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of the country. he died last week in singapore 35 years old was a controversial figure who led his country. removed from power. to. the program. u.s.
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foreign policy. the british government faces a. student. of . scotland's high school it delivers its verdict leaving people. still suspect. this new coach they've ripped. from the. head of this week's. mission to create something special. program the body of the. bob was long time ruled a problem
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a copy has been returned to the country president emerson milan jaago mr mugabe's closest ally before ousting him last year met the plight in the capital the gobby family invited zimbabweans to welcome his remains home and a few 100 gathered to pay their respects to the home president died in a singapore hospital on friday aged 95 his body will lie in state for for 3 days before being battered at an as yet unannounced location. let's join detail because from them to prevent the most on here who joins us on the line from harare welcome privileges what's been happening that the apples. of. president. often do you when you've got i've been. robust mcguffey's the national have what. there was in the military part of it that
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was held. to pay respect to him soon after that it was then taken to what they call one. the minute that about when normally when it pessimistically did not know you know they would be taken to enlighten they'd put their night and then. taken to. be a place where they would be. if it got very. either to morrow friday and saturday. so how would how will the country commemorate robert mugabe over the next few days. one of the next few days what is going to happen is that there's a in crisis the body will lie in state as a stadium caught fire will save the stadium use these stories in the sense that 19 they went in by one independent this is where as
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a union yes president bush the leg was lowered down and still a. former president robert mugabe this is the face 5 minutes of zimbabwe was handed over and raised with slake it displayed and that's where the deliberative withheld for the next 2 days there's been friday what it will be lying is taking the stadium for the public to have for the moment to pay their woman into their last respects to you invent $180.00 ideas then expected to be the last not the where or dignitaries of whether the continents and elsewhere are expected to come in big big as well. this is a man who lays a complex legacy of a hero of zimbabwe and independence and then went on to become an autocrat how do you think god zimbabweans will remember him in a big if he's a complex one they are your reactions and why and discuss across
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generations the older generation taking is a lever is an icon wally's or is it the country from the shackles of colonial easy where it is if you look at the young people they talk to you is a dictator who has gone and we are fusion but then ultimately people are taking him as a test and will remain in the freehold zimbabwe as a liberator who played a role he did the 1st in struggle. good talking to thank you for joining us a privilege i was on he had a interests. now to the united states where there are growing questions about the your future direction of that country's foreign policy now that president trump has fired his national security adviser john bolton had a reputation as a hardliner supporting regime change in north korea and iran and opposing president trump's negotiations with the taliban to end the afghan conflict the president
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tweeted that he disagreed strongly with mr bolton on many issues. john bolton in happier times seated at the president's side an influential proponent of a hawkish foreign policy. but his tenure as national security adviser came to an end when trump took to twitter to announce his departure the president tweeted that he strongly disagreed with many of bolton's the gesture ins prompting trump to ask for his resignation bolton quickly disputed this version of events in turn tweeting that he had offered to resign of his own accord it's not the 1st time trump and bolton have disagreed the former advisor stood for a muscular approach to foreign relations a known hardliner he favored military intervention in iran north korea and venezuela but despite his aggressive rhetoric trunk often chose diplomacy over confrontation he has met north korea's leader kim jong un and was prepared to
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strike a peace deal with the taliban in afghanistan bolton's departure has fueled speculation that u.s. foreign policy could mellow further but senior administration of figures cautioned against that idea. someone asked what would the policy be different absent any individual being here is of in the president's policies but i don't think any leader around the world should make any assumption that because some one of us of hearts that president trumps foreign policy will change it materialize sanctions designed to pressure iran into concessions to risk nuclear program unlikely to remain in place. i would say secretary and myself and the president are completely aligned on our maximum pressure campaign i think you know we've done more sanctions on iran than anybody and it's absolutely working and you're right even as bolton became the 3rd national security adviser to serve under president trump brushed off
