from singapore where the longtime zimbabwean leader died last week a delegation is transporting mugabe's remains ahead of the state funeral on saturday but government officials i'm gobby his relatives are divided on where he should be buried. tech company apple has unveiled its new lineup of products including the i phone 11 with 3 cameras it will soon launch a streaming t.v. service and a subscription gaming platform. this is news from berlin you can always find the
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latest headlines of dot com or follow us on twitter at d w news. you're watching news live from berlin up next it is business and derek lee i'm sorry kelly in berlin vegas so much for watching have a great day. how
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the world is pulled over by. train ranchers mistreat batman and his brutal methods to maximize the investment. seumas never see or hear about it and crossroads come rolling in the you know get a costume while fresh. new song observes 2 minutes on t.w. . coming up the adventures of the famous naturalist and
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explorer. to celebrate click some go from 250 of the morning on the 4th of july. discovery. expedition in boyd on dino. i'm not laughing at them well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and wait for the german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes aquatics put in here think the future of the country that i now want to blame. need to see to pay for this drama down to me it's all about ok. i might show join me to meet the german sunday duppy. post. when your family scattered across the globe. with the insisted you could do is
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to. turn back to the roots you should get the mind of. the charge family from somalia live around the world to come one of them needed urgent assistance and . the family starts october. d.w. . or sign the growth is slowing in china as the economy is worse than beijing is letting on we'll look at the newest numbers. also on the show apple's newest product launch makes a splash but not just because of the i phone we'll give you the details. and your young at living in the city do you really need to own a car or a foreigner goes one of the auto industry's biggest events to find an answer.


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