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suggestions that the national security team was in disarray absolutely not that's the most ridiculous question i have ever heard you have started out in this interview i have but bolton is unlikely to be the last official to find himself going out of the revolving door of trump's white house but the taliban responded to president trump's decision to call off those afghan peace talks by saying that they would keep on fighting the u.s. reported an explosion near its kabul embassy overnight and across afghanistan there are fears that the failed to go see a sions will lead to another surge in violence especially with elections at the end of this month. september 5th the aftermath of a suicide bombing that claimed 12 lives and killed a country's hopes for peace. just days the u.s. is lead envoy was in the afghan capital to finalize a breakthrough agreement with the taliban. are not going to have their needs met months of talks unraveled that they're dead far as i'm concerned they're dead. 13
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members of the con family were injured in a separate bombing just last week they survived but like many in afghanistan they're mourning the peace deal. one of his soldiers was killed and he stopped the peace process saying he doesn't care about the taliban our new hope was peace which doesn't happen now that's a little well to consider now is that victims of the taliban's ruthless bombing campaign lie in the corridors of kabul hospitals these days there have been 2 attacks this month already local politicians say the talks were their best chance of protecting lives. of the majority of the casualties of the civilians without peace i don't think there would be any other way to stop fighting and prevent civilian casualties. and we can do no good he couldn't wading through what
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remains of his home zaki can spare his anger not for the taliban but for the u.s. president who holds all the power. there are attacks happening every day with the death of one soldier trump stop the peace talks wasn't he care about the killing of hundreds of civilians here. for those in the firing line of the taliban's 25 year reign of terror thursday's attack may yet be the costliest. we'll take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world you must president donald trump has been marking the 18th anniversary of the 911 terror attacks killed nearly 3000 people he spoke at a ceremony at the pentagon he took part in a moment of silence at the white house. pro-democracy activist joshua wong germany not to turn a blind hot heights of hong kong speaking in berlin he called on the government to suspend trade negotiations with china and hong kong mr wong met germany's foreign
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minister moussa on monday beijing some of the job the passage of the foreign ministry to protest of the meeting. north korea's state run television has broadcast pictures of its leader kim jong un overseeing the testing of a multiple rocket launcher the launch took place only hours after the north offer to resume nuclear diplomacy with the united states. the hong kong stock exchange has made a $39000000000.00 bet for one of its biggest european rivals the london stock exchange a proposal envisages a single exchange joining the euro with asian. this is data life from birth it still to come the northern white rhino on the brink of extinction but not conservationists have created every rose using eggs harvested from the last 2 surviving females we'll show you how scientists are trying to bring new life into a species that has almost become stick to. the british prime minister's decision to
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suspend the country's parliament has been declared unlawful scotland's highest court ruled today that boris johnson's move was an attempt to frustrate parliament ahead of bracks it is a jobs and has put the house of commons in recess until the middle of october claiming it was to allow the government to start a new domestic agenda next month but his decision means lawmakers will not return to work until just 2 weeks before britain is due to leave the european union the government says it will appeal the scottish ruling in britain's supreme court one of the people who brought the case was scottish nationalist a member of parliament joanna cherry here's her reaction to today's ruling it is unlawful for parliament to be suspended the highest court in scotland has ruled that it is unlawful unanimously and. in this wonderful equal union which we're told so much about which is the united kingdom then the scottish court has jurisdiction over the basement department so where does this leave everything let's go to london
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safe correspond to mask social service mass welcome back it where does this leave the prime minister. well it does leave him indeed and has failed once again the has really succeeded in uniting the opposition against him and many m.p.'s not just the scottish nationalist but also other opposition m.p.'s are demanding that he recalled parliament immediately and also there are numerous opposition m.p.'s who are saying if this is really proven to be a case and the implication is that the prime minister would have misled the queen and calling for the suspension of parliament and not telling her the real reasons for that he should indeed resign so once again the prime minister is in a bit of a pickle so if the decision to suspend parliament was unlawful does that mean parliament is now under suspended. well
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for now palm and is still not sitting the doors to parliament are still closed to m.p.'s the chamber is not sitting because it's most likely that we will know more really only at the end of next week because the case is going to go most likely we haven't got it confirmed yet but the government has said they are going to appeal so it's going to be heard in the supreme court in london and the office of the speaker who is who is responsible for all the parliamentary procedures says it's up to the government to recall parliament and for the moment downing street is not willing to do that so boris yeltsin's to mess with the law gets worse and worse because this now looks like he did something illegal does he go to jail for this well we will have to wait and see there are those people who say if you really has broken the law and you have to remember it was already the case that peace were
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calling for him and say that he has clearly broken broken the law and if he if he's proven to do it he's not above the law so if he's proven to have broken the law then he would have to face jail yes ross in london thank you. it's being hailed as a milestone in rescuing endangered species a team of scientists successfully created embryos of the northern white right non-serious there are only 2 females of the african species alive sperm was harvested from male rhinos of the same species the last of which died last year. these are now seen and fed to mother and daughter the last 2 individuals of their species in the world the northern white rhino. the last male sedan died last year although the 2 rhino ladies are still very much alive their species will become extinct when they die excessive poaching was their death warrant that and losing
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their habitat but an international group of scientists hopes to bring the north and white rhino back to life with the help of frozen sperm collected from 4 rhino bulls before their death after years of perfecting the technology the scientists have been able to harvest egg cells from the 2 last female it's a risky procedure. that one was for you have to understand why we were so tense we operated on blood vessels this big needle can make a hole of 2 millimeters and when such a big blood vessel is split or pierced the animal can play to death that's. done for the test here. but it all ran smoothly right after the operation and fats who went grazing and took a much bath. and the scientists were successful they flew
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the harvested x. cells to the lab where they were fertilized with the activated sperm cells. isn't it well it works dreamily happy to say today that we produced 2 blastocysts from the exiles. these of these are early embryos that have a very high potential to develop into a baby from bodies blastocysts these embryos have now been put in liquid nitrogen and so we've achieved a new life of a new hope for this noisily in lawyer hoffman fifty's art the embryos now need to be implanted into a rhino uterus but as you know in fact you are both sick and can't carry a pregnancy to term anymore so the researchers have another plan the closely related southern white rhino ism are abundant species the plan now is to implant
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the embryo in a southern white rhino surrogate mother but they have to move quickly now you know in fact you might not be able to give birth but the right no baby would still need them. this isn't a northern white rhinos and they must pass on their knowledge of how a northern white rhino behaves to the offspring and. that's the time pressure where on the talk. the researchers are still working on the implantation procedure for the southern white rhinos but they hope to bring a small northern white rhino baby to life in the next 3 years. let's get more on this from susie ellis executive director of the international rhino foundation in strasburg virginia in the united states welcome to day doubly so this this sounds like i.b.s. for rhinos how significant is this scientifically. well it's a huge accomplishment scientifically and. as importantly it's it's heuristic
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science i mean it furthers assisted reproductive technology it's as you mentioned it's a long long road ahead recovery may exist difficult the next day states the bank you're injecting them a sperm and getting them to develop 2 embryos is also a huge challenge and they met that challenge now. getting the embryos into a rhino getting the embryo and it implant and then developing into a viable pregnancy with a calf ground is the next hurdle. this doesn't look what one does why is this work so important why does it matter if we lose another species well 1st of all this is not a species this is a subspecies of the species the white rhino species is actually doing quite well there and one in 800 i'm sorry 191-8000 sorry white
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rhinos on earth the northern my rhino is a subspecies that has been functionally extinct for quite some time the last sign of them was in the congo in 2005 so they're there are no more in a while so the 2 females that are at all hazard are really only the only ones left anywhere so the question still stands are doesn't that that why does it does it matter why is it important to save face to face subspecies in this way well. i'm not sure can he say to be honest with you i think it's reproductive technology is not really a viable way to save us the seas for example it's going to take easily more than 20 years to get a number of counts on the ground and some of these ease with which we hope to apply
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the same knowledge you may not have doubtless to in terms of survival so you were right earlier that it really needs to be moved forward as quickly as possible from what you've said. by the time this technique is actually perfected and useful it will be too late anyway so i go back to my question why does it matter. well i think the main the main thing is that matter should aristocles in terms of the science we've moved these guys in germany and italy have moved the needle on our ability to use these and perhaps technologies to. get more rhinos well the 1st steps to get more right house on the ground i don't think we'll see a viable elation of nor am i right house. in my lifetime from this technology or
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from some of the stem cell where that's. been used by galleon the i said debbie team as well as researchers at san diego zoo and scripps institute in san diego but. it's important to say the white right this is it's very important to try to use this technology was nor is white right now so i don't think there's anything it's certainly this work should go forward but it's a long way from creating. all. right what's on the ground. to. be that i was reading that something they can do with skin cells. well yes there is research going on with stem cells. the group. and their colleagues are working on that as are asimov's the san diego zoo in scripps institute. and me and actually the san diego
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team has just created some cardiac tissue that was that beats using these technologies so it's all they're all baby steps in terms of developing the science and it's hopefully these will be available for other species that really need them in the future. for example this the sumatran right now numbers fewer than 80 individuals and they continue to decline it would be great if this technology could develop in time to get a couple of babies so much right of exotic ground as well we're talking to a susie ellis from the international rider front thank you thank you. to football more of this season's new coaching rivals is david wagner german team shelter he's tasked with getting the historic club back into the champions league after a miserable last season he caught up with the former u.s. international to find out how he's adapting to life in the bundesliga. daveed
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frogging is putting his legal start at cheika has been nothing if not steady one draw one loss one week from his 1st 3 games 3 goals 43 goals against not great not terrible just steady we. ok so far i think i can say. but we are if we all together know that we have to very hard and that we have to go a little further steps to create a season where we maybe after the season can say we were successful after a catastrophic season last time around the table mediocrity is refreshing you'd welcome shaka right now but the coach is in no doubt that he has to have higher ambitions in the long term are a big club far bigger than fatness vast english side projects for.
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television between between child in huddersfield it's a huge difference in terms of the size in terms of the facilities in terms of the stadium in terms of. how many supporters. and memberships in each club those supporters expect big things last time out the royal blues benefited from 2 goals on their way to a 3 nil victory wagner says that that kind of luck is a key element in the recipe for the success that the fans and. you need this new bit of luck as well and then sometimes you can create something special and this is what. we had and how does feel and this is something we like to create here as well nick start east part of born freshly promoted from the 2nd tier if it is to create something special 3 points are a must. this is
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a doubly news these are our top stories the body of zimbabwe's long time ruler robert mugabe has arrived back in the country it will lie in state for 3 days before being buried mr mugabe died in a singapore hospital on friday at the age of 95. u.s. president donald trump has been marking the 18th anniversary of the 911 terror attacks that killed nearly 3000 people he spoke at a ceremony at the pentagon he took part in a moment of silence at the white house. as high as scotland's highest court has ruled that british prime minister boris johnson's decision to suspend parliament. chamber is due to reconvene 2 weeks before british agents leave the e.u. the government will not be able to britain's supreme court. and a team of scientists successfully created embryos for the white rhinoceros only 2 females of the african subspecies remain the sperm was harvested from miles of the
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species last year the last of which died last year. this is the w. news from there you can always find the latest headlines it will follow us on twitter at the deadly news. boy oh boy. oh boy.
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it. might set off with buses i sang smart city. people who talk with apps i stashed the scooter. and. we'll talk about it all. as tiger transit revolution.
